Zhan Long

Chapter 550

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Chapter 550 Grave Digger Demon

Dragon City’s been ambushed?

I was stunned. I never thought that the Hybrid Demon Invasion would come this quickly. Were they planning on leading a sweeping victory after Dragon City lost so many soldiers to Graveyard of the Heroes?

I decided to not ponder about it and quickly pulled my sword out of its sheath. I then took my Flaming Tiger God and sprinted straight towards Dragon City. Firestone Canyon wasn’t very far from Dragon City, all it would take was 10 minutes of running. Not long after, I arrived at Dragon City. I looked up and saw that one NPC guard was raising a bow and aiming at me. He shouted, “Who are you? How dare you come to the foot of Dragon City?”

I raised my arm to show the insignia and said, “I’m one of you. Let down a rope so I can climb up!”

“Oh, yes sir”

A rope dropped down from the wall. I grabbed onto it and scaled the wall. A few minutes later, I arrived in the snow covered city. All around us the soldiers were alert and preparing for battle and the city seemed a little colder than it usually was. Not too far away, a berserker held his battle axe in one hand and a heavy boulder in the other as he walked towards the north. It was the Vice Commander of the Dragon Knights, Su Ke.

Su Ke recognized me from afar and shouted, “You, you came right on time. Dragon City doesn’t have enough people. Having an expert like you would be great. Hurry up and follow me. That crowd of damned Hybrid Demons have not let us rest for a single second this entire night. We must hold up until dawn, or else Dragon City will be in danger!”

I nodded and ran towards him while asking, “Su Ke, what Hybrid Demons invading us?”

Su Ke gritted his teeth and said, “Level 2 Hybrid Demons, Grave Diggers, and Level 1 Hybrid Demons, Demon Hunters. There looks to be around 500 of them, and they’re very organized. Frost has already sent out an order to prepare for all circumstances. Even Dragon City’s northern cliff has become a possible target. God damn it!”

I was stunned, “500 Level 1 and 2 Hybrid Demons?”


“Let’s go!”


Su Ke led me forward. I saw a group of Dragon Knights clothed completely in army gear rushed towards the northern side of Dragon City. In the north, was a thousand meter wall that was extremely thick and had a pretty good defense. On top of the wall were fire beacons, shooting towers, crossbows and boulder piles. I couldn’t possibly imagine how those Hybrid Demons were planning on breaking through.

“Sha sha sha….”

Stepping onto the soft snow, I saw a group of people running towards the northern wall. Teams of foot soldiers marched to the wall to begin forming a defense. Each one of them held a heavy shield. Their eyes stared into the darkness, filled with determination to stop whatever enemy came at them.


An iron spear flew forward and “Pu Chi!” forced a Dragon City Soldier to retreat several steps. His throat had been pierced through and blood spurt forward. He fell to the ground twitching and clutching his throat. I had seen that attack before. It was the Demon Hunter’s [Iron Spear Throw]. It was enough to instantly kill a medium level NPC!

At the border of the city, a beautiful figure flashed by. Frost raised one hand and the dimension around the northern border began to shift. The spears of two Demon Hunters stopped midair and shifted direction. She shouted, “Careful, the Gravedigger Demons are here!”

I rushed towards the border of the city and climbed atop an icy crossbow to look down at the foot of the wall. There, I saw some kind of monster that was around 3 meters tall start growling and scaling the wall. Its two hands were replaced by some kind of blade. “Ka ka ka” it screeched as its blades dug into the cliff. It had four feet attached to its body, each one digging into the wall. It swung its two arms and cackled . From a distance, I could read its stats——
[Gravedigger Demon] (Type: Level 2 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 105

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: [Rage Twist] [Piercing Scream] [Shredder]

Introduction: Gravedigger Demons, one of the many tribes living in the Hybrid Demon Territory. These Gravedigger demons used to be half beast half man, but their spirits had fallen and their bodies changed due to the experiments of an alchemist. They swing their two hands and can slice up anything, no matter how hard or sturdy it is. The thing they love most is digging graves and eating the dead bodies. Because of their large numbers, these Gravedigger Demons have always been part of the main force of the Hybrid Demons. Rumor has it that the scariest part of these demons is that they can dig through even a 10 meter thick wall. Furthermore, they can use those blades of theirs to cut through any shield. They are one of the humans ancient nightmares

I looked down and saw the Gravedigger Demons rushing towards us. Its four legs dug a deep pit into the cliff and screeched.

Su Ke pursed his lips and smiled coldly, “Damned beasts, f*ck ooff!”

As he said that, he threw the boulder in his hands. “Shua!” it dropped down the cliff. However, right as it fell before the Gravedigger Demon, it raised its arms and “Ka ka ka!” dealt four slices, cutting the boulder into pieces. Naturally, Su Ke’s boulder attack was of no use.

“Archers!” Da Lin waved his iron arms and shouted. “Shoot these beasts to death, these god d*mn grave digging trash!”

