Zhan Long

Chapter 521

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Chapter 521 Use Your Best Men for Battles of Power

Ten thousand people held their breath as they guarded the Dragon’s Den, awaiting any kind of news.

As they shared a screen, [Judgement]’s divisions entered Glacial River Valley and engaged the Fierce Tiger Army in battle. At the same time, they also took a charge from Rocklin, and nearly 20,000 Rhinoceros Cavalry chased after [Judgement]’s players. The players themselves didn’t have the necessary strength to hold off such a strong force, and could only retreat as they were pursued, and drew the enemy towards Zi Feng Fort.


In the blink of an eye, 3 more hours passed by, and there were only 3 hours left in the quest.

At the bottom of the city, [Hero’s Mound] and [Vanguard] couldn’t wait any longer. Q-Sword sent out 5 waves to try and draw us out of the city, but not a single one of our commanders took the bait as we all stayed within the city. Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han on the other hand didn’t dare to actually launch an attack on the city, for fear of members falling to the arrows of Dragon’s Den.

Finally, another hour passed by, and there were less than 2 hours until the quest was over.


Ye Lai let out a sigh and stood up on the city wall. He held up his battle axe and said, “All of my people have been massacred by the Rhinoceros Cavalry who will probably reach here in less than half an hour. This time there aren’t many people that can hold off this savage force. Prepare for battle! There’s only half an hour left till we make our last stand!”


I nodded my head firmly and raised my sword saying, “Everyone rouse yourselves, it’s time for the last battle!”


Not long after, we began to feel tremors, and they gradually got more and more violent. A few minutes later, we could see a mass of black Rhinoceros Cavalry charging out of the forest. All of them pulled out their swords and began waving them above their heads as they whooped. F*ck, Ba Huang City’s cavalry have finally come for us.

The half beast half man Rocklin raised his battle axe as he sat at the the forefront, mounted on an enormous rhinoceros. He had a cruel smile on his face as he yelled, “Rhino Cavalry, attention! Immediately charge at this fort! This group of audacious adventurers have openly declared war against Ba Huang City and deserve to die. They’re protecting the siblings Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing and have brought this fate upon themselves! Kill all of Chi Yu Han’s people! Show mercy to none! Crush their fort!”

At that moment, all of the dark armored cavalrymen used the back of their swords to smack their mounts. Those mini tank-like Rhinos all screeched as they charged forward. The tip of each Rhino’s horn flashed with a light that felt both fiery and icy at the same time. No matter how you looked at it, there was no way this mob was easy to deal with.


Dong Cheng flew above the crowd and quickly read out their stats. Her little face turned purple, “Damn, to think that Ba Huang City had such a strong NPC cavalry. Why didn’t they bring it out when we were fighting against Jiu Li City? F*ck, they’re just too savage….”

Within moments, she shared the information with everyone, and it really was terrifying——

[Rhinoceros Cavalry] (Thunder Tier Monster)

Level: 100

Attack: 4050-4850

Defense: 4700

Health: 400,000

Skills: [Blade Ram] [Rush Combo] [Wall of Iron]

Introduction: Rhinoceros Cavalry, these enormous Rhinos were discovered by barbarians in the far east of Ba Huang City. They have an extremely thick armored skin and terrifyingly explosive power. Legend has it that even the top warriors of the world would not necessarily be able to defeat a mature Rhino. These Rhinos have eaten a magical plant in the deep forest and evolved over the generations, obtaining the power of both fire and ice. Once they launch a charge, they will be able to deal horrific amounts of damage. These rare Rhinos thus became a secret branch of the cavalry in Ba Huang City. When the right time comes, they’ll be used to conquer the world!


Looking at the stats and introduction, I was speechless. Finally I said, “These stats are even stronger than that of the Garrison Angels! Furthermore, there are at least 20,000 of them. Ah… Ba Huang City’s royalty have really outdone themselves They didn’t bring this kind of troop out when they were being attacked. Instead, they t decided to use it against players from their own city. They’ve really represented the saying——Use your best men to keep power and everyone else to fight your wars!

Ye Lai couldn’t help but smile, “I heard that our Fan Shu City’s number one guild [Hero’s Mound] is just like that. When they’re fighting in the game, they claim that they’re undefeated within their own city, but when fighting battles with other cities it’s a different story… hei hei, they rely completely on [Legend] and [Judgement]…”

Q-Sword was around 70 yards away from us and could hear our conversation. His expression turned extremely ugly. He gripped his sword and calmly said, “Everyone get out of the way and let the Rhino Cavalry charge into them. Let’s wait for the NPC army to break through the city wall and then we charge in after them! Whoever carries the symbol of [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], or [Blood Contract] shall be slaughtered! Kill them all!”

Dong Cheng’s limpid eyes looked at the bottom of the city and she couldn’t help but smile, “Did you see that? Q-Sword is extremely calm right now. He won’t bite on a provocation like that, or else [Hero’s Mound] would not have become a super guild under his command.”

In the distance, the hooves of the Rhinos beat against the ground. Twenty thousand Rhino Cavalrymen charged at our western wall. This was where our forces were strongest, but it was also where we were most likely to get hit.


