Zhan Long

Chapter 523

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Chapter 523 Mine

“Bring up your shields, prepare the encirclement and the Death God Arrows!”

Even at a time like this, Q-Sword was going to go through with his plan. He raised his sword and stood outside of the field and looked over the group of [Hero’s Mound] Knights coming closer to us. There was a grand total of 200 Knights, and each one of their eyes was hidden under their helmets. All of them stared at Li Mu, Wan Er and I. In the distance, the Archers and Mages of [Hero’s Mound] all came over. This was destined to be a fight centered around firepower.


I gripped my sword with both hands and furrowed my brow. Wan Er and Li Mu were faced away from me. We created a triangle as we all took defensive stances. Lightly leaning against my back, Wan Er whispered to me, “Li Xiao Yao, you said before that you weren’t a pig. Now look, how is one person supposed to fight against a thousand man army? Furthermore, you’re covered in Saint Tier equipments, and you want to take the rear by yourself. Was I wrong in calling you pig?”

I couldn’t help but smile, “You’re saying that now?… Wan Er, we’re fated to die here together…”

Li Mu grinned, “You two, can you please not flirt in front of me. Otherwise, I might die of sadness…”

I grunted, “Be careful, they’re coming!”

With a “Hua Hua” a group of Knights suddenly raised their shields and rammed into us. The three of us immediately split up and swung our blades, cutting right into the shields. I then set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow] behind me, and then activated [Black Tortoise Realm] and [Soul Army]. Even if we were going to die in battle, at least we were going to drag some of them down with us. This was a battle of 5000 players vs. the three of us. With such a great difference in strength, this was definitely going to become an extremely hot topic in the forums. Besides, two great guilds were surrounding Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong, and General Li Mu. This by itself was an extremely explosive piece of news.

“Archers, release!” Jian Feng Han’s voice traveled to my ears. Scattered arrows flew at us, but they had no effect on Li Mu, Wan Er and I. In addition, the stun rate was pretty low, even a 10% rate wasn’t bad.

I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and cut off the arrows sticking out of my Flame Prison Armor. One of the Knights raised his shield and charged at me. He only had half of his health left, but it didn’t seem as though he was afraid of death. I like this kind of opponent. I flicked my wrist and let my Cold Iron Sword fly out, striking at his shield. I pushed it away and placed my Dragon Reservoir Sword right on his neck. Then, with a slash of my Cold Iron Sword, I immediately killed him. I turned away to ram the shield of another Knight. I threw a fierce kick on to his shield and then swept out my sword. I dealt 4 attacks in all, killing another one.

Wan Er, Li Mu and I had pretty similar types of maneuvers, as they were all the kind that allowed us to attack while retreating. Knocking away their shield while dealing a critical attack was the most basic style. Otherwise, we would have to destroy both the shield and the Knight, which was too much of a waste.


We let loose skills one after another and very soon, nearly 200 Knights were killed by me. Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han stood outside of the chaos, but as each moment passed their faces turned uglier. They could not bear to have to watch this humiliation.

“Swordsmen, Berserkers, charge forward!”

Jian Feng Han raised his blade and charged forward. His desire to kill me was just too urgent. As he sprinted forward, he said, “Sis, use [Magma Lance]+[Magma Abyss] to help support me!”

Simple nodded from afar.

I cautiously said, “Careful, Jian Feng Han is coming at us!”

Li Mu said, “Yup, we got it….”

In the next moment, the earth trembled slightly and [Magma Abyss] exploded under me. A group of [Vanguard] Swordsmen and Berserkers charged at us. From a distance, the Berserkers all raised their battle axes and activated [Battle Axe Throw]!

“Keng keng keng….”

Sparks flew and each one of us took 3-5 attacks. Our health immediately fell under 50%. I quickly gulped down a potion and gave Wan Er a [Heal].

Li Mu roared and swept out his Tian Chen Sword, cutting down two Berserkers. He then followed the attack with a [Blade Rush] and broke through the wall of people. He then used a [Covering Sword Slash]+[Combo] and forced 9 people backwards!


A Freezing Arrow fell from the sky. Li Mu’s luck really wasn’t that great, he was stunned!

