Zhan Long

Chapter 525

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Chapter 525 Dragon’s Den Reborn

Luo Lin, Luo Lei, and Angela all lead their horses over. Ba Huang City’s army also disappeared into the forest. Now that this trial had passed by, we could all let out a sigh of relief.

I silently walked forward and stood behind Frost. I then quietly said, “Frost, I thank you too much…”

Frost turned around and glanced at me, “Hey, you almost killed me there, time for you to repay me!”

I was speechless.

She then said, “Alright, now if we decide on our own then nothing will count. Go ask Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing if they agree or not?”

I nodded and then turned around to walk towards Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing. I then spread out my hands and said, “You both witnessed the situation just now. I have already done all that I can to protect you. Chi Yu Han, Chi Yu Qing, are you willing to stay in Dragon’s Den and help us rise up? As you know, our city is pretty much in ruins at the moment…”

Chi Yu Han didn’t say much, but Chi Yu Qing kept a smile on her face. Around seven seconds later, Chi Yu Han suddenly stabbed his Heaven’s Spite Sword into the ground and knelt down with a “Pa!”. Then with a stern voice, he said, “I, Chi Yu Han, promise that I will use all my power to assist my lord, and put all of my life’s work into making this city, which had spent all of its efforts to assist my sister and I, great again!”


System Notification: Congratulations, you have obtained the loyalty of the Sword Saint Chi Yu Han. Do you accept Chi Yu Han as the Guardian General of “Dragon’s Den”?


Wan Er, Qing Qian and I all got the notification at the same time. Wan Er was so happy that she jumped up and down. Qing Qian also looked extremely happy. Wan Er quickly grabbed my wrist and said, “Pig, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and accept! Chi Yu Han is ready to become the guardian of our Dragon’s Den. A Holy Realm expert wants to become the Dragon’s Den guardian!”

I was ecstatic and accepted the request. In the next moment, I heard the system bell beside my ear——


System Notification: Congratulations, your Dragon’s Den has obtained the guardians [Sword Saint Chi Yu Han], and [Beast Tamer Maiden Chi Yu Qing]. The city’s special skills will be reset!


Right at the same time, another system notification rang through the air. Finally, this quest to save Chi Yu Han was finally finished——


System Notification: Please note, the SSS Tier Main Quest, [Saving Chi Yu Han] has been completed. Players on both sides will be rewarded for their accomplishments. Of which, in the Chi Yu Han Camp, the top five players who have won the most battle points: Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Hero Ran Min, Cang Yue, Cang Tong, Ye Lai. In the Ba Huang City Camp, the top five players who have won the most battle points: Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Simple, The Seventh Tang, Sword Tears. The MVP of this quest is Xiao Yao Zi Zai, having killed 2987 players. Congratulations to this player!



System Notification: Congratulations on the completion of your SSS Tier Main Quest [Justice of the Human Realm]. Furthermore, you became the MVP of the quest [Saving Chi Yu Han]. You have obtained the following rewards: Level+4, Charm +25, Gold +50,000 and your reputation in the Tian Ling Empire has increased. In addition, you get the rewarded equipment: [Ring of the King] (Divine Tier Equipment)!


I was startled. Ring of the King? What a domineering name…. This is the first Divine Tier equipment in the entire Chinese Server!

I opened up my bag and saw a gleaming white ring resting in the corner. It was extremely smooth and looked majestic as it let out a holy radiance. I held it in the palm of my hand and could feel its power seeping through my skin. I looked at the stats, the first Divine Tier Equipment must be incredibly strong——

[Ring of the King] (Divine Tier)

Strength: +125

Endurance: +125

Agility: +123

Magic: +120

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power and defense by 25%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 4500 and the user’s defense by 1000

Additional: Increases the user’s magic defense by 45%

Special: [Drain], 20% of the damage that is dealt to the user’s target is converted into the user’s own health, this effect cannot be stacked with others

Special: [King’s Domain], Using the power of the king, this skill creates a field covering a radius of 500 yards. All designated allies within this domain will get a 100% increase in attack power, defense, and furthermore, for every second of this skill, they will be healed by 10% of their max hp. Lasts for 120 seconds and uses up 120 points of rage. Cooldown is 12 hours.

Introduction: When this ancient world came to being, and man first appeared on its continents and life was still in chaos, Pan Gu* slept on the earth, and his body began to break apart. His spirit scattered across every corner of this world and one of them was obtained by an adventurer from deep within the mountains. The spirit was embedded inside a crystal rock, and the adventurer used a ten thousand year old mysterious gold to smelt the two together, creating the Ring of the King. This Ring of the King has followed countless emperors and kings into battle, and helped them to win many victories. Legend has it that whoever obtains this ring, will become the true king of the land.
*TL Note: Pan Gu comes from Chinese Mythology, where, in the ancient times, there was a man who held up the sky when it was about to collapse, and when he went to sleep, his body became the earth, his blood, the rivers, his eyes, the moon and sun, etc.

Required Level: Growth Type


I raised the Ring of the King and was extremely excited. These two rewards were just too great! Damn, this Ring of the King is practically a God Tier weapon! Plus, it’s a ring type! I don’t think even the weapons that are praised in epics and tales have stats as good as this one.

