Zhan Long

Chapter 531

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Chapter 531 Ten Thousand Man Quest

The moonlight forest was extremely vast; it covered the entire northeastern side of Ba Huang City. Normally it acted as a protective buffer for Ba Huang City, but today, the area between the forest and the city was occupied by the Desolate Dragon Army. It was only because of the existence of the Desolate Dragon Army that Ba Huang City was able to defend against the various barbarian invasions.

Moonlight scattered across the forest floor. Wan Er walked beside me and we relished the dimly lit scenery. Behind us, Old K, Li Mu and the others were chatting about which of the new girls were prettier, which of them had a bigger chest, and which ones had nice legs. Either way, Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Qing Qian, and Matcha all blushed as they listened.


“Be more serious, we’re there…” I told them as I stood at the front.

We suddenly made it out of the dense thicket and found ourselves in a open space. I saw Ba Huang City’s flag flying in the air. There was at least ten thousand soldiers stationed there. Even Ba Huang City’s Duke, Luo Lei was there. I glanced at my shoulder and saw that the symbol for killing Ba Huang City’s NPCs was still there. I was still one of Ba Huang City’s citizens though. If I wanted to take part in this quest, Luo Lei and Luo Lin wouldn’t deny me because of our previous disagreement, would they?”

“Jian Feng Han and Uncle Yan Zhao are both here too…” Qing Qian said as she stuck her tongue out.

I nodded, “It’s fine, let’s head over!”


All of us quickly got close. I saw in the distance that Jian Feng Han and Simple had both spotted us. Don’t Be Foolish raised his spear and sad, “Damn, Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Cang Tong brought [Zhan Long] here as well. This quest is getting really interesting. Looks like they brought quite a few people too, at least a thousand! Guild Master, do you want us to bring 3000 more from our main force?”

Jian Feng Han shook his head and said, “Let’s wait a little first. Sometimes, the number of people involved doesn’t determine anything….”

“Yes sir!”


I brought the group of [Zhan Long] players forward and got closer to the escort. I could see Luo Lin was clothed in iron armor and wielded a longsword as he stood next to his battle horse. Frost, Su Ke, and Da Lin, the great generals of Dragon City were all there.

After a few minutes, Luo Lei carried Ba Huang City’s royal sword and said, “Lin Er, do you realize the importance of this quest?”

Luo Lin nodded, “I know father!”

Luo Lei grunted and said, “For thousands of years, the demons north of the Ice Ridge Mountains have been eying the mainland and have unsuccessfully invaded several times, killing numerous people. Remember, do not step into the Bloody Plains, for that is where many fearsome demons reside. Man’s power is not enough to fend against them. Your main quest is to cross over to the northern side of Dragon City and enter the Ancient Battlefield. That is also where the legendary Graveyard of Heroes resides…”

Angela was shocked, “Graveyard of Heroes?”

“Yes, that place is mentioned in a very old legend…”

Luo Lei had a sad look in his eyes as he said, “The land of has always been a country where man, elf, and barbarian have lived peacefully together. However, a terrifying demon race has tried to invade us from the north time and time again. Thus, ten thousand years ago, the ancient empire began a war between the demons and the gods. Nearly 5 million soldiers were recruited into the allied armies that were lead by 17 heroes. They passed through the Ice Ridge Mountains and fought against the demons. That war lasted for 11 years, and 4.7 million of the brave souls lost their lives. Even those 17 heroes who lead the armies had died. Not a single man came back, but that sacrifice brought about ten thousand years of peace to our lands.”

Luo Lin gritted his teeth, “Father, I thought that this quest was to search the Demonic Spirit Domain. Looks like, you’re looking for something specific?”

Luo Lei nodded, “That’s right. The battlefield on which the seventeen heroes died has since been covered in dust and sediment and become the Graveyard of the Heroes it is today. Once those heroes died, their ashes were scattered in the winds, but their weapons have not disappeared. Legend has it… that the strongest of the seventeen heroes—— rumored to be an expert in the holy domain, “Aries” had also died on that battlefield and his sword—— a godly weapon named “Despair” was also lost in that area. Legend has it that this sword “Despair” contains limitless power and that whoever wields this sword will have it at their command. “阿尔硫斯” relied solely on this Despair and killed seven of the holy domain level demons. In the end, he had died from using too much strength. After the final battle, the Graveyard of the Heroes has since been sealed by a powerful force. If nothing out of the ordinary has happened, then that godly weapon “Despair” should still be in those ruins. Lin Er, this time as you scout the Graveyard of the Heroes, you cannot provoke the demons of the north. Your primary responsibility is to return that sword to Ba Huang City!”

Luo Lin took a deep breath, his eyes filled with determination, “Father, do not worry. I will bring Despair back!”


One the side, Frost’ elegant eyebrows were slightly knit and she said, “Your majesty, if I may ask, why do you want to obtain this Despair?”

