Zhan Long

Chapter 539

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Chapter 539 Crushing an Ant

“Build the defense!”

Looking into the distance, a large number of Hybrid Demons were charging at us. Even I felt a little faint at heart. I pulled out my sword. [Zhan Long]’s formation was right beside the NPC formation, so we were definitely not getting the smaller number of enemies. What we needed to do was survive, all the way until we kill all of the Hybrid Demons. If the Hybrid Demons don’t die, then I’m afraid the ones who will are us.


“Keng keng keng….”

Everyone on [Zhan Long]’s frontline pulled out their blades, but their hands trembled as they gripped it with their sweaty palms. Everyone experienced for themselves just how scary the strength of these Hybrid Demons were, and now there were countless Hybrid Demons Right in front of us. Nobody had the confidence to say that they could hold them off. All we could do was try our best.

I raised my arm and my [God Army Cards] began to spin in my hand. “Shua!” I set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow] behind me. Then, I looked towards all of the players on the frontline and said, “Don’t try and counterattack. All you need to focus on is defense. Prepare all of your potions and heal skills. As long as we can hold them off, then we can kill them. One row of defense is not enough, make three!”

All of the Knights and Swordsmen reorganized themselves so that there were three rows of defense lines. I stood at the forefront of the first defense line and held my breath as I looked out into the crowd of monsters. It was a crowd of dwarves that were around 1.3m tall. All of them gave off a fiery red aura and they held a short sickle in hand. “Yi Yi Yi” they screeched and sprinted straight at us!

Very soon, I could read the stats of these little monsters. I couldn’t tell anything!

[Little Sickle Demons] (Type: Level 2 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 110

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: Little Sickle Demons, this is a group of desolate souls that have been tortured in the depths of hell. They have an extremely strong penetration power and high movement speed, and has been known as the ants of Hell. They’re are so many of them that the human empires are left in despair. These Little Sickle Demons are inherently greedy, and love gold. After killing off all the humans in an empire, they split their bodies, looking for gold and silver.


Li Mu gritted his teeth, “I don’t know if we can hold off this wave. There’s so f*cking many of them…”

Wang Jian nodded, “Let’s just charge forward with all our strength!”

Wan Er raised her dagger and stood on the frontlines. She released her Purple Kiring Dragon and let it fly into the sky. She then looked at me and said, “Pig, what do we do if we can’t hold them off?”

I calmly smiled, “Then we’ll just die here together…”

Wan Er was speechless.

In the distance, the number one Berserker in [Flying Dragon], Fierce Tiger, raised his battle axe in front of his chest and entered into a defensive stance. Looking at the crowd of Little Sickle Demons in the distance, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Hei, looks like their all dwarves. They don’t even look that tall. How strong could they be?”

Drunken Spear held his heavy shield up and said, “Careful, don’t be arrogant!”

Right at that moment, a group of the little sickle demons screeched and ran towards us. Three of them raised their flaming sickles and “ka ka ka” hacked right into Fierce Tiger’s battle axe. In the end, three enormous damage numbers flew up——





Fierce Tiger cried out and was instantly killed. Even his battle axe was dropped. Lights flashed across the battlefield as numerous people died. Even those these little demons were small, their strength was terrifying.

“Use [Scatter Shot] on them and stun them all!”

I immediately sent out the command. Dancing Forest raised her bow and shot out [Scatter Shots] one after another. Each only had a stun rate of 30%, but that was already pretty good, at least it was enough to hold them off for now.

I raised both of my swords as three of the little demons charged towards me. All of their sickles had flames rising from the blades. It was the same skill, “Keng Keng Keng!” They hit against my Zhen Yue Sword, creating three sparks——




Not bad, I could take this kind of damage. The [Zhan Long] Healer team had been protected fairly well, and so they could heal quite a bit. Instantly killing me was not going to be an easy task for them.

Beside me, Matcha, Tang Xin, Wan Er, and One Second Hero all charged forward. Their health continuously fell, but with the support of the players behind us, they managed to stay alive. Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest and Thousand Suns used all their power to deal attacks. [Magma Lance] and [Magma Abyss] exploded in the crowd of monsters. Theses strong Hybrid Demons only had a high attack, but their survivability wasn’t much higher than a Thunder Tier monster.

I raised both swords and threw a [Wind Blade]+[Fierce Ice Blade]. The little demon in front of me wailed as I cut into it. Cutting it and killing it at the same time, I managed to drain quite a bit of health back——






The 20% Drain effect from the Ruler’s Ring was just too amazing. This greatly increased my ability to last in a drawn out battle. Even if I didn’t have the support of Healers, I could probably deal with 1-2 of them on my own.

However, while Wan Er and I could fend of our inch of territory, it was much harder for the rest of them. The close combat tier players near Qing Qian were continuously being killed by the Little Sickle Demons. It looked as though they were about to break through. [Wrath of the Heroes], [Hero’s Mound: Division One] and [Thousand Mound] had completely lost their defense. The frontline players had pretty much all been killed!

I quickly glanced towards One Second Hero, “Yong Jie, use your special skill!”

