Zhan Long

Chapter 510

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Chapter 510 Incomparable Confidence

On the plains, 3000 of [Zhan Long]’s players all charged into the Sword Saint Forest. With Wan Er, Qing Qian, Old K, Wolf and I leading, the army drove straight into [Vanguard]’s flank, even if we only had 3000 people [Vanguard] still wouldn’t dare be too careless. Afterall, we were all [Zhan Long]’s elite players. In the distance, Jian Feng Han pulled a bloody sword out of one of [Enemies at the Gate]’s Knights and he shouted, “Leafy Gentleman, lead a team of players to hold off [Zhan Long]. We just need half an hour. In that time we’ll be able to deal with all of [Enemies at the Gate]’s main force!”

Leafy Gentlemen was the Guild Master of [Vanguard: Division One]. At that moment, [Vanguard: Division One] had already risen to a Lv 5 guild and had already reached its 10,000 man limit. Under the command of Leafy Gentlemen, around 7000 players left their formation and headed towards us. When they were around 5000 yards away from us, they immediately created a formation. All of the Knights, Swordsmen, and Berserkers stood at the front, while the Archers and Mages followed behind them. This time, [Vanguard] was going to defend until we exhausted ourselves.


As I sprinted forward, I glanced at Wolf, Old K, Wan Er and the rest and smiled, “What’s wrong, are you guys nervous?”

Wan Er grinned, “What for?”

Old K raised his battle axe and laughed, “Nothing, really. We just have to kill them!”

Matcha fluttered her eyes and said, “Boss, how are we going to get past their firenet? Our priority should be on gaining the upper hand in this battle. Once we get tangled up with [Vanguard: Division One] then we’ll have no way of getting out. Besides, their numbers far outnumber our own.”

I nodded, “Agreed. Let’s start off with one hard hit. Later, I’ll use [Dragon Transformation] to charge through the firenet, and then I’ll use [Halberd Flame] to massacre them. Qing Qian, prepare your [Grip of the Firefox] and [Glacial Hammer] and make sure you don’t overlap with my range of attack. Wan Er, Dong Cheng, and Dancing Forest, all of you spread out your attacks as well. We’ll begin with one large scale attack that will cripple them. Then, within the first three seconds after everyone has used their attacks, Old K, you have to bring out [Fierce Sun] and use that to crush [Vanguard: Division One]. Don’t focus on any one person. After our first wave of attacks, we’ll go after Leafy Gentlemen!”

“Yes sir!” Everyone nodded.


“Sha sha sha….”

My battle boots stepped onto the wild grass as I dashed across the field. When there was only 50 yards between me and the enemy, they had already begun to deal attacks. [Magma Abyss]es and several arrow type skills all landed in the grass in front of me. I smiled and activated my special skill, [Dragon Transformation]! With the sound of a dragon’s roar ringing through the air, my armor turned into dragon scales and I obtained the ability to fly. I stepped off the ground and leapt into the sky. I then pulled out my Cold Iron Sword and let it fly out. “Hua Cha!” It cut through the crowd. I then raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash], shaking the enemy formation. But those attacks weren’t enough to completely crush them.


I pushed three Knights away from me and then grabbed my returning Cold Iron Sword. With both swords in hand, I activated [Sword Tempest], creating a fierce wind. I then used another [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. At that moment, ten people fell to my swords. They didn’t even have the chance to recover their health.

“Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

Leafy Gentleman raised his sword and charged at me. At the same time, a group of Swordsmen all activated their [Flying Sword]s and targeted it on me and a group of Berserkers activated [Battle Axe Throw]. This barrage was pretty intense!

I suddenly halted, and then I made a side step. “Peng!” I walked in a broken line and swept my sword out. With a turn, I walked in another diagonal path and created a Z shape across the enemy lines. I then stepped out and jumped into the air. A bunch of axes fell at my feet with a “Keng keng!” And I had dodged the attacks.

At that moment, Wan Er had caught up to me. She waved her dagger and then “Ka ka ka!” Killed three people in one attack. When a flock of arrows flew at her, the beautiful little miss opened her hand and Dou Qi began to fill the air around her. Suddenly, her surroundings seemed to shift and “Hua Cha!” All of the arrows burrowed straight into the earth. This was her [Dimension Shift] skill, impressive!

However, the requirements for [Dimension Shift] were extremely high. Once Wan Er used her [Dimension Shift], she immediately retreated. For a short period of time, she wasn’t going to be able to use it again.

Old K roared and threw his Fierce Sun battle axe into the fray. At the same time, Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox] and [Ice Hammer] all fell upon the enemy lines, while Dancing Forest’s [Hell’s Meteor Shower] also rained down from the sky. Dong Cheng used her [Thunderbolt Finger] and [Magma Lance] while [Flying Sword]s pierced through the army. All of the enemy’s health greatly decreased!

Old K shouted and the battle axe flew straight into the sky. At the same time, he threw out a punch that pushed away two Knights!


Flames started to rise from the sky and gather around the battle axe as it descended from the sky!


A shockwave of flames spread out from where the battle axe landed and all enemies within a thousand yards suffered the attack. Even the players from [Vanguard]’s main guild took damage. Old K’s weapon really was amazing. The players who only had half health couldn’t hold up anymore. Within moments, an enormous group of white lights flew up. This time, the [Fierce Sun]’s success rate was pretty big, within the blink of an eye, it killed 400 people!