I pulled my Dragon Reservoir Sword out and leapt off the wall. I stood before the crowd of people and shouted, “Guard the city walls, Guard Dragon’s Den! Defend our home! Everything hinges on this one battle! Let us fight to the death, and never admit defeat!”

All of our troops pulled out their blades. Ye Lai, Han Bei Song, and Misty Clouds followed behind me and jumped off to stand at the frontline.

One Second Hero raised his halberd and trembled a little. He looked at me and nervously laughed, “So, how are we doing this?”

I said, “The second the Rhino Cavalry hits us, we’ll use a [Fierce Sun Wall]. We have to do our best to gain as much time as we can for everyone to kill these monsters. These are Thunder Tier monsters with 400,000 health. They won’t be easily killed.”



Right as the Rhino Cavalry met our frontline, Cheng Yong Jie let out his [Fierce Sun Wall]. For seven seconds, everyone’s resistance and defense increased by 50%. In the next moment, each Rhino’s horn began to glow as they they rammed right into our frontlines. “Hong hong hong!” The sounds of the crashes resounded throughout the map.

I raised my Cold Iron Sword to parry while I used my Dragon Reservoir Sword to cut the monster down. I let out [Sword Tempest]+[Seven Star Fragment Slash], and then activated [Blade Spin] to kill off all the monsters with critical health. Ye Lai and Misty Clouds both roared as they launched their counterattack while the players at the top of the wall continuously released their attacks. Just because these monsters had 400,000 health, doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be killed.

Unfortunately, everything wasn’t going as smoothly as we had hoped. The Rhino Cavalrymen waved their blades and charged forward unceasingly, destroying all the players in their path. Furthermore, each one had whirling blades of wind encircling them as they charged forward. It seemed to be a skill that was similar to [Blade Rush]. The attack power of these Lv 100 Thunder Tier monsters was just too high!

Within moments, the bottom of the city’s walls was bathed in rivers of blood and my heart began to tighten. Heavens! We won’t be able to hold them off! No matter how strong we were, we still wouldn’t be able to hold off such a savage charge. There wasn’t a single player that had reached Lv 100 yet, and not a single one of them had mounts. How were we supposed to deal with this NPC iron-clad cavalry charge?!

Waving both of my swords, I charged into the mob of monsters. I was a whirlwind on the frontlines, throwing the Rhino Cavalrymen into the air, one after another. Of course this wasn’t going to change the overall situation and most of the Rhinos had already broken through the formation that we had set up at the bottom of the wall. One after another, these enormous beasts rammed into the wall. “Peng Peng Peng!” Stones began to crumble and the wall started to fall.

“Dear Lord…”

Wan Er’s beautiful face held an astonished expression. She swung both of her daggers and her [Blade of the Death God] forced a Rhino Cavalryman backwards. That wasn’t even close to enough to change things and even more Rhino Cavalrymen charged forward. Dong Cheng and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands helped Wan Er to kill them, while Qing Qian and Wolf used their AOE attacks. Slowly, the Rhino Cavalrymen were dying off.


The battlefield was chaotic and not far from us, a section of the 5 meter tall wall had collapsed. The reality was that a Lv 2 city like Dragon’s Den was not going to be able to take this kind of an onslaught. Our players did not give up though and condensed into a large group as they tried to fend off the enemy. They used their charges to try and stop the monsters from destroying the city, as they hoped to sacrifice their lives to try and beat the time limit.

Seeing this situation, the enemy players in the distance finally couldn’t resist any longer.


Q-Sword suddenly pulled out his long sword and pointed it towards Dragon’s Den and roared, “Our opportunity has come! Charge! Let us flatten Dragon’s Den and massacre [Zhan Long]!”

A mass of [Hero’s Mound]’s players charged at us. It was practically piling snow onto the frost. This proved Dong Cheng’s point that Q-Sword was number one in terms of tactical warfare.

This time, nobody thought about what tactics to use because there was only one path for us to walk. Kill anything and everything in front of us!


Rocklin raised his battle axe and charged into the crowd. His face carried a cruel expression, “Chi Yu Han, you cowardly rat! Come! If you have the guts then fight a battle with me! I want to see just how strong your so called Holy Realm really is! Come at me, why don’t you try out the blades of my Rhino Cavalry?!”


Suddenly, a blade flew out of nowhere and “Cha cha cha!” cut seven Rhino Cavalrymen in two. A figure flew over. It was the raging Chi Yu Han. His Heaven’s Spite Sword whirled around him and the golden glow of his Holy Realm surrounded his body. He smiled, “You’re practically asking for it!”

The Heaven’s Spite sword flew forward and “Ka Cha!”, Rocklin screeched in pain. The arm that wielded his battle axe had been cut off and blood spurted out. The battle axe fell to the ground along with the arm that carried it.

Chi Yu Han moved like lightning and suddenly opened his hand. Flames began to rise around him and he shouted, “Disappear!”


The flames surged forward and Rocklin was burned to dust!



Chi Yu Han’s breath was harsh and his face was completely pale. Slowly, he hobbled back towards Dragon’s Den and glanced at me, “I can only help you with this much strength….”

I didn’t say a single word. To be able to instantly kill the commander of one of Ba Huang City’s armies, just how terrifying was Chi Yu Han? If he were to recover his Holy Realm strength, then who would be able to stop him?

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