Luo Lei was startled by the question and he smiled, “The Dark Moon Elves of the northeast’s savage tribe have continuously tried to invade Ba Huang City’s borders. Eventually, they’ll start a war. After the battle with Jiu Lu City, our Ba Huang City has lost many commanders, and our strength has waned. If we do not have a godly weapon like Despair to strengthen ourselves, I’m afraid that Ba Huang City will not be able to last in another battle. Furthermore, the distant Swampy Abyss and Waterfront Cities have been watching the Tian Ling Empire for a long time. As the guardian city of the empire, Ba Huang City must strengthen itself!”

Frost squinted her eyes and said, “Understood. I will do everything in my power to help Lord Luo Lin find Despair!”

“That is good. With Frost’s full support, this quest will definitely be successful!”

Luo Lei was startled and then said, “Lin Er, is 3000 people really enough?”

Luo Lin nodded, “Yes it is. We’re going up against demons who are not your average monster. Even if we bring more people it would still be of no use. Three thousand is enough!”

“Alright, then let us set off. I wish you a good journey!”

“Thank you father!”


Luo Lin was fully clothed in gold armor. In his hand was a gleaming long sword. The sight of him standing as the wind swept up his cloak was truly magnificent. All around his body, I could see Dou Qi energy rising up around him. He was an expert that was practically at the doors of the Holy Realm. His strength might even be above Frost’s. Luo Lin was also the pride of Ba Huang City.

Seeing that his prince was so well achieved, he felt pride rising up within his chest. He smiled and then raised his sword and gave out a command, “Set up a recruitment tent here to bring in brave soldiers to help Luo Lin open up the path ahead!”

Forgotten Sea nodded, “Yes my lord!”

Forgotten Sea waved his hand in the air and ten officers lined up, each holding a battle flag. Beside each one of them was two secretary type officials who held a brush in their hands. In the next second, the system bell rang throughout the sky——


System Notification: Players please note, Ba Huang City’s Duke is currently in the Moonlight Forest at position (31823,12727) and has set up a recruitment tent that is seeking for adventurers to follow the Luo Lin army and enter the Demon Territory and obtain an SSS Tier Main Quest [Searching for Despair] at the Graveyard of Heroes. In addition, the player that ends up helping Luo Lin find Despair can obtain points and get the greatest rewards. Plus, all players that accept this quest must be ranked above 50,000 in Ba Huang City or else they do not quality. Only 10,000 players may accept this quest!


I was startled by the description, “Oh, an SSS Tier Main Quest, and it’s already begun recruitment…”

Wan Er lightly knocked me with her shoulder and said, “Pig, what are you hesitating for? Hurry up and accept the quest! After all, there’s a great reward at the end!”

“Yup!” I looked over at everyone and then flipped through Ba Huang City’s ranking list. The 50,000th player was Lv 89, and so I said, “All brothers that are Lv 88 and above can go and try to accept the quest. The more of us the better. That way we don’t have to worry about others PKing us!”

Li Mu nodded, “Go, go get the quest!”

All of the [Zhan Long] players rushed forward. Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Misty Clouds, Han Bei Song and the other Guild Master level players all took their players forward to register. This quest had a player limit, and we needed to act fast!

A few players from [Vanguard] raised their battleaxe and lunged forward together. They did all they could to try and force Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands out of the tent. Looks like they weren’t too happy with the fact that [Zhan Long] had come to take the quest. Plus Jian Feng Han had probably chose his best players to come and take this quest. There were only 10,000 spots. Whichever guild’s people took the most spots, had the greatest chance at becoming the final victor. Everyone knew that an SSS Tier Main Quest gave great rewards, after all, most of the top ranked players had relied on those quests to race to the top.

“Brother Xiao Yao…”

Qing Qian had been forced back by the shields of two Knights. [Vanguard]’s heavy armor tier players laughed, “My apologies, Beauty Qing Qian, there’s just too many people. It wasn’t on purpose…”

I could not stand aside any longer. I pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword and my Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged straight forward. “Peng!” My shoulder rammed away the two Knights shields and I swept out my Dragon Reservoir Sword. “Keng keng keng!” I only pushed people away and didn’t harm anyone. Li Mu, Old K, and Dong Cheng Lei all followed in my lead and knocked away the [Vanguard] players that were trying to block us out. In terms of numbers, [Zhan Long] was in no way unequal with [Vanguard], and very soon we managed to clear a path to the two NPC officials and let our people first take the quest.

Jian Feng Han gritted his teeth but didn’t say anything. After all, everyone was here for the quest and he couldn’t be too disrespectful before the quest even began.


Standing before the NPC officer, I accepted the quest. He looked up at me and revealed a condescending smile, “Youngster, do you know just how scary the north is?”

I glared at him, “Cut the nonsense and give me the quest!

The NPC was startled and the quest notification appeared before me, Requirements: Must be ranked in the top fifty-thousand, Cost: 1000G, 1 Charm point!

“F*ck…..” Li Mu gripped the hilt of his Tian Chen Sword and cried out, “My charm in the first place was really low, and now… and now it wants to my charm to get this quest, Motherf*cker!”

I said, “Hurry up and take the quest and don’t complain much. The quests from now on will probably have a basic reward of one charm point or above.”


Everyone fought for one of the ten thousand positions. Very soon, the system quest revealed that 9000 people had already registered for the quest. Within another few seconds, the ten thousand places were filled!


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