Zhan Long

Chapter 528

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Chapter 528 Zhen Yue Sword

I was startled by this request….

Alright, I guess this makes sense. There were more and more people that were going to live in this city, meaning that we were going to need more guards to defend the city. On the bright side, we had a powerhouse like Chi Yu Han, who was a godly general that could control the military easily, or else we would need to have at least around 50 people to maintain the stability of the Dragon’s Den.

I looked at the recruitment list. The swordsmen needed the least amount of Gold, Food, Stones, and Wood, and so I decided to get 10 of them first, just to make sure we had some for now. To be honest, the ones that I wanted the most were still the level 5 army recruits, the Swamp Light Cavalry. With a light cavalry, we can easily use them for patrolling the city’s boundaries. The Armored Heavy Infantry was a necessary type of soldier to protect the walls. In addition, the Flame Hawk Archers were heavy archers that could shoot super far. They had a pretty impressive attack power and would act as a very good defense system if they were put in the watchtowers. These Flame Hawk Archers were control type defenders. Finally, there were the Cliff Dragon Cavalrymen. Without question, they have the ability to multiply our defense strength. In the future, it will become absolutely necessary for us to invite a big group of the Cliff Dragon Cavalrymen and use them for our defense. With that, dominating the world was even possible.


Within the city, ten swordsmen slowly walked out of the army camp, each one of them carrying an iron sword and clothed in light armor. Chi Yu Han walked over to them, waved his sword and shouted, “Immediately begin patrolling the grounds!”

“Yes sir!” That group of swordsmen walked out of the city and began patrolling its borders. All those laborers who were out carrying stones needed their protection.

At that moment, Chi Yu Qing walked over as well and said, “My lord, all of those citizens who just moved to Dragon’s Den are all poverty stricken. Winter is coming and we need a large amount of clothes in order to ensure their health. You must use 9741 Gold to buy these clothes. Please verify the payment, or else the productivity of the citizens will decrease by 50%!”

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “Wah, looks like you’re spending a lot of money…”

Silently, I clicked on the verify button, and the city’s treasury decreased by quite a bit. Luckily, the revenue we got from National Beauty was enough to cover the payment, and I basically didn’t lose any money from my own pocket.

A few minutes later, Chi Yu Han walked over and congratulated me, “My lord, the number of citizens living in our city have increased and we need to clear out some space to create more living areas. In order to clear out some space and create more living space, you need to spend Food x12370, Stone x7820, Wood x7820, and 32110 Gold. Please verify, or else these citizens will react violently and will not be able to work peacefully!”

I felt a stab in my heart, and turned around to grab Wan Er’s hand and pitifully looked at her.

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes were filled with mischief and she couldn’t help but smile and pat my arm, “Pig, don’t be too sad. You will be able to earn this money back, so don’t be sad…”

I looked at the guild’s cash flow and nearly cried, “[Zhan Long] this week is almost in the red…we’ve almost used up all the money that we earned. Very soon, we’re going to have to start using my bank……”

“If you’re going to use it then use it, it’s not much…”

“Oh really?” I glared at her and said, “I was originally planning on taking 10M out for your dowry….”

Wan Er was stunned, and she blushed a little, “I…. when did I say I was going to marry you….”

I spread out my hands and laughed, “I was just joking around, why take me so seriously?”


Wan Er’s punch threw me into the air, sending me crashing right into the beast statue that stood next to the Great Hall. Chi Yu Han immediately pulled out his sword and shouted, “Who dares harm the Lord of the City!”

Chi Yu Qing put a hand on Chi Yu Han’s sword and said, “Brother, are you an idiot? That’s the Lord’s… wu, love of his life.”

I leaned against the statue and laughed, “Aiya, looks like even the NPCs know something?”

Wan Er’s face was completely red by then and she glared at me pitifully, “Pig, all you know is how to bully me! I’m leaving, you go play by yourself and finish your business. I’m not eating any dinner tonight, so don’t call for me….”

“Yup, alright!”


I watched as Wan Er left and then walked into the great hall. In reality, this was the city owner’s private housing, and was the place with the highest authority. This was also where I, Chi Yu Han, and Chi Yu Qing did most of our business.

There was finally nothing much left for me to do. At the moment, I was already Lv 96 and I wasn’t in any hurry to go grind levels. Thus, I pulled out my two swords and stood in the Great Hall. Energy began to gather around me. This was something that I normally did in real life, just materialized in the game, and I seemed to have finally figured out how it works in this dimension. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and locked onto a target in front of me. Then, with my two swords, I let out a combination of attacks with a “Shua shua shua”. The reality was that if I targeted anyone with my attack, then they would clearly feel it. This was the greatest factor as to why my attacks miss. Against Q-Sword or Jian Feng Han, those top tier players who made up what they lacked in actual battle experience with this system assistance, I had to improve myself even further.

My blade sliced through the air, creating after images of my sword that filled the entire Great Hall. Just like that, I sunk deep into the juxtaposition between the virtual world and reality. Even my heart was racing a little. I had to quickly break through and enter the Yang Yan level, or else what was I supposed to use to go against Blood Scythe? How was I supposed to protect Wan Er? As her guardian, what I needed most was to get stronger, as strong, no, even stronger than Ou Yang Chuan!

Just like that, I continuously swung my sword and practiced my swordsmanship, all the way until around 1 a.m. Finally, when I began to feel my consciousness slip from being overused, I let my weary arms drop. Looks like the sword in my supporting hand had been used so much that it broke apart. What a waste!

