Zhan Long

Chapter 543

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Chapter 543 Cleansing Rain

I looked up at the sky and saw Lin Han leave along with the group of Spirit Sword Dragon Riders.

All of the people on the ground released a sigh of relief. All of us sat onto the ground. Thinking we would all be killed, now we actually managed to escape this danger…

Yan Zhao Warrior leaned against a cliff and smiled, “F*ck, I thought this was the end. I didn’t think that we’d have even a glimmer of hope in this kind of darkness. To think that we managed to escape that catastrophe. Those Dark Moon Elves really are helpful…”

Jian Feng Han nodded, “If it’s like this, are we done with this quest?”

I said, “Nope, there’s more to this. We still have to bring Despair back to Ba Huang City!”

Frost nodded, “Yes, that’s right. We must escort Despair back to Ba Huang City!”


Luo Lin raised Despair and huffed. He then looked at the injured and weary army and softly said, “Thank you everyone for your trouble… this sword took much trouble. The rewards for this belong to everyone!”

Frost said, “My lord, there are Hybrid Demons everywhere here. We should leave soon. After all, we don’t have many people left. If there’s no one to guard, then this godly weapon will get stolen soon. Besides, I’ve taken a lot of damage too. There’s no way I can fight any longer.”

Luo Lin nodded, “Yup, let’s head out. Let us return to Ba Huang City!”


I looked towards Wan Er and said, “Wan Er, why don’t you report on our numbers?”

“No need to, we have 97 left…”

“Eh…. so cruel….”

“Exactly… But I keep feeling like given the circumstances, having 97 people left is already pretty good.”


Qing Qian, Wolf, and Old K walked over, their armor in rags. Each and every one of them were battered and exhausted. Wolf smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, us of [Zhan Long] are considered the best off. [Prague], and [Vanguard] have less than 40….”

“Alright…” I looked towards everyone and smiled, “Congratulations to us. We’ve finally completed over half of our quest. Let’s go, it’s time we escort Luo Lin back to Ba Huang City. With that we’ll have completed the quest!”

“Yes yes…”

All of us cleaned up the battlefield and collected the equipment that the Little Sickle Demons dropped. Our true goal however was the final reward from the quest. Besides all of the survivors have killed quite a few Hybrid Demons. The quest reward should be very good. Who knows, maybe everyone will get a Saint Tier equipment or something. Then the difficulty of this quest would be worth it.


We slowly left the Graveyard of the Heroes. This time, all of the big guilds have agreed to collaborate and fight against the terrifying enemy together. We even formed alliances and fought side by side. The experiences we had today were truly gratifying. No matter how hard we fight against each other, when our country is under attack, at least we’d come together in the end.

We walked along the Southern border of the Bloody Plains. All we took were the attacks of a couple dozen Demon Hunters. Su Ke lead a small team and killed all of them, removing our obstacles. When we left, we had 13,000 people, and now that we’ve returned to the Ice Ridge Mountains, we had less than a thousand. We took heavy losses. For the players, it was okay, at least we could revive. But the losses to Dragon City were great. Who knows how long it would take to save all of those elite generals and warriors.

After descending the mountains, we entered into the Ba Huang City Forest. As the feeling of coming home washed over us, we finally released our stern faces and managed a few jokes and conversations.

Close to an hour later, we arrived at Ba Huang City. At the gates of the city, the Duke Luo Lei had already prepared a grand escort to welcome us.


Luo Lin raised Despair and slowly walked forward. He knelt to the ground and said, “Father, we’ve brought Despair back. However, please forgive me for my weakness. Almost all of the generals that we took with us had died. Even the Supervisor had been hacked to death by the Hybrid Demon King!”

“What? Wang Xuan died in battle?”

Luo Lei was stunned and said, “Lin Er, are you saying… are you saying that you were attacked by a King Level Hybrid Demon in the Graveyard of the Heroes?”

Luo Lin looked up and said, “That’s right. Hell’s Song Lin Han, the legendary evil demon is still alive. And he’s extremely strong. He killed most of our people. We managed to escape his wrath and come back alive…”

Angela was shocked, “Brother… the fact that you were able to come back is good…”

Luo Lin clenched his fist and said, “To think that there are still some King Level Hybrid Demons in the Hybrid Demon Territory. Dear Lord, looks like those fortune tellers really were telling the truth. It is only a matter of time before the Hybrid Demons invade the south….”

“And so, we must continue strengthening Dragon City’s Defenses!”

Luo Lin said with determination, “As long as we can hold Dragon City, then those evil demons will not be able to invade Ba Huang City. Besides, Dragon City is right next to the Sea of No Return. Plus it’s been guarded by the Sea Demons. The Hybrid Demons won’t mess with those Sea Demons. As long as Dragon City is still standing, then the empires on the continent will be safe. Otherwise, the entire continent will be in danger.”


Luo Lei walked forward and reached out to grab the hilt of Despair. At that moment his body trembled and he released his grip. His face was pale and he said, “Dear lord, such powerful strength… this Despair, is it really the sword of the war god Ares?”

