Zhan Long

Chapter 548

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Firestone Canyon was a map that was very close to Dragon City and the Hybrid Demon Territory.
The map took up at least 30% of Ba Huang City’s territory and it was an extremely fertile piece of land. All of the monsters here were at least level 70-150. Legend has it that nobody has ever been in the depths of Firestone Canyon. This map has been split up between [Vanguard], [Prague] and [Flying Dragon], but there are quite a few other players who also come here to grind levels. For the most part, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior would look the other way. After all, the most important goal was to raise their guild’s reputation, not destroy it.


It was already pretty late and I took Meng Yao into the Canyon. All along the way we saw players fighting lower level monsters. Meng Yao was only Lv 10, so there were a few Lv 80 monsters that we attracted ago from, even though we were 70 yards away. All I had to do was hold her hand and guard from in front of her. I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and beat them all at once with support from my Flaming Tiger God.

After we passed through the forest, the monsters slowly became stronger and more high level. When we reached a deeper part, we were already seeing Lv 100 Thunder Tier Monsters——Thunder Snakes. This was a type of poisonous snake that lived in the depths of the forest. They were the similar to rattlesnakes and could make a sound, but every time they shook their tails, the sound of thunder would ring. From a distance I could read out the stats of the Thunder Snakes and I said in the team chat , “Meng Yao look, these are Lv 100 Thunder Tier monsters. They have [Poison Shot] and [Thunder Tail] as their two main skills. One is distance type skill and the other is close combat. I’ll go first. You just follow by my side. Be careful of the [Poison Shot], that will instantly kill you. Make sure you maintain a maximum 10 yard distance from me.”

“Got it brother!” She said with a smile.

I opened my palm and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]. “Peng!” three swords flew out and pierced the Thunder Snakes. My Flaming Tiger God then leapt out and the Thunder Snake also shook its tail. It reared up fiercely and began spitting its tongue out as its tail sparked with flashes of lightning. It threw an attack right into my shoulder. I felt my arm go numb. It dealt 741 damage. Not bad, my defense was just too high. Furthermore, I had 30,000 health, receiving 741 damage didn’t hurt or even itch.

I swung my two swords and dealt 7 continuous attacks. The Thunder Snake’s health dropped to the bottom. Meng Yao smiled at me, “Brother is so strong! Keep up the good work!”

Right at that moment, the Thunder Snake opened it enormous jaws and began spitting a green poison. It had around a 15 yard range and I immediately shouted, “Not good, Meng Yao be careful. Retreat!”

Right as I said that, Meng Yao raised her sword and retreated 5 yards, just dodging outside the range of the attack. Just as I thought, my sister was very clever. Her game sense was probably just above my own.

When I cut the Thunder Snake in half, another one suddenly spawned behind Meng Yao. Without any hesitation, she raised her sword and charged straight towards me and created a beautiful Z, easily dodging the chain of attacks from the Thunder Snake.

“Shua shua…”

With the death of the two Thunder Snakes, Meng Yao had two flashes of golden light fall upon her and she rose from Lv 10 to Lv 17. He he, the speed at which she was leveling up was just too fast. For new players, having a high level player help them grind levels had an amazing effect on their development speed.


Meng Yao blinked a few times and smiled, “Brother, I’m leveling up so fast. Keep it up! Do you think I’ll hit Lv 60 tonight?”

I shook my head, “Nope. If we only kill Thunder Tier Monsters that are over Lv 100, then you’ll be able to hit Lv 70 by tonight, and Lv 80 within three days. In half a month hitting Lv 90 wouldn’t be impossible. When the first batch of players were grinding levels, we didn’t have any Lv 100 monsters to grind, nor any high level experts to help us.”

Meng Yao giggled and patted my shoulder, “Brother is the best. I’ll be relying on you tonight…”

“Yup, let’s go!”


Less than half an hour later, a few dozen Thunder Snakes had fallen under my sword and Meng Yao successfully hit Lv 30. Extremely excited, she pulled out the gold armor and equipment that I had prepared for her and put them on. I held my sword and leaned against the tree and contentedly watched as my sister switched equipments. One after another, gold equipments appeared on her. I had not paid so much attention to her for many years. That silly girl’s figure was becoming more and more mature. Without me noticing, she had grown into a great beauty. And all this time I thought that she was still the little girl with tears and snot all over her face.

Looking at my expression, Meng Yao blushed, “Brother, what’s up?”

I smiled, “Nothing, I was just thinking that our Meng Yao has grown up very beautifully. You’ve already become a beauty….”

She blushed, “Brother, don’t tease me! When I was a sophomore you even said that I had a flat chest at the airport…”

“I did not!”

“Humph hmph…” She looked at me with a playful smile. Slowly the golden shield melded together with the iron umbrella. She then picked up the golden sword and walked over still smiling, “Brother, Wan Er… the beauty Cang Tong really has a great figure. It would make anyone jealous… plus, I heard in the game discussions. Apparently Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Cang Tong’s relationship is above average….. Brother, you need to tell me the truth, are you and Wan Er lovers?”