Moon Feather, Star Blade, Tang Xin and the rest all picked up their blades and rushed forward to attack. The 100 players with Garrison Outfits all activated [Impact Roar] into the crowd. None of us retreated even half a step and we were all aiming to kill Leafy Gentleman. 3000 of [Zhan Long]’s elite charged right into the heart of [Vanguard: Division One]. Even though we hadn’t killed more than 1000 of their people, we had completely crushed all of their defenses. A hundred meters further and we’ll have reached [Vanguard]’s main guild!

“Hold them off!” A group of [Vanguard]’s main guild Swordsmen all charged towards us.

I smiled and raised my two bloody blades. In a flash, I activated my combos and time seemed to stop for a second. My Dragon Reservoir Sword cut into the neck of one Swordsman while my Cold Iron Sword parried the attack of another Swordsman. Then, I threw a second attack with my Dragon Reservoir Sword, blocking a [Combo] from another Swordsman and then speared his chest. My Cold Iron Sword then threw two attacks, cutting into another Swordsman’s neck. I spun around and rammed my Dragon Reservoir Sword into a Knight’s heavy shield and then swept out my Cold Iron Sword. The entire sequence of attacks occurred within 2 seconds and like that, I cut through an encirclement of a dozen players.

The tip of the sword in Leafy Gentleman’s hand fell to the ground as he looked towards men and shakily said, “what…what fast attack speed. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, is he still human?!”

Wan Er, Old K, Dong Cheng, and One Second Hero followed behind me. We had all given up on defending and all charged forward. Luckily, Tang Xing and Yao Yan all raised their shields to protect Dong Cheng, Darling Duck and the rest who were in the back row. All 2000 players maintained a quick advance, allowing us to cut straight into the heart of [Vanguard]’s formation.


In the distance, on the frontlines of the battle between the two big guilds, I could see Misty Clouds fighting with a dented sword. He looked in our direction and laughed, “F*ck, you guys really have guts, charging in like that. Xiao Yao Zi Zai really deserves to be called the Guild Master of [Zhan Long]…. [Zhan Long] can’t be more bold than it already is…..”

Sword Reborn swung his sword and shouted, “Guild Master, we should start our counterattack, or else Xiao Yao and that 3000 man army will get swallowed up. I can already see Jian Feng Han directing his strength towards the back!”



While we made our advance, a group of heavy armor players suddenly charged towards us. In front of them was Fushen Thousand Blade, [Vanguard]’s number one Monk. He held a heavy shield in one hand and a blade in the other. As the light reflected off his head, he roared, “Create a shield formation! Whatever it takes, we must hold Xiao Yao Zi Zai off! Vice Guild Master Simple is almost here. I don’t believe that a round of heavy firepower isn’t enough to kill them off. Charge!”

One after another, Knights and Monks all let their shields ram into the ground. There were around 500 players and all around them were Healers. Looks like they wanted to trap us here with this shield formation.

In the team chat, Wan Er said, “Simple will arrive within a minute. Pig, the situation is getting dangerous. We’re losing too many players at this rate. We must break through that formation within 60 seconds, or else we’ll die here. We’re all relying on you. Let’s focus our fire on Fushen, and kill him first. If we make Fushen, the strongest defender, as our goal, then we’ll crush [Vanguard]’s morale in one second!”

“Alright, work with me!”


I suddenly charged forward and swept out my sword. I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] from a distance, right onto Fushen Thousand Blade!


Bastard, Fushen actually had a defense that reached 7000. It was even higher than my own! Otherwise, how else would he take so little damage after such a strong attack. Furthermore, 3000 health was only 15% of his overall health. This was a ten thousand health super iron made meat shield!

I opened one hand and locked [Great Realm of Desolation] onto him, decreasing his health recovery by 50%.

I then leapt forward and raised my Halberd Wielder’s Leg Guards. “Peng!” I knocked away Fushen Thousand Blade’s Shield, forcing him to break his defense stance. An indigo colored wind drifted from my Dragon Reservoir Sword as I threw a [Wind Blade] and then a [Strength of a Thousand Men]. That wasn’t all, I then swung both of my swords and threw 7 attacks within moments. That was already my strongest output of damage!

I then dipped forward, and “Kachink” my sword pierced through Fushen Thousand Blade with a [Blade Rush]. Then, I used a [Halberd Flame] and burned away some more of his health. At the same time, Wan Er took my place and suddenly threw out her Dragon’s Kiss. She dealt a [Blade of the Death God]+[Twin Blade Harmony]+[Chain Attack]+[Flying Dagger], and basically used all of her Assassin skills. At the same time, Qing Qian used a [Grip of the Firefox] to deal a ranged ambush and then Wolf threw a [Flying Dagger] and a [Ten Way Blade].


With a miserable scream, after taking attacks from so many of [Zhan Long]’s experts, Fushen Thousand Blade that meat shield finally couldn’t fend himself anymore and knelt to the ground. I then threw a [Sword Tempest] and charged through the shield formation. Old K, Matcha, and One Second Hero all swept through the formation behind me while [Zhan Long]’s 2000 players all rushed forward.

From a distance I could see that Simple had arrived. She waved her staff and activated [Magma Lance] before my army. Three of [Zhan long]’s players immediately died. The terrifying one had finally arrived!

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