I opened up my friend list and saw that Wan Er was still online. I then sent out a message, “Wan Er, why haven’t you slept yet?”

A minute later, Wan Er responded, “It’s nothing, I’m gonna sleep right after I kill this BOSS. You go to sleep first. Don’t forget to wake up in the morning and take me to breakfast….”

“Alright, then I’m going to sleep!”

“Good night!”


After I logged off, I took a shower and buried myself into bed and slept.

When I woke up, it was already the next morning. Rays of sunlight peaked through the window blinds and hit against the bamboo shoots on our window sill. It was Tang Gu’s plant. A few days ago, I had accidentally knocked over the cactus that he planted and he didn’t talk to me for a number of days. Looks like today he was planting bamboo now. I climbed out of bed and glanced at my roommate’s bunk. Just as I had last saw him, he was still sleeping. I then left a note on his desk and poured the half empty Coke to water his shoots. The sound of water hitting the leaves was very soothing….

I went online to check out the situation!


I appeared in the Great Hall. When I opened up my friend list, I saw that Wan Er was already online. I was startled and sent out a message, “Wan Er, you’re grinding levels this early? So ambitious…”

Wan Er giggled, “Idiot! You’re finally awake?”


“Then wait ten minutes for me. I’ll see you in the city, I have a gift for you!”

“Oh, a gift?”



I continued practicing my sword technique in the Great Hall. One after another I went through the motions of the Flying Swordplay in the game. Too bad this move’s strength was too strong, making it harder for me to create it into a skill. Ten minutes quickly passed by and I heard a “Di!. It was a message from Wan Er: “Where are you?”

“I’m in the Great Hall.”

“Alright, wait for me!”


A few minutes later, I suddenly heard the doors of the great hall open. A beautiful figure slipped in through the opening. Only players who had a ranking above flag bearer could enter into the Great Hall. Wan Er was the Vice Guild Master and so she could easily come in. She walked straight towards me and fished something out of her bag. “Keng!” she pulled out a shiny long sword and smiled, “Pig, you’ll definitely like this present!”


I was slightly startled. This long sword glowed with a green light, showing that it was a Saint Tier equipment. Where did this girl get a Saint Tier long sword?!”

Wan Er put the sword in my hands and smiled, “Yup, now she’s yours! Just in time to make up for the sword that you lost, do you like it?”

I looked down at the sword. There were a few ancient characters carved into the sword’s hilt. A godly energy seemed to flow throughout the weapon. The blade itself was extremely shiny and the outline of the sword was elegant. I waved my hand over it, excited to see its stats. How could I not like this present?

[Zhen Yue Sword] (Saint Tier Equipment – Superior)

Attack: 2700-3340

Strength: +107

Endurance: +105

Agility: +104

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 30%

Additional: Increases the user’s splash damage by 20%

Special: [Zhan Yue], When this sword is held under the moonlight, it will absorb the moon’s power and increase critical rate by 30%

Introduction: Zhen Yue Sword, Legend has it that everytime the moon is full, a group of spirits will descend upon the earth and walk among its streets, bringing disaster upon humanity. During the ancient times, a man who had achieved the Dao* took this sword and killed these demons. Over time, the sword eventually began to absorb the power of these demons and evolved into a godly weapon. Now, when the sword is in the moonlight, it will release a power that will make even monsters tremble before it.
*TL Note: Used to describe a Daoist who is very wise and has achieved “enlightenment” after practicing for a long time

Required Level: 95


I was ecstatic. The attack power was even crazier than my Dragon Reservoir Sword without the [Kill for Blood]! Plus, it was a Lv 95 equipment! You would have to kill a Saint Tier BOSS that was at least over Lv 100 in order to get this sword! Just how did Wan Er get it?

I looked at the little miss and said, “Such a precious weapon, Wan Er, how did you get it?”

Wan Er smiled, “Why do you care about that? If you like it then take it! From now on, if you ever see any Assassin type gear, just think of me. Don’t say you don’t want it, or else I’m going to beat you up!”

I felt a little embarrassed, “But, if you don’t tell me about it, then how could I take it! Just how did you get such weapon?”

Wan Er bit her lip and fluttered her big eyes and said, “I bought it from Jiu Li City, is that not ok?”

“How much?”

“1,000,000 RMB…. do you want to give me my money back?”

Looking at the deadly expression on the little miss’s face, I didn’t say anything more and equipped the Zhen Yue Sword as my support equipment before finally saying, “Thank you so much Wan Er, I will devote my life only to you….”

“Pei…” Wan Er smiled at me, “Doesn’t that mean that I’m getting the short end of the stick? Alright already, let’s log off. I want some tasty KFC for breakfast….”

“This, can’t you let a man dream!?”


I logged off and ran straight for the girl’s dorm.

Wan Er and Dong Cheng were already waiting for me at the bottom of the dorm. By the time I walked over, I noticed that Wan Er’s eyes were swollen and couldn’t help but ask, “Wan Er, why do you look so tired…”

Dong Cheng pursed her lips and said, “Hmph, if Wan Er didn’t bargain all night for your sake, how else would you get that Zhen Yue Sword?”


I was startled, “Exactly what happened? You bargained all night?? This…”

Wan Er grinned at me and punched my arm, “Dummy, what are you thinking about? It’s like this….”

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