Zhan Long

Chapter 524

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Chapter 524 A Battle of Words

“Sha sha sha…..”

The bushes began to violently shake, and at that moment Qing Qian and Wolf’s figures appeared. They brought with them a group of players from [Zhan Long]. Right behind them was Chi Yu Han, carrying his Heaven’s Spite sword along with Chi Yu Qing who wielded her thorny whip. The two of them walked towards me. Chi Yu Han looked at me and nodded, “Thank you, for helping Qing Er and I escape this!”

I smiled and didn’t say anything. I looked at Wolf and said, “Wolf, have you finished your task yet? Why didn’t the system give any rewards? We’ve been battling for 24 hours, everyone’s tired!”

Wolf shook his head, “I don’t know what’s up either!”

Qing Qian’s eyes widened and she pointed towards the east, “Not good, Brother Xiao Yao, there’s an enormous group of people coming towards us, it looks as though it’s Ba Huang City’s elite NPC army!”

Before she even finished talking, the earth had begun to tremble from the beating of iron hooves. The earth shattering Ba Huang City Cavalry charged out of the thicket, and Ba Huang City’s Duke Luo Lei rode at the front with a longsword in hand. His eyes were cold and he lead his mount to us. Angela and General Forgotten Sea followed behind him. A group of heavily armored cavalry and archers made up the rest of the royal entourage. Angela’s beautiful eyes were filled with worry.


“Follow me!”

With my Dragon Reservoir Sword in one hand, I took Wan Er, Qing Qian, Wolf, and Li Mu forward to meet him. I raised my sword and said, “Duke Luo Lei, we have already completed the 24 hours period. You had made a promise to us in front of all of your subjects, and I hope that you will not go against your word and continue to pursue Chi Yu Han. This period of hatred must come to an end!”

The Duke aggressively urged his horse forward, all the way until his mount was at my sword point and calmly glanced at me, “Child, your actions have made me incredibly disappointed in you. For the sake of a rebel, you would actually make an enemy out of me, even though you are one of Ba Huang City’s adventurers? Have you forgotten your vow?”

I looked up at him, “It is because of my vow, that I don’t want to become the royalty’s killing tool. No matter what, I would rather die than hand Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing over to you!”

Angela didn’t say anything else, and only nodded in agreement.

Luo Lei gritted his teeth. General Forgotten Sea raised his long sword and walked over from behind him and quietly said, “Your highness, there’s no need for you to waste your breath talking with him. I have already invited the four great mages to come here. We can just kill Chi Yu Han, and put an end to all our problems at once!”

The duke fell into deep thought and didn’t respond. After a few minutes he finally said, “Lin Er, what do you think?”

Luo Lin rode over with a few of Dragon City’s generals and he waved his hand with a smile, “Father, I feel that even though in the past, Chi Yan had committed suicide out of guilt, he was still one of our most famous generals and he had won numerous victories for our empire. Now, his son, Chi Yu Han’s strength is far beyond our imagination, and had once trained in the Chi You tribes, and most likely has inherited their fearsome personality. If we do not deal with his evil, then in the end, there is no way that he’ll become a pillar for the empire. How about this, why don’t you hand Chi Yu Han to me, and I will use all of my power to cast away the darkness in his soul.”

Chi Yu Han gritted his teeth and pointed his Heaven’s Spite sword at Luo Lin and roared, “You bastard Luo Lin! Don’t think I don’t know what you want to do. Dream on, don’t think that you’ll be able to take my ability to step into the Holy Realm. I’d rather die before I let my strength be taken away by an evil and calculating man like you!”

Luo Lin was startled, “Brother Chi, I just want to save you, why would you accuse me of such? I, Luo Lin, have long obtained the ability to become a Sword Saint, and the distance between my strength and the Holy Realm is but a step away. I have absolutely no need to gain anything from you. Rather, I want to save you. The only problem is, I feel that with your godly strength, if you were to just die then it would be a loss for the empire.”

Chi Yu Qing scoffed, “Don’t act all innocent! We know what you want!”


Luo Lei roared and suddenly pulled out his blade and shouted, “Archers, prepare”!

At that moment, a group of archers all pulled out their bows and notched arrows onto their bowstrings, aiming right at Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing. Of course, Wan Er, Qing Qian, Li Mu and I were also within their range.

From a distance, the Guild Master of [Judgement] was stunned, “Damn, these Ba Huang City NPC’s really are shameless. They still want to attack the players like that? Has a dog eaten all of the system’s rules?”

Q-Sword softly smiled, “It really is a bit shameless..”


Right at that moment, a voice came from the distance, “Stop this insanity!”

Right afterwards, a sturdy man rode a horse over as he swung an iron chain in his hand. In the other hand, he dragged two enormous porcupines and came straight at us!


The porcupines were chained by him and they suddenly started crying out. The robust man jumped off his horse and ran towards us. He then respectively kneeled down and said, “Dragon City’s Patrol Commander, Da Lin, greets your highness, Luo Lin and your highness, Luo Lei!”

Luo Lin nodded to him. Luo Lei then said, “Da Lin, you came all the way here from Dragon City, there must be some urgent news. Tell us quickly!”

Da Lin looked up and said, “My king, I’m not here to pass on any news. Please wait for a little bit, Frost is almost here!”

“Oh? Frost is coming?” Luo Lei smiled, “Well, it has been a while since I’ve seen Dragon City’s number one most beautiful general….”

