Zhan Long

Chapter 544

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Chapter 544 The Tang Family Head

I turned around to look at everyone and asked, “So, how was it? What did you all get, and how did you rank?”

Li Mu raised his Tian Chen Sword and smiled, “I was ranked 9th in the quest. I got a pair of Saint Tier Leg Guards. Hei hei, even if I lost a level, it was worth it!”

Wan Er said, “I was ranked 3rd and got a Saint Tier ring that increases attack speed and max health.”

Qing Qian smiled, “Ranked 3rd, and I got a Saint Tier ring as well.”

Wolf rubbed his nose, “47th, I got a Valkyrie Tier dagger…”

Dong Cheng grinned, “5th and a Saint Tier Ring that increases fire attacks. Looks like all of the top 20 players got a Saint Tier equipment reward. Brother Xiao Yao, what about you? You probably got a better reward than us right?”

I replied, “I was ranked first but I didn’t get a Saint Tier or Divine Tier. I got an SSS Tier skill book as a reward. [Cleansing Rain], it allows me to heal the same amount of health as my base attack….”


Wan Er’s jaw dropped, “Doesn’t that mean that you’ll be able to recover 7000+ health in moments?”

“Mhm.” I nodded and smiled, “Exactly. It’s just, I can only heal myself, not others. That’s a bit of a problem. But it increases my overall survivability by quite a bit. The best part about the [Cleansing Rain] isn’t the healing ability, but rather its 7 second cool down. This way, I can spam heal.”

Dancing Forest raised her bow and smiled, “Congratulations Guild Master, your solo strength has increased yet again!”

I laughed, “Congratulations to everyone else too. As long as you managed to reach the end of this Graveyard of the Heroes quest, then you basically received a good reward, isn’t that right?”

Everyone nodded in agreement. We all seemed pretty satisfied with the rewards that we got from this quest To Search for Despair. Not far in the distance, we could see that [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Enemies at the Gate]’s players were all grinning. The shadow brought by the Hybrid Demons had all been wiped from everyone’s faces.

Luo Lin raised a broken sword and said to Luo Lei, “Father, the Hybrid Demons in the north are becoming more and more aggressive. I plan on assigning the four great armies of the kingdom to guard in the forest south of Dragon’s Den. That way, they can reinforce Dragon City at any time. Otherwise, once Dragon City falls, then we’ll all suffer from their forces.”

Luo Lei nodded, “Alright, then we’ll just do as you said. Ba Huang City’s safety will not be in danger. The Desolate Dragon Army has been camped in the Ba Huang City Forest. Your sister Angela and her Blizzard Wind Army have also camped at the bottom of Xin Yun Peak, while the Fierce Tiger Army is camped south of the Barbarian Tribes. All three corners of Ba Huang City are protected. Plus, there’s 100,000 elite guards in the city. Even if the Barbarians and Sea Demons come at us, we’ll still be able to hold them off.”

Luo Lin softly smiled, “Good, then I am relieved. Father, how has your body been lately? Has your frost injury gotten better?”

Luo Lei reached out and clenched his fist. Slivers of fire began to swivel around his arm and he smiled, “I learned a flame type skill from General Luo Hai, so my injury has pretty much completely recovered. Don’t worry, my old bones can still slave away for the kingdom for some more years. Once I’ve gotten old, Ba Huang City’s future will rest upon you and Angela!”

Luo Lin’s eyes had a sorrowful glint, “Father, what are you talking about? I’ve worked all my life to protect the human race. I’ve never planned on becoming a king. In other words, I’d much rather Father remain healthy. I’m satisfied being known as a heroic General!”

Luo Lei reached out to pat his son’s shoulder and smiled, “Yes, now that you’ve returned, I don’t need to worry as much anymore. At least now I don’t have to make that child Angela bear too much. In the end, she is a girl. I shouldn’t be giving her such heavy burdens to bear.”

“Angela is a very strong girl…”

Luo Lin smiled, “As long as we can sharpen her just a little more, then she’ll be able to become a great commander in chief. I have already talked this over with Frost too.”

“Yes! Let’s go, I’ve already sent commands to the kitchen to prepare a feast! We can finally sit together as a family and eat a meal!”

“Yes father!”

The NPCs all entered into the city. This quest was finally over. Jiu Li City was currently fighting over the Player City but that didn’t have much to do with us. [Zhan Long] didn’t want to make enemies everywhere after all. It was best that we stay as a third party and watch from the sidelines. Wan Er, Dong Cheng and the other girls were already yawning, it was time to sleep.

After we got offline, we ate separately. The two girls sent a message saying that they were going to sleep. I then took a shower and crawled into bed. Laying my head down on my pillow, I closed my eyes and began regulating the energy flowing in my body. I was already at the top of Royal Air Tier and had complete control over the energy in my body. I was at the point where I didn’t even need to consciously control my energy and my body would subconsciously train on its own.

Something I noticed was that the more fierce and drawn out my battles in game were, the stronger my inner energy felt when I logged off. It was as though my inner energy was fiercely training itself while I was playing in the game. To top it off, the inner energy was becoming more and more pure, bringing out an obvious effect. I was leaping straight towards the next level—— Yan Yang Tier!

