Zhan Long

Chapter 545

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Chapter 545 Li Meng Yao

I got out of bed the next morning at the break of dawn.

I picked out the tidiest outfit in my closet. The autumn morning was chilly, and so I chose a black jacket plus a white button up and looked at myself in the mirror. I could feel my confidence rising.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I could see that Dong Cheng and Wan Er were already waiting there. I looked at them more carefully and noticed that Wan Er and Dong Cheng seemed to have worn something prettier than normal. Wan Er was even wearing her favorite casual outfit. I don’t remember what brand it was, but it cost 30,000. It was incredibly expensive. But I guess her dad has the money. Even her allowance went up to a billion. We can’t say anything about it. All we could do was stare at her 34Ds a little longer in our hatred of the rich.

I took the two girls to the parking lot. After starting up the A4, I drove out of the university. Today was a weekend so there were a lot of students out on the streets. Looks like the two girls were also feeling pretty good. They even opened up the windows to get some wind as they chatted in the back seat. This familiar scene brought a warm and drowsy feeling to my heart. But I was a little scared. Once I get used to this life, does that mean that all of my fighting spirit at the bottom of my heart would disappear? If a warrior lost his will to fight, does that mean that he would still be strong?

We ate breakfast at a restaurant and I continued driving into the distance.

Wan Er blinked a few times and said, “Pig, where is your Auntie? This direction doesn’t seem right..”

I coughed and smiled, “That…. Auntie told me to bring back a wild salmon. And so I’m going to see if I can get one from the pond…”


Very soon, we entered into the rural areas and a small river appeared beside the road. After searching for a long time we finally found a pond that wasn’t polluted. It was pretty big and there was a small boat floating in the middle. The fisherman had just laid out his fishnet. I brought the car to a park on the side of the pond and then got out. I waved to him and said, “Uncle, do you have a trout?”

The fisherman rowed the boat over and then kicked the bucket beside him and laughed, “Do you want to buy a fish?”

“Yup, do you have a trout? This.. this counts as wild right?”

‘You’re pretty lucky. I just got one. A few years the pond was polluted and became deserted. Nobody came to maintain it. These days it seems to have cleared up. I didn’t think that there’d actually be fish here. Look, I fished up at least 10 pounds of fish. I just happened to get a trout, it’s at least 1.5 pounds. I’ll sell it to you for 100/pound, so 150 for the fish. Will you take it?”

I nodded. On the side, Wan Er quickly took out 150 and smiled, “Uncle, do you have an empty bucket? How about you sell that to us. Otherwise the fish will die before we even get home. 10 RMB, yes?”

“Oh, alright….”

Very quickly the beautiful little miss picked up the bucket and got half a bucket of pond water. Afterwards she happily, albeit a little afraid, put the trout into the bucket. Then opened up the A4 trunk and put it safely away. By the time we left it was already 9.

We drove quickly back and passed by the city. Finally we entered into a small neighborhood. Around 10, the car entered into a college town. Past the college town was a row of houses. They were all restaurants, hotels, and internet bars. Of the houses, there was a little building with four floors. A sign hung from the top of it with big letters ——Crystal Love Hotel!

The car suddenly stopped in front of the hotel. Wan Er blinked a few times and looked at me, and then looked at the sign and said, “Pig, what are you thinking. Why are you here? Unless… your auntie’s house is here?”
I nodded, “Yup, Auntie is a hotel owner… the owner of this one. Ha ha, don’t be weirded out. I’ve always lived here since I was small. I even did chores around the hotel for Auntie. Stuff like cleaning bedding and what not. There’s a lot of times when I’ve had to wash blood out…”

Wan Er’s face turned completely red and “Pa!” She punched me, “Stop smiling!”

Dong Cheng giggled, “And here I thought that Brother Xiao Yao had finally thought it through and brought Wan Er and I here to rent a room. Bringing two at once, aren’t you a player?”

I glanced at Wan Er and said, “I can, but I don’t want to. I’m a man with morals…”


When we got out of the car, I saw a familiar figure walk towards us from the hotel’s front desk. Auntie looked a little older. But she stared at me with shock painted on her face, “You stinky bastard, you….you…you…”

She looked at the two beauties beside me and could only say “You”. She then walked over and patted my shoulder and lowered her voice, but still loudly said, “Wow you bastard, to think that you’d bring two girls that are this pretty back home. Auntie doesn’t have to worry about that anymore…”

My face turned into wood. Dong Cheng and Wan Er broke out into giggles. Wan Er walked over and politely introduced herself, “Hello Auntie, I’m Li Xiao Yao’s friend. My name is Lin Wan Er….”

Auntie nodded with a smile and then “quietly” said to me, “This Lin Wan Er really is pretty. She has a great body too. She’ll definitely give birth to a son, and it’ll be a handsome one. Just how far is your relationship along?”

My forehead creased even more.

Wan Er’s face turned bright red. Dong Cheng grinned and said, “Auntie, they haven’t even exchanged eight words yet! Don’t be too excited… after all, love needs to be built up slowly! I’m called Dong Cheng Yue, what do you think about me?”

