Zhan Long

Chapter 541

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Chapter 541 Frost’s Tears


Luo Lin sat in the rubble, covered in blood and injuries. He looked towards the godly weapon and said, “Despair… Despair….”

As he softly whispered, this ambitious Ba Huang City Prince rolled onto his knees and prostrated himself before the weapon. Never was he to return to his past dignity and majesty. He crawled across the dirt and was only a dozen steps away from Despair. But with his injuries, these dozen steps were like a thousand leagues. His two arms pulled his entire body weight forward. Each steps was excruciating.


Lin Han smiled, disdain gleaming in his eyes, “Oh? Luo Lin, you brought tens of thousands of soldiers to the Graveyard of the Heroes, was it all just to find this Despair? Ha ha, I get it now… However, do you think you deserve the weapon of the Battle God Ares? You’re nothing but trash.”

As he said that, Lin Han lunged forward. “Peng!” He stepped onto Luo Lin’s shoulder and raised the sickle in his hand. “Pu Chi!” He stabbed it right into Luo Lin’s chest. The armor cracked and like that, he was pinned to the ground. Blood flowed down the mountain side. Luo Lin coughed up blood and his pupils dilated. It looked as though he was at the gates of hell.

“Luo Lin…”

Frost leaned against her Severing Beauty as tears filled her eyes. She wobbled forward. Even Su Ke couldn’t tear his eyes away from the scene, “Lord Luo Lin! Damned Lin Han, you are a bastard…”

All of the NPcs and players all charged towards the mountains. We all knew that we couldn’t let Luo Lin die in battle. Otherwise, this quest would fail!

“Sha sha…”

I stepped onto the gravel. I was the first to climb up the rocks. I raised my Zhen Yue Sword and activated [Blade Spin]. “Pu pu pu!” The blade sliced through Lin Han’s armor of Dou Qi. I then gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and roared as I charged towards the BOSS. A white light began to rise from under my feet and I activated the S-Tier combo—— [Strength of a Thousand Men]!

Unfortunately, the second [Strength of a Thousand Men] activated, Lin Han suddenly threw a punch towards me. “Peng!” he smashed through the attack. This BOSS was so strong that I couldn’t help but feel the hair on my neck raise. He smashed my combo skill so easily! Once [Strength of a Thousand Men] was broken, I didn’t hesitate at all and spun my blade. Suddenly, I threw a [Fierce Ice Blade] + [Wind Blade] right into Lin Han’s chest!



The defense was just too high!

Lin Han’s eyes had a sliver of rage flash by, “Die!”

He raised his right arm and threw a punch at me with the energy of Death. I saw the attack coming and dipped forward. My [Blade Rush] precisely dodged the BOSS’s attack. Now, I was behind him. But I did not expect Lin Han to move just as fast. He spun around and threw a punch with his left arm, smashing it right into my shoulder. It was as though I took a thousand ton blow and I flew in the air and smashed into the cliff behind. My [Wall of Dou Qi] was completely crushed and my health dropped by quite a bit. Even if he hadn’t used a weapon, Lin Han’s attack was still so critically wounding——



Behind me, Su Ke lead a group of Dragon City Warriors and charged forward. Afterwards, Lin Han only threw a soft punch and a dozen of the Dragon City Warriors were smashed to death behind Su Ke. In Addition, [Zhan Long]’s Star Blade, Wang Jiang, and Rainy were all killed at once. “Wu wu” they cried as they fell to their knees in a puddle of blood. This told us, once again that Lin Han wasn’t something that we could fight against.

Yan Zhao Warrior raised his long sword and dashed forward, yelling, “I’ll drag down the BOSS. Li Xiao Yao, you go save Luo Lin. Don’t let him die! Otherwise, the deaths of everyone else will have gone to waste!

I turned around to look. Luo Lin was still pinned to the ground. Blood flowed and he was on death’s door.

Yan Zhao lunged forward and threw an [Absolute Authority] combo right onto the BOSS’s back. [Prague]’s Epic Hero and Luo Mu were both caught in the attack and killed instantly. Lin Han laughed crazily and raised his battle boot, throwing a kick. “Peng!” He forced Yan Zhao Warrior backwards. Even while he had [Dou Qi Armor], he still lost 18,000 health.


Yan Zhao Warrior quickly retreated. Lin Han however followed close behind with a wicked smile and yelled, “Die!”

On the side, Li Mu and Wang Jian dashed forward. They activated [Halberd Whirlwind]+[Covering Sword Slash] at the same time, but the firepower wasn’t enough. As before, they couldn’t drag the BOSS towards them. Just as Yan Zhao Warrior was about to take a death blow, Qing Qian sprinted forward and held her two daggers before her, “Don’t kill my uncle…”

Yan Zhao was stunned, “Qing Qian don’t!”


A beautiful figure dashed forward and stood in front of Qing Qian. Wan Er activated her [Shield of the Mundane World] and her [Arrival of the Hermit God]. As both feet left the ground, her flight status increased all of her stats by 20%. She then grabbed the Iron Umbrella behind her. Was the beautiful little miss going to rely on her class as an Assassin and take an attack from this demon king?!


Flames erupted into the sky and Lin Han angrily threw an attack. Wan Er took the blow and cried out as she crashed into the cliff behind her. Her health had dropped to the bottom, but thankfully she hadn’t died.