Jian Feng Han raised his long sword and ran over. He activated [Through the Cloud Slash]+[Corrupt Wolf Edge]+[Combo], cutting right into Li Mu. He didn’t leave any time for Wan Er and I to react. Li Mu cried out and fell to his knees and died!

Wan Er started getting anxious. To think that Jian Feng Han killed the boss of [Valiant Bravery]!

Opening up her pale hand, Wan Er activated her [Domain Control]!


The dimension around Jian Feng Han started to twist and his movements became clumsy. Wan Er picked up her Dragon’s Kiss and leapt forward. She threw a kick right into Jian Feng Han’s blade and then swung her sword. The [Gouge] she used succeeded. At the same time, her [Blade of the Death God] dealt three attacks onto Jian Feng Han.

“Shua shua shua…”

The light from heals continuously fell upon Jian Feng Han. At the same time, he yelled out, “Sister Yun, support me!”

In the distance, Mu Rong Jun* raised her staff and cast [Magma Lance]+[Indigo Sea Arrow] onto Wan Er. Wan Er reached behind her back and opened her umbrella for defense. She then retreated several steps. Jian Feng Han opened up his wings and flew away!
TL Note: Simple’s real name


Stepping onto the shield of a Knight, I activated [Dragon Transformation] and leaped into the air. I then started flapping my arms and shouted, “Mu Rong Han*, you want to escape?!”
TL Note: Jian Feng Han’s real name


My fist landed right on Jian Feng Han’s back. At the same time, I used my right hand and thrust my Dragon Reservoir Sword into his body. “Peng!” I cut his health in half as he fell from the sky. Wan Er then used a [Flying Dagger] from a distance to support me, while I activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!


Jian Feng Han’s eyes widened and watched as a critical attack was dealt to him. His face turned pale and he grunted as he died. Unfortunately, he didn’t drop any equipment. Thinking about it now, I don’t think any of the players that died during this quest had a very high drop rate.


Behind me, I suddenly heard a “Keng!” Wan Er was forced back when Q-Sword dealt an attack that was parried by her Iron Umbrella. She rolled onto the floor and was forced back pretty far. Q-Sword used a [Blade Rush] to pull closer. As his [Afterglow Slash] passed by, her beautiful face flashed with a sad expression as she looked at me, and she died.

I didn’t waste any time feeling sad and swung both of my swords, killing all of the Swordsmen and Berserkers in my path while relying on the 10% drain. I then opened my hand and activated [Defeat the Dragon], forcing Q-Sword and Simple to retreat far away from me. None of them wanted to take me head on, because they couldn’t be sure that they would be able to escape from my attacks.

I continuously hacked at the crowds around me and the pile of corpses that I was surrounded by continued to grow. Slowly, the piles grew up to be 3 meters high, while my health stayed between 30%-70%. There was only 5 more minutes until this quest was over.


Right at that moment, Q-Sword took a group of elites over. Glancing at them, he said, “Tang Qi, as long as you use a [Hexagram] to stun him, and then I use an [Afterglow Slash], then Xiao Yao Zi Zai will have to die, understood?”

Tang Xi gripped his fan and his eyes flickered with a light, “Guild Master, you know that I’m friends with Xiao Yao in real life. Must you force me? I cannot face him after this…”

Q-Sword smiled, “Yes, if you are willing to see all of the brothers in [Hero’s Mound] die under Xiao Yao’s Dragon Reservoir Sword, then stand aside….”

As he said that, Q-Sword, Sword Tears, and Jian Tan all rushed forward.

I must face reality and used a [Defeat the Dragon] to grab Jian Tan, and then let my [Strength of a Thousand Men] explode, instantly killing him!

Q-Sword leapt up and with both hands on his sword, threw a [Fierce Tiger Burst]!



My body slightly trembled and my [Wall of Dou Qi] was crushed into bits. There was still 7 more minutes of cooldown.

I swept my sword out and parried Q-Sword’s next attack. Then my feet slid forward and a sword sliced right into the space behind me, bringing out a big MISS. I had successfully dodged Sword Tears’ attack. Stunned, she said, “What a fast move!”

