Zhan Long

Chapter 552

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Chapter 552 I stand while my City Stands

The official website was painted red with a fiery battle banner at the top. Printed on the flag were three different swords above three events. This meant that three different events in the three great cities——

[Tornado Fort] Jiu Li City: A fierce tornado has ripped through a fort north of Jiu Li City. Following the tornado is a group of terrifying Hybrid Demons, lead by a King Tier demon commander known as “Son of Storms Ge Wen”. All Jiu Li City players may participate in this fight at the fort. The more monsters that are killed, the more points earned. The final reward will be decided based upon these points. Event Difficulty: SS Tier

[Dragon City] Ba Huang City: The Hybrid Demons of the North have finally begun to move under the command of “Hell’s Battlesong Lin Han”. He has lead a Hybrid Demon Army in an invasion. He will attack Ba Huang City with all of his might for 48 hours. All Ba Huang City players may participate in defending Dragon City. The more monsters killed, the more rewards given. However, this generous reward comes with great danger. The players that are killed in battle during this event will lose three levels, and the rewards will also be multiplied by three. Event Difficulty: SSS Tier!

[Rebellion] Fan Shu Cty: A group of strong rebels have entered into Fan Shu City’s northern mountains. The king has sent a command to have them killed. All players of Fan Shu City may participate. The more rebels killed, the higher rewards given. Please be careful, there is a high level King Tier Hybrid Demon BOSS amongst the rebels. Event Difficulty: SS Tier!


I glanced at the different events and took a deep breath. This time the battle that Ba Huang City was about to face was just too great. An SSS Tier event. It was also the most difficult of the three cities. One could just imagine just how hard the battle was going to be. Plus, we were about to face an attack directly from the Hybrid Demon Army!

The worst part of it all was the fact that when a player died, they lost three levels. That condition cut right to the bone. It was so bad, that I actually wondered just how many players would go help Dragon City in this savage event. This event was like adding hail to snow, and worsening the situation. I for one didn’t have a choice, since I was one of Dragon City’s members. No matter what, I couldn’t let Frost face such a strong enemy on her own. That at least was my bottom line.

Log on!


I appeared in the middle of Ba Huang City. There was only 120 minutes left until the Ba Huang City event began. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and saw that everything retained is usual flow. Only a few players had an urgent look on their face as they headed towards Dragon City. The rest continued to set up stalls for items, equipments and skillbooks. There wasn’t even the slightest hint of preparation for battle.

I furrowed my brows and quickly began repairing all of my equipment. Afterwards, I replenished my potions and pills, and opened up the guild chat. Matcha was already calling for me——

Matcha: Boss, you’re finally on! That Dragon City Event, if you die, you lose 3 levels. What should we do? Should we participate, or what? This event really is savage. Quite a few small and middle level guilds have decided to not join…..

Wolf: Yea, Brother Xiao Yao. We’ve already witnessed the strength of those Hybrid Demons. A skill from a Level 1 Hybrid Demon can already pretty much instantly kill the average player. If we go, wouldn’t that be pushing it?

Wan Er: Calm down first, why don’t we see what Pig has to say?

I took a deep breath and said, “This is an SSS Tier Main Event Quest. The difficulty of it definitely will not be small, but I think that [Zhan Long] ought to join. Even if our players will lose 3 levels, I think that we should still undergo this kind of experience. If we can’t defend against the attack from these Hybrid Demons, then how are we supposed to face it in the future? Besides… from a more detailed point of view, I am one of Dragon City’s players and my master is bound to the city. If Dragon City falls, then I will lose all my NPC masters. I cannot let Frost die. It is that simple!

Wan Er smiled: Yup, I knew you were going to say that!

Li Mu roared: That makes everything simple. After all, [Zhan Long]’s guild events have always been decided by the Guild Master. This will be the same. Our brothers believe in you, so let [Zhan Long] go to battle! Everyone begin preparing to set out for Dragon City. There’s nothing more to say. If we stand, the city stands!

Old K laughed: Ok, everyone, to battle!

Dong Cheng: I’ll let all of the divisions know. Right now, [Zhan Long]’s main guild has 24,000 players online right now and 12 divisions. Brother Xiao Yao, what do you think of Wan Er and my recruiting skills?

I hid a smile: With you two in [Zhan Long] along with Melon, Matcha, and Wolf, then I obviously do not need to worry about recruiting. Everyone, work hard and defend Dragon City! Don’t disgrace the guild!

All of the officer level players nodded: Yes, do not dishonor the guild!

When I left the city, all of [Zhan Long]’s players were gathered at Ba Huang City forest. There were already quite a few people there. When I arrived before them, I saw that Matcha, Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Wolf, and Old K had all arrived. Matcha raised her golden shield and walked up to me with a smile, “Boss, 9000 people have already gathered here. At the moment, we’ll be able to gather 20,000 within twenty minutes. When should we head out?”

