Zhan Long

Chapter 511

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Chapter 511 The Sacrifice for Justice

“Hurry up!”

My Dragon Reservoir Sword flashed in the light as I swept across the crowd of enemies. I had opened up my [Wall of Dou Qi] and it took many hits. Matcha and I were in the back and took the rear. Wan Er and Dong Cheng lead the main force and continued north towards [Vanguard]’s main guild. As long as we could get through them, then we won’t be massacred here.


The heavy shield in Matcha’s hand fell to the ground with a thud and she activated [Phantom Holy Shield]. She then swung her sword and activated [Phantom Ray Slash]+[Icy Spear] into the enemy. At the same time she looked at me and said, “Boss, you go first. I still have 19,000 health left, that’s enough to cover you!”

My blade glowed with the light of [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and smiled, “Don’t, I already have 21,222 health. It should be me covering for you! Matcha, go and catch up with the others Don’t worry, this group of players can’t kill me. Listen to me!”

Matcha didn’t say anything more and raised her shield to activate [Cleansing Wind]. She kept healing me while running into the distance.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked in a horizontal path. My Cold Iron Sword flew out and spun through the enemy lines under the power of [Blade Spin]. In the distance, I could see Simple with a staff in one hand, running towards us. I raised my left arm and opened my hand. Simple glared at me and “Shua!” Used a [Dimension Leap]. She wasn’t going to give me any chance, probably because she’s extremely familiar with my special skills. [Defeat the Dragon]+[Curse of the Night Fury Asura]’s ability to pull an enemy close and curse them was just too fierce. Even a top tier Mage wouldn’t necessarily be able to hold off the attack.

Once Simple retreated. I immediately cut down four to five other players, and drained back 50% of my health before walking forward and activating [Haste]. Wan Er was leading a team of players and wasn’t more than 200 yards away from me and very soon, she caught up with me. Behind me, I set up two [Azure Dragon Crossbows] to deal damage. [Vanguard] could only deal with the Azure Dragons first before pursuing us. However, the power of this Crossbow was just too strong. The strongest quality of this Crossbow wasn’t even the fact that it could deal ranged attacks, but rather the fact that it had such a strong attack power and piercing power. After an arrow struck a person, it would continue forward to and almost always potentially strike down more enemies.


When I finally caught up with the rest of the team, Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Wolf, and Qing Qian had all charged through the [Vanguard] formation. Like that, our 3000 man team had passed through [Vanguard]’s defense army, rendering it impossible for them to block our path. After all, we had killed Fushen Thousand Blade. In regards to Jian Feng Han, he had absolutely no time to bother with us, as Misty Clouds that Four Symbols Guardian was enough to make his head hurt. On top of that, if he didn’t completely defeat [Enemies at the Gate], then [Vanguard] might end up in a dragged out war. Finally, it didn’t look as though [Prague], [Hero’s Mound], or [Legend] were going to do anything.

I wasn’t actually too worried about [Legend]. Fang Ge Que was renowned as the number one Mage god in China, and even more so, was Destiny’s Chinese Servers number one player. His character wasn’t bad, at least he would never use his power to bully others. Furthermore, [Legend]’s reputation was extremely good among the three great cities. If he weren’t to join in this battle for points, then he’s probably grinding levels elsewhere. Every Thursday, they have a BOSS event, and have never skipped it once. And so, this time, during the Chi Yu Han Camp quest, [Legend] will most likely not step into this murky water. That wasn’t Fang Ge Que’s style. He didn’t care about one or two Saint Tier equipments, that was certain.

