Zhan Long

Chapter 533

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Chapter 533 Level 1 Hybrid Demon

Snowflakes scratched our faces in the fierce wind. My War Swept Cloak fluttered in the wind. I turned around and looked down. Everything on the ground looked like ants now. Wan Er carefully used her daggers to hold herself in place. Looking at her from above, I noted that the beautiful little miss’ robed figure was extremely elegant. Her little face had been frozen pale, but she still gritted her teeth and pushed forward.

“Wan Er, are you ok?” I asked.

Wan Er looked up at me and revealed a sweet smile, “Mhm, what’s up?”

“Nothing, let’s continue!”


Below us, Dong Cheng cried out, “I’m not ok! This mountain is too high! Just looking down makes me shiver. Brother Xiao Yao, come and hold me!”

I was speechless and retorted, “Just climb…”

Suddenly, we heard a shout in the distance. One of [Flying Dragon]’s little team had lost their footing. The rest of the people didn’t have a good hold and so they all fell along with them. The sight of their fall seemed as though they were a Tang Hu Lu*. Falling from this height, they’re definitely going to become a meat pancake when they hit the ground.

Dong Cheng paled when she saw them drop, “F*ck, this plot is just too inhumane!”

Li Mu smiled, “This mountain is at least 400 meters high. Just wait until someone falls from 400 meters up. When they hit the ground, their body parts will probably create a 100 meter splatter. It’ll probably be about the size of three bedrooms and a living room…”

Dancing Forest’s arm trembled a little, “Can you not scare us…. Just focus on climbing. We’ve only got 400 meters….”

I laughed, “Exactly. It’s nothing. After all, what battle has [Zhan Long] not survived through?”

My arrogant claim seemed to give everyone encouragement. Moon Feather, Tang Xin and Star Blade’ fears seemed to decrease quite a bit. [Zhan Long]’ 1000 players covered the ice wall. One step at a time we climbed our way up.


After 20 whole minutes, finally, I was the first person to reach the top of the Ice Ridge Mountain. I flipped over onto the flat plane and turned around to grab the vine, pulling Wan Er, Qing Qian, and Dong Cheng up. On the other side, Li Mu’s team, Wang Jian’s Team, and Old K’s team all reached the top. I could see in the distance that Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior also brought their people onto the peak and were slowly congregating. At this time, nobody had the energy to PK anyone. It was too cold, and this place was too dangerous for infighting.

Luo Lin, Frost, Su Ke, and Wang Xuan had long reached the top before us. Wang Xuan’s face however was green and he coldly said, “100+ soldiers have already fallen to their deaths at the bottom of the Ice Ridge Mountains. Luo Lin, is this how you lead an army into battle?”

Luo Lin looked forward and softly said, “If we were to enter the Ice Ridge Mountains from any other place, I promise you this, there will have been many more deaths. Did you think that I came to this place just as a drill? Then you’re wrong. Wang Xuan, from this point onwards, someone is going to die at every moment, and I am not saying this to scare you.”

Wang Xuan’s expression turned extremely ugly but he didn’t say anything.

Close to 20 minutes later, the players and the NPCs gathered together at the top of Ice Ridge Mountains. Of the 3000 NPCs, 200 of the had died. The player camp was a little better off, and less than 100 of them had fallen to their deaths. Of [Zhan Long]’s 1012 people, we only lost 7 during the climb, a manageable number.


Standing at the top of the peak, Luo Lin turned around to face the summit at the north. The wind blew against him as he reached out and pointed toward the north, “Walking around the Bloody Plains it’ll take us around 2 hours to reach the Graveyard of the Heroes, but everyone must remain alert. At least ten thousand people have lost their footing here and there’s no telling what kind of monsters live in these areas.”

Wang Xuan raised his spear and said, “I’ve once looked at the maps of this place. Just north of the Dragon City is the Blood Plains. If we go around it, then we’ll be wasting more time. Luo Lin, are you sure you aren’t just trying to waste a battle opportunity?”

Luo Lin walked over and suddenly grabbed Wang Xuan’s jacket, his eyes filled with killing intent, “No one is willing to step foot into the Blood Plains. Hate me all you want, but if you try and use the lives of our Ba Huang City soldiers and put them to waste to satisfy your desire to go into the Bloody Plains, then I promise you that I will personally kill you. From now on, you shut your mouth. I will decide everything here!”

Wang Xuan’s face was scared green. He didn’t dare breathe another word.

Luo Lin turned around and pointed his sword north and roared, “Advance. Our goal is the Graveyard of the Heroes. Stay alert for any monsters along the way!”

Frost’s bright eyes looked towards the dark world in the north and said, “I feel like we’ve already been noticed….”

Luo Lin nodded, “Yes, however, no matter what, this trip cannot be avoided.”

“Yes sir!”

A group of NPC’s all walked along the mountain path. The rise was at a 75 degree angle. We had to hold onto the rocks along the hillside to prevent ourselves from sliding downwards. This was an extremely difficult process. On the good side, the players here were all well known in Ba Huang City, each one nimble and skilled. I was at the very front and used my Zhen Yue Sword to stabilize my position on the hill. I took Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Qing Qian, and Matcha with me as we lead the right flank. Old K, Li Mu and the others were on the other side, creating a full line for [Zhan Long]’s thousand man team to follow.


Our 13,000 man army slowly pushed forward. We were getting closer and closer to the ground. Right as we were only around 100 meters away, Frost shouted a warning, “Everyone be more careful!”

As a result however, a bearded Ba Huang City cavalryman pulled out his long sword and laughed, “The girly generals of Dragon City really are cowardly. After all, you are a girl. We have so many people here, and we’re all the highest level people in the city. Besides, this place is open, and everything within a hundred meter radius is visible. What’s out there to kill me?”

