Zhan Long

Chapter 551

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Chapter 551 A Successful Defense


In the midst of the cold wind, a bone chilling roar could be heard.

Next to me, a Dragon City soldier couldn’t help but shudder. His thin eyebrows rose in fear. He looked to be at most 20 years old, and had the face of a higher class born citizen. He most likely didn’t predict that he would face an ambush after coming to Dragon City, nor did he think that he would be up against such a powerful enemy.

Hybrid Demons was a name that could make the entire continent shiver. In the past, we had all thought that these terrifying demons had been pushed back by the seventeen heroes north of the Ice Ridge Mountains. We had even thought that after the savage battle of the Graveyard of Heroes, that most of the Hybrid Demons had been killed off and that they’d lose all courage to try and invade us again. But we were wrong. Ten thousand years had passed, and in those ten thousand years, they had been recovering their strength and training for this day. Those ancient fourteen King Level Hybrid Demons had been sharpening their claws this entire time and now, they were going to bring their forces upon the continent.


“My lord…”

The young Dragon City soldier was trembling and he could barely grip his halberd. He looked at me and whispered, “My lord, tell me, I’m going to die here today, aren’t I? Isn’t that right?”

I was silent for a few seconds and then looked at him square in the face, “Throw away all of the weakness in your heart and face the upcoming battle with courage. Maybe what you have said is right, but maybe you are wrong.”

“But my lord…” His eyes quivered with fear as he said, “Even the fully experienced soldiers were ripped to pieces by the Gravedigger Demons. Even Lord Ah Cai who brought me here to be recruited in the army had an iron spear pierced through his heart. He didn’t even close his eyes when he died… My lord, these Hybrid Demons aren’t something we can deal with, isn’t that right? We’re going to die here!”

I gritted my teeth and calmly responded, “I do not know. But, now that I am here in Dragon City’s territory, I will not even think about these doubts. All you need to do is focus on one thing. That is to battle until the very end, and protect the home behind you!”

“I…. I miss my family….. My father is the Viscount, I…. I want to inherit his position when I go back. I do not want to continue this battle….”

With that, he threw down the halberd in his hand and the Dragon City insignia on his shoulder and began to run into the distance.

Su Ke looked back and said, “Wei, that bastard. How can you be so weak. Did you completely forget the promise that you made when you joined Dragon City?” Damn it, you’re a f*cking coward. The shame of Dragon City!”

Before he even finished his sentence, a screech cut through the air!


A black figure suddenly flew through the ar. It was some kind of monster with wings. Its arms were attached to these wings, and it flew right over the head of the escaping soldier. That soldier’s head was cut clean off and the monster’s tongue slipped right in with a “Pu Chi” and continued its flight, screeching into the air.


With an explosive sound, crowds of flying type monsters began to crash against an invisible wall. They screamed as they rammed into the walls. In the sky, Frost’s beautiful figure began to descend and she swung her Severing Beauty. “Ka Cha!” the monster’s body was cut in half and it fell straight towards the ground, spilling blood upon the white snow. At that moment, I could finally see its name. It was a Level 3 Hybrid Demon, The Predator. It was a flying type enemy that was extremely fearsome.

Frost slowly descended onto the city wall and looked up at the night sky as she said, “Su Ke, order a small team to alert the sky army. Looks like it’s not safe up there anymore. These Predators… they must have been watching us for a long time. Have everyone begin to pull in the ground defenses. We cannot be pulled apart, or else we’ll suffer losses to these Predators…”

Su Ke nodded firmly and said, “Yes my lord!”


I looked towards the foot of Dragon City and saw countless Gravedigger Demons coming. They advanced towards the city, bearing with the attacks from catapults and crossbows. Looks like they wanted to deal a single crushing blow towards Dragon City. Their plan was extremely clear. They were going to hollow out the Dragon City catapults and ruin our war machines, so that the Hybrid Demons wouldn’t face any more obstacles.


I pulled my Zhen Yue Sword out of its sheath once more and jumped over the city wall once again. The pressure was much greater this time. There were seven of these Level 2 Hybrid Demon Gravediggers waiting to battle me at the bottom of the wall. The odds were much lower this time…

When I leaped off, I pressed my right sword down and “Pu Chi!” cut through the attack of one of the Gravedigger Demons. Then with a swing of my left sword, I threw [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and cut through three of the Gravedigger Demons. At the same time, I provoked the attack of the rest of the Gravedigger Demons. They swung their arms and threw [Crushing Slash]. Even though my [Wall of Dou Qi] was incredibly sturdy, I still suffered enormous damage——





I felt pain sear through my body and I immediately raised my hand and activated [Cleansing Rain] giving myself some health and then gulped down a potion. I was putting my life on the line to win some more time for Dragon City——



I swung my blade and dealt a [Combo] right onto the head of another Gravedigger’s forehead, and my 20% drain activated. Finally my health was rushing up towards the halfway point. But in the blink of an eye, I was hit by another five attacks and my health nearly hit the bottom again. This time however, I had achieved my goal and pulled their attention away from destroying the wall.