The only thing I wasn’t sure about was whether or not [Hero’s Mound] was going to send troops. That was something that was worth worrying over. We had all witnessed [Hero’s Mound]’s power before. Even if [Zhan Long] had its complete 20,000 man strength, it wouldn’t necessarily be [Hero’s Mound]’s equal. Especially now that it had been whittled down to just a few thousand. Once [Hero’s Mound] comes again, then we’ll be in danger. Besides, Jiu Li City’s [House of Prestige] has also shown quite a bit of enmity towards [Zhan Long]. If Bai Li Ruo Feng were to come to Ba Huang City and deal a surprise attack, that would also deal a huge blow to us. All in all, there were still a dozen or so hours left, we were definitely not going to have a relaxing time.


“Sha sha….”

My battle boots slid across the grass. I spun around and with a sweep of both of my swords, I killed two Assassins who were pursuing us. Blood spattered the ground, dying the grass red. I looked up and saw the path of bodies that [Zhan Long] left in its wake. Some of them were from our side, and some were from [Vanguard]. Of course there were more from [Vanguard].

“Stop the charge and stand in formation!”

Under Wan Er’s command, Tang Xin, Matcha, and One Second Hero and the other heavy armor players all stopped their charge and turned around. They then rammed their heavy shields into the ground and assumed a defensive stance. Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng, and Thousand Suns and the rest all went into battle mode. After the bitter fight, Valiant Bravery only have around 1800 people left, but they were still able to create a defensive formation on the border of Glacial River Valley and dealt with [Vanguard]’s charge, We needed to stay on the defense, thus decreasing the firepower on [Enemies at the Gate], or else there would be no point for us in being here.

In the distance, Fallen Wolf, Leafy Gentlemen, and Goodby Tears all raised their blades and looked at us. Fallen Wolf raised his battle axe and shouted, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you guys really have guts. To actually charge into [Vanguard]’s formation with so little people. You really don’t know your limits!”

I gave a wry smile and didn’t respond.

Matcha raised her sword and pointed at Fallen Wolf and then with a pretty voice said, “Fallen Wolf, do you even have the gall to say such harsh words? Don’t you have the same system calculating tools? Why don’t you look at it. We [Zhan Long] had 3072 people enter the [Vanguard] formation and lost but 1194 players while we killed 4438 of [Vanguard]’s. Your main guild is just that strong… what a laughing stock!”

Matcha’s words had completely infuriated Fallen Wolf. He raised his battle axe and roared, “Charge! Cut down all of [Zhan Long]’s people!”

Leafy Gentleman raised his eyebrows and said, “Brother Fallen Wolf, don’t be impatient. Take a look at the situation first. Behind [Zhan Long] is Glacial River Valley’s thick ice. On their left flank is Sword Saint Forest’s cliff and on their right side is a thorny forest. Right now, they hold the advantage in terms of terrain. In the long run, all we’ll do is force them into Glacial River Valley…”

Goodbye Tears raised his blade and nodded, “Yup, and if we were to try and do that, we would end up falling into [Zhan Long]’s plan. The further in we go into the Glacial River Valley, the harder it would be for us to pull out. Besides, our main formation is in Green Qilin Valley. We can’t go too far into Glacial River Valley….”

Don’t be Foolish walked forward with a spear in hand and laughed, “This bald donkey’s courage really is small. Saying something like that shows that you clearly are afraid of [Zhan Long]. They just have 1800 people, while we have 7000 of our main guild’s elites behind us! Besides, we even have Fallen Wolf and Simple here with us. Don’t tell me that we still won’t be able to defeat but 1800 of [Zhan Long]’s players?”

Goodbye Tears smiled and rubbed his bald head, “Alright, if you have so much courage, then why don’t you go first and try out the waters!”

Don’t Be Foolish raised his spear and his eyes didn’t have a sliver a fear when he shouted, “Brothers of Team 3, follow me! Let’s show this baldy and scholar what “If I don’t go to hell, then who will!” And “Meeting face to face on a narrow path” truly means! Hmph, we’ll show those Monks that no matter how many scriptures they may read, it all goes into their stomachs!”

