Zhan Long

Chapter 518

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Chapter 518 Joining Forces

Bai Li Ruo Feng, Li Mu and Wang Jian immediately activated all kinds of AOE skills to control the situation. On top of that, after a few minutes, Old K’s [Fierce Sun] cool down finished and he used the skill, which swept through the abyss, purging more of the players from [House of Prestige]. Then there was the the fact that Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing were helping us in this blood bath. After 30 minutes of fighting, around 2000 bodies littered the bottom of the abyss. Blood dripped everywhere and the smell of carnage permeated the air.


“Sou sou….”

Li Mu gasped for air as he stood in the center. Looking at all of the bodies around him he said, “Our losses this time were too great. This battle has already turned our 150+ people to 27. Almost all of [Zhan Long]’s main force has been killed off…”

I felt a stab in my heart and said, “Yup, there’s only 27 people left. Quite a few of our officer level players had died too… Let’s clean up the field first. There’s no way we can stay here any longer….”


Wang Jian commanded a few of the players to clean up the area. Most of the high level equipments went to our players. That was the only good thing that came from this battle. We were going to split the spoils at the end. Actually, overall, [Zhan Long]’s strength had risen rather than fallen.

I picked up my Dragon Reservoir Sword and leaned against the blood wall. I looked up at the sky and murmured, “There’s still 9 hours… so long….”

Wan Er said, “What’s our next plan?”

I pursed my lips and said, “The Guild Master, Vice Guild Master, team leaders, and Elders have basically all died. Even though there are at least 16,000 people out there, but they probably won’t be able to hold us off. Wan Er, send a message to Yao Yan. Tell her to bring 5000 of [Zhan Long]’s players. Then we’ll have [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] meet up with us from Glacial River Valley. This way, we’ll work together from the outside and the inside and charge our way out of the encirclement. After that we’ll head towards the Grave of the Warring States and fend them off from Dragon’s Den. Dragon’s Den is our last piece of territory. We can only rely on that… and hold off for the rest of the 24 hours. Even if every last one of our players die, as long as Chi Yu Han is still alive, then that is enough….”

Wan Er wryly smiled, “Go it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. As the Guild Master of [Zhan Long], you’ve already done enough. This was already an extremely unfair battle!”



We waited for everyone to finish preparing. After the [House of Prestige]’ elites underwent that massacre, they didn’t seem to have any plans on launching another attack on us. Only a few dozen people would try and provoke us, but they were all cut down by Wang Jian and Li Mu.

I leaned against the wall and started talking with One Second Hero, Wolf, and Old K. Wolf waved his hand and materialized the list of rankings in the air. There were quite a few changes that occurred——

Li Xiao Yao Death Count: 2547
Hero Ran Min Death Count: 1822
Cang Yue Death Count: 1429
Cang Tong Death Count: 1327
Ye Lai Death Count: 1128
Dancing Forest Death Count: 1114
Thousand Suns over Snow Lands Death Count: 1097
General Wang Jian Death Count: 971
Yue Qing Qian Death Count:884
General Li Mu Death Count: 870


“F*ck….” One Second Hero looked at the ranks and couldn’t say anything, “Guild Master, you killed 2547 people. Most of them were probably people from [Vanguard], and [House of Prestige], right? To think that you killed even more people than Old K’s [Fierce Sun]….”

Wolf smiled, “There’s no other way. Old K’s normal battle power is much lower than Brother Xiao Yao’s. His attack power is just too high, and he’s pretty skilled at maneuvers. Practically every time he attacks, the target will die. Even though Old K has [Whirlwind Sllash],  a lot of the time his kills went to the ranged players Dancing Forest or Dong Cheng.

Old K rubbed his nose and smiled, “Actually, I’m pretty satisfied with being ranked in the top two. I’m even above Cang Tong and Cang Yue. To be honest, this actually feels a little surreal. Just what skill do I have that would allow me to reach this level….”

One Second Hero said, “Ye Lai is also an extremely strong person. After fighting for 7 hours, he managed to actually already kill 1100 people. Damn, all of the people that Ye Lai killed were from [Hero’s Mound]. He’s way too OP. To actually be able to kill so many people right under Q-Sword’s nose. Just how OP is he…”

Dong Cheng wryly smiled, “After all, that is why Ye Lai is known as Jiu Li City’s battle god…”

I glanced at the points from the Ba Huang City Camp, and was astonished, I displayed them in front of everyone else——

Ba Huang City Camp:
Q-Sword Death Count: 997
Jian Feng Han Death Count: 674
Simple Death Count: 557
The Seventh Tang Death Count: 441
Sword Tears Death Count: 338


Looking at everyone’s shocked expression, I gave a reassuring smile, “Looks like this is a trade off. Even though Ye Lai killed a lot of people, but Q-Sword also killed quite a few from [Judgement] and [Prague]. He’s even killed more than Jian Feng Han. If everything proceeds as is, then the Saint Tier equipment for killing the most people will end up in Q-Sword’s bag.”

Dong Cheng gritted her teeth, “Tang Qi that dumbass, he actually killed so many of our people….”

I smiled, “Enough, at least the players he killed were all from [Judgement], and not [Zhan Long]. However, when we entrench ourselves in Dragon’s Den, we’re going to have to face [Hero’s Mound]’s main force.”

Li Mu walked towards us from a distance and wiped away the blood on his face and smiled, “I think… that before we can even enter the Dragon’s Den, we’re going to have to get out of here alive. Don’t forget, there’s over 10,000 players from [House of Prestige] that are waiting for us outside. Bai Li Ruo Feng may have died, but they haven’t. Besides, they can still listen to the command of Quick Thunder Swift Wind.”