On the city, a group of Dragon City Knights all pulled their bows and “Sou sou sou!” let their arrows fly, firing right into the Gravedigger Demons bodies. However, due to the tough skin of the monsters, they lost at most 70% of their health. There was no way to kill them in a short amount of time. On the flip side, the iron spears that flew from the darkness were able to instantly kill our Dragon City Knights.

I felt my heart freeze. The Hybrid Demons north of Dragon City really weren’t simple to deal with. The charge from these Gravedigger demons posed a threat, while the Demon Hunters’ long range attacks instantly killed our men. To think that they would be able to create such a complete combo. Once the Hybrid Demons focus on invading us, then Dragon City would truly be thrown into a situation just like Wang Yang’s leaf in the ocean. Trying to hold off these Hybrid Demons didn’t seem like a very possible task.

On the other side, Another two Gravedigger Demons appeared below the city. They climbed the wall as they charged towards the city. Furthermore there appeared to be more coming from the distance. There were at least 100 Level 2 Hybrid Demons following behind them. These monsters

“Kong kong….”

The first Gravedigger Demon was covered in arrowheads but it continued pushing forward. By the time it was within 10 meters of the top of the wall it suddenly halted and began dealing a whirlwind of blows at the wall. “Keng keng keng” sparks flew and the brick and mortar was being scratched away inch by inch. And just like that, Dragon City’s wall began to shudder.

“Oh no….”

Su Ke raised his battle axe and roared, “Do not let them cut or else this wall isn’t going to last through the night! Archers, fire everything at those b*st*rds!” However, the attack power of the archers was just too limited!

I gritted my teeth and suddenly leaped onto the wall. Da Lin roared, “Hai, youngster, are you trying to kill yourself!?”

I didn’t reply and jumped off. My Ruler’s mantle fluttered in the wind behind me. I reached my arm behind me and pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword. With blades in both hands I launched myself towards the first Gravedigger Demon. The second I was above his head I raised my swords and dealt a [Wind Blade]+[Strength of a Thousand Men]. I then dealt another combo with seven attacks and a chain of damage numbers flew up.





The damage numbers weren’t that bad. At least I could break through their defense. After my chain of attacks the Gravedigger Demon’s health dropped to the bottom. The Dragon Knights on the wall took the chance to shoot a volley of arrows. I followed up with a Lv 10 [Combo] of 6 attacks, then stabbed my Zhen Yue sword into its eyes. I raised my hand and activated [Great Realm of Desolation], killing the monster.


I finally killed it. “Shua” my experienced jumped up. Hehe, this experience is truly above average!

“Ao ao…”

The Gravedigger Demon screeched its last and suddenly started to fall off the wall. Frost hurriedly glanced at me and shouted, “Careful…”

I fell with the Gravedigger Demon, but I wasn’t nervous at all. I sheathed my Zhen Yue sword and then opened my left hand, letting the Dragon’s Hook fly out. “Peng” it buried itself into a stone at the top and I pulled myself forward. “Pa!” I stepped onto the snow on the wall and smiled while catching my breath, “Finished one of them off…”

“There’s even more. Looks like tonight will be a very difficult one!”
I didn’t respond and just raised my sword and stood at the border of the wall. I then raised my left arm and let my Zhen Yue sword fly out with [Blade Spin]. The sword continuously sliced through a Gravedigger Demon that was cutting away at the wall. I combined with a [Great Realm of Desolation] and three sets of [Azure Dragon Crossbow]s, putting all my strength into fighting them off.

“Pu pu pu….”

The green arrows of the [Azure Dragon Crossbow] continuously kept pierced through the Gravedigger Demons, and within 10 minutes, helped me finish off 14 of the demons. Without a doubt, the Mohist Five Scrolls will prove to be extremely useful in the future. This [Azure Dragon Crossbow] was already a godly weapon for city battles. It had increased my long range attack potential exponentially!

Around an hour later, Su Ke suddenly stepped up to the border of the wall and pointed into the distance, “Light Bullets, shoot over there!”

Four Dragon Knight Archers turned their machines in that direction and shot right into the field north of Dragon City. The area lit up and all we saw were countless Demon Hunters suddenly appear. They each watched the Light Bullet fall and then suddenly became ferocious towards it.


On the wall, Su Ke and Frost fell silent. None of them had thought that there would be so many Hybrid Demons. There were at least 1000 Demon Hunters at the foot of the wall. Even if they weren’t as strong, their numbers were frightening. If they were to just continuously throw spears they could probably kill every Dragon Knight in this city. We didn’t even have that many soldiers in the first place. How could we take such an attack?


Frost leaned against a stone and looked into the horizon. Her beautiful eyes had a sliver of hope as she softly said, “Just one more hour until daylight. We must stand against them. We’ve already lit the fire beacons. Lord Luo Lin is training knights in Firestone Canyon. He will definitely bring reinforcements before dawn. Behind us is our home, we cannot give them an inch!”

Da Lin and I nodded, “Yes!”

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