Zhan Long

Chapter 535

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Chapter 535 The True Red Blade

Looking at all of the bodies lying in pools of blood, Dancing Forest couldn’t help but hold a hand over her mouth and cry, “These Bloody Plains really aren’t where man should venture into…”

Old K raised his battle axe and said, “If any monster launches an attack Archers, and Musketeers do not go near or you’ll be killed on the spot!”

Not far in the distance, I saw Yan Zhao walking over. He brought with him a group of [Prague] players and said, “This Lv 1 Hybrid Demon and its attack power already surpasses that of all of the players here. Usually, if we wanted to kill monsters here without any damage, we’d at least have to have warriors whose health is over 40,000, plus Archers and Mages with health over 20,000. But at this point in the game, there aren’t many people who have reached that point.”

Qing Qian nodded, “And so Brother Xiao Yao’s 25,000 health is already pretty hard to sustain here.”

Li Mu smiled, “Guild Master Yan Zhao brought quite a few people, and lost quite a lot as well. What do you think about this map?”

Yan Zhao wryly smiled, “What else could I think? The points here are probably all hidden in the number of Hybrid Demons you kill and the more NPCs you help. There’s no other way to look at it. There isn’t a single idea as to what the final reward is. All we can do is wait. But there is one thing for certain. The person who stands until the end will definitely get an incredible reward.”

Jian Feng Han smiled at him and said, “What’s wrong? Is Guild Master Yan Zhao still thinking about that godly weapon Despair?”

Yan Zhao Warrior smiled bitterly, “I definitely don’t have that kind of crazy dream. Despair is a quest item. For what reason would it go to any of us players? Even the Duke of Ba Huang City dreams of having this weapon in his hands. We better stop thinking about it for ourselves. How are you supposed to compete over a weapon with an NPC Duke? Isn’t that just asking to die….”

Simple raised her staff, “Can we not talk about this? Let’s hurry up and go. We’re only around 20 minutes away from the Graveyard of the Heroes. We don’t even know what’s in store for us there yet!”


I walked over and nodded with a smile, “The difference in strength between Hybrid Demons and players on this expedition quest for the Graveyard of the Heroes is just too great, so…. How about we make an agreement. That during the course of this quest, we won’t PK each other at all. We must work together and kill the monsters and BOSSes. That is the only way we have any chance of succeeding in this quest!”

Simple nodded, “I agree with what Guild Master Xiao Yao says. We must work together to complete this quest!”

Jian Feng Han said, “Then let us retreat and advance together!”

Li Mu shouted, “Ok!”

“Let us set out!” I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and looked forward, “Luo Lin and Frost have already walked too far. We need to follow close behind. If we are too far away from the NPCs, then a wave of Hybrid Demon monsters is enough to destroy all thousand of us!”



Our group of players all set out. Nearly 5000 of us marched across the map and we carefully crossed through the brush.

As I walked, I opened up the big map. There were at least a dozen other small maps that were marked on it. One of them was the Graveyard of the Heroes. It was around 20 minutes away from us. However, the map was completely covered in red. One could just imagine the levels of the monsters there.

Not long after we set out, our surroundings quickly changed from a dense forest into mellow plains. All around us we saw broken weapons lying in the dirt. There were even bones from ancient warriors and horses, piled up in mountains. The ancient battle chariots were in ruins and the grey grass began to grow out of the cracks, giving off a staunch odor.


Frost immediately pulled out her sword and said, “I feel an extremely strong presence here. The Graveyard of Heroes has been sealed for many years, but we are definitely not the only ones alive here!”

In the desolate battlefield, an ominous breeze fluttered a tattered battle flag. I could make out the shadow of a tiger symbol on it. Who knows which ancient empire flew that flag. There was no way to determine it. Under that tattered flag, a general sat cross legged on the ground. His body had already decayed completely, leaving only a white skeleton. He was still clothed in his golden armor, and he held a blood red sword in his hand as he quietly sat there.

At that moment, Wang Xuan, the military supervisor looked startled as he stared at the skeleton. He exclaimed, “Dear lord, is this the ancient hero Nan Shen. That… that blade in his hand, is that the True Red Blade? God, that is a godly weapon that was made by the God Smith Lu Gong. So the legendary True Red Blade was here. I never would have known….”

As he was talking, Wang Xuan’s eyes were filled with greed. He couldn’t resist and walked forward to reach for it.


Luo Lin roared, “Wang Xuan, you cannot disturb those who have died. They were all once heroes who had made a great sacrifice for man. Do not touch the True Red Blade. Our sole goal is Despair!”

However, Wang Xuan did not listen to Luo Lin’s command and reached out to grab the True Red Blade. The second his hand touched the hilt, he suddenly shuddered, as though he was possessed. His eyes were filled with a strong greed and desire to kill and he laughed, “The True Red Blade, this really is the legendary True Red Blade!! If I, Wang Xuan, were to bring the True Red Blade back to Ba Huang City, then I’ll be able to use it to dominate the southern Barbarian Tribes and stretch the borders of the city all the way to the seas. That way, the world will know my name!”

