Zhan Long

Chapter 529

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Chapter 529 Qin Dan

Wan Er rubbed her eyes and tiredly said, “Yesterday, Fang Ge Que sent a message to me. Seems that he has received an SSS Tier Quest, and only five people can enter the quest map. Plus, it’s a really big map. The quest was to find a Sword Saint level rebel of Jiu Li City. The problem is that [Legend] doesn’t have many experts that are strong enough, and so they want to ask for some help from [Zhan Long]. This happened right after you and I finished dealing with the slave owner and stayed square…”

Wan Er looked up at me and smiled, “And so, I think that a Sword Saint Tier super BOSS will probably drop a sword. Thus, I made a deal with Fang Ge Que that I’d help him kill this BOSS, but if it drops any sword type weapons, that it’d have to go to me. I even recorded this entire conversation. No matter what level the sword was, it had to go to me, and the highest price wouldn’t be over 1,000,000, and so, when the Zhen Yue Sword was dropped, the market appraised it at 4,000,000 and so I took it with my 1,000,000. At that moment… Lu Chun Yang’s eyes nearly burst out of his head. No matter what, he never thought that a sword would actually drop…”


I looked at her swollen eyes and felt a pang in my heart, “Don’t say anymore, let’s hurry up and eat. After that, we’ll head back quickly so that you can sleep. Oh, that’s right, where did you get that 1 million?”

Wan Er wryly smiled, “Well, my dad released the restrictions on my first bank card, plus he also gave me a new card that had 100 million…”

I was speechless.

Dong Cheng Yue face palmed, “There really is no way to compete against these rich people…”

I nodded, “Yup. That means that this morning’s KFC is on Wan Er!”



We quickly ate breakfast and let Wan Er go back to rest.

I went back online and patrolled the territory. Afterwards, I helped Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing quickly develop our productivity and military strength. Then, I walked into the city and looked at the construction work. We needed to have 10 buildings level up to Lv 3 before our city could level up to Lv 4, but that wouldn’t take too long. Under my Command, the Infantry, Cavalry, Equestrian Range, Hawk Nest, Weaponsmith, Military Training ground, Shooting range, Tavern, Merchant Guild, and Teleportation Circle, these 10 great foundations of the city have already risen to Lv 3. All we needed to wait for now was for the necessary amount of food, stones, and wood to reach 30,000 before we could level up. From the current productivity of our city, it would take around a day.

The reason I chose to prioritize these buildings was because the Infantry, Cavalry, and equestrian range would ensure recruitment and loyalty. The Hawk Nest was a very unique type of building that the Flame Hawk Archers needed. As for the Weaponsmith, Military Training Ground, and the Shooting Range, they were all necessary buildings. The teleportation circle and the merchant guild was for the purpose of earning money. As for the Tavern, that was to be used to greet any heroes or warriors that were visiting our city. After all, if the Dragon’s Den were to grow bigger, relying solely on Chi Yu Han was no way to maintain the city. The future battles were all going to be a mix of players and NPCs against other players and NPCs, and was no longer going to be a stage only for players. This also highlighted the importance of having a player city. With a city I could create my own army for no reason. Of course, this army was built upon an enormous investment of resources. After all, a war itself was the greatest waste of money.

The leveling of the buildings in the Dragon’s Den was something that only I, the Guild Master, or Wan Er and Qing Qian those Vice Guild Masters could control. The two girls clearly don’t seem too interested in setting up for battle, and so I could only deal with this business myself.

Leveling up the Dragon’s Den also meant that the number of Ba Huang City players that can be housed by our city would increase. After all, there were large amounts of high level monsters all around the city, and it was pretty far from Ba Huang City. Thus, a lot of the players that were grinding around the Dragon’s Den would buy our Return to the City Scrolls , making it a popular place.


Around noon, I suddenly got very surprising news. There was a Lv 95 Saint Tier Blade that appeared. It was a battle axe, and it was named “Qin Dan”. It’s attack power was slightly higher than my Zhen Yue Sword. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Bai Qi lead 500 players from the Valiant Bravery Camp to adventure into the Glacial River Valley’s ice floor and discovered a BOSS. After losing around 300 people, they finally managed to get this battle axe.

The guild chat was flooded——

One Second Hero said, “Haha, Li Mu, you guys have hit gold this time! That Qin Dan will definitely be worth quite a bit! What do you plan on doing with it?”

Li Mu responded, “I’m not sure yet. Bai Qi is using a Lv 87 Valkyrie Tier equipment, but I feel like giving it to him is too much of a waste. I’m thinking of earning some money from this and splitting it up among all of the brothers.”

Qing Qian smiled, “So you’re planning on selling it? It seems… There probably aren’t a lot of people out there that can buy this battle axe….”

Old K said, “Don’t look at me, my Fierce Sun battle axe has a super special skill and so I can’t switch it out at the moment.”

Li Mu asked, “Guild Master, what do you suggest?”

I smiled, “Best would be that we deal with this internally. If that fails, then we can sell it for money. Even if we sell it to an enemy it won’t be too much of a problem. Later on we’ll just find a chance to kill them and make them drop it…”

Li Mu stared at me, “Isn’t that a little too sketch? To be honest, I was thinking of selling it too. After all, 500 of our Valiant Bravery brothers went with us to kill monsters and we lost so many people. We’re going to have to give them some kind of compensation. If we sell it for a couple dozen million then we can split it among the brothers, how great would that be….”

I nodded, “Yup, then go sit and sell it!”


