Zhan Long

Chapter 509

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Chapter 509 Crushing the Ambush

As a number of repeated strikes were launched out, [Knights Templar] could not defend at all. As I had expected they were completely annihilated by [Zhan Long]’s firepower. Things were going completely according to the plan; otherwise, we would’ve had to fight an unruly battle. The thing was that half of [Knights Templar] could take out our 12,000 [Zhan Long] players. On one end, Wang Jian, Li Mu, Matcha, and Qing Qian waited for the enemy to be injured before charging into battle with [Valiant Bravery]. As they surged forward, Sole Heir narrowly escaped being killed by Wang Jian. He did not attempt to move forward. No matter how skilled he was at maneuvering, he couldn’t try any tricks with Wang Jian and Old K, those two killing machines going after him. Otherwise he would be instantly killed!


Out of 120 Garrison Outfit men we had, 100 were left standing, which wasn’t too bad of a loss. The cavalry charged forward causing much chaos in the battlefield. About less than 2 hours later, the valley was littered with the corpses of players. Both the largest guilds who had come today has suffered large casualties. From the 50,000 players from [Zhan Long] that came today, only 20,000 were still alive. The looks on everyone’s faces became grave, as they began realizing that 20,000 people were not enough to win this fight. It was impossible.

“Sha Sha…”

My battle boots stepped across the blood soaked grass and my Dragon Reservoir Sword was also dripping blood. I roamed the frontlines, and killed all of the high level players on the enemy side. This was my job. As for all of the newbies, I left those to Dong Cheng Lei and Old K. Wan Er, Qing Qian, and Wang Jian’s goal was the same as mine. We purposely sought out the high level players and decreased their damage, making it easier for our main force to fight.

I glanced at the point rankings and saw that the Kill Count of our [Zhan Long] camp had reached a crazy level——

Chi Yu Han Camp:
1. Xiao Yao Zi Zai Kill Count: 1238
2. Hero Ran Min Kill Count: 977
3. Cang Yue Kill Count: 804
4. Cang Tong Kill Count: 775
5. Dancing Forest Kill Count: 720
6. Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands Kill Count: 614
7. General Wang Jian Kill Count: 541
8. Yue Qing Qian Kill Count: 477
9. General Li Mu Kill Count: 412
10. Misty Cloud Kill Count: 374


Basically, the top ten players have already killed around 7000 players by themselves! That is an enormous amount for ten players. This group of players was always on the front lines, suppressing our opponents and protecting their friends. This shows how important a “Hero Class” player was to a guild. It could be said that the reason [Zhan Long] was able to go through all these battles was because of them. This was also due to the efforts of Qing Qian and Li Mu as they discovered more and more high level players to join our core strength. We would never think that we had too many skilled players in our midst. Besides, right now, we were only battling on the guild level. In the future, when we get to the country battles, the standards for top tier players will be even more intense. Whoever has a group of super strength, determined brothers, is who will be able to rise up on top in this chaotic world!

Afterwards, I glanced at the Kill Count on the Ba Huang City side, only to have my heart crushed. F*ck, a lot of our people had been killed. Now that [Enemies at the Gate] joined the Chi Yu Han Camp and been brutally attacked by [Vanguard], the Kill Count of the enemy suddenly exploded——

Ba Huang City Camp:
1. Jian Feng Han Kill Count: 441
2. Simple Kill Count: 219
3. Fallen Wolf Kill Count: 129
4. Drunken Spear Kill Count: 97
5. Shang Li Kill Count: 54


I looked at my palms as they filled up with cold sweat. God knows what [Vanguard] was thinking. Jian Feng Han actually killed 441 [Enemies at the Gate] payers. The situation on the eastern front wasn’t looking too good. Right here on the [Zhan Long] battlefield, Shang Li had killed 54 [Zhan Long] members and took four of our player’s garrison outfits. After [Vanguard] joined the war, the mission to rescue Chi Yu Han became even harder.

Looking at the interface, there were still fourteen hours before the end of the mission. We still have to fight hard for another fourteen hours.

Qing Qian held her dagger and flew over, “Brother Xiao Yao, I’ve received some news from the scouts that I dispatched to Sword Saint’s Forest. [Vanguard] has a 50000 strong army and is attacking the base of [Enemies at the Gate]. I don’t think that [Enemies at the Gate] can hold on any longer. They’ve already lost around 50% of their men while [Vanguard] didn’t even lose 10000 men. If they continue on like this, then one of our allies will be annihilated.

I gritted my teeth and said, “Immediately assemble the brothers from the main guild. All of the 100 Garrison Outfit warriors follow me. I’ll also take another 2000 men with me. We’re going to break out of the Green Qilin Valley encirclement and head towards the Eastern side of the Sword Saint Forest. From there we’ll ambush the left flank of [Vanguard]’s main formation and decrease the pressure on [Enemies at the Gate]…..”

“But, brother….” Qing Qian blinked a few times and said, “[Vanguard] still has 40,000 people in the Sword Saint Forest! You only have 2000, will that be enough? Besides, Jian Feng Han isn’t an idiot, he’ll probably see us coming!”

I laughed and wiped off the blood on my face, “But Melon, It was because of us that [Enemies at the Gate] has fallen to such a sorry state. If we don’t go and assist them, do we deserve to be called their allies? Li Mu will lead the [Valiant Bravery] camp and stay here to fight the [Knights Templar] and [Fantasy Kingdom]. All people from the [Zhan Long] main guild follow me, and prepare to break out of the encirclement!”

