Zhan Long

Chapter 532

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Chapter 532 Climbing the Mountain

Jian Feng Han held his sword across his chest and stood in the shade of a tree, watching us while Simple twirled her staff as a smile played across her face. Fallen Wolf took his battle axe and had brought Goodbye Tears, Don’t Be Foolish and North Pole with him and was taking note of their numbers. From [Vanguard]’s arrogant look, they probably had quite a few members register for the quest.

On the other side, Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song were also counting their numbers. Yan Zhao Warrior stood before [Prague]’s members and shouted, “’s background story has made it very clear, the monsters that players have seen in the south are all just appetizers. The real enemy is in the North. It is just as the NPC has said, the monsters of the Hybrid Demon Territory and the Graveyard of the Heroes are our true enemies and so you must tread carefully. Do not think that just because you’re over Lv 90 and have some Saint Tier equipment or Valkyrie equipment that you’re super OP. Be careful, don’t get instantly killed by the monsters of the north, or you’ll really lose face!”

On the other side, [Flying Dragon], [Hero’s Mound: Division One], [Thousand Mound], [Wrath of the Heroes] and [Valley of the Gods] all had a group of players come forth. This quest had pretty much allured all of the top tier guilds and top tier players. Even though only 10,000 people were participating, this quest’ difficulty level was most definitely not any lower than any of the other big scale SSS Tier Main Quest’s.


With my Dragon Reservoir Sword in hand, I turned around to look at Qing Qian and smiled, “Melon, help me count out how many of our people registered for the quest?”

Qing Qian fluttered her eyes and smiled, “No need to count. Sister Cang Tong has already given me the results. Brother Xiao Yao, don’t forget right now I’m not the only Vice Guild Master. Sister Cang Tong can easily do these tasks…”

“And the results?”

“Wu, in total, [Zhan Long] has 1012 people registered. Of those, 470 are either a Swordsman, Berserker, Knight, or Monk, while Healers, Mages, Archers, and Musketeers make up 452 people. The final 90 players are Assassins.


I made a fist and said, “Have everyone check out the status of their equipment, potions and cards and make sure everyone is replenished. If not, then immediately head back to the city and do so and then come back here to meet up with us. Have everyone split up into ten, and then one hundred man teams. After we cross the mountains there will definitely be a great battle. We must makes sure that at that point we don’t mess up our formation. If it is as Yan Zhao Warrior says, then the monsters north of the Ice Ridge Mountains are not what we normally see. We cannot underestimate them.”

Wang Jian nodded and took everyone back to restock their supplies. Wan Er, Qing Qian, Dong Cheng and I remained in our original places. The system also revealed a time for us to set off. There was still 57 minutes left. That is enough time. By then, all of the players will follow Frost, Luo Lin and the other Dragon City generals and advance forward. Otherwise, I don’t know how we would pass through the Ice Ridge mountains.

Less than an hour later, Wang Jian and the rest all came back. We then split everyone into ten hundred man teams. I lead one team, with Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Matcha, Qing Qian, Darling Duck, Dancing Forest and the other [Zhan Long] elite players all in it. It was clear that this was [Zhan Long]’s top team, and will eventually become the quest’s main force.

In the distance, [Prague] and [Vanguard] also had around 1000 people registered in the quest. Looks like they were just about ready to set off. [Enemies at the Gate] has slightly less people, around 600. While [Blood Contract], [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of the Heroes] had even less people. The quest page showed that a total of 71 guilds were participating. A lot of guilds probably only had a handful of players that were participating. After all, Lv 88 was a very high requirement.


After a few minutes, Luo Lin raised his sword and lead his steed forward, “Ba Huang City, advance! Our target is the Graveyard of Heroes north of the Ice Ridge Mountains. Everyone, on my command! Only advance forward and do not back down. For the sake of humanity’s survival, for the sake of Ba Huang City’s honor!”

Majestically, we set off. The NPC army had a total of 3000 people, while the player camp had 10,000. It even looked as though the player camp was even bigger and stronger. Of course, everyone knew that Luo Lin and Frost those two incredible BOSS-es could pretty much wipe all of us out, not to mention those elite Dragon City soldiers.

Dust blew in the wind before us. Luo Lin and Frost urged their horses forward. I immediately raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and softly said, “Let’s head out!”

All one thousand men of [Zhan Long] slowly pushed forward. After all, we weren’t in any rush. It was fine if we just followed the NPCs.

After twenty minutes, flurries of snow covered the sky and the temperature slowly dropped. The Ice Ridge Mountain was known as the Great Wall of the North. It was several hundred meters high and helped the people of the mainland hold off the threat from the North. However, that didn’t mean that they would have peace forever. The strength of the Northern Demons was growing stronger and stronger by the day and they were also beginning to get restless. That was most likely the main reason why Luo Lei sent out soldiers to the Graveyard of Heroes to find the godly weapon.

“So cold…”

Qing Qian shivered as she wrapped her cloak more tightly around herself. Even Wan Er’s lips were pale. The two Assassin girls’ equipment was made for the sake of simplicity and elegance. But at a time like this, they were the coldest. Dong Chen walked over and with a flick of her wrist, a ball of fire rose in her palm. She then smiled, “Wan Er, come here and warm yourself up…”

Wan Er smiled, “A Mage really is the bane of nature, so helpful…”

Old K raised his battle axe. His Barbarian Berserker’s physique really was astonishing. A cape rested upon the shoulder pads of his armor and only a bit of his arm could be seen. A simple leather wrapped around his armor, revealing the strong muscles underneath. He laughed, “Females really can’t endure that much. How come I don’t feel the least bit cold? Ha ha ha….”