“How about in thirty minutes!”

“Yes sir!”

I looked into the distance and said, “Send someone to scout out the situation. Which other guilds have decided to defend Dragon City?”

Wan Er crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned against a tree. She smiled, “No need, from what I know, [Vanguard], [Prague], [Enemies at the Gate], [Valley of the Gods], [Blood Contract] and [Flying Dragon] along with 20 of the other top ranked guilds have all decided to participate. However, it doesn’t seem like they are acting like us. [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Enemies at the Gate] have only sent out half of their soldiers, around 10,000 of them. They are probably worried that this quest will fail, and so they probably want to maintain some of their strength.

I nodded, “Yes, that is all within reason. Looks like there are at least 500,000 players going to battle. To be honest, our chances are quite large. Looks like I didn’t have to worry too much.”

“Yup. I’ve stayed in contact with Yan Zhao Warrior, Simple, and Misty Cloud and kept a close eye on their movements. This way, we can act as a whole more easily.”



Thirty minutes later, thousands of [Zhan Long] players had arrived at Ba Huang City Forest. The entire southern part was filled with our people. 25,000 of our players were online at the moment. [Zhan Long]’s military might was already much stronger than it had been before. This number made one truly proud. With 25,000 players online, we rivaled the size of [Vanguard] and [Prague]. No matter which way you look at it, [Zhan Long]’s strength was equal, if not greater than [Vanguard] and [Prague]!

Behind me, Wan Er and Qing Qian the two beautiful Vice Guild Masters quickly followed behind me. Dong Cheng, Li Mu, and Dancing Forest all smiled as they looked forward. On my left was Wang Jian, Glass Fox, and Yao Yan, the 12 Guild Masters of the divisions. Looking all around, you could see that everyone wore the [Zhan Long] insignia. I then pointed to the north and said, “Advance, we’ll set camp at Dragon City!”

“Yes sir!”

Everyone nodded and began marching towards the north. At the same time, quite a few of Ba Huang City’s other guilds also appeared in the forest. After all, this was a main event. Even though it was dangerous, at least 20% of the players would participate. Ba Huang City had 10 million players, and 50% of them were normally online. That meant that at least 1 million would participate in Dragon City’s fight.


In less than an hour, we had arrived at Dragon City’s southern gate.

At the bottom, there was a sea of people. Dragon City did not have that much territory, and it originally couldn’t fit that many people anyway. 100,000 players would already fill up the area. We needed to fight to gain a piece of land for ourselves.

Even the normal rope used to get into the city had been taken away. Instead, a pile of rocks was built up to create a simple hill, leading all the way to the top of Dragon City. Quite a few players were already climbing up the simple slope. At the entrance to the city, a dozen Dragon City Knights stood guard at the entrance.

“My Lord!”

A Dragon City Knight lowered his head in respect. Since I was Frost’s student, and Frost was the number one warrior in this city, this amount of _____ was to be expected.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and turned around to face the army before me. I then commanded, “We’ll advance in waves. The main guild and Defense Army will go in first. Division One will then select teams to create our defense line. The rest will grind levels in Ba Huang City Forest. Do not go too far and prepare to come back at any moment. The killing power of these Hybrid Demons is far above average. Most of the Ba Huang City guilds won’t be able to hold up against their attack.”

Wang Jian nodded in agreement. Wan Er, Li Mu, Qing Qian, and Dong Cheng lead a group of [Zhan Long]’s main forces and lead them up the path. Around 5000 of [Zhan Long]’s elites were climbing up the slope. The skies were covered with fluttering snowflakes. Everyone couldn’t help but shiver. For a number of them, this was their first time in Dragon City and many were still stunned by the simple constructions around them.

I didn’t hesitate at all and began to construct a formation front and center of the North Wall. [Zhan Long]’s 5000 laid out a defense line and took up around 50 meters. Everywhere you looked was a sea of people. Simple lead another group of [Vanguard] players and began to construct a formation to our left. On our right were players from [Prague]. Everyone here wasn’t an idiot, and they knew that the center would take the most damage. Only big guilds like our own could take that kind of attack.


I stood at the border of the city. One step ahead was a thousand meter abyss. The crossbow machines and defense mechanisms that had been destroyed by the Gravedigger Demons had yet to be fixed. A simple rock construction was used to replace them. Just one wrong step would lead to death by falling, so all of the players that stood at the border were extremely careful and didn’t move a single inch. The Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hand drooped and snowflakes slowly fell onto my armor. For the moment, all I could see was darkness as I looked out into the distance. A scream traveled to my ears on the wind. Who knew what kind of monsters were waiting for us in the distance?

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