Zhan Long

Chapter 540

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Chapter 540 The Rebirth of Despair


Luo Lin furiously roared and funneled all of his energy into the long sword. Gritting his teeth, he shouted, “Lin Han, you evil demon! I will kill you!”

Lin Han whimsically raised his hand and a flame started to burn in the palm of his hand. He smiled, “The one who will die is you!”


The flame suddenly burst forward and turned into a powerful attack!

“My lord!”

Frost raised her sword and flew into the sky, shouting. “Be careful, there’s a lot power behind this attack!”


Luo Lin didn’t have the time to say anything and he switched to a defensive stance. He gripped his sword and swung it before his chest. Then with one hand, he grabbed his sheath and held it crossed against his sword. Golden energy glowed around him, forming a defensive layer. Dou Qi covered all of his body.

“Die!” Lin Han swung his arm, as if he were swatting a fly.


An explosive sound filled the air and Luo Lin disappeared. In the next second, we heard a large bang in a neighboring mountain that was around a thousand meters away. The mountain had been split in half from Luo Lin’s body and an avalanche of stones rolled forward. Nobody knew what Luo Lin’s situation was!

Lin Han didn’t say much else, and immediately flew over towards the mountain. He had only one goal and that was to make sure that Luo Lin was dead.

“My lord!”

Frost screamed and charged forward!

“Shua!” a gust of wind blew and Lin Han suddenly appeared before Frost. He raised his sickle and coldly smiled, “You’re also one of the warriors of humans. I can feel the strong Dou Qi energy in your body. Go die as well!”


The sickle fell forward and Frost cried out. Severing Beauty flew out of her hand and her body dove towards the ground, creating a deep crater upon impact. The shockwave from her fall could be felt throughout the plains.


I felt my heart squeeze. Throwing everything away, I sprinted forward to the deep crater. I could see Frost’s legs were covered in blood. Her arms looked as though they had been completely crushed. Blood dripped and her beautiful face was stained red. Without any energy, she helplessly looked at me and whispered, “We…. just what kind of an enemy are we up against?”

Without another word, I grabbed Severing Beauty and helped her out of the pit.

On the ground, Su Ke and Da Lin sent forth a group of Dragon City Soldiers straight to the mountains. Da Lin swung his chains and shouted, “You bastard, you dare harm the Lord Luo Lin!”


Chains flew into the sky. He did not expect Lin Han to look down without a word. The demon opened his hand and energy began to gather around it. The air seemed to vibrate and “Bang!” he smashed the chains. Then with a wave of his hand, “Peng!” energy surged forward. Da Lin, and even a dozen other Dragon City Warriors all took the hits. The earth sunk several meters and the warriors were all turned into mush. Da Lin’s own training and strength was much higher than theirs, and he grunted from the ruins. Looks like he hadn’t died yet.


Lin Han laughed as he looked towards the split mountains and then shouted, “Luo Lin, do you see this? Your soldiers are currently being massacred because of you? Do you see this? For something as useless as you, how can trash call you a hero? Stop dreaming! You’re but an ant. You can’t stop anything. You are trash. Do you hear that? Ha ha ha, today, I’m feeling pretty good. Why don’t I have some fun with you!”

“Sha sha….”

From the pile of rubble, Luo Lin slowly stood up. The sword in his hand had already been broken in half. Wearily, he stood there. His face was covered in blood but he smiled, “Lin Han, you bastard. I… I will not let you kill any more innocent souls. I…. I will put my life on it, you will never…”

Lin Han let out a cold laugh and suddenly disappeared. Suddenly, this sickle’s blade plunged into Luo Lin’s abdomen!


This attack threw him into the air again. Luo Lin grunted as he crashed into the mountain face. This great wall seemed to be unable to bear this kind of ramming, and began to fall to pieces.

Frost stumbled up and leaned against her Severing Beauty. Slivers of blood bulged in her eyes, but she held a calm face and shouted, “Charge… Brave Warriors of Dragon City, attack!”

Su Ke raised his battle axe and roared. He took several hundred of the Dragon City warriors and charged into the distance. All of the knights threw their long halberds. Unfortunately, they were swatted away by Lin Han with a “Keng Keng Keng” and flew back at the soldiers, breaking through their Dou Qi armor. Blood dripped from Frost’s lips but she continued forward. Energy began to surge into her arm and she suddenly threw her Severing Beauty forward, activating [Razor Rotation]!


Lin Han shuddered. The Severing Beauty blade left a bloody slice on his neck. Frost still managed to break his defense.


He spun around and screamed. Raising his sickle, he threw another blade energy attack!

How could the fallen Frost block such an attack? I lunged forward and activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Dragon Transformation]. My defense multiplied and I raised both of my swords before me as I stood before Frost!


The blade charged with energy descended and I felt as though my body had been split in two. My entire body went numb and I slid back a dozen meters, ramming into the mountain behind me. An enormous damage number flew up above my head——



Yan Zhao Warrior’s eyes nearly rolled out of his head, “Li Xiao Yao, don’t be rash! this BOSS isn’t something you can deal with!”

I grunted as I crawled up from the rubble. As I looked over, Lin Han was cutting down the Dragon City Warriors that Su Ke led. With that I breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Frost didn’t die. Nobody else was important. Frost turned around to look at me, her beautiful eyes filled with a sorrowful light, “Idiot..”