Unfortunately, Yan Yang was still quite a bit a ways from me. At least I could tell that I wasn’t going to break into the next tier anytime soon.

Tang Gu rolled over and glanced at me, saying, “I heard the people on the forums say that the Graveyard of the Heroes Quest in Ba Huang City has been completed. You’re way too OP, to actually live and come back….”

I opened my eyes and looked at him with a smile, “Not many came back. Most of us died in the Graveyard of the Heroes.”

“Was the BOSS strong?”

“Yup, it crushed us. In the end, instead of killing him, we didn’t even manage to injure him. We nearly lost the Ba Huang City prince….”

“F*ck, that strong. Was it one of the King Level Hybrid Demon Commanders that the Official Database mentioned?”

“Yup, it was that one. Too bad Jiu Li City is a bit far from the Graveyard of the Heroes. Otherwise Glasses Bro, you could also have a taste of the strength of the Hybrid Demons, ha ha….”

Glasses waved his hands and said, “I’ll pass. How could I not know how strong I am? Ha ha…”

“That’s right, Glasses Bro, what’s your ID? What class are you, and level? Are you still in [Hero’s Mound]?”

“Yup.” Glasses chuckled, “My ID is ‘Head of the Tang’ I’m a Lv 92 Knight. At the moment, I haven’t had the chance to rise up into any secret classes. But as long as I wait a little longer, then I will end up with something.”

I fished my phone out and smiled, “‘Head of Tang’ Lv 92, fourth advancement Knight. You’re one of the four elders in [Hero’s Mound] and ranked 1723 in the CBN Battle Net. There isn’t anything special, but it’s rumored that you make a good cup of milk tea…. Damn, Glasses, you’re way too unique!”

Glasses rubbed his nose, “F*ck off, don’t rub it in. Did you think that everyone’s like you Li Xiao Yao and can rush straight from 300+ to 20th place in the CBN rankings? There aren’t many like that alright? If Tang Qi that bastard doesn’t have that special class and that he was a famous person in Conquer and Overlord. That was the only way he was ranked 15th in the CBN Battlenet rankings. Eh, looks like he was defeated by you some time ago too….”

I laughed, “Tang Qi was really strong in the previous games? I never payed much attention. And here I thought he was a dark horse.”

“Nope…” Tang Gu smiled.

Right at that moment, my phone vibrated. I looked at my notifications and saw one big word——Auntie!

Damn, its been so many months. When Auntie heard that I became a security guard she seemed determined to cut ties with me. Why would she call me now?

When the line finally connected, Auntie’s voice came through the phone, “You little bastard, you actually picked up the phone. You still alive?”

I smiled inwardly, “Auntie, I haven’t talked with you in such a long time. Don’t be so angry. What’s up?”

“What’s up?”

Auntie angrily retorted, “How long has it been since you came home? And you have the face to ask me what’s up? Tomorrow is a Saturday. Don’t tell me bullsh*t like you’re working overtime. Get your *ss back here. Your sister is coming back tomorrow at noon!”


I was stunned, “Li Yao’s coming back tomorrow noon? Didn’t she say that the air ticket was too expensive or something… Xia Men to Han Zhao costs at least 1000!”

“Hmph, so if the airfare is too expensive then you shouldn’t come home? Did you think that Li Yao was heartless like you? Li Yao is coming back tomorrow, so you decide on what to do. Are you coming back or not?”

I laughed and replied, “Yes yes, I’ll come back tomorrow noon. Is Li Yao getting of at Xiao Shan Airport? What time? Does she need me to pick her up?”

“No need, she said that she’s going to take a taxi back. She’ll be back in town early in the morning.”

“Ok, got it. Then I’ll be coming back tomorrow.”

“Alright, so you do have a heart. Bring a wild salmon with you. Get a big one, I want to make your favorite, Ma La Gui Fish.”

“Ok, got it…”

When I hung up the phone, I was a little speechless but at the same time I felt excitement growing. I hadn’t seen my sister in so long. I don’t know how she’s been doing after she left home for university. She was more mature than me. I didn’t even go to high school and so all of my knowledge came from the armed forces. She on the other hand got into Xia Men University, which had beautiful girls everywhere. She once grinned at me and said that she was going to bring a pretty wife. Just thinking of that pretty wife made me curious…
As I lay on my bed, I realized that it was getting late into the night. Just as I was about to sleep, I sent a message to Wan Er, “Wan Er, I’m going to visit home tomorrow. My Auntie wants me home and my sister is visiting too. And so, you and Dong Cheng obediently stay in the university. Don’t run around. Tang Qi will protect you.”

Half a minute later, I got a response, “Your Auntie is in Hang Zhou too? Oh, I’ve never heard you bring it up. No matter, Dong Cheng and I am following you for sure. I want to see where you grew up…”

“That won’t be too good would it?”

“What’s wrong with that. Fine then, Dong Cheng and I will prepare food for ourselves you petty man…”

I couldn’t tell if I should laugh or cry and finally said, “Alright then, I’ll bring you and Dong Cheng with me. But you can’t say talk too much. Auntie still thinks that I’m a security guard and doesn’t know about my current situation. If she knows that I went back to the special forces and that I’m handling dangerous operations, she will definitely beat me.”

“Got it, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


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