Zhan Long

Chapter 530

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Chapter 530 New Storyline

As he finished talking, Ye Lai glanced at the Qin Dan Battle Axe and nearly drooled. He then rubbed his nose and said, “Let’s finish our business here first before we fool around. Li Mu, Wang Jian, you guys were the ones that got the Qin Dan. Come on, I, Ye Lai am a straightforward person, and definitely won’t try and haggle the price. Of course, you guys better not mess with me. These days I’ve been a little tight on money, so I won’t be able to handle something like that.”

Li Mu raised the Qin Dan and said, “To be honest, if I had gotten this battle axe on my own, then I definitely would give Guildmaster Ye Lai a pretty cheap price. Sadly, our [Valiant Bravery] lost quite a few people to get this one battle axe and so I have to give them a reasonable explanation. How does this sound, I’ll sell it to you for 80% of the market price?”

Ye Lai nodded, “OK, Xiao Yao, you’ll be our mediator.”

I walked forward and took the battle axe from Li Mu. With a light wave, the battle axe suddenly flew from my hand and evaporated into light with a “Shua!” Once the system listed the battle axe’s stats in the air, it listed the system price underneath: 2,134,700 Gold. The current Gold to RMB ratio is 1: 2.3, meaning that the axe as 4,909,810 RMB. With a 20% discount, that meant that it was 3,927,848RMB!

Propping the battleaxe on the ground, I happily said, “20% discount, that’s 3,927,848 RMB. Let’s just round that down to 3.9M RMB, how does that sound?”

Ye Lai grunted, his face was pale. Babel Buddha softly said, “Hao Ran, when we sell off the rest of the products in the company, then our net profit will be higher than 15M, don’t hesitate any longer. Just do it. Besides, don’t you still have 10M on your card? It’s not like you’re married and have a wife to check your bills, what are you afraid of?”

Ye Lai made a fist and became resolved to make the decision. He nodded and said, “OK, if its 3.9M, then it’s 3.9M. I’m definitely getting this Qin Dan. Let’s just trade it right now, no need to go through the system. Otherwise, there’s an extra 5% tax. F*ck, they’re trying to con all of my money away. Li Mu, let’s just make a direct trade!”

Li Mu took the Qin Dan and laughed. He walked over to do the trade. “Di!” the trade was complete, and we got a huge bank note.

Wan Er smiled, “Congratulations Guild Master Ye Lai, you finally got a Lv 95 Saint Tier equipment. Just in time too, since you’re Lv 95 as well. Check it out, why don’t you see how much it raised your attack? Is it higher than our Li Xiao Yao?”

Ye Lai immediately equipped it and muttered, “I have an attack of 7440….”

I was stunned, “Damn!”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Lai asked with a smile.

I replied, “A Berserker’s 1.1 strength growth really is incredible. Your attack is even higher than mine…”

Wan Er said, “Well it depends on the real attack. Guild Master Ye Lai, how much total physical attack power do you have?”

Ye Lai glanced at his stats and said, “My equipment in total has a 147.4% increase in attack power. What about you Xiao Yao? How much does your equipment add to your attack power?”

I also looked at the details of my equipment and said, “In total, my equipment increases it by 181%. Then with Rage BUFFs, [Turmoil Sword] adds 10% and [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] adds 40%, totalling to 241% increase in attack power. My base attack is a little lower than Ye Lai’s, around 7202…”

Mu Xuan eyes widened and she gasped, “You have 24,000 actual attack? Little Zai Zai, you are just too strong! No wonder masters like Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword are cautious around you….”

Ye Lai held his hand to his face and laughed, “Motherf*cker, even though my base attack is higher than yours, after adding your equipment and skills, your attack power is higher than mine by 4000 points. Just thinking about it makes me want to die….”

Dong Cheng pointed to the north and said, “Northwest of the Dragon’s Den, around 7000 yards is Glacial River Valley. When you tunnel through the ice layer and jump in, I promise you, all your worries will disappear….”

Ye Lai trembled, “The beauty Cang Yue really is a serpent beauty. Never again am I going to even hope to have a [Zhan Long] beauty for myself!”

Mu Xuan smiled, “Oh, so Guild Master Ye Lai had a dream like that?”

Ye Lai raised his Qin Dan battle axe and laughed, “What are you talking about? Even though I love my country, I love beautiful women even more! Any man would think that way. Besides, if you were to look at Fan Shu City, Jiu Li City, and Ba Huang City, and rank the beautiful women of those cities, [Zhan Long]’s Cang Tong, Cang Yue, Yue Qing Qian, and Matcha are among the top! Who wouldn’t want their own guild to have such beautiful women? Speaking of which, Xiao Yao, when are you going to lend them to [Judgement] for a while? Have them help me kill a few BOSSes? Otherwise, with that group of men in [Judgement], we’ll just be sneered at while we’re killing bosses. That just kills our mojo…”

“Cough cough…”

Babel Buddha whispered, “Brother Hao Ran, be careful of your image. However you look at it, you’re still one of the top ten players in the CBN Battle Net Rankings. How can you say stuff like that?”

Ye Lai also coughed and said, “Alright, now that we’ve finished the trade, how about this? Xiao Yao, Cang Tong, Cang Yue, Li Mu, and everyone else, it’s time to say our goodbyes. I have to go back to my brothers in [Judgement] and fight with [Legend] over that new player city!”

I also got serious and said, “Ye Lai, do you need us [Zhan Long] to help you fight for that Jiu Li City player fort?”