Right as he finished saying that, a white light suddenly flashed from the sky!


A loud bang sounded and the arrogant cavalryman had a black spear tip poking out of his head. Motherf*cker, he was nailed to death onto the cliff. He didn’t even know what it was that killed him. An enormous damage number popped up ——


This was an instant kill. Furthermore, it was a kill from something in the north.


I shouted a warning and immediately activated my [Wall of Dou Qi].

“Shua shua shua….”

Flashes of a cold light passed through the sky. “Keng keng keng!” spears pierced into the cliff and all of [Hero’s Mound: Division One] was hit. The hunters in the dark had targeted Wang Ze Cheng and the others and used their enormous power to throw the spear. At that moment, we could all hear the “Pu pu pu” of blood spurting out as damage numbers flew up one after another——





Within the blink of an eye, 11 [Hero’s Mound: Division One] players had been stabbed, their bodies falling on the hill. In the darkness, monsters wielding throwing spears appeared. It was a group of similar monsters, each with four terrifying teeth necklaces hanging from their necks. In addition, there was a blood red horn sticking out of their foreheads.

Luo Lin looked into the distance and roared, “F*ck, it’s the legendary Demon Hunters. These things really do still exist!”

Wang Ze Cheng raised his heavy shield and gritted his teeth, “[Hero’s Mound], assume defensive stances!”


Another throw spear flew at us. “Keng!” rammed into Wang Ze Cheng’s heavy shield, creating sparks. That one attack had dealt 14728 damage. Lucky for Wang Ze Cheng he had a thick skin, or else he would’ve been instantly killed.

Frost swung out her Severing Beauty sword and shouted, “Dragon Knight Team, follow me!”

As she finished talking, she dashed towards the bottom of the hill, bringing Su Ke and the others behind her. In the darkness, we could hear screams coming from that direction. It was probably the Dragon City warriors being stabbed to death by the throwing spears. The attack that monsters dealt to NPCs and the attack they dealt to players were different. Practically every attack these Ba Huang City NPC took from the Demon Hunters all surpassed 100,000 damage. Of course, the NPC attacks to them were the same. It was pretty much a life for a life.

“Shua shua shua…..”

Throwing spears finally descended upon the [Zhan Long] camp and screams began to rise. A dozen of [Zhan Long]’s members were instantly killed. Furthermore, the damage from the throwing spears seemed to overlap. Li Mu’s face turned green, “F*ck, just what kind of monster is this? To actually instantly kill Lv 90+ top tier players. This… this is just too much!”


I pulled my Zhen Yue Sword from the cliff and shouted, “We cannot defend. Everyone, charge! Let’s go cut down those monsters attacking us. This is just as the quest had said, we’ll be continuously dancing with death during this scouting trip!”

Wan Er nodded in agreement. All of [Zhan Long]’s players charged towards the bottom of the hill. At the same time, [Vanguard], [Prague] and [Enemies at the Gate] seemed to also understand that they could not remain defensive and all charged as well.


In the darkness, our vision slowly began to become more clear. One after another, the Demon Hunters started to charge at us, their canines covered with blood, as they had just sucked it. At the same time, their stats began to appear before us——

[Demon Hunters] (Type: Level 1 Hybrid Demons)

Level: 100

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: Demon Hunters, a type of blood sucking demons. They have lived on the Bloody Plains for a long time. Once they smell the scent of live humans, they leave their original villages and came to kill every person who dares enter the Bloody Plains



One spear sliced through the night sky and was flying straight for my chest. With no time to dodge, all I could do was raise my Zhen Yue Sword to block it. I estimated the angle of its descent and blocked with all my strength!


My hand went numb from the impact. I pushed back the heavy spear, successfully blocking the attack, dealing only 60% of the damage to me——


Matcha cried out as a spear cut right through her shield. The players that dashed forward with Wang Jian were being killed one after another by the spears. Nobody would have thought that the Hybrid Demons of the north would be so savage. Their concealed attack power was completely above that of a BOSS monster on the Ba Huang City plains!


With a swing of my sword, I used [Blade Rush] and cut into a Demon Hunter close to me. The forefront of the [Zhan Long] camp had around 100+ Demon Hunters. If we kill them all then we’ll be in the clear!

My Dragon Reservoir Sword flashed and I activated a Lv 10 [Combo] + Lv 10 [Wind Blade]. These were the basic two combo attacks for close combat. For 6 seconds I could use these attacks one after another twice. When I hit their cooldown, I used [Strength of a Thousand Men]+[Great Realm of Desolation]. In the blink of an eye, a chain of damage numbers flew up, creating 50,000 damage in total. This flurry of attacks forced the Demon Hunters to retreat backwards as they bled. They howled as their healths dropped to 25%.

Li Mu roared, “We have a chance! They can be killed! There’s only around 200,000 health!”

One Second Hero, Tang Xin, Matcha, Breaking Dawn, and Ling Xiao Xie, [Zhan Long]’s top Knight players all raised their shields and created a defense formation to protect against the spears. In the back, the Healers continuously healed everyone, making sure that they wouldn’t die. The Demon Hunter’s [Spear Throw]s pretty much came every 10 seconds. The rest were normal attacks, dealing much less damage.

On the other side, Frost’s [Razor Rotation] flung through the crowd of Demon Hunters. Blood spurted and she instantly killed a whole flock of them.

Yan Zhao Warrior looked at the dead [Prague] players behind him and achingly said, “The first time we face Hybrid Demons and we lost this many people already, what is with this…”

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