Zhan Long

Chapter 537

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Chapter 537 Demon Heart Necklace

“Kong kong…”

With a roar, the Barbarian King swept his battle axe out in front of [Zhan Long]’s formation, injuring and killing a handful of our players. An average Knight’s [Heavenly Shield Wall] couldn’t hold out against the attack and they were instantly killed. Looking at the entire guild, Matcha, One Second Hero, and Tang Xin were probably the only ones that could take an attack from this BOSS’s skill. This was a Graveyard of the Heroes Divine Tier BOSS, scary!

“Charge, don’t worry about anything else!”

I raised both of my swords and dashed forward and said, “Don’t waste time picking out a MT, everyone just deal firepower. Let’s crush this BOSS with numbers!”

In the distance Simple raised her staff, “Everyone, charge!”


All of the big guilds of Ba Huang City all joined in the battle. The 3000+ elite players fought for their lives to whittle down this Divine Tier BOSS. We all knew that no matter what ended up happening, all we could do now was fight with all we had.

Behind me, I set up two [Azure Dragon Crossbows] and then sprinted towards the BOSS. I raised my hand and used a [Black Tortoise Realm] to decrease his speed while I activated [Binding Chains]!



Unsurprisingly, the success rate of this skill against this BOSS was just too low. The [Scatter Shot] from the other players also missed. Very few people were able to actually hit him.

I raised my hand and let my Zhen Yue Sword fly out. The blade spun, becoming a whirlwind. “Pa Pa Pa” it pierced through the Barbarian King 9 times. I then raised my right arm and three Dragon Reservoir Swords seemed to appear in the air. [Great Realm of Desolation] dealt a harsh attack on the BOSS. I sprinted forward and gripped both swords in my hands. I passed by the Barbarian King’s right side and suddenly activated another attack. Swinging both of my swords, I dealt 7 attacks, slashing the Barbarian King’s legs until they were bloody.


The Barbarian King seemed to have finally noticed my existence and swung his battle axe at me. I immediately raised my swords in front of me to parry!



I felt as though I was hit by a cannon ball, and I was forced back a dozen meters and crashed into a boulder. The force hit me so hard that blood dripped from the corner of my mouth. Even so, I seemed to be the only person who took a direct hit from the BOSS and didn’t get killed.


The Barbarian King raised his battle axe and charged forward, as though he was going after me. When the Barbarian King’s battle axe was only a meter away from my face, I stood my ground and dipped forward, dodging the BOSS’s attack with a [Blade Rush]. I spun around and used a [Strength of a Thousand Men]!






After a chain of damage numbers appeared, I sprinted and retreated. While I was receiving heals from Darling Duck and the others, I activated [Blade Spin]. My Zhen Yue Sword continuously cut through the BOSS. However, my movement speed wasn’t fast enough, and very soon he caught up with me. I took another attack from the Barbarian King, throwing me into the air.


The Barbarian King took an [Indigo Sea Arrow] in his back. Simple waved her staff and activated [Magma Abyss]+[Magma Lance]. Her eyes were filled with determination, “Attack with everything you got! Do not save anything. Xiao Yao Zi Zai has no way of holding off this BOSS. All Swordsmen, charge forward. Even if you die, it will all be worth it when this quest is over!”

At that moment, Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng’s attacks all followed along. Wan Er raised her dagger and suddenly dashed behind the BOSS. the [Blade of the Death God]’s three attacks cut down the BOSS’s health by ten thousand. At the same time, she activated [Ice Pick Whirlpool]. Both of her blades shone with a frosty light. Her skill had an extremely high success rate against BOSSes. Finally, the Barbarian King roared. This was the first seal that succeeded.

Arrows and spells flew at the BOSS from all sides. With enough firepower, even a Divine Tier BOSS was able to see the end of his life. Within 3 minutes, the BOSS only had 80% of his health left. At this rate, we would be able to kill him within a quarter of an hour. After all, all of the players here were Ba Huang’s best.


After being forced back, I quickly retreated and replenished my health and [Wall of Dou Qi] first before charging forward. Li Mu and Wang Jian all took the chance to activate their [Dou Qi Armor] and use all of their great skills. These bastards were pretty smart and knew that as long as they could get a hold on the BOSS’s skill cooldown, they could time their own attack cool downs. The Barbarian King dealt a normal attack every 0.75 seconds. That meant that after every one of his attacks, if we immediately retreated, then we would be safe. However, players that weren’t as smart would have to hold off the BOSS. In the end they died very quickly and were pretty much sent back to Ba Huang City with a slice of the battle axe.

Time passed by slowly. The Barbarian King’s battle axe began to create a whirlwind of flames. Those were the signs of an area attack, but some of the players didn’t retreat in time and ended up dying in the barrage of attacks. After 15 minutes of fierce fighting, the Barbarian King only had a sliver of health left. He had used all of his big moves. The final moment had finally arrived.

“Hold up!”