I was startled. Lovers seemed to hit a little too close, but at the same time it seemed like the right word. I thought about it for a second and then shook my head with a smile, “Not at all. Meng Yao, when did you become such a gossiper?”

“Just tell me the truth, gosh. I won’t tell Auntie…”

“We really aren’t. A least not at that moment..”

Meng Yao smiled, “Brother, you like her, right? If you like someone, your eyes will show it…”

I didn’t deny or accept, “Focus on grinding, you gossiper!”



As we continued walking through the forest, I targeted a Thunder Snake and killed all of the snakes from Lv 100 to 103. Meng Yao maintained a distance from me and quickly leveled up. She didn’t even have to change classes. In two hours she managed to level up to 55. She was starting to truly look like a beautiful little Knight.

I felt pride welling up inside me. Under my guidance, as long as we gathered her skills and equipment, then my sister would at least become a top tier player. Her battle potential was not below Yue Yao Yan or Matcha. She might even be a little stronger than the two. If it was like this, then it will be just as I planned and the person to represent [Zhan Long]’s Moon Elf Corps would be her. Plus, with Matcha and Meng Yao as the two female generals, [Zhan Long]’s future heavy armor cavalry will develop even further. As the wise man once said, first comes leadership, then comes the army. If the leadership is strong enough, then I won’t have to worry that the army isn’t strong, and in this leadership, I have trust.

“Sha sha….”

I stepped onto the dew covered grass. My sister and I had already charged our way into the depths of the forest, but that wasn’t a problem. We continued sprinting forward. Our goal today was to level Meng Yao up to 70. Later, when we returned, I was going to find her a set of 70+ Emperor Tier equipment. That way she’d have a good defense and health. As for her attack power, Meng Yao had been stacking all of her points in Strength, so her attack wouldn’t be a problem.

“Ji Ji..”

With a screech, the Thunder Snake died. “Hua la la” It dropped a glowing Emperor Tier spear. Feng Yao happily walked forward and picked it up. Then she smiled at me, “Brother, it’s an Emperor Tier spear, its attack power is 2000. The only problem is… its requirement is Lv 95. I still have a long ways to go…”

I smiled, “Don’t worry, when we go back to the city, Brother will help you prepare your equipment.”

This was the reality. Meng Yao was the only sister I had, of course I would treat her as a treasure. As long as I was there, Meng Yao’s equipment was not going to be crap. They would all at least be top tier. Plus, if I switch out my equipment, I would definitely give it to her. She was my sister, and even if I spoil her, nobody was to have a word about it.


“Sha sha…. sha sha….”

Right as Meng Yao picked up the spear and was happily pouring over the stats, several people suddenly appeared behind her. All of them seemed to not bear any good will towards us. Behind them came a group of people, it was a 20 man team. Furthermore, the team leader looked a little familiar. It was Dawn Hero from [Wrath of the Heroes]. Due to Thousand Suns past, we’ve had quite a few problems with that bastard.

“Well look what we have here…”

Dawn Hero raised his long sword and looked at me with a grin, “I was wondering who it was, so it was the Guild Master of [Zhan Long], grinding levels in a crap place like this. Hehe, who’s that beauty? Xi Yao Ge Jin, she looks quite pretty. I never thought that after Guild Master Xiao Yao got Cang Tong, Cang Yue, and Thousand Suns, he’s still feel unsatisfied. Are you now taking newbie girls around to pick them up?”

I narrowed my eyes and walked forward, protecting my sister. I said, “Dawn Hero, just what are you b*tching about. How come I can’t understand you?”

Dawn Hero coldly laughed and said, “Don’t understand? How can someone like you not understand. Look how powerful you are in this game. That’s right, doesn’t that mean that you should understand everything?”

As he said that, Dawn Hero raised his long sword and smiled at Meng Yao, “That beautiful girl ‘Xi Yao Ge Jin’, listen up. Right now I’m going to tell you just what kind of a person Xiao Yao ZI Zai is. Even though he says that he ‘Fights for the weak’, in the end, all he does is bully the weak and pick up girls in game. With all those beauties in [Zhan Long] who knows how many he’s already been with. He says all those words of justice and equality, when in reality all he does is unspeakable things. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, do you dare say that you aren’t that kind of a person?”

I was startled. I had not expected Dawn Hero to slander my name like that, and in front of my sister of all people. Too bad he miscalculated. How could he have known that Xi Yao Ge Jin was my own sister!

“He he… brother, you really have offended a lot of people….”

Meng Yao tugged on my arm and then raised her gold sword and walked forward. She then glared at the other party and clearly said, “Dawn Hero, why don’t you give your black heart a rest. Xi Yao Ge Jin is just my ID. My actual name is Li Meng Yao and I am this Xiao Yao Zi Zai—— Li Xiao Yao’s sister. I love my brother, but I don’t want to be with him. Do you understand?”

Dawn Hero’s shuddered. The Berserker behind him said, “Sh*t, team leader, we miscalculated…. what do we do, should we just drop the act?”

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