Zhan Long

Chapter 516

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Chapter 516 A Crow Drinking Water


I looked up into the sky and took a deep breath, “Mid-way up Green Qilin Abyss, there’s an extremely thick fog. This is good for hiding us, but it could also become a critically damaging problem. If any heavy item were to fall down, then we only have around 40 yards of distance to dodge it. Based on the angle of this cliff, we have less than one second to react. Bai Li Ruo Feng isn’t some idiot either. There’s still 11 hours left until the end of this quest. He will think of a way to deal with our strategy….”

Qing Qian bit her lip and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, are you saying…. That Bai Li Ruo Feng will try and use this to deal with us?”

Old K shivered, “Use what?”

I let out a slow breath and said, “In the ancient times during siege wars, a commonly used tactic was to throw rocks off of the wall to crush the enemy. I don’t know if Bai Li Ruo Feng would try that. You have to know that although Green Qilin Valley doesn’t have much else, it does have a lot of rocks. [House of Prestige] has 20,000 people here this time. Even though we killed a thousand of them, and they only have 19,000 players left, that’s a lot of people to carry rocks. At that point… we’ll be screwed….”

One Second Hero raised his halberd and sang, “A rain of rocks and rivers of blood, d*ck splatter… cruel cruel…”

I glared at him and said, “You’ve read way too many of those Warring States novels. How would our dicks splatter? At most, our heads will get crushed, and it won’t be that bloody.”

Li Mu said, “Then what do we do next?”

Wan Er crossed her arms and leaned against a wall, she smiled, “That’s simple. All of the Knights and Monks can use their heavy shields to protect the leather, and cloth type players. Swordsmen and Berserkers will just have to pray they’ll survive. We only have a dozen Knights and Monks that came down with us to the abyss… to be honest, that’s not enough….”

Wolf looked up at the sky and said, “If a ton of rocks were to fall from the sky, then it must be a spectacular sight, right?”

Dong Cheng Lei rubbed his forehead and smiled, “When I was younger, my old man told me the story of the crow drinking water. He threw stones into the bottle and was able to drink water like that. Isn’t that pretty similar to our situation right now?”

My heart suddenly jumped and I said, “Damn….”

“What is it?” Li Mu asked, puzzled.

I made a fist and said, “Ah Lei just reminded me, if it really were raining rocks, then this Green Qilin Abyss will be filled up by those bastards from [House of Prestige]. At that point, it’ll be our 100 players against their 20,000….”

Li Mu’s eyes practically rolled out of his sockets, “F*ck, we’re in a really dangerous situation. This is even worse than when I was caught peeping at the beautiful teachers in elementary school!”

I smiled and said, “Bro, you’re ability to connect things together really is amazing….”

Dong Cheng said, “Then what do we do? I just talked with that idiot Tang Qi, and it seems that [Hero’s Mound] has gained the upperhand in the battle against [Judgement]. However, [Prague] is only around 5 minutes away from the battlefield and so Q-Sword will definitely have a plan to deal with them!”

I said, “Contact [Judgement] and [Prague]. They must do their best to avoid entering into the forest. They cannot give Q-Sword the chance to use his Death God Arrows, or else they’ll have even greater losses!”

Wan Er giggled, “Yup. I’ve already added Ye Lai and Yan Zhao Warrior as friends. They’re caliber really is high. They just said to take care of ourselves and that they will guard against those Death God Arrows. Also…The ten smiths that smelt Death God Arrows have already been cleaned out by Q-Sword. He can’t use the ten thousand Death God Arrows he had before.”


After another hour, the Green Qilin Abyss was just too quiet. Wolf couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Xiao Yao, what’s the situation? Why isn’t [House of Prestige] making a move?”

I muttered, “Bai Li Ruo Feng is moving rocks right now. If there aren’t enough rocks, then he won’t move. The Assassins just reported that all around the Green Qilin Abyss are piled mounds of rocks. It’s almost as though they’re making a wall…”

Li Mu put his face in his hands and didn’t say anything.

I couldn’t help but smile, “Yo, Li Mu, what are you doing?”

Li Mu raised his Tian Chen Sword and smiled, “I was just thinking, later when the rocks come down like rain, then they definitely won’t follow the rules and try to avoid the face. After that, then my face might not be as smooth as it is now…..”

Dong Cheng grinned and said, “That’s no matter, just think of it as fixing it up. Either way, it’s not like it looks amazing right now. It’s not that much better than Old K’s…”

“F*ck you….!”

“Brother Xiao Yao, he’s cursing at me. Hurry up and take away his Elder status!!” Dong Cheng pouted.

I crossed my arms and said, “That’s no matter, you guys keep on acting. I’m just the audience….”

Dong Cheng and Li Mu were speechless.

Right at that moment, Wan Er suddenly pulled out her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and looked up at the sky. Her clever eyes shifted around and she softly said, “Stop messing around. They’ve begun their attack!”

I raised my hand and pulled out both sword and said, “Everyone get into a defensive stance!”