I tried out the new equipment. “Pa Da!” I switched out my old Bloody Spirit Ring. That ring only had a 10% drain effect, which was already substituted by this ring. Plus, that King’s Domain special skill was just too great! Too bad it took up 120 points of rage. If a player didn’t have any equipment that increased the Max Rage, then no matter what, they wouldn’t be able to use this skill. Fortunately, my Halberd Wielder’s leg guards increases my Max Rage by 50 points. This must be fate at work! (Don’t say the author did this on purpose, you’re just thinking too much 0.0)

Looking at the stats, my attack didn’t seem to have any big change, but my health and my defense all flew up——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Guardian of Dragon’s Den)

Level: 96

Attack: 5825-7167

Defense: 7185

Health: 25152

Magic: 7449

Charm: 225

CBN Battle Net Ranking: 12


25,000 Max Health? That’s practically savage! Even Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword, those top tier players only have around 15,000 health. There’s a huge difference between us! Of course, it’s possible that they also received pretty good equipment, but that is definitely not as strong as my Ring of the King, that is for sure.

I excitedly held the Bloody Spirit Ring in my hand and snuck it over to Qing Qian with a smile, “A gift for you, Melon!”

Qing Qian looked at my Bloody Spirit Ring’s 10% Drain, and was extremely happy, “Brother Xiao Yao, this ring’s stats really are great…”

I nodded, “You like it?”

“I love it!”

“If you like it then that’s good!”

Qing Qian was [Zhan Long]’s Vice Guild Master, and has always been spending a lot of effort on the guild. My decision to giver her this ring was unquestionable. Plus, I’ve always thought of her as my sister, making it even more natural that the ring should be hers.


After asking around what everyone’s rewards were, I found out that Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the other 9 people who had both the quest and the battle points were all given double rewards. It was an underestimate to say that the gains we got from this quest were very generous. Everyone all got Saint Tier equipment as a reward!

The Ba Huang City rankings quickly refreshed. Just as I thought, after this Save Chi Yu Han quest, there were some great changes to the rankings——

Xiao Yao Zi Zai Level 96 Class: [Guardian of Dragon’s Den] Cang Tong Level 95 Class: Hermit God
Yan Zhao Warrior Level 94 Class: Swordsman
Cang Yue Level 95 Class: Mage
Jian Feng Han Level 93 Class: Swordsman
Misty Clouds Level 93 Class: Four Symbols Guardian
Simple Level 93 Class: Mage
Drunken Spear Level 93 Class: Nature Knight
General Li Mu Level 93 Class: Knight
Yue Qing Qian Level 93 Class: Assassin


Wan Er happily played with her dagger. This was a completely new equipment that she got. Her beautiful face had a joyous expression as she looked at me and said, “All in all, this quest to save Chi Yu Han, the average level of our [Zhan Long] players increased by 1.7, this is a great return. Plus, we got a lot of different equipment. On the other hand, it looks like [Vanguard], [Hero’s Mound], and [Prague] didn’t get much out of it.”

Li Mu walked over and said, “Eh, whatever. What matters is that we won big this time. Guild Master, why don’t you go in town first, and see just what kind of a new army the city got? Plus, there seems to be some kind of special military skill. Bringing Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing to our city was a smart move!”


I walked into the Dragon’s Den. The walls were still in ruins due to the battering from the Rhino Cavalry. I walked towards the great hall and saw Chi Yu Han standing there with his sword in hand. Beside him was a meek NPC city official. I walked forward to talk with them, and very soon, a list of numbers appeared before me——

Dragon’s Den Military Choices——

Level 1 Military: Garrison Swordsmen, Has 65% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: Gold x100, Food x50, Wood x50, Stones x50

Level 2 Military: Piao Blade Wielders,Has 70% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: Gold x200, Food x80, Wood x70, Stones x80

Level 3 Military: Halberd Wielders,Has 75% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: Gold x300, Food x120, Wood x90, Stones x100

Level 4 Military: Battle Axe Wielders,Has 80% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: ??????????????

Level 5 Military: Swampy Light Cavalry,Has 85% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: ??????????????

Level 6 Military: Armored Heavy Infantry,Has 90% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: ??????????????

Level 7 Military: Flame Crossbow Archers,Has 95% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: ?????????????

Level 8 Military: Frigid Heavy Cavalry,Has 100% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: ??????????????

Level 9 Military: Flame Hawk Archers,Has 110% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: ????????????????

Level 10 Military: Cliff Dragon Cavalry*,Has 120% of the City Owner’s Stats, Cost: ??????????????


At the moment, Dragon’s Den was a Lv 3 City, and so we could only see the requirements for the first three types of armies. Plus, Dragon’s Den was just too quiet. The reality was, there were only around 3 people in it, Chi Yu Han, Chi Yu Qing, and the NPC official. We basically had no military might. At most we had around 21 laborers, but their production capability was the lowest——

[Dragon’s Den] (Level 3 City)

City Owner: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Guardians: Chi Yu Han & Vice Guardian: Chi Yu Qing

Wall Builders: 7

Soldiers: 0

Laborers: 21

City Scale: Super Big

City Production Capability——

Food: 70/ hour

Wood: 70/hour

Rocks: 70/hour


Our next step, looks like, is to properly develop the Dragon’s Den, because we’ve already discovered the enormous advantage it gave us. The possibilities were endless….

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