Zhan Long

Chapter 508

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Chapter 508 Reckless Soldier

Shang Li was pushed backwards but he didn’t actually escape. He knew that I couldn’t instantly kill him, and so he disappeared into the crowded frontlines and looked for an opportunity to suppress me again. This was an extremely smart bastard. He knew to suppress [Zhan Long]’s strongest firepower, thus decreasing the damage done to his own guild.

However, Shang Li had overlooked the fact that in [Zhan Long], besides me, there was also Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Wang Jian, Li Mu, Old K, Dancing Forest, and Qing Qian who were also experts in dealing tons of damage. All across the frontline there were flashes of light, especially coming from Dancing Forest’s [Hell’s Meteor Shower]. It was as though a death god was dealing judgement upon the enemy’s formation. Furthermore, with the protection of Tang Xin, they couldn’t kill Dancing Forest so easily. Old K also had his [Fierce Sun] special skill and killed over a hundred people. There was no way to deal with it otherwise, all of their players were heavy armor types, while Old K’s Fierce Sun battle axe was a Valkyrie Tier. It only dealt 3000-4000 physical damage, and couldn’t instantly kill many people. Moreover, the Mages and Healers had shields while the Archers mostly have over 5000 health. [Fierce Sun] at most could increase the pressure on the enemy, but couldn’t completely crush them.


I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the crowd of people and immediately moved sideways. I hacked at the enemy with both of my swords, and left a trail of blood in my path. My War Swept Cloak fluttered behind me, and I seemed to be a whirlwind sweeping through the core of the [Knights Templar]. I went 100 yards, and after successfully going through a [Sword Tempest], I immediately activated [Haste] and retreated. Even Shang Li wouldn’t have been able to keep me trapped there.

Right at that moment, a high tier Knight from the [Knights Templar] carrying a halberd shouted, “Guild Master, how could we let Xiao Yao Zi Zai arrogantly come and go as he pleases? Brothers, charge with me! Prepare your [Scattered Shot]s and aim them all on Xiao Yao Zi Zai. [Zhan Long] cannot exist without a leader, or else this battle will not end!”

The man who was charging over was none other than the [Knights Templar]’s Vice Guild Master: Reckless Soldier, Lv 87 Knight. It looks like his armor was pretty good, or else he wouldn’t be so confident. All he did was activate a [Dou Qi Armor].

I raised my two swords and made a quick retreat, “I’m going to take a [Scattered Shot]. Wan Er and Qing Qian, support me as I deal with Reckless Soldier. Let’s kill the two Vice Guild Masters of [Knights Templar], and then kill the king!”

Wan Er and Qing Qian both nodded, “Yup!”

Reckless Soldier was followed by a dozen Archers. They all pulled open their bows, with a glowing arrow nocked on the string. In the next moment, several [Scattered Shot]s flew straight at me. With my skill at maneuvering, dodging them would’ve been no problem, but this time, I didn’t dodge. Instead, I crossed my two swords in front of my chest and took a defensive stance!

“Keng keng keng….”

With a flash, a [Scattered Shot] bounced off of the blades of my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword, bringing out several MISSes. There was no other way, my stats were just too high. The difference of stats in determined the success rate of a skill. These Archers were just too much weaker than me, and basically couldn’t break through my defense. The success rate of a stun from those [Scatter Shot]s was not even 5%!

However, they didn’t disappoint me in the end. Finally, a [Scatter Shot] pierced right into my neck, and blood spurted out. The stun had finally succeeded and lasted for 2 seconds!


Reckless Soldier roared and raised his halberd. Within seconds, he managed to decrease the distance between us to 10 yards. He then used a [Skyshaker Pierce]+[Flame Axe] and sliced into my chest!

“Keng keng!”



His attack power was a lot weaker than Shang Li’s. All he could do was widen his eyes and shout, “What a high defense! Are you still a Swordsman?”

At that moment, Wan Er and Qing Qian both activated [Absolute Step] and charged towards us. In the distance, Shang Li shouted to Reckless Soldier, “Yo, hurry up and come back! It’s a trap! They’re going to kill you!”

Reckless Soldier gritted his teeth and said, “Mages, focus your fire on Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I’ll hold off the others. If we kill him, then we’ll win!”

“Peng!” He rammed his shield into the ground. Reckless Soldier was a brave man, and was just going to go against me like that. While I was suffering from the Mages’ [Magma Abyss]es and [Indigo Sea Arrow]s, I swung both of my swords and poured Dou Qi into the blades. My aim wasn’t to attack faster, but to increase the power of my blade. I then threw three combos into Reckless Soldier’s shield!




Motherf*cker, what a strong defense. That trash had nearly 7000 defense, and that shield was probably a Saint Tier. It increased his defense by at least 1500, or else there would have been no way he could so perfectly defend against my damage.


After three attacks, Reckless Soldier suddenly raised his halberd and threw a heavy slash and retreated. He had at least 15,000 health, as he now only had around 50% of it left. If he didn’t leave now, then he would never have been able to escape. Even a [Heal] from a Healer would be no use. After all, this was [Zhan Long]’s formation. There was damage coming from all sides!

“Sha sha sha….”

Wan Er immediately leapt over, her white cloak fluttering behind her. The Dragon’s Kiss dagger in her hand started glowing with Dou Qi energy from the Hermit God. She fluttered her eyes, and said in the team chat, “Pig, drag him over here. Watch out for [Fierce Ram] and use [Great Realm of Desolation] to decrease his heal recovery!”


I opened my hand, but Reckless Soldier immediately noticed my killing intent. He immediately locked a [Fierce Ram] onto Li Mu to increase the distance between us, and thus not get cursed by me.


While Reckless Soldier began his charge, I locked my [Great Realm of Desolation] onto him, and then I activated my special skill [Defeat the Dragon]!


A dragon chain flew out and grabbed onto Reckless Soldier and dragged him to me. I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and activated [Wind Blade]+[Strength of a Thousand Men]. That trash, however, had too much defense and health. In the blink of an eye, he escaped my [Defeat the Dragon] and raised his halberd and heavy shield. This was probably Reckless Soldier’s talent, not getting killed!

However, a red light flashed out and Reckless Soldier was stunned. Wan Er walked from behind him and activated [Blade of the Death God]. In three slashes, Reckless Soldier’s health dropped to the bottom!

Qing Qian sprinted over and cast a [Grip of the Firefox]. “Kong!” I could here a fox roar out, and Reckless Soldier finally fell to the ground. He had been killed by our two female Assassins!

Right at that moment, a group of [Knights Templar]’s core experts charged towards Wan Er. This group was going to put their lives on the line to protect Reckless Soldier! Shang Li raised his halberd and stabbed at Wan Er’s back!


Wan Er gave a soft grunt. She suddenly spun around and grabbed her Iron Umbrella. “Peng!” She opened it up and rammed it into Shang Li’s incoming halberd. Afterwards, another Swordsmen threw a [Skyshaker Slash] towards the beautiful little miss. Wan Er immediately retreated and raised her Dragon’s Kiss dagger to parry the attack. Although she successfully defended herself, she had lost balance.


A Berserker activated [Berserker God] and charged towards us. With both hands, he raised his battle axe and threw a fierce slice!

Wan Er flew into the sky and gripped her iron umbrella with both hands. “Peng!” She blocked the attacks, but was forced back a dozen meters. Moreover, rays of magic fell onto her. No matter how good her maneuvers were, she had no way of using her Iron Umbrella to defend. Her health immediately fell. “Hua!” She fell into the grass and rolled, her white armor was covered in mud.

I quickly raised my hand and gave a [Heal] to her. Afterwards, I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged towards the main culprit. My blade pierced right into his chest. In addition, the Purple Kirin Dragon activated [Dragon’s Breath], killing the Berserker in one blow. At the same time, I saw another Knight about to attack Wan Er. It was [Knights Templar]’s other Vice Guild Master—— Ye Du Ge, a Lv 87 Knight!

I raised my hand and activated [Dragon’s Hook]!

“Be careful, Du Ge!”

With Shang Li’s shout, Ye Du Ge raised his long sword and retreated. He stared at my arm. The second that the Dragon’s Hook activated, Ye Du Ge immediately side stepped two steps, dodging the skill! This was a man that was highly skilled in maneuvers!


My Dragon’s Hook pierced into the opposite cliff, and without any hesitation, I tugged on the chain. The hook immediately shrunk, bringing me forward. I passed right by Ye Du Ge and swept out my Dragon’s Reservoir Sword!



Yup, Ye Du Ge wasn’t wasn’t a stamina Knight, and his defense was much lower than Reckless Soldier and Shang Li’s. From the way that he dodged the Dragon’s Hook, I could tell that he had added a lot of agility to his stats. He raised his long sword and charged towards me, and used a [Fierce Ram]!

While I was in the air, I threw a [Wind Blade], dispelling the [Fierce Ram]. Spells and arrows flew straight at me, for I had become the center target of all of the enemy’s firepower.

Ye Du Ge’s long sword flew through the air and suddenly threw a fiery slash. That trash was an attack type Knight!

I felt as though my entire body had been turned into a porcupine. My [Wall of Dou Qi] had already disappeared, and there were still a few seconds before the cool down was over. I needed to make it through this. I raised my Cold Iron Sword and “Keng!”, I parried Ye Du Ge’s slash, forcing me to fly backwards. While I was in the air, I raised my sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the crowd!

Not only did Ye Du Ge’s attack not succeed, he had also lost 4000 health from the area attack. He gritted his teeth and retreated!


When I reached the ground, I slid through the grass several meters. I then activated the God Army Cards in my hand and [Seven Star Teleportation] appeared before me. I raised my sword and stepped into the light. “Shua!” I appeared beside Ye Du Ge, and then he immediately flicked his wrist and stabbed his sword toward me.

In terms of swordsmanship, I was an expert. Without hesitation, I raised my boot, and “Peng!” I kicked his wrist, cutting off the attack. Right afterwards, I went on the offensive and Ye Du Ge’s eyes revealed a sliver of fear, “Oh no!”

I threw five cuts with my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword. Ye Du Ge’s health had been hacked down while he was in the air and with a grunt, he died.

I roared and activated [Wall of Dou Qi]. Behind me, Wan Er, Wolf, Li Mu and a few others walked over and we pushed forward on the frontlines once again. Like that, we had forced [Knights Templar] back. In addition, [Zhan Long] only suffered a little damage. All of our Garrison Outfit players activated [Impact Roar] and in the blink of an eye, [Knights Templar] had been crushed.

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