In the next second, “Shua Shua Shua” Countless boulders fell from the sky. Most of them were around the size of a basketball. That way, they could hurl them even further. The number of deaths and injuries were definitely not low. At a 100 meters of height, the force of these rocks were enough to cave in the hood of a Chevrolet. All we could do was see if our [Zhan Long] player’s defense was high enough.


“Keng!” Wang Jian pulled out his Ice Feather Sword and roared, “Prepare your defenses!”


The first rock fell towards Darling Duck and the people that Tang Xin was protecting. That boulder was pretty accurate, were they trying to kill our Healers with the first rock or something?

Wan Er, without any hesitation, activated [Absolute Step] and charged over. She suddenly jumped up and stepped off of the wall. Her delicate body shot out like a bullet. Midair she pulled out her iron umbrella and rammed away a rock like that!


With a clang, Wan Er put away her iron umbrella, but she had been forced back into the bushes from the force of the boulder. “Wu wu” she cried out and her health dropped 2000 points. Just as we thought, these boulders force was truly terrifying. Even Wan Er took 2000 damage. The rest of the light armor classes would take at least 5000 damage like that!

I tightened my grip on my Dragon Reservoir Sword and jumped up. Right at that moment, I sliced at a falling rock, and “Peng!” crushed it to bits. Yup. The advantage of having a lot of points in strength was coming out. I could easily use this strength. I swung my left arm and let my Cold Iron Sword fly out. I then calculated the angle and “Peng peng peng!” crushed the rocks in the sky with the attack.

However, most of the rocks still smashed into the shields and armors of our [Zhan Long] players. Damage numbers continuously popped up. Furthermore, the number of rocks that were falling were terrifying!


Tang Xing’s shield had been hit 6 times and the force of it all had even caused some blood to drip from her mouth. She cried out, “So shameless, to use such a method to fight. Is [House of Prestige] afraid of us or something? Such a shameless guild, how dare they claim to be ranked 6th in the entire Chinese server?! Pei Pei Pei!!”

“Keep your stance!”

I looked up and gritted my teeth. I then turned around and looked at Old K ad gave him a [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] BUFF and then shouted, “Old K, use a [Flaming Sun] and help us decrease the pressure!”


Old K suddenly threw his battle axe into the sky and in the blink of an eye, it fell back to the ground. “Peng!” a flaming shockwave spread out through the Green Qilin Abyss and rushed up the cliff walls. It stopped around 1000 yards away. The [House of Prestige] players were happily hitting us while we were down, and never would’ve expected a counterattack. At that moment, Old K’s kill count increased by over 300. There were probably quite a few Mages and Healers that had let their guard down and were instantly killed!


I swung my two swords and continuously jumped up to knock away some of the boulders for everyone. Wan Er also raised her iron umbrella to block them. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all did their best to follow. Everyone was trying hard to defend against this “Crow Drinking Water” tactic from [House of Prestige]. However, if it were to continue like this then we would continuously lose people like this. In the blink of an eye we had already lost nearly 30 people, and only had 150 left.

Chi Yu Han raised his Heaven’s Spite Sword and stood at the bottom of the abyss. He looked up at the falling rocks and suddenly shouted, “You cowardly bastards, get the f*ck down here!”


Chi Yu Han’s roar created a shockwave that spread up to the upperground. All of the rocks that were falling down were crushed into dust. F*ck, so this was the strength of a Holy Domain expert. It had completely crushed that of us normal players!

Once the roar was over, Chi Yu Han’s face turned pale. He had used up a lot of his Dou Qi energy. He picked up his Tian Chen Sword and retreated several steps and leaned against a wall, slowly regaining his energy.


The falling rocks only stopped for less than a minute. Very soon, they began falling again. Looks like they won’t rest until all of the rocks have been thrown down.

On the bright side, there weren’t too many rocks. Once bottom of the abyss had been filled up around 10 meters, the falling rocks finally began to slow down. Chi Yu Han carried Chi Yu Qing to a corner. The uneven surface affected our movements. Wang Jian, Li Mu and Old K all began to move some rocks to smooth out the surface. Our next plan was more battle and we needed to make preparations.

Around an hour later, I waved my Dragon Reservoir Sword and lowered my voice, “Everyone raise your guard. [House of Prestige] will attack again!”

“With rocks?” Wang Jian asked.

I shook my head, “No. All of the rocks that are within a 1000 yard radius have been used up. Bai Li Ruo Feng can’t waste time now. The next plan of action he’ll take is probably coming down here and capture Chi Yu Han and take him to Ba Huang City to get rewards!”



I looked up and the vines continuously shook. They’re coming again!

This time, the leader wasn’t just an Elder rank, but Quick Thunder Swift Wind, [House of Prestige]’s Vice Guild Master!

Quick Thunder Swift Wind raised his battle axe, which flashed with frost energy. This was a frost type battle axe, and was a unique weapon. He had changed quite a few of his equipments. From the glow that they gave off, there were around 3 that glowed with a green light. That bastard’s equipment also went up a few levels.

Stopping at 40 yards above us, Quick Thunder Swift Wind squinted at us and smiled, “Brothers, when you’re 60 yards above the ground, jump down. Let’s do our best and throw them into chaos!”

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