Right at that moment, I suddenly received a message. It came from the [Judgement] Guild Master Ye Lai. That bastard’s information was pretty fast, “Xiao Yao! I heard that you [Zhan Long] people got a “Qin Dan” isn’t that right!? The forums already have a picture of the weapon’s stats, and it really is great! Have you guys already decided what to do it? Has it been given to one of your own players? Or are you going to sell it?”

I replied, “We’re planning on selling it. Hey, hehe, Ye Lai, are you interested?”

“Yup!” Ye Lai said, “I haven’t really had any good equipment this entire time. Since we’re brothers, please sell it to me. I, Ye Lai, do not like doing anything that’s not morally right. Let’s just use whatever the market price is, how does that sound? Whatever the system appraises it at, then I’ll buy it for that much. I definitely won’t resell it. Actually, you understand too right, that right now, godly equipment like this is actually priceless. Most guilds keep equipment like this within their own players, and so no matter what I do, I normally couldn’t buy it… You [Zhan Long] people really are lucky!”

I nodded, “Ok, I’ll talk it over with Li Mu!”

“Alright, thank you brother!”

And so, I returned to the guild chat, “Li Mu, Ye Lai seems to want the Qin Dan. Seeing as [Judgement] helped out our guild last time, why don’t you sell it to him? Don’t worry, you won’t lose any money. Ye Lai wants to buy it at the market price, and doesn’t want any discount!”

Li Mu appeared extremely happy, “OK, then have him come to Dragon’s Den! We’ll trade it there!”


I then sent a message to Ye Lai and he agreed. He said that he would take 30 minutes to get there. Right after I got his message, I got another message from the beautiful Guild Master of [Appearance Alliance], Mu Xuan, “Little Zai Zai, I heard that you [Zhan Long] got a Qin Dan, is that right?”

I replied, “Yup, but we’ve already sold it out to Ye Lai!”

Mu Xuan, “Damn, that was quick… I was originally planning on giving it to my Vice Guild Master… never mind then. When’s Ye Fatty coming to get the battle axe? Are you guys trading it in Dragon’s Den?”

“Yep, what’s up?”

“Then I’ll come over and check it out. Right now, Jiu Li City is fighting over a player city and its just too bloody. I don’t feel like watching…”

“Hei hei, if Jiu Li City’s fighting over a player city then why aren’t [Appearance Alliance] and [Judgement] participating? You guys actually have the heart to come out and buy equipment….”

“There’s still 72 hours left, what’s the rush? Just let them kill each other off…”



Like that, I waited for them in the Great Hall. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Bai Qi and a dozen others walked over to me and waited for the trade to happen. Even Wan Er and Dong Cheng came by to check it out. Plus, I was there, so no one was going to steal that equipment from Ye Lai…..

Around 35 minutes later, I could see Ye Lai walking over from a distance with a group of 50 people. They quickly entered the city. Mu Xuan came in right behind them, and it looked like she also brought around 50 people. Ye Lai, the Babel Buddha at his side, while Mu Xuan also brought her two beautiful Vice Guild Masters——

Wild Beauty Lv-91 Knight Guild Position: Vice Guild Master

Wild Swan Lv-91 Swordsman Guild Position: Vice Guild Master


I walked over to welcome them and smiled at Mu Xuan, “Two people of such importance have come to this humble Dragon’s Den, what great fortune…”

Ye Lai laughed, “You’re being too polite. Can I look at the weapon first?”

Li Mu walked over and pulled out the battle axe. He then waved his hand over the weapon, calling out the stats into the air. It really was extremely strong. Ye Lai and Babel Buddha practically drooled as they read through it. As someone who sought for strength, Ye Lai dreamed of a weapon that was this strong. Plus, his business in the real world was doing pretty well, and so spending this money wasn’t too much for him.

I looked at Mu Xuan and said, “Mu Xuan, why have you come to Ba Huang City? Are you really just here to tour around?”

Mu Xuan grinned and then patted her full chest, saying, “Yup, it’s just as you guessed. I brought Wild Beauty and Wild Swan here to look around at what a player city should be built like, learn from the experience. What’s up, Little Guild Master Zi Zai, do you not welcome us here to look around?”

I laughed, “There isn’t really much to see….”

One Second Hero raised his halberd and smiled, “He he, I don’t think it’s that simple. The lady Mu Xuan and Ye Lai have come to [Zhan Long] together. Looks like there might be a little, something something going on. Please, tell me if I’m wrong. Just what kind of a relationship do you guys have?”

Ye Lai didn’t respond and walked forward. He then reached out and picked up a [Zhan Long] Berserkers heavy mace, raised it, and then “Peng!” Smashed it into the ground. He then said to One Second Hero, “What are you implying?”

One Second Hero was shocked, “Guild Master Ye Lai, you mean to tell me…that the small meanings of life is just like this mace, even though it doesn’t look like it’s worth much, but once it’s in the battlefield, it reveals its true worth and is priceless!”

Ye Lai shook his head, “Nope, my true meaning is, it is none of your f*cking business.”

One Second Hero was stunned.

Mu Xuan felt she needed to put a word in and pointed at Ye Lai, “Are you guys crazy? Did you eat some kind of weird fruit? Why would I like someone with a face that looks like Qin Dan’s? If you said someone like Little Zai Zai, then that might be acceptable….”

Qing Qian squinted her beautiful eyes, “Don’t try and seduce my Brother Xiao Yao….”

Ye Lai trembled, “You wench, what does looking like Qin Dan even mean?!”

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