Zhan Long

Chapter 514

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Chapter 514 A True Bro

In the sky, two vines began to shake. Two figures appeared 40 yards up in the sky and were slowly sliding down the vine. As we watched, we could hear some talking——

“Brother, are you sure that Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong, and Chi Yu Han are in this shithole?”

“Of course. This was intelligence that came from our own people. You aren’t scared are you?”

“Why would I be? You’re underestimating far too much. Even though my equipment isn’t as good as Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s, nor my level as high as his, but I’m much more handsome than him. I am the man destined to become Cang Tong’s husband!”

“Ha ha, keep on dreaming! Be careful, we’re almost at the bottom!”

“Then what do we do?”

“Find Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s location first and launch an ambush. I’ll lock [Scatter Shot] on him, and then I’ll use [Shield Breaker] to decrease his defense. Your base attack is only around 5500. As long as we decrease Xiao Yao’s defense by 15%, then you’ll break it at one point. Use [Combo]+[Skyshaker Slash]+[Blade Rush]. After that, use a [Flying Sword] to deal a surprise attack. I’ll be using my [Shot of the Archery God] to support you. We have to focus all of our attacks on him. Once we kill Li Xiao Yao, then we can kill Chi Yu Han and then marry Cang Tong, Cang Yue, and Yue Qing Qian….”

“F*ck, just dreaming of that makes me laugh…”

“Damn, wipe that drool away. Don’t let it drip down and reveal our location…”

“Dang, I just noticed that we weren’t talking on the team chat. They might’ve heard us!”

“Motherf*cker, why didn’t you say this earlier?”


In the sky, the two figures were only around 30 yards away from us. Qing Qian hid a smile and then said in the team chat, “They want to break through Brother Xiao Yao’s defense with a 5500 base attack? Aiya, they really don’t know their limits…”

Matcha smiled, “Melon, they want to marry you, aren’t you happy?”

Qing Qian’s face turned red, “I don’t wanna marry anyone yet!”

I looked up and said, “Don’t let them find out how many people we have. Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng, only you guys attack. Each of you will take one and instantly kill them. Dancing Forest, you kill the Archer while Dong Cheng kills the Swordsman. You must kill them instantly!”


“3, 2, 1, now!”

Within moments, Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot]+[Triple Shot] thudded into the Archer’s body, killing him instantly. Dancing Forest’ Bowstring of the Dragon Jin Sou was a Superior Saint Tier equipment, and had an attack that was on par with my own Dragon Reservoir Sword. Instantly killing an average Archer like that was easy as pie!

At the same time, Dong Cheng Yue struck the Swordsman with an [Indigo Sea Arrow]+[Thunderbolt Finder]. Two damage numbers popped up at the same time, and was an instant kill as well——



Li Mu’s face turned a little purple, “F*ck, isn’t Dong Cheng’s magic attack a little too terrifying?”

Dong Cheng stuck out her 34Cs and flashed a confident smile, “But of course. How else would I qualify as our Brother Xiao Yao’s Personal Chief Mage?”

Old K rubbed his hands together, “Little Li, you’re just way too lucky. When are you going to let us use her?”

Dong Cheng squinted at Old K and smiled, “Depends. A face that looks like a platypus that halfway devolved of course won’t get the same treatment. If you were as handsome as our Brother Xiao Yao, then I might bear with it….”

Old K was stunned, “A partially devolved platypus? What the f*ck does that even mean…”

Li Mu patted Old K’s shoulder, “Don’t be too sad…. It’s just that a fossilized devolved platypus was recently discovered. In the end it turns out that the architect wasn’t too good at their job, and now it looks like half of the face has fallen off, and it just looks too abstract. Based on Old K’s intellect, even if we were to explain it to him, he still might not get it. All you have to know is that Dong Cheng, this superior rank girl was just not meant for you. That’s enough, just admit to your fate. For someone like you, picking up a beauty like Little Dance is already enough. Forget about Dong Cheng, or else you’ll be in pain for the rest of your life….”


An arrow struck right into Li Mu’s forehead and fresh blood dripped from the wound. Dancing Forest lowered her long bow, her pretty face filled with killing intent, “Picking up a beauty like Little Dance? Why is it that I can’t understand what you’re talking about?”

Li Mu grabbed onto the arrow in his forehead and tried to pull it out, but couldn’t. The arrow on his head shook when he let go. Tears were even streaming down his cheek, “As a man, I will not give in….”

Wrinkles creased on my forehead, “Enough you guys. You guys are fooling around at a time like this? Please don’t be like this. You’re just making me your Guild Master feel even more helpless….”

Wan Er grinned, “Just let them do as they wish. Act cute and save the world!”

I was speechless.


A few minutes later, the vines began to shake again. In addition, all ten vines were shaking at the same time. It was clear that this time quite a few people were coming. There was probably at least 20 people. From the way that the vines were shaking, there might even be more than 50!

“Don’t know if Drunken Spear has come down yet.” Qing Qian wondered aloud.

I stood near a bush and hid amongst the branches. “Doesn’t matter, if Drunken Spear comes down, then he won’t be able to leave. Everyone be careful of his [Thousand Layer Wave]. Best case scenario, we’ll be able to control his attack and kill him after. Later, I’ll drag him down and then use my [Curse of the Night Fury]. Matcha, Tang Xin, Yong Jie, all you Knights use your [Fierce Ram] to interrupt his skills. Concentrate all of your fire on him and kill him. Drunken Spear that bastard has already killed quite a few of our brothers. This time, we aren’t letting him go!”