On the other side Drunken Spear raised his spear and charged forward. He then leapt up and “Peng!” slammed an attack into the BOSS. It was [Hundred Peak Jump Slash] and stunned the BOSS for 3 seconds. He then raised his heavy shield. Drunken Spear shouted, “What are you waiting for? Someone go grab Despair! If you do that, we’ll be done with our quest! I’ll hold him off!”

Li Mu and Wang Jian nodded and quickly dashed towards Despair.

Lin Han woke up from the smile and chuckled. He then raised both of his fists and threw punches right into Drunken Spear’s shield!



Drunken Spear spat out some blood and was almost instantly killed. Even his shield was smashed. But he still raised his iron spear and threw a [Thousand Layer Wave] at Lin Han, bringing out quite a bit of damage.

Lin Han was furious. He raised a fist and threw a punch, this time set on killing Drunken Spear!

Suddenly, a man carrying a sword suddenly sprinted forward. “Pa!” He rammed Drunken Spear away and shouted, “I’ll take this hit!”

It was none other than the Guild Master of [Enemies at the Gate]. Misty Cloud roared and his arm glowed with dragon script. [Arm of Azure Dragon] swept out and “Peng! Smashed into Lin Han’s attack. This [Arm of the Azure Dragon] had a 100% chance of breaking an attack.

In the next moment, Lin Han roared out and pummeled his fists into the ground. The earth shook and “Peng peng peng” shockwaves spread out. Wan Er, Qing Qian and Misty Clouds were all pushed down the mountain. Even I had to hold onto the cliff in order to stay in place.

I turned around and charged towards Luo Lin and reached out to grab the blood sickle and tugged on it. “Si si” I could hear the sound of fire burning into Luo Lin’s skin. Luo Lin took the pain and cried out. I then used all my effort to pull it out. Finally, “Pu Chi!” Misfortune left Luo Lin’s body. Blood dripped all over the ground.

Right at that moment, I heard an enormous explosion. The second Li Mu and Wang Jian got near Despair, a bolt of lightning shot from the sky. The two of them died on the spot and fell to their knees. Li Mu’s eyes widened, “What… what happened!?”

Luo Lin looked up, his eyes furious, “Oh no, their bodies couldn’t take the rejection. Only a person on the level of a Sword Saint can take the rejection…..”

I gritted my teeth. Afterwards, Lin Han lunged over and roared, “Die. You ants actually dare blaspheme a godly weapon?!”

I immediately raised the sickle Misfortune across my chest. Lin Han threw a heavy punch right onto the sickle’s hilt. “Keng!” metal hit metal and I tumbled backward. Even Lin Han retreated a step. Looks like this godly weapon really had a lot of strength. However, Lin Han opened his hand and Misfortune slipped out of my hand and flew forward. In the end this weapon wasn’t mine.

Luo Lin slowly stood up, his body covered in heavy wounds. He hobbled towards the godly weapon Despair and mumbled, “As long as… as long as I have the godly weapon, then…. Then I can save the continent. I…I cannot die here…”


“You want to touch Despair? Dream on!”

Lin Han smiled coldly and grabbed Misfortune. Right as he was about to move, suddenly two icy dragons swiveled around his two legs, trapping him there. At the bottom of the slope, Frost slowly climbed up. She was covered in injuries but her hand was open and she gritted her teeth, “No matter what…. No matter what I have to help Luo Lin gain time. Just a little bit is enough…”

She repeatedly mumbled that, as though asking me to do something. I nodded, and gripped both of my swords.

“[Decimating the Ice Dragon]!”

Frost closed her palm and the ice dragon surrounded Lin Han, engulfing this terrifying Demon King. Pieces of his armor was crushed. His body was covered with injuries. Frosts’ attack truly dealt damage on Lin Han.


With a roar, Lin Han’s face started to glow with a red aura as he grew furious. He raised his sickle and charged towards Frost. Frost held her position and didn’t move. She then softly said, “[Ice Spear]!”


A layer of frost poured out, sealing Lin Han’s legs. However, this BOSS was stronger than we could possibly imagine. With a little bit of effort, he broke through the ice and lunged towards Frost.

Frost’ beautiful eyes were filled with determination and raised her Severing Beauty sword, “[Shen Yu Shield]!”

“Shua shua….”

Frost energy burst forth and wrapped around each other, forming an intricate shield. Lin Han angrily sliced at it. “Peng peng peng” he rammed against the Shen Yu Shield. Finally, the beautiful shield shattered and Frost coughed blood up and retreated tumbling to the ground. The Severing Beauty sword was lodged onto the cliff behind her and she had used up all of her Dou Qi.


Lin Han roared and sliced at Frost’ snow white neck.

Seeing this, my heart nearly jumped out of my throat. I opened my hand and activated my Dragon’s Hook. “Sou!” it shot out and went straight through Lin Han’s chest armor. I then pulled out it, dragging the BOSS away. Afterwards however, I couldn’t take Lin Han pulling at the Dragon’s Hook. The two of us tugged on both ends of the chain. Pitting myself against a BOSS meant that I was bound to lose. I lost balance and was dragged over!


I slammed into the cliff and coughed up blood. Lin Han whimsically laughed “Trash, you want to use tricks to deal with me? So laughable…”


“No, don’t…”

Seeing how I had been slammed into the mountain side by Frost, she sat on the ground. Perfect tears rolled down her cheek

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