The little girl stuck her full chest out. Even though it wasn’t as good as Wan Er, but… it was enough!

Auntie grined, “Dong Cheng Yue? What a nice name. Come come, let’s sit inside. No need to talk out here…”

I raised the fish bucket and walked in. The two girls sat down in the lobby. The hotel itself wasn’t very big, and everyone understood that it was just a small inn. The two girls were still slightly awkward and didn’t know what to say. Auntie on the other hand asked about everything. In the end, I introduced them as two models that my company hired. Afterwards they were praised by my Auntie for their great bodies. Just listening made the two girls blush.

Auntie went out to buy some more ingredients. I began to wash bedding in the yard, just like before. Thankfully there wasn’t a spot of red. Wan Er sat on the side and quiet watched me. Then, she couldn’t resist and picked up a big bucket over and helped me wash. Dong Cheng on the other hand went to play with the husky that Auntie raised in the yard. It was a really perverted husky. Just seeing beautiful girls it would wave its tail. When Dong Cheng touched its head, it even peed….

It took all the way until 11 before Auntie returned home. She then cleaned up the yard and began to wash the veggies and fish. I put on two leather gloves and began to scrub the bedding hard, nearly breaking the washboard in the process. My arms were covered in soap and bubbles. Dong Cheng pitifully looked at me and shook her head, “Ay, a great Versace, ruined. Where’s the justice in this world…”

Right at that moment, the sound of brakes slamming into the ground rang out. Auntie looked up and said, “That should be your sister right?”

Before she even finished, a beautiful figure entered into the lobby and walked over to the yard. The girl reached out and “Pa!” her bags fell the ground. My long haired sister bounded towards me and happily shouted, “Bro!”

I looked at her, “Meng Yao?”

In the next moment Li Meng Yao opened her arms and “Hua!” leaped into my arms, tackling me to the ground. She leaned against me, her face against my chest and smiled, “Brother, I missed you so much….”

My arms were covered in soap and I didn’t know what to do to push her away. Laughing I said, “Alright alright. Meng Yao, get up. I have soap all over me, hurry up!”


Meng Yao stood up and helped me up. She then happily looked at me and said, “Bro, I haven’t seen you for 7 months and 23 days!”

“Eh, you remember all that?”

“Yup. Every month you send money to me, and I think about how has brother been…”

“Ha ha….”

A little embarrassed I took off the gloves and rubbed her head, “Brother has been doing great. You don’t have to worry!”

Auntie tartly said, “Ay, aren’t you forgetting about someone? This Auntie has nearly become air at this point….”

Li Meng Yao happily walked forward and grabbed Auntie’s hand, “Auntie, what are you talking about. I… I just haven’t seen brother in so long! Yi? These two…”

Finally the little girl saw Wan Er and Dong Cheng and couldn’t help but be stunned. Ever since she was a child, Meng Yao was Auntie’s precious treasure. She had been known as the most beautiful girl in ten miles. Now, looking at Wan er and Dong Cheng, two girls who don’t lose at all to her in terms of looks, she naturally felt a little threatened.

“Brother, who are they?” The little girl tugged on my hand.

I introduced them, a little speechless,” This is Lin Wan Er, she’s my friend. This one is Dong Cheng, she’s also my friend…”


Meng Yao’s jaw dropped, “Wan Er, Dong Cheng, why do those names sound so familiar. Unless…unless are you the legendary Cang Tong and Cang Yue from Fan Shu City?!”

Wan Er was a little stunned, “You… You recognize us?”

Li Meng Yao nodded and then looked towards me, “Brother… Brother, don’t tell me… Ba Huang City’s number one player Xiao Yao Zi Zai is really you? It’s really you?”

I smiled, “Yup, it’s me, what’s wrong?”

Meng Yao blushed and her arms trembled a little. Excitedly she looked at me, “I was saying this, the game character Xiao Yao Zi Zai really looks like my brother, but I never thought that brother would be this strong. All of my classmates didn’t believe me. Wu wu… Xiao Yao Zi Zai really is my brother!”

Dong Cheng smiled, “What’s up, Meng Yao, do you play too?”


Meng Yao shook her head and said, “I just like looking at the game news. I dont’ have the money to buy the helmet at the moment. I just really envy the people who can play, wu wu…”

Wan Er softly smiled, “That isn’t a problem. Meng Yao, don’t worry. Your bro can buy you one now!”


Meng Yao looked at me, “Brother, can you?”

“Yup!” I seriously nodded, “We can go to an outlet in the afternoon and pick the best helmet for you.”

“But it’s so expensive…” Meng Yao pouted her lip, and looked as though she couldn’t bear parting with the money.

I couldn’t help smile and put a hand on her shoulder, “What are you worried about? Did you forget that I was Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Did you think that [Zhan Long] was some kind of small guild? Buying you a helmet is as easy as buying a dish for you!”

Auntie cautiously asked, “Stinky boy, what’d you do, hit gold?”

I thought about it for a while, “I got a promotion…”

“A promotion? What job?”

Wan Er added, “The boss of security…”

Auntie smiled, “A promotion is good. Our stinky kid has finally matured…”

I was speechless.

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