Wan Er bit her lip and pondered for a second, “There’s still around 3100 left in the [Zhan Long] main guild. Totaling the entire guild with the main guild, we still have 8000 players left. Are you sure you want to break out of the valley?”

I nodded, “Yup, we’ll fight with all we have. Besides, we need to create an opportunity for [Enemies at the Gate] to fight back!”

Li Mu laughed loudly, “En. If I was the Guild Master, I would do this too.”

Wang Jian continued, “Brother Xiao Yao, I’ll lead [Valiant Bravery] to kill them outside the encampment and create an opportunity for you guys to break through. You can leave this place to Li Mu and I. We won’t disappoint you!”

I nodded, “Good brother, let’s do this!”



When I gathered everyone together, I had 3000 of [Zhan Long]’s elite players lined up behind me. Wang Jian, Li Mu, and Bai Qi all took command of the [Valiant Bravery] camp and began to lay siege to the enemy. It was as though this was their last charge, as they ran up the hill with all their energy. Like that, they had immediately occupied the area, and faced the 20,000 Fan Shu City troops without any intention of backing away.

“Break through!”

I unsheathed my sword and went straight towards the high plains with the 3000+ [Zhan Long] camp players. In just a few moments, we were able to break through the encirclement and rushed towards the Sword Saint’s Forest.

After breaking through, the encirclement lost around 100 members while our 3000 strong unit was still intact. However, everyone had a tired expression on their faces. There was nothing we could do about it. In order to finish this mission to rescue Chi Yu Han, everyone had to suffer a bit. With [Zhan Long]’s strength, it was a miracle that we were able to beat seven other big guilds. We were all learning through life and death experiences. After this mission, we will rise from the ashes and truly become one of the leading guilds in Destiny. We’ll be on the same level as [Legend] and [Hero’s Mound].


Wan Er suddenly raised her pale arm and suspiciously looked into the forest. She then softly said, “The grass looks like it’s been stepped on. On top of that, it looks as though those bushes have been cut down. It’s probably because someone was trying to hide in the plants. There has to be an ambush waiting for us 200 yards from us. It’s 20 degrees south east. From the looks of it, there’s probably around 5000 players there.”

Qing Qian gasped, “Sister Cang Tong, how… how could you know something so clearly?”

Matcha said, “This is just observational skill. Our Lin beauty really has a lot of game experience…..”

Dancing Forest grasped her Crystal Dragon Long Bow and said, “We know that they’re trying to ambush us here, but what should we do?”

I raised my hand and pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword with a smile, “The 100 Garrison Outfit players, charge forward with me! That ambush is just a bunch of [Beast Traps]. When you get attacked, don’t panic. All Mages, use [Revealing Light] on the area and prepare your fire spells, just in case we get hit by the Death God Arrows. Everyone charge forward! If they want to ambush us, then we’ll just crush them back!”

Matcha smiled, “Wow. Boss is so formidable. Let’s do it!”



With this kill command, I raised my long sword and charged forward with Old K, Qing Qian, One Second Hero, Star Blade, Tang Xin and the other [Zhan Long] camp heavy armor type players. Under the starry night, everyone rushed through the forest and evaded the beast traps easily. When we reached the shrubs, many Archers and Mages appeared one by one and cast their skills onto us.

I turned around and smiled, “Yong Ji?! Charge!”

One Second Hero laughed and rammed his heavy armor into the ground. He then activated the Fierce Sun Shield’s special skill——[Fierce Sun Wall]. At that moment, all [Zhan Long] players within a 1000 yard radius had a ray of light land on them. For seven seconds, their physical and magical defense would increase exponentially. My [Hell’s Flame Armor] already had a lot of magical defense, and with this extra boost, none of the [Magma Abyss]es under my feet could deal much damage!

“[Flying Sword]!”

Moon Feather shouted and let her sword fly out of her hand, right through several Archers and Mages. Meanwhile, several hundred other Swordsmen all released [Flying Sword], and the swords crisscrossed through the forest. Dancing Forest then let out her [Hell’s Meteor Shower], and all of the Garrison Outfit players charged into the chaos. Together, they activated [Impact Roar], letting out several shockwaves that destroyed the tranquility of the entire forest!

“F*ck, has [Zhan Long] gone crazy?!”

One [Vanguard] team leader stood up and shook off the grass hat on his head. He shouted, “Don’t hide yourself anymore! It’s time to attack them head on! Brothers, charge alongside me! Motherf*ckers, to think that someone would actually deal with an ambush like this! It really is shameless!”


A head on attack, that was just what I wanted. I was extremely confident in the elites of our [Zhan Long] main guild. In a head on attack, my 3000 men were far more than enough to deal with their 5000. Their advantage would disappear within a second!

The reality of the battle was just as I had thought. With a single charge from the [Zhan Long]’s elites, we crushed the 5000 man troop. Furthermore, there weren’t any high level players like Simple or Jian Feng Han. This was now [Zhan Long]’s killing ground!

In a short twenty minutes, we were able to kill the 5000 [Vanguard] players who were ambushing us. They dropped around 3000 pieces of equipment and ran away.


Coming out of the forest, the battle between [Vanguard] and [Enemies at the Gate] could be seen in the far plain.

I didn’t hesitate, raised my sword and yelled out, “Follow up our victory and pursue the retreating enemies. Destroy [Vanguard]’s flank!”

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