Frost cast a glance at Wang Xuan and then looked towards Luo Lin, “Something’s not right. There isn’t a single sliver of holy air in this vicinity. Rather, everything feels dead. Is is possible, that the seventeen heroes have already become demons?”

Luo Lin nodded, “That’s highly likely. Just look at the way Wang Xuan is acting..”

Wang Xuan suddenly turned around to face them, his eyes glowing with a red light. He roared at Luo Lin, “You ignorant bastard! Let me show you the strength of the True Red Blade, Die!”

He tried to swing his True Red Blade, and slash at Luo Lin. However, Wang Xuan found that he couldn’t budge the sword. When he turned around to look, he was scared pale. The skeleton holding onto the sword slowly began to shiver and wake up. A pair of blood red eyes looked right back at him and let out a cold laugh, “You dare try and steal the weapon of I, Nan Shen? You are asking to die!”

As he said that, Nan Shen lightly touched him, and Wang Xuan’s hand was crushed. He cried out in pain and jumped backwards. “Hua La La”, the ancient hero stood up and his level appeared. It was a Lv 110 Saint Tier BOSS!

“Give me your life!”

Nan Shen raised his True Red Blade and jumped up. The blade shone with a chilling light.


Luo Lin shouted and jumped in front of Wang Xuan. He raised his blade and a protective shield appeared around them. “Keng!” Nan Shen was forced back. Looks like Luo Lin was very close to reaching the Holy Realm and his strength was well above Nan Shen. Gripping his sword, Luo Lin jumped up and dashed towards him. Then with three slashes, he cut off Nan Shen’s arm. Everyone was stupefied as they watched. No one thought that a prince like Luo Lin would have that much strength and power.


“Ge ge ge…”

Nan Shen let out a vicious laugh and he raised his sword, “Everyone, awaken from the depths of hell. Brothers of the Southern Tribe, attack! The time to awaken has come!”

All of the dead skeletons within a several hundred meter radius all awoke. The ancient heroes had now become a great enemy.

Wang Xuan immediately retreated backwards, “This…. what’s going on?”

Luo Lin was furious, “This is the result of your desires! Everyone, prepare for battle!”


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and protected Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng and the rest of the girls. Old K, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others battle instincts were pretty good and all split up to protect the other leather and cloth type players. As long as we protect them, there may still be a chance. That is the only way we can maintain enough DPS and heals to survive.

Not far in the distance, seven soldiers all slowly stood up from a ruined battle cart. They turned their heads slowly to look towards us. These soldiers all had similar names, but were split up into blade wielders, axe wielders, and so on and so forth. However, their stats were the exact same – –

[Battlefield Ghosts] (Type: Level 1 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 105

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: Battlefield Ghosts, this group of brave warriors that died on the battlefield have over the past tens of thousands of years undergone the pain of torture under their new Hyrbid Demon Masters. Finally, they became one of the Hybrid Demons themselves It is because they have such a high battle potential, that the Hybrid Demon Masters thought of the idea to use them to strengthen the power in the North.


“Careful, Hybrid Demons!” I shouted, “Focus on defending and healing!”

One Blade soldier suddenly roared and charged over. He raised his broadsword and slashed it downward. It was a [Skyshaker Slash]! I could only raise both of my swords in front of me to parry the blow. I felt my arms go numb and pain shot through me——


What a terrifying attack power!

Beside me, two [Zhan Long] Swordsman were instantly killed. They could not block the Hybrid Demon’s attack at all! Matcha and One Second Hero quickly stepped forward into their places, and barely held them off. In the back, Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng, Thousand Suns and the rest all cast spells, locking everything on one demon and killed them off one by one. This time the monsters dropped something. “Hua la la!” some equipment and gold dropped. Not bad, dropping gold coins now. We weren’t getting silver coins anymore. The monsters of the Graveyard of Heroes really were generous!

In the distance, Yan Zhao gripped his sword and stood before the [Prague] team and shouted, “Kill more monsters! All of the points are hidden. This is Hybrid Demon Territory, killing one should mean lots of points! Do not retreat. Hold our formation!”

All of the great guilds began to meld into their formations and begin the counterattack. [Vanguard], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract] all took up one piece of land. As for [Thousand Mound], [Wrath of the Heroes] and [Flying Dragon], they had very few people left and could only attempt to protect a small piece of land. The Hybrid Demons were killable, and that was enough. Of course, in actuality we were both killing each other, but the Hybrid Demons were much faster at killing us.


Luo Lin, Frost, Su Ke, and Da Lin surrounded Nan Shen. Nan Shen’s health was extremely high. Even he couldn’t take this kind of crazy attacks. Not long after he fell to the ground with a screech. He had been killed by the NPCs, so nothing was dropped. But, our quest increased by 15% completion. Looks like we don’t have to kill too many BOSSes to get to the sword Despair.

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