“Yes it is father!”

Luo Lei gritted his teeth and said, “Imperial Guard, come here!”

An NPC walked over and said, “Your majesty!”

Luo Lei said, “Use a thick cloth and wrap it around the sheath. Place the sword in the great hall of Ba Huang City. Afterwards, assign some soldiers and have them guard the sword. This will later on become the godly weapon that will protect our Ba Huang City. As long as Despair is here, then there will be no one who dares to question our strength!”

“Yes your majesty!”

The imperial guard took the sword and left.

Luo Lin looked up at Luo Lei, his eyes filled with a little confusion, “Father, then, what do you want me to do next?”

“There’s nothing at the moment. You take a good rest.” Luo Lei smiled to him, “I’ve really troubled you this time in the Graveyard of the Heroes. After going through such a fierce battle, you need to rest. You are the pride of Ba Huang City, no, of the entire human and moon elf race!”

At that moment, The vice team leader of the Dragon Knights Su Ke raised his battle axe and stood up saying, “Your majesty, I have something, I’m not sure if I should say or not?”

Luo Lei nodded and said “Go ahead!”

“Yes my lord!”

Su Ke respectfully said, “This Despair was brought back at the risk of my lord Luo Lin’s life. Besides, we’ve all witnessed the strength of this Despair. If I may be blunt, based on the strength of Ba Huang City’s soldiers, once the Hybrid Demon’s main force comes, then with just a single attack, they’ll be able to wipe out all of our armies. Seeing as we’ve obtained Despair, then we shouldn’t just simply put it up for show. We must use it and practice with it. Luo Lin is the strongest warrior in Ba Huang City, and he has the power of Holy Domain. Why shouldn’t we train Lord Luo Lin to use this powerful weapon and protect Ba Huang City?”

“Be quiet!”

Luo Lin roared under his breath and said, “As for the ownership of Despair, I have already given my answer. Su Ke, there’s no need for you to say anything more. This Despair isn’t as simple as you think. Even though Lin Er is strong, he doesn’t have the willpower to use this sword. This Despair, even though it is a godly weapon, it is also a violent weapon. Who ends up using it will be my decision. If anybody else questions my decision, then they’ll be disobeying my command!”

Su Ke was shocked, “Your majesty, you…”

Luo Lin glared back, “Su Ke, be quiet. Don’t say anything you shouldn’t. Father has his reasons, when was it your place to question his decision?!”

Su Ke fell to his knees, “I understand my mistake, please forgive me!”

Frost replied, “Your majesty, Luo Lin is tired as well. We should let him rest. As for future matters, we’ll talk about it later. At least for now, the Hybrid Demons won’t be taking any action.”

Luo Lei nodded, “Yes, Dragon City has suffered much loss. What is it that you ask?”

Frost smiled back, “That’s right. I want to pick 1000 of the students from the Magic and Military School to enter into Dragon City to make up for the losses. I hope that your majesty would permit that….”

“Ha ha….”

Luo Lei quickly smiled, “That is fine. Frost, you can personally go to pick out the students. Just bring my command scroll. They won’t argue with you. Besides, after this battle, the reputation of Dragon City and Ba Huang City has increased quite a bit. Many of the students have already decided to enter into Dragon City. I believe that you shouldn’t have any problem.”

“Thank you your majesty! Also, I want to ask that you also reward the adventurers that went with us into the Graveyard of the Heroes. They were also very brave in this battle!”


Luo Lei looked at us and smiled, “Brave Adventurers, you are all the pride of Ba Huang City. You are also the pride of the Tian Ling Empire, and the pride of the continent! Come, let me give you the reward you deserve!”


System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the SSS Tier Main Quest [Searching for Despair] and you have obtained the reward: Level+2, Charm+20, Gold+70,000. As the number one player, you have also obtained the reward [Cleansing Rain]!


I quickly opened my bag and saw a jade green skillbook. It glowed with a warm light. I reached out and felt a warmth coming from it. This book probably didn’t have a lot of killing power. But when I saw the effect, I couldn’t keep my mouth closed. Maybe this book was even better than a killing skill——

[Cleansing Rain] (SSS) : Condenses Dou Qi power and turns it into a godly healing power, allowing you to recover health. The strength of the healing power is directly related to your own strength. The specific number healing power is reliant on your base attack. To learn it, the player must fulfill the following requirements: Level 95, 15 charm. The cooldown of the skill is 7 seconds. You cannot use it while using other close combat type skills. Required Class: All Warrior Types


I was beside myself. This was just the skill that I needed! Once I switched from a Healer class into a Dragon City Warrior class, I didn’t have the chance to learn anymore healing powers. This time, this [Cleansing Rain] really was a savior. Plus, it was proportionate with my base attack. That meant that with my 7282 base attack, then I would be able to heal 7200+ of my own health!


[Cleansing Rain] appeared in my skill set. The best part was that 7 second cooldown. If I could use a heal every 7 seconds, with my attack power, doesn’t that mean that I could take on the Hybrid Demons myself?

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