As he finished talking, Don’t Be Foolish’s cape blew up in the wind as he began the charge in a grandiose manner. He raised his long sword and charged at us with a wolf’s smile, shouting, “You only live once, and you must live it fully!”*
*Tl Note: A Chinese poem with that basic meaning
North Pole grinned, “That motherf*cker actually knows how to recite poems, poems!”

Simple was expressionless, “Did you even say it right….”


Don’t Be Foolish energetically charged towards us. When there was only 30 yards between us, they immediately suffered a volley of arrows. “Pa pa pa!” They all hit his face, but he still kept that smile, even though all of the muscles in his face were trembling from the arrows. He roared, “Do your Archers have so little power? Are you trying to itch a scratch? Brothers, let’s show them what it really means to be difficult!”

Blood dripped from his face and Don’t Be Foolish turned around to look. Behind him there was no one. At that moment, he suddenly started shaking, “What the f*ck…. Where is everyone? How come I’m the only one who charged over…..”

I raised my hand, [Great Realm of Desolation]!



Qing Qian then used an [Ice Hammer] that landed right onto Don’t Be Foolish’ shoulder. He immediately raised his shield and turned around to leave. “Motherf*ckers, that group of bastards would only charge with me when we’re going out to pick up girls. I’m never going to love again!”

Dancing Forest glanced at me, “Boss?”

I smiled, “Do what you will…..”

Dancing Forest giggled, “Alright!”

[Zhan Long]’s number one Archer raised her arm, stretched the Bowstring of the Dragon Jin Sou, and dealt a [Meteor Shot] and targeted right at Don’t Be Foolish and let it fly!


The arrow was quick as lightning when it flew out and pierced right through Don’t Be Foolish’ cape. “Pu Chi!” It pierced right into the most embarrassing place and blood began to flow…

“F*ck me….”

Don’t Be Foolish jolted, his face filled with shock. He tried to pretend as though nothing happened, and arrived at Simple, Fallen Wolf, Leafy Gentleman, and Goodbye Tear’s side. He raised his spear and said, “You guys are really too heartless, to actually let me rush forward all by myself. If I get the chance, I will definitely teach you guys the true worth of “Loyalty”!”

Simple pursed her lip, “Why don’t you pull out the arrow in your ass first….”

Goodbye Tears walked over and “Pa!” Grabbed onto the [Meteor Shot]’s arrow. With one strong pull, Don’t Be Foolish immediately retreated several steps, but the arrow had not been pulled out. His face had already turned purple and he began to sweat, “F*ck….”

“Does it hurt?” Goodbye Tears was shocked.

Don’t Be Foolish shook his head and gritted his teeth as he shouted, “A true man wouldn’t be afraid of a little pain like this. I just need to bear with it and tell Dancing Forest that this little power is not a problem…”

“You really aren’t going to pull it out?” Goodbye Tears asked.

“Yup!” Don’t Be Foolish nodded.

“There’s a lot of blood….” Goodbye Tears did his best to wipe his hands.

Don’t Be Foolish’ face was completely fearless, “This is the sacrifice of justice and loyalty….”


Leafy Gentlemen did all he can do not laugh and pulled out his blade, “Nevermind, let us not waste words. Brothers of Division One, follow me! We’ll break through their defense in 10 minutes, and tell them who really is the boss of Ba Huang City!”

“Keng keng keng…”

The sounds of blades sliding out of their sheaths filled the air. Clearly, the command of a Guild Master level player was much different.

A team of players raised their weapons and charged towards [Zhan Long]. Simple also agreed with this ambush. Fallen Wolf took some [Vanguard] main guild people and stayed in place, but didn’t seem to make any moves. It was obvious, he wanted to use the first division to whittle away at our strength. Looks like Jian Feng Han had already made plans. He was also worried that [Hero’s Mound] would come to Ba Huang City and participate in this quest, and so he wanted to maintain the strength of his elites.



Don’t Be Foolish swung his butt and charged towards us. Behind him there was also a trembling feather sticking out with blood dripping from the end!

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