Ye Lai shook his head and lowered his voice, “I accept [Zhan Long]’s generosity, but for this city battle, whether or not [Judgement] can surpass [Legend] depends all on my own strength. If I rely on [Zhan Long]’s strength to grab the fort, then us of [Judgement] will not be able to keep it. If it’s like that, then I’d rather we didn’t get it at all!”

As he said that, Ye Lai turned around and looked at Mu Xuan and smiled, “Will [Appearance Alliance] ally itself with [Judgement]? If it’s that way, then maybe I’ll have a bigger chance of winning victory against [Legend].”

Mu Xuan raised her Mage staff and stuck her full chest out, “Sure. Either way, [Appearance Alliance] is enemies with [Legend]. Our current goal is to completely crush any chance of survival that [Legend] has. If we help Guild Master Ye Lai get the player city, make sure you remember to split its fortunes with us!”

“Of course. Let’s go then!”

“You go first!”

“Why’s that?” Ye Lai was surprised.

Mu Xuan revealed a sweet smile, “Because we are [Appearance Alliance]. Why would [Appearance Alliance] return to the city with a man who looks like Qin Dan?”

Ye Lai fished out his City Return Scroll with an annoyed expression, “If I get that fort, then I’ll prove to you the principle of never judging a book by its cover!”

“Shua shua…”

Ye Lai and Mu Xuan both returned to the city. To be honest, Mu Xuan’s two Vice Guild Masters Wild Beauty and were both extremely beautiful women. The two of them stood side by side as they left. Wild Beauty raised her long sword and looked at me for a long time. Finally she smiled, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Ranked number 12th on the CBN Battlenet Rankings. I’m ranked thirteenth. Would you like to duel sometime?”

I nodded with a smile, “Yup, anytime!”

Wild Beauty grinned, “[Zhan Long] really has Hidden Dragons and Crouching Tigers. From the Guild Master to the flag bearers, almost every one of them is a top tier expert. The explosive power of a guild like this is just too incredible!”

Old K laughed and pointed at One Second Hero, “Yong Jie is one of our ten team leaders. Just what kind of an expert is he?”

One Second Hero’s face turned pale and he pointed at Wolf, “Hey, Little Wolf is one of the four elders! At most he’s a second tier Assassin, he can’t even win against a little girl like Yue Wei Liang..”

Wolf was stunned, “What did I do to you…Hmm..”

He then looked towards Dancing Forest. She immediately raised the Bowstring of the Dragon Jin Sou and pointed it directly at him. Then with a cold expression, she said, “Little Wolf, what are you looking at? You want to die?!”

Wolf looked down and said, “Alright then, I’m the newbie. I can’t afford to offend any of the other 9 team leaders…”

Wild Beauty covered a grin and began to burst out in laughter. The two mounds on her chest shook from the giggles. One cannot say that [Appearance Alliance] really is filled with beautiful women. It practically rivaled the beauties in [Zhan Long]! As she recovered from her giggles, she looked at us, pulled out her City Return Scroll and said, “[Zhan Long] really is very interesting. I, Wild Beauty, have yet to get a boyfriend. Maybe sometime I’ll come over and check out the fish here. I’m leaving now, no need to send me off!”

I pierced my Dragon Reservoir Sword into the ground and smiled, “Good bye honorable friend from [Appearance Alliance]!”

After a few flashes of light, everyone from Jiu Li City left. Finally, like that, Ba Huang City’s number one weapon exchange ended. Since it was a team effort that brought about a weapon like that, the guild didn’t take any of the money that was gained from the trade. I just let Li Mu himself decide how to split the 3.9M RMB profit. After all, isn’t everyone fighting in this game to achieve a dream? In order to gain some earnings in real life, they spend all day and all night grinding levels, killing monsters, and getting equipment. All of the money they earn is then saved up. Once they save up 1M RMB, they can buy a house and marry a girl, all of which are pretty hard tasks. Especially for Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others. They are practically willing to sacrifice everything for Destiny. And, now that they’ve joined [Zhan Long], there’s no reason for me to treat them unfairly. Even the earnings I get from the National Beauty every week is split with them.


“Alright…” I patted my hands and smiled, “There’s nothing left to do again!”

“Who said so?” Wan Er’s beautiful eyes glanced at me and she smiled, “Something else has popped up…”


“Well, I just received information…” Wan Er turned around towards Ba Huang City and said, “Just ten minutes ago, Ba Huang City developed a new story line!”

“What are you talking about?” I widened my eyes at the beautiful little miss.

Wan Er calmly replied, “Luo Lin selected quite a few of Ba Huang City’s elite soldiers and is preparing to leave the city. Luo Lei, Angela, and Forgotten Sea are all escorting them. I’m not sure where they’re going, but rumor has it, it’s for the sake of a godly weapon…”

“Godly Weapon?”

“Yup, I’m not too clear on the details, but it they’re currently heading north and have just passed through the Moonlight Forest. Your beloved NPC Frost is there too….

“Cough cough!” I rubbed my nose. I never thought that a popular little miss like Wan Er would be jealous of an NPC! And so I said, “Wan Er, you jelly?”

“Never!” Wan Er turned around and said, “Let’s go. Bring [Zhan Long]’s elite players. I think that we should go over and look. We might even be able to get a quest! There’s already quite a few Ba Huang City players heading over there now….”


With a single command, I left the Dragon’s Den to Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, as well as ten other soldiers to watch over. I then took Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Qing Qian and 1200 other elites from [Zhan Long] and headed north of Ba Huang City towards the Moonlight Forest. This was like a sixth sense for top tier players. Whenever there was some sort of big change, we would never miss out, in case there was some sort of chance.

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