Simple calmly analyzed the battlefield and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Yan Zhao Warrior, and Jian Feng Han, you will be the three main attackers. Everyone else drag the BOSS down. When the BOSS is about to die, Yan Zhao will be the only one who gets close. Everyone else move aside. We’ll decide who gets what based on what the system decides!”

Yan Zhao nodded, “OK!”

Jian Feng Han and I split up and rushed at the BOSS. After a round of skills, the BOSS’s health dropped to nearly 0%. We were both feeling conflicted, since we wanted the BOSS’s experience. After all, it was definitely going to be a huge windfall!


“Sha sha sha…”

I halted my boots and retreated backwards. I suddenly raised my left arm and threw my Zhen Yue Sword out. “Shua!” [Blade Spin] activated and dealt three attacks to the BOSS!


The Barbarian King wailed, his battle axe falling to the ground, “How can I die like this? I haven’t achieved world domination yet!”



System Notification: Congratulations Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai for successfully killing the map [Graveyard of the Heroes] first Divine Tier BOSS. You have obtained the rewards: Exp +220 M, Gold+50,000, Charm+15 and your reputation in the Tian Ling Empire has risen!

Damn, this reward really was incredible. That last attack I threw was still within reason.


The second the Barbarian King died, I suddenly raised my sword and charged towards the right. Jian Feng Han dashed forward as well. At that moment, a bunch of [Valley of the Gods] and [Thousand Mound] players that wanted to snatch some rewards were forced to retreat.

Yan Zhao bent down and picked up three pieces of equipment. He smiled, “Hei hei, we’ve really hit gold!

There was a shining Mage staff, a necklace with a line of words, and a red mantle. All three pieces looked majestic. Yan Zhao raised his hand and waved it over the staff, letting it’s stats appear in the air for all 2000+ Ba Huang City players to see——

[Savage Spirit] (Saint Tier)

Magic Attack: 2430-2990

Magic: +102

Stamina: +100

Agility: +99

Additional: Increases the user’s magic attack power by 34%

Additional: Decreases the user’s skill cooldown by 15%

Additional: Increases the user’s magic attack penetration by 30%

Special: [Savage Domain] creates a domain that provides a shield to all friends within 10 yards, decreasing damage by 5000.

Level: 95

Required Charm: 100


Everyone was shocked. Yan Zhao Warrior’s eyes had some surprise within them as well, “F*ck, this is probably the best Mage staff in the game right? Besides that increase in attack, there’s even a survival skill. All of those Lv 100 top staffs are nothing compared to this….”

Jian Feng Han smiled, “Uncle Yan Zhao, why don’t you tell us how you’re going to deal with it?”

Yan Zhao squinted and said, “Well, we said this before. We’ll do it based on contribution to killing the BOSS. How about this, can the three players who suit this weapon with the highest damage and attack output ROLL step out and ROLL for this weapon?”

Jian Feng Han smoothed his clothes out, “The probability of ROLL is too high. I think that we should just choose the mage with the highest attack and damage output and give it to them. That is the best choice. Whoever worked the hardest, gets it!”

Yan Zhao Warrior smiled, “Then let me take a look….”

I raised my sword and walked over, “No need to look, the beauty Simple had the highest damage. She dealt 1.5% more than our beautiful Cang Yue and 14.3% more than our beautiful Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands. Jian Feng Han, your purpose is obvious. You just want to take that Barbarian Spirit Staff for your own Vice Guild Master, isn’t that right?”

Jian Feng Han rubbed his nose and smile, “You’re right, that’s exactly what I want!”

“On what grounds?”

Wan Er stood in front of her best friend Dong Cheng and stood up for her, “We should do it as Yan Zhao Warrior said. The top three DPS should come here and ROLL for it. Just because [Vanguard]’s Mages dealt a lot of damage, does that mean that [Zhan Long]’s Mages did not risk their lives to drag the BOSS’s aggro? Don’t forget, if Dong Cheng didn’t quickly drag the aggro, then Simple might’ve gotten killed by the BOSS already!”

Goodbye Tears smiled, “Sister Cang Tong, that isn’t right. Our Vice Guild Master’s [Dimensional Leap] cooldown was saved. The BOSS wouldn’t have been able to touch her, just what makes you think that he’d kill her?”

This time Dong Cheng finally couldn’t keep quiet and she walked forward and said, “Whatever, let’s just do it based on the first decision and just give it to Simple!”

Yan Zhao Warrior was stunned, “Beautiful Cang Yue, you’re sure?”

“Yup, I’m sure!” Dong Cheng nodded.

I was also caught unexpected. I stared at her, speechless. That stubborn and greedy little girl was actually willing to give the first Mage staff to Simple? This was just illogical!

Very soon, I knew what Dong Cheng was planning. When Yan Zhao Warrior took out that necklace, his hands trembled slightly. The necklace’s stats were in the air and it was definitely OP.

[Demon Heart Necklace] (Saint Tier)

Agility: +107

Stamina: +105

Strength: +102

Additional: Increases the user’s close combat attack power by 40%

Additional: Increases the user’s agility by 20%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 3000

Special: [Demon Heart] decreases all magic damage by 35%

Level: 95

Required Charm: 170


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