Dong Cheng glared at him and then curled her finger. A sliver of frost magic flew towards Old K’s nose, practically freezing it with ice. He retreated several steps, “Motherf*cker that’s cold!”

Dancing Forest and Qing Qian both giggled.

Li Mu looked up into the distance and said, “Why are all of those NPC’s not setting off from Dragon City?”

Instantly, I replied, “North of Dragon City is all thousands of meter high cliffs. There isn’t a single slope. If we try to go down from there, most of us would probably fall to our deaths.”

Wang Jian nodded, “Let’s see what Luo Lin decides!”

In the distance, Luo Lin lead his horse forward towards the bottom of the Ice Ridge Mountains and looked up at the ice walls, “Looks like we can only try to climb up the Ice Ridge Mountains from here!”

Frost looked up and said, “My lord, if we go up from here, then there will be no way for us to bring our battle horses.”

Luo Lin said, “I know, however, this is the only portion of mountain towards the north that has a little bit of a slope. Besides, we’re still pretty far from the Blood Plains, we won’t attract any monsters here.”

“Ok then!” Frost replied with a smile.

At that moment, Luo Lin and a Ba Huang General NPC walked towards us. Above the NPC was a line of characters, “Military Supervisor Wang Xuan”. He was probably one of Ba Huang City’s royal family. Wang Xuan raised his long spear and looked up at the sky and remarked, “Luo Lin, this slope is incredibly high. Naturally, with your strength, you wouldn’t fear these mountains. But what about the 2000 brave soldiers that we brought from Ba Huang City? They may not be able to survive such a climb. If they fall to their deaths then whose responsibility is it?”

Luo Lin was startled, “General Wang Xuan, when we set out, my father said that I will take over everything. There is no need for you to ask such questions, I understand the dangers.”

“You understand the dangers?” Wang Xuan let out a cold laugh, “You managed to get someone else to kill the army commander Purple Star, Raikes, Lin Huang, and Luo Ge, gaining all the military power of the four great armies. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do. It is true that you are the duke’s only son and this country will eventually pass down into your hands. But do not forget, for every day that Duke Luo Lei does not die, Ba Huang City remains his. Only when he give sit to you, is it yours. Otherwise you won’t be able to take it anyway!”

Luo Lei gritted his teeth, “Wang Xuan, just what are you saying?”

Wang Xuan softly said, “You know better than anyone what I mean!”

On the side, Su Ke raised his battle axe and shouted, “Wang Xuan, watch your mouth. Don’t forget that you are standing before both Ba Huang City’s prince and the Lord of Dragon City. Lord Luo Lin has spent his entire life guarding the Northern Gate. He doesn’t have the same crafty calculating moves that you Ba Huang City people have. Don’t think that just because your officer position is something incredible that you are all safe. If you provoke me, then I’ll kill you with just a swing of my axe!”

Wang Xuan smiled coldly, “Why don’t you come try and kill me? I want to see whether or not these 2000 brave soldiers of Ba Huang City are willing to listen to the command of your Lord Luo Lin!”

Su Ke didn’t say anything back. Luo Lin immediately shouted, “Su Ke, stop talking!”

As he said that, Luo Lin walked over, his hand resting on his hilt. An invisible pressure seemed to fall upon the area and all of the rocks, and icicles split with a “peng peng peng” from the immense pressure.


Wang Xuan’s face turned green. He finally couldn’t take the pressure anymore and his knees weakened. “Keng!” he fell to the ground, and an extremely ugly expression twisted his face, “Luo Lin, you… just what do you want?”

Luo Lin looked at this supervisor and softly said, “Now that you are kneeling before me, just what right do you have to point fingers at me? Everyone, dismount your horses. We are going to climb our way North of the Ice Ridge mountains. Tie up a rope. Ten people at a time will be tied together and they’ll help each other climb up and make sure nobody falls. Use axes and picks to climb your way up. We’ll meet up at the top of the Ice Ridge Mountains!”

Wang Xuan’s eyes were filled with hatred, but he couldn’t do anything to fight back. All he could do was slowly stand up. When the pressure from Luo Lin’s dimension control disappeared, he finally let out a sigh of relief. A soldier behind him softly whispered, “My Lord, Luo Lin’s training is very close to the Holy Realm, please tread cautiously. Do not make enemies too easily, or else you’ll be at a disadvantage, you should understand…”

Wang Xuan nodded and said, “I know, he’s truly a frightening bastard…”


Under Luo Lin’s command, Ba Huang City and Dragon City’s soldiers all dismounted and took out their hooks and ropes. In addition, they attacked a sharp pick to their shoes to help them make the climb.

At that moment, all of the players were stupefied. Not Ordinary made a fist and said, “Sh*t, what about us? This ice wall is several hundred meters high, are we supposed to fly???”

Bai Mo Yan wryly smiled, “That depends on each individual’s skill…”

You Yi laughed, “Sister Mo Mo, how about I carry you up?”

Bai Mo Yan replied curtly, “Do you want to have a taste of walking a thousand steps with a hole in your stomach?”



I pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword and said, “There’s no other way but to climb…”

Wan Er said “Should we go find a rope?”

“Yup!” I pointed into the distance, “There’s some vines in the bristle forest. Everyone cut a piece down and tie it around your waist. Then make ten man lines and tie each other together. This way, if 1-3 slip or fall, then everyone else can pull them back up.”


Everyone began to move. Not long after, our players lined up, all preparations ready. I walked at the front of [Zhan Long]s team. With a small thrust, I stabbed my blade into the ice wall, creating a notch. I then climbed up like that, creating notches as I went forward, giving myself and my team a place to stand.

Wan Er’s vine was tied to mine and she pulled out her daggers and followed behind me. Dong Cheng could only grip onto the notches and the vines and climb forward.

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