Less than half a minute later, we could hear the sounds of hooves beating the ground again off in the distance. Very soon, a group of Dragon City Knights quickly arrived under the command of Frost. Frost, herself, was completely clothed in white armor and rode at the very front. In one hand, she held a whip, and in the other, her sword- Severing Beauty. Suddenly, she jumped off of her horse and knelt to the ground, “Your loyal servant Frost, your highness Luo Lin!”

Luo Lin nodded, “Frost, what business has brought you out here?”

Frost stood up and then turned around to stand by my side and said, “I had once heard about Chi Yan and Chi Yu Han’s story, but I would have never imagined that Chi Yu Han would reappear on this continent. Plus, this useless student of mine has actually used his life to protect this Holy Realm expert whose strength had been sealed. However, no matter what, he is my student, and so Frost asks that Duke Luo Lei and Luo Lin would look over this situation and let Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing go, and not go after them!”

Luo Lin furrowed his brows, “Frost, do you know what you are asking of us?”

Frost looked up, her beautiful eyes were filled with determination, “Of course I know, I understand exactly what I am doing.”

Luo Lei took a deep breath and said, “Frost, did you know that Chi Yu Han had once lead an army to bathe Ba Huang City in blood? Do you know how many innocent lives were lost because of Chi Yu Han? And now, you are asking for his mercy? Just what are you going to use to vouch for him?”

Frost suddenly stabbed her Severing Beauty Sword into the ground and softly said, “On my life, Chi Yu Han will never again make Ba Huang City its enemy. If he does, then please, use this sword and cut off my head!”

Luo Lin gritted his teeth and gripped his fist. Finally, after a few seconds, he softly said, “Father…”

Luo Lei remained silent.

Angela walked over and said, “Father, I think.. That Chi Yu Han really doesn’t have to die. If we keep him alive, maybe it will actually turn out in our favor. You must know, that north of Dragon City, and even further north of the Ice Ridge Mountains, a terrible force is starting to rise…”

Luo Lei let out a deep sigh and said, “Alright then… seeing as all of you are saying this, then I have decided to show mercy on Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing. However, from now on, you are not permitted to step onto Ba Huang City’s territory, or else you will be pursued and killed!”

Chi Yu Han smiled, “That’s good, that is also what I want.”

Luo Lei smiled and turned around to face General Forgotten Sea, “We must let the world know of our decision. Send a message out to Jiu Li City, Fan Shu City, Tian Ling City, Moon City, Flaming Cloud City, Abyss City, Iron Skull City, Nine Heavens City, and Waterfront City that whoever dares to harbor Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, will become Ba Huang City’s enemy, and that I will bring the full might of my empire upon them!”

Frost was startled, “Duke Luo Lei, if you tell the world that, then where are Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing supposed to go? If it’s like this, then what is the difference between exiling them and killing them?”

Forgotten Sea let out a cold laugh, “Ever since the ancient times, only one or two out of every ten who have been exiled have survived. My lord Frost, it can’t be that you don’t understand such a simple principle?”

Everyone on the scene was shocked. We all knew that Luo Lei wanted to kill Chi Yu Han. This son of his enemy in the end was a thorn in his eye. If he didn’t pull him out, then he would never be able to rest peacefully.

Right as everyone seemed unable to find a solution, I walked forward and said, “Then I have a suggestion. I own a city under the name of ‘Dragon’s Den’, and we are willing to take in Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing. However, we must obtain the permission of Duke Luo Lei first. As long as you give your agreement, then I will take on this task!”

Luo Lei’s eyes turned cold and he roared, “Young one, you have no idea what your limits are do you! At a time like this, you still want to take in Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing? Do you know what the dangers are in doing this?! Even if your Dragon’s Den were to take in Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, that means that I will no longer consider the Dragon’s Den as part of Ba Huang City’s Territory. Whether or not you are to live or die, Ba Huang City will not get involved in your business ever!”

I couldn’t help but smile, “That is just what I wanted. From today onwards, Dragon’s Den will no longer be under Ba Huang City’s reign. Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing will then live under the roof of the Dragon’s Den. However, just because you are heartless, that does not mean that I cannot be unjust. If Ba Huang City is ever under attack, then our Dragon’s Den will, just as before, provide assistance.”


Luo Lei waved his hand, his eyes filled with anger, “Do your best to survive, Lord of the Dragon’s Den! I, Luo Lei, will never allow a lone city to fight under Ba Huang City’s flag!”

Frost gritted her teeth and pulled her Severing Beauty out of the ground and yelled, “All Dragon City Dragon Knights, at attention!”

A group of Dragon City Cavalrymen all pulled out their swords and raised them in front of their chests, “Attention!”

Frost looked up at the sky and in a loud clear voice, “From now on, Dragon’s Den, within the Grave of the Warring States, is now our brother city! If the Dragon’s Den were to take any attack, then Dragon City will provide assistance, no matter who the aggressor is!”

Luo Lei was furious, “Frost, you!”

Luo Lin also raised a fist, “Frost, are you crazy? Don’t forget, Dragon City’s military is mine!”

Frost smiled and knelt to the ground, “My King, don’t you forget, half a month ago, you became the commander of the four great armies, Purple Star, Nightmare, Desolate Cloud, and Imperial Defense, and have relinquished command to myself. Furthermore, I’m just making sure that Ba Huang City doesn’t act on a whim and cut off an arm and a leg. At that point, when the demons of the north come to invade, who are we to use to help defend? My lord, please understand your servants considerations.”

Luo Lin’s hands shook, “Nevermind, as long as you know what it is that you’re doing…”

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