I nodded, “Yup, we’ll see what happens in 20 minutes!”



Not long after, I heard a “Di!”. I had gotten a message from the beautiful Guild Master of the [Zhan Long: Defense Army] Yao Yan: “Guild Master, all ten thousand of our players have already reached Green Qilin Valley. Within five minutes, we’ll surround the players from [House of Prestige] and begin our attack. How about you guys come up here in ten minutes?”


I reached out and grabbed a vine. Because [House of Prestige] threw down those boulders, the ground had risen quite a bit and we could now grab onto the vines without too much effort, allowing us to get out. Otherwise, we might actually have been trapped to death here.

Looking at the time, I could see that my [Dragon Transformation] still had 10 minutes left for its cool down. Yup, that was perfect. Later, I could fly up there to clear out the space for everyone.


Time passed by slowly. Finally, after 5 minutes, we could hear the sounds of battle coming from above. Yue Yao Yan, Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song had all charged into [House of Prestige]’ formation. They weren’t trying to annihilate them, just to lock them in place.

After a few more minutes, the ten minute deadline was up and I immediately pointed towards the vines that were near us and said, “Climb up these and I’ll cover for everyone else. Chi Yu Han, can you bring Chi Yu Qing up here?”

Chi Yu Han raised his Heaven’s Spite sword and the Dou Qi power began to rise around him as he said, “yes!”


I reached out to grabbed a vine and pulled myself up and quickly shimmied up. When I was training in the special forces, we also had to train like this in the wild and I was extremely used to doing this.

The 27 players left from [Zhan Long] and the two NPCs all climbed up the vines. It took us two to three minutes to climb a hundred meters. Once my head peeked over the ground, I saw a group of Archers pulling back their bows and aiming straight at me. F*ck, those bastards knew to wait for us here. The players of [House of Prestige] really aren’t idiots!

“Release!” A flagbearer shouted.

Thousands of arrows were released and were going straight at me!

I immediately activated my [Wall of Dou Qi] and my [Dragon Transformation]. Once the dragon wings on my back opened up, I flew up into the air and immediately dodged all of the attacks coming at me. Numerous MISSes flew up from behind me. I opened my hand and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. At the same time, I summoned my Flaming Tiger God and rushed into the crowd of people. Practically a whole group of people had died in the chaos.

Behind me, the Purple Kirin Dragon also roared and rushed out of the abyss. It spat out a breath of dragon’s fire into the enemy lines. This was an area damage attack. This was also an advantage of the Purple Kirin Dragon. It didn’t have a normal attack power, so once it attacked, it used an area attack like Dragon’s Breath!

In the distance around 100 yards away from me, Yue Yao Yan, Misty Palace and the others had all charged through the group of people. Yup, our plan was going smoothly!


Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Old K, and Li Mu all followed me up to the surface. Since I had critical health, I quickly retreated to receive a [Grip of Compassion] from Darling Duck. Right afterwards, I raised my sword and charged forward. I took the 26 people who were with me charging out of the encirclement. The [House of Prestige] players wanted to keep us trapped, but didn’t dare to lunge at us. Even though [Zhan Long] only had 27 people charging out, almost every one of them was a renowned player in Ba Huang City. Against a team full of strong people, it wasn’t enough to just want to lunge forward. Furthermore, there was the 10,000 players that Yue Yao was bringing. This was already enough to make the officers of [House of Prestige] get anxious. Bai Li Ruo Feng and Quick Thunder Swift Wind were all Guild Master and Elder level players, but they had died in the abyss. The floor was also littered with their team leader level players. There wasn’t any commander that could rally them together.

We quickly charged out of the encirclement and Yao Yan met up with us. Finally, we saw the 5000 players from [Zhan Long] in their majestic form, with [Zhan Long]’s symbols on every shoulder in the crowd. At that moment, I had this sensation of relief wash over me. Finally, we weren’t at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

Old K raised his battle axe and shouted, “How about we head back and kill all those shitheads from [House of Prestige], what do you think?”

One Second Hero laughed, “Alright alright, I agree!”

Wan Er was speechless, “How about we just retreat? What if the 10,000 men from [Vanguard] arrive when we get trapped by [House of Prestige]? Besides, [Flying Dragon] and [Wrath of the Heroes] still has some strength left. We should just defend ourselves in the Dragon’s Den. Even though it’s a little dangerous, we can still hold off for 8 more hours there…”

I nodded, “Yup, listen to your Vice Guild Master. Everyone head towards the Grave of the Warring States!”


Behind us, a group of [House of Prestige] people chased after us. One of the team leaders raised his spear and shouted, “They used dirty tricks to kill our Guild Master and Vice Guild Master. Brothers, charge! We cannot let them get away!”

The [House of Prestige] players all pursued us. Suddenly, I heard the sounds of battle rush from the forest and a group of people dashed out. At the very front of them all was a big man carrying a battle axe. Above his head was a line of words——

Ye Lai Lv 91 Flame Berserker

City: Jiu Li City

Guild: Judgement

Position: Guild Master


Li Mu raised his longsword smiled, “Guild Master Ye Lai, do you want to go back to the capital with us?”

Ye Lai’s battle axe drooped and his armor was covered in blood. He smiled, “Yea right. Hurry up and run. [Hero’s Mound], [Knights Templar], and [Fantasy City] are all coming!”

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