With my boot, I stepped onto the blade of one of the Gravedigger Demons and “Peng!” leaped up. Then, I stabbed my Zhen Yue Sword into the wall and pulled myself upward. I then pulled my sword out and flipped around, dealing a [Wind Blade] and [Fierce Ice Blade] with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. Afterwards, I dealt a [Sword Tempest] and nailed three of the Gravedigger Demons into the wall. I then set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow] and killed three of the Gravediggers at once. My experience flew up. With great risk, naturally comes great reward.

Right as my health was about to hit the bottom again, I climbed the city wall again. My face and battle robes were covered with blood, some from myself and some from the Gravedigger Demons. In the distance, countless Demon Hunters were continuously throwing their spears, threatening the Dragon City soldiers.

People were dying at every moment. Finally, after two hours, the city behind us was littered with countless bodies. In this battle, Dragon City had lost at least 500 soldiers, and even more were injured. NPC injuries were much different from that of players. They couldn’t just drink a potion and magically recover. They needed time in order to do so.



A battle axe flew out and cut right into a blade arm of one of the Gravediggers. Su Ke raised his battle boot and kicked a Gravedigger off the wall as he shouted, “Frost, we cannot continue like this. Even with the new soldiers, our Dragon City has at most 2000 members. At this rate, we’ll have lost more than 25% of our soldiers. If we wait any longer, then Dragon City will become history!”

Frost looked up at the sky and softly said, “Dawn is almost here. Stand your ground, Lord Luo Lin will be here soon!”



Before he even finished his sentence, we all heard the sounds of hooves and marching coming from a distance. A messenger ran over and shouted, “Frost, Lord Luo Lin is here! He’s brought 5000 of the Desolate Cloud army to give reinforcements to Dragon City!”

Relief washed over Frost, “Really?”


“Thank god… thank god….”

Not long after, an army of Ba Huang City soldiers marched into Dragon City, all of them wearing the Desolate Cloud insignia. Their equipment was some of the most top tier equipments in all of Ba Huang City. Furthermore, they were considered part of the royal army. On the other hand, Dragon City had to make their own equipment by hand, and so they looked more inferior than the Desolate Cloud soldiers. Luo Lin’s white cape fluttered in the wind as he walked over. He looked at the corpses lying in the middle of the city and furrowed his brows, “Frost, how did we suffer such great losses….”

Frost gritted her teeth, “But Dragon City is still standing!”

Luo Lin walked forward and patted Frost’ shoulder and said, “You have suffered. Do not worry, leave the rest to me. Now that I, and the Desolate Cloud army are here, these Hybrid Demons won’t dare even think about setting a single foot into Ba Huang Territory!”

“Yes my lord!”


Luo Lin sent a command out and a number of Ba Huang City soldiers pushed a war machine forward. It was a black crossbow cart. The soldiers pushed each one of them to the border of the city walls. Under the command of the officer, tens of thousands of arrows were let loose. They sliced through the dawn sky. The countless Gravedigger Demons all screeched in pain as arrows pierced through their bodies. Several of the Gravediggers were killed by the hundreds of arrows.

Frost was shocked, “This… what is this machine?”

Luo Lin smiled back and said, “Originally it would’ve only taken me one hour to get here, but I came later because of this machine…. Its called the Black Cliff Crossbow and is an invention of the Ba Huang City army, made specially for the Desolate Cloud Army. We have a total of 7000 of these, and I brought 800. That’s more than enough for Dragon City to use. The string is made from the whiskers of a rare deep sea whale and is extremely sturdy. The arrowheads were made from black ice iron, and has a terrifying penetration power. The arrow’s body is around 2 meters long and has a range of 1000 meters. With these Black Cliff Crossbows, Dragon City’s defense will exponentially increase!”

Frost wiped away the sweat on her forehead and she muttered, “Wonderful, wonderful…”

Luo Lin saw Frost’ weary expression and he softly said, “You have worked hard, guarding the city for a whole night. You must be tired. Frost, go take all of the weary Dragon City knights and rest for a bit. I’ll hold fort for you. I have already sent a message to Angela. At noon, the Blizzard Wind Army will camp south of Dragon City and provide reinforcements at any moment. Do not worry, Ba Huang City’s defenses are complete, I will not allow Dragon City to fall!”

Frost nodded, “Yes my lord….”

After she finished, Frost turned around to look at me and smiled. She then walked over and wiped away the blood on my face and softly said, “You go rest too. You must be tired after last night….”

I nodded, “Understood!”



System Notification: Your quest to participate in this defense quest is complete. You have obtained 700 million experience!

I looked at my experience and saw that it had grown 41% over the course of the night. This proved that the best way to gain experience really was participating in these quests. I looked at the time and saw that it was early morning. I took a quick nap, and slept around 4 hours. Then, when my alarm beeped, I quickly got out of bed and washed up. I then took Wan Er, Dong Cheng and sent Meng Yao to the airport. We were reluctant to say goodbye. The little brat didn’t want to leave me. After consoling her for a bit, she finally boarded the plane.

We returned to the university and I napped for another three hours. At night I got back on to continue the battle!

After I logged on, I looked at the official site and saw that the strength of the Hybrid Demon invasion was becoming increasingly greater. A great battle was awaiting us and this time it was going to be a main story quest!

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