I didn’t respond and sliced my Cold Iron Sword forward, slightly knocking Sword Tears wrist. Even though she was Q-Swords’ sister, and has probably learned swordsmanship since she was a child, she was still under 20 years old and was a delicate girl. She was probably more focused on making herself pretty or catching the eye of handsome boys. That light push was enough to push her attack in another direction.

Raising both of my swords, I dealt 7 attacks in succession. Sword Tears pitifully cried out and fell to the ground. At the same time, she watched as I took an attack from Q-Sword in the back. I spun around and threw a [Halberd Flame] right back at him!

Q-Sword took the burns and shouted, “Tang Qi, do you want to watch everyone get killed by Xiao Yao Zi Zai? His equipment is just too good! He’s already above our level!”

Tang Qi gritted his teeth, his face filled with pain. He practically exploded as he shouted, “Li Xiao Yao!”


His [Perspective] successfully brought him to my side and he threw a [Hexagram] right at me!



I entered into a stunned state, and this was in a situation where I didn’t have my [Wall of Dou Qi]!

Q-Sword shouted and stabbed his blade into the pile of bodies under him and activated [Destruction Wolf Formation]. His eyes were bloodshot as he looked at me, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, after killing that many of my people, you might as well die, after all it’s well worth it for you!”

Countless wolves tackled me and tore my body apart. I had already lost all strength. I looked at Q-Sword and smiled, “However, I have still won. Chi Yu Han is still alive!”

Q-Sword’s eyes were filled with hatred!


Everything went black and I died——


System Notification: Please Note, you have been killed by the player [Q-Sword]. Your level will go down by 1. Your [Cold Iron Sword] has been dropped, as well as the [Ling Feng Sword], [Forest Wristguard], [Green Tiger Battle Boots] from your bag!


In the end, I still died. Furthermore, I had dropped the Cold Iron Sword I used in my left hand!

The system notified me that I still had four minutes before I could get back online and so I decided to stay on. Like that, I waited, and time flowed by. Four minutes passed by quickly, and I could finally release my breath. Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing was under the protection of Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, Wang Jian, and Dong Cheng, who would be able to kill him!

Very soon, the four minutes was over and suddenly a bright light flashed before me. I was standing in the wilderness to the east of the Dragon’s Den. All around me, there was a great number of [Hero’s Mound] and [Vanguard] players. For the next 60 minutes, all of the players here were in a No Battle Zone, and I knew that they wouldn’t be able to kill me. Every one of us had a golden glow of armor around us, it was the No Enemy effect!

Looking into the distance, I could see my Cold Iron Sword in the hands of one of [Hero’s Mound]’s players. I could only helplessly smile, what else could I do?


Right at that moment, a great crowd of people charged out from the eastern forest. It was Dong Cheng and Matcha, escorting Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing over here. Right afterwards, two rays of light appeared right beside me. Wan Er and Li Mu were both revived.

“Pig, where’s your Cold Iron Sword?” Wan Er asked, shocked.

I put out both of my hands and said, “It was dropped….”

Wan Er immediately turned around and looked at the crowd of people from [Hero’s Mound]. She then angrily pointed at the player holding the Cold Iron Sword and shouted, “Xiao Bai, hurry up and give me the Cold Iron Sword, or else I’m going to chase after you to the corners of the earth!”

The Lv 86 swordsman “Xiao Bai” was stunned and said, “Vice Guild Master, I….”

Q-Sword coughed, “Xiao Yao, Cang Tong is no longer our [Hero’s Mound]’s Vice Guild Master….”

However, Xiao Bai still had a helpless look on his face. He walked over and handed the Cold Iron Sword to Wan Er. Wan Er then raised the Cold Iron Sword and flashed a sincere smile. She then handed the sword back to him and said, “Xiao Bai, think of it as a gift from me… keep it!”


Q-Sword jerked, “Wan Er, what are you plotting?”

Wan Er made a fist, her eyes shining, “This is mine, and only I can give it to someone else. I am not going to let someone try and take it from me by force!”

Everyone from [Hero’s Mound] was stupefied, and whispered, “What a strong personality. I can’t help but like her. What do we do, can we join [Zhan Long] and follow her…..?”

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