Without a second though, One Second Hero smashed his shield into the ground and roared, activated [Fierce Sun Wall]. All of the people around us obtained the shield’s effect, helping people hold up a little. Everyone focused on firepower as the effect remained. Once it finished, Simple immediately waved her staff, activating [Savage Domain]. It was another shield type of skill, that allowed all of the people around us to receive 5000 less damage.

Once the two great skills were completed, I glanced around and felt a little annoyed. My [King Domain] from the Ruler’s Ring still had 9 hours of cool down left. Whatever, no need to waste time thinking about it. I quickly activated a [Halberd Flame] to burn all of the little sickle demons around me. I did everything in my power to kill more of these little monsters. My Flaming Tiger God also roared and charged into the crowd of monsters. After using a [Bursfire Raid] it got killed by a group of little demons. Looking at Wan Er’s Purple Kirin Dragon flying in the sky, I realized it was much safer for it than my tiger.


“Boss, they’re about to break through our defense!” Li Mu’s eyes widened and he said, “These little sickle demons are practically like servants of the Death God. Every attack is accurate and brutal. How are we supposed to deal with them?”

Not far from us, Yan Zhao also shouted, “How’s [Zhan Long] doing? [Prague] can’t hold up much longer!”

I gritted my teeth, “Even if we can’t hold up, we still have to fight. Either way, it’s better than waiting for our deaths!”



Right at that moment, Wan Er’s beautiful eyes glanced back at the introduction. She reached into her bag and grabbed a fistful of gold. “Shua!” She threw it towards the west. Right at that moment all of the little demons started screeching and lunging for the gold. Some of them even started fighting each other.

“Now, charge!”

Our beautiful little miss really was clever, to actually think of a method like this… I raised my sword and charged forward. This time everyone switched from defense to attack, killing quite a few. In the chaos, we killed a dozen of them and then returned to defense. The experience was extremely good. Plus, we decreased the damage to ourselves by quite a bit. All we had to do was spend a little bit of money….

Once Yan Zhao, Jian Feng Han and the others saw this happening, it was as though they grabbed onto a strand of hope. Isn’t it just spending a little money? As long as they could complete this quest, what wouldn’t they sacrifice?!

And so, gold flew into the air, decreasing the charging power dealt on the players. Even though players were still dying, we weren’t at the point of losing control of the situation any longer.


On the other side of the formation, Frost and Luo Lin gripped their swords, letting out a strong aura. They didn’t seem to have any intent on fighting for the players, and continued to fight their own fights.

Nearly 2 hours of fierce battle later, We had killed off all of the little sickle demons. But the 170,000+ Gold I had in my bag was almost all gone. Wan Er curiously glanced at me, “I lost 110,000 in total. Guild Master, now its up to you, how do you plan on compensating me?”

I felt a stab in my heart and nearly cried, “Let’s talk about it later. Why don’t we finish this quest first….”


Looking around me, I saw corpses everywhere. Without thinking, we lost a bunch of more players. Looking around [Zhan Long] at most had 150 people left. The player camp in total probably didn’t have more than 1000. Even [Vanguard] and [Prague] only had around a hundred players left. Our loss were great. Furthermore, there was still a few little sickle demons lunging at our formation. However, it looked as though the NPC camp managed to keep most of their army intact. There were at least 1000+ of them sitll fighting.


Frost retreated several steps and shouted, “Lin Han is here!”

In the air, wind began to gather and an enormous figure flew towards us. It was Hell’s Song Lin Han. This was a BOSS so high level that even I couldn’t see its tier and stats. It was definitely at least above Divine Tier. He held a sickle in hand and a cruel smile on his face. Lin Han roared, “Why don’t you try a taste of the godly weapon Misfortune!”

The name of that sickle was Misfortune. It was probably another blade of legends!


Misfortune was wrapped in a deadly aura. The sky behind it seemed to have been dyed in red. Just how many deaths was this blade going to bring?!

“Careful, take your defenses!” Li Mu shouted.

I immediately spun around and said, “F*ck defense, everyone run down the hill. We’re not going to be able hold this place!”

Wolf, Qing Qian and Wan Er all rushed down the hill. I grabbed Darling Duck in one hand and sprinted forward. Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, and Misty Cloud saw us running and followed behind, leaving the hundreds of Ba Huang City warriors there to take a last stand.


A flame engulfed the sky and a enormous sickle blade descended upon the earth!


A shockwave swept through the map and the little hill was immediately decimated in seconds. Hundreds of Ba Huang City warriors were turned to dust.

In the sky, Luo Lin gripped his sword so hard it began to shake. He looked at Lin Han and screamed, “You wretched demon, you demon, I’m going to kill you, I… I will kill you!”

He swung his blade and dashed forward, charging straight at Lin Han!


An earsplitting shriek sounded out and the sky seemed to have split in half. This was no longer a battle for us players to take part in. After all, look at their strength.


The sickle blade parried Luo Lin’s attack. Lin Han’s cruel smile was replaced by a contemptible smile, “What’s your name youngster? I’m starting to take an interest in you.”

Luo Lin threw a kick and said, “Ba Huang City General——Luo Lin!”

“Good, good, good….”

Lin Han easily dodged Luo Lin’s attack. After repeating “Good” three times, he raised his sickle and smiled, “Now that I know your name, you can go die now. I don’t care how strong your empire of the South is, or how much money you have. But in my eyes, killing you is as easy as crushing an ant!”

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