In the sky, flocks of people were starting to shimmy down the vines. There was definitely over a hundred people, and they were all elites from [Flying Dragon]. Soaring Dragon had already been killed by us, and so now Drunken Spear was the highest ranked officer. In reality, Soaring Dragon is probably giving Drunken Spear commands over the phone to bring people to us, or else Drunken Spear that carefree person probably wouldn’t try and make a comeback.

When he was around 40 yards above the ground, Drunken Spear’s figure finally appeared. His limpid eyes swept across the floor and he said, “There’s quite a few [Zhan Long] players lying in ambush here. Don’t just slide down in a straight line, everyone swing the vine. We can’t be sitting ducks. I’ll count to three, and then everyone jump down at the same time. The people up top will provide reinforcements. We’ll crush them in one attack!”

Wan Er and I exchanged glances. This Drunken Spear really wasn’t easy to deal with. He had both the smarts and the muscle. This type of judgement and quick thinking was pretty rare. Too bad he was our enemy!

Right as Drunken Spear swung the vine and was about to jump off, I immediately roared and activated [Dragon Transformation]. My entire body flew into the air and rushed right towards the Drunken Spear who was making his descent. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and suddenly crabbed his collar. “Pu Chi!” My blade cut right into his chest!


Drunken Spear was suddenly ambushed by me mid air in the fog, but he wasn’t too shocked. He suddenly raised his knee to land a kick on me. “Peng!” I raised my arm to parry his kick, but I didn’t expect his heavy shield to sweep out and ram into my shoulder. He then raised his spear and slashed right towards my other shoulder. That bastard’s reaction really is quick!

“Hua la…”

My War Swept Cloak fluttered in the sky and I successfully dodged the attack from his spear. Then, with my left fist, I threw a punch into his chest. My Dragon Reservoir Sword glowed with the energy from a [Wind Blade] and I slashed right into his abdomen. “Peng!” The two of us crashed into the cliff. Drunken Spear’s eyes were filled with battle intent and he laughed, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

He swept out his arm and suddenly his long spear’s handle rammed into my back with a “Peng!” Drunken Spear then raised his knee, and hit me right in the gut. Without any hesitation, I rammed my Dragon Reservoir Sword into his shoulder and then raised my left arm and threw a punch, making him dive towards the ground along with me. While we were in the air, Drunken Spear activated [Rock Shield] and swept out the spear in his right arm. The entire sequence was organized and carried out efficiently!

Seeing as there were only 2 meters until we hit the ground, I swung my arm and activated [Curse of the Night Fury Asura]. This sealed all of his skills for 2 seconds, killing all chances of him using [Thousand Layer Wave]!


The two of us smashed into the floor and Drunken Spear’s eyes revealed a sliver of fear, “F*ck!”

Matcha and Tang Xing both charged over, ramming Drunken Spear with a [Scorching Spring] and an [Iron Spear Thrust]. In the distance, Dancing Forest threw a [Meteor Shot] while Dong Cheng dealt a [Thunderbolt Finger]. In moments, Drunken Spear’s health dropped to the bottom. Even if he gulped down a health potion and used a [Cleansing Wind] it would’ve been useless. Our attacks were just too fierce.


Kneeling on the ground, Drunken Spear’s face was filled with confusion. Before he died, he softly said, “Against an enemy like this, how am I supposed to win?”


In a storm of spells, arrows and bullets, the 500 people that Drunken Spear brought with him all died under our attacks. After the battle, [Zhan Long] had not lost a single member from the 200 we brought here!

We looked through the equipment that they sent to us. I glanced at Drunken Spear’s body and softly said, “Too bad, if he was one of us, how great would that be….”

“That’s hard to say.” Qing Qian blinked a few times and said, “Actually, I’ve been trying to get him for a while now. However, Drunken Spear’s brother, Black Tortoise is a good bro with Soaring Dragon, and so it’s hard for Drunken Spear to not follow his brother. That bastard is extremely loyal, and he hold his brother in very high regard. Getting him is probably impossible.”

I nodded, “I know, I was just saying… Li Mu, have you checked out the situation up there?”

Li Mu said, “All 500 of [Flying Dragon] have been killed. They don’t even know what happened at the bottom of the abyss. Thus, [Wrath of the Heroes] and [Thousand Burial] have all dispersed. No one wants to come here to die. However, our new enemies have come….”


“[House of Prestige]! Bai Li Ruo Feng has lead 20,000 of their elites and have passed the border of Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City!”

“Alright….” I furrowed my brows, “Shouldn’t [Hero’s Mound] have arrived? Why aren’t they here yet… they should be….”

Wan Er glanced at the sky and suddenly shook her shoulder saying, “Pig, I just got information saying that the 40,000 from [Hero’s Mound] are heading a different direction in Bowl Valley. They’re in the middle of an intense battle right now!”

“What guild?!”

“Ye Lai, it’s [Judgement]!” Wan Er’s eyes widened as she said, “Ye Lai’s reason for battle is really simple. He said that you were his friend and so…. He brought his army out. They set up an ambush in the forest of Bowl Valley and attacked [Hero’s Mound]’s main force. [Judgement] sent out 34,000 members, that’s definitely enough for [Hero’s Mound] to suffer a blow…”

Li Mu made a fist and smiled, “Damn, Ye Lai that trash really is a good bro!”

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