In the battlefield before us, Su Ke raised his arm and a bloody dart began to swirl around his hand. He shouted, “Dragon City Warriors, Attention! Form the Dragon Formation and trap this son of a bitch!”

Hundreds of Dragon City Warriors spread out and formed nine formations. Every one of the warriors had a large dart with a long chain connected to it. It almost looked like my Dragon’s Hook. Hundreds of darts flew into the sky, creating a net.


Lin Han coldly smiled and then swung his sickle. He shouted, “Get the f*ck out of the way you worms and your little worm tactics!”

“Keng keng keng….”

The iron chains were cut apart, but more darts flew out and rammed into Lin Han’s armor. This demon king seemed to have no fear as he turned around, using all of his strength to pull at the chains. Both of his arms were covered with death energy and he suddenly threw a punch into the ground, creating an enormous shock wave that killed all of the Dragon City Warriors!

All of the players were stupefied. Everyone could feel just how insignificant their own power was. The last time we met a BOSS this powerful was probably the Magic Dragon Huo Li from Jiu Li City. But the Lin Han in front of us looked even scarier than Huo Li. At least with Huo Li, Frost could hold off some of his attacks. But, under the blade of Lin Han, Frost couldn’t even block one attack!

“Shua shua..”

Darts and chains covered the sky, but it did not seem chaotic. Suddenly, Su Ke and the others shouted and began pulling the net tight. “Keng keng keng” the chains began to tighten, turning into an actual net. Lin Han stood at the center of the enormous net. Su Ke then roared, “Lightning!”

A group of warriors all took out a golden little bottle from the bags on their backs. “Peng!” The smashed it against the iron chains. Purple lightning bolted throughout the net. “Ji ji” the lighting surrounded Lin Han and this Demon King couldn’t help but cry out in pain. His armor had been burned red hot, but it looked as though it only hurt but didn’t cause injury. His face became murderous and he shouted, “You guys are the ones asking for it!”

He then raised one arm. At that moment, dozens of Dragon City Warriors were dragged into the sky by Lin Han and flew right towards him. All we could see was the king open his palm and smile wickedly, [Disillusionment of Death]”

“Pa Pa Pa…”

One after another, the Dragon City Warriors were all crushed to death by the Death energy, and were smashed into mincemeat. Their deaths were extremely cruel. Su Ke trembled, “Bastard…. you… you demon!”

Lin Han waved his sickle and cut apart the Dragon Formation. The Dragon City Soldiers had finally realized, no matter how much they tried, they had no way of facing this King Level monster. The gap between the strengths of both sides was just too great.

Lin Han raised a fist and charged towards the sky and smiled, “Die!”

Su Ke quickly pulled out the longbow on his back and he shouted, “Everyone, [Blood Destroying Bows]!”

A group of Dragon City Warriors all took the Long Bow’s from their backs and shot bloody arrows into the sky. “Keng Keng Keng” they smashed into Lin Han’s Armor, but not a single one broke through.


Then, with a roar, Lin Han’s fist became a Death Energy Shockwave. Within moments, dozens of Dragon City Warriors were crushed and blood splattered on the plains. Everything before us was gone.



I suddenly pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword and shouted, “Are we just going to keep watching the show?”

Jian Feng Han’s voice trembled, “But Li Xiao Yao, you saw it too. This Lin Han, can we deal with him?!”

I stepped forward with determination and said, “What about it. If we die, then we’re just going to be losing a level!”

Under my command, the [Zhan Long] troops all charged forward. Arrows and spells locked on and everyone spread out. We began shooting at Lin Han. Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and I sprinted forward for close combat. No matter what, we couldn’t give up. Besides, we couldn’t just let all of these Dragon City Warriors just die? Otherwise Ba Huang City really would be in danger.



Flames began to surge from Lin Han’s hand and he threw an attack. Another dozen players and Dragon City Warriors were turned to dust. It was a completely one sided battle.

“Sha sha ….”

A lone figure slowly stood up from the rubble. Luo Lin’s entire body was covered in injuries but his eyes were filled with a passionate hatred, “Lin Han! You are a coward! If you have any problems then come at me! Don’t bully the weak…”

Lin Han turned around to face Luo Lin, and he smiled, “Coward? Seeing as you want death so much…”

He suddenly disappeared and in the next second threw a heavy punch right into Luo Lin. “Ka Cha!” Luo Lin’s armor cracked, and probably most of his ribs. He suddenly knelt to the ground. Lin Han raised his foot and placed it on Luo Lin’s face. He then pressed it down and said with a cruel smile, “So this is the leader of Ba Huang City’s elites? Ha ha ha, Luo Lin, in my eyes you aren’t even on the same level as an ant. You aren’t a hero. With your level, you are just a toy in the Hybrid Demon Territory. Do you understand?”

Luo Lin roared and smashed his fist into the rocks, but it seemed to have no effect on the enemy.

As though losing his patience, Lin Han suddenly raised his foot. “Peng!” Luo Lin’s body smashed against a dozen pillars crashed into the mountain.


The entire mountain collapsed and a red light pillar of light flew into the sky. A temple rose up out of the ruins and a red sword floated above it and slowly turned in a circle. All around there was a shocking aura.



Lin Han glanced over and his body shook, “Ares that demon, his blade——… it’s resurfaced?!”

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