Zhan Long

Chapter 505

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Chapter 505 Facing Death God Arrows Again!

Buckets of rain fell from the sky and our view became even more impaired. Furthermore, all fire based attacks were significantly weaker. Our Mages’ [Pillar of Fire and Ice] and [Magma Abyss] had all been weakened by at least half of their original attack power. Even Dong Cheng had given up using [Magma Lance] and [Magma Abyss], and instead used [Thunderbolt Finger]. Lightning shot through the rain drops, magnifying the attack power even more.


I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] that sliced through the crowd. My Cold Iron Sword then spun nine times through the [Flying Dragon] army. Dancing Forest also shot a [Meteor Shot] into the center of the oncoming enemy and locked a [Hell’s Meteor Shower] onto Drunken Spear. She stared right at him, preventing Drunken Spear from moving too close. All he could do was activate [Thousand Layer Wave] from a distance, killing two of [Zhan Long]’s heavy armor players before making a quick retreat

It was clear that these three big guilds were stronger than [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the Gods]. Very soon, [Flying Dragon]’s close combat type players will have charged out of [Zhan Long]’s fire net. One after another, the Knights all raised their heavy shields and rammed into [Zhan Long]’s shield formation. Once they moved their shields away, they would immediately activate [Skyshaker Pierce] and [Flame Axe], marking the start of our clash.



My Flaming Tiger God roared and activated [Burstfire Raid]. I brandished my sword and fought alongside my little tiger. I was like a whirlwind of blades that brought about rivers of blood. While I was killing, I also stacked my [Kill for Blood] up to 100, increasing my attack power by 100%. The attacks from my dominant hand made the [Flying Dragon] players in the front row all scream in pain and frustration. They were unable to defend against me and they were extremely deadly.

Wang Jian and Li Mu both activated area attacks like [Halberd Whirlwind], [Covering Sword Slash] and [Glacial Hammer]. Wan Er fought on her own, dealing [Blade of the Death God], [Hermit God’s Arrival]. Her [Domain Control] caused a whole row of enemy players to lose control of their attacks, creating an area of effect attack.

In the back row, Fox gathered together a group of Musketeers and raised his own rifle and shouted, “On my signal, activate [Bombardment] and [Artillery] and [Magma Bullet]… Now!”

“Peng Peng Peng…”

Shots rang out and the field was covered in a hail of bullets that pierced through armor like it was wet paper. A flock of [Flying Dragon] players all fell to the ground, and the grass around them was burnt crisp, as though a terrifying blaze had passed through.


“F*ck….” Soaring Dragon raised his mage staff and shouted, “Bring me a team of Berserkers! Activate [Berserker God] and charge forward! Kill all those Musketeers. We’ll stuff those muskets right back down their throats!”

At that moment, a team of 300 Berserkers all raised their battle axes and charged forward. Tang Xing, Moon Feather and Star Blade then brought forth a team of Garrison outfit wearing super-heavy armor players to block the onslaught. After a storm of attacks, along with the support of Mages and Archers, [Flying Dragon]’s 300 men had reached the point of no return, and all fell on the battlefield.

Even though the enemy had a greater number of players overall, the opening of the valley was only 200 meters wide, putting [Zhan Long] in the advantage. It was clear that we had the dominant hand, but Soaring Dragon didn’t seem to register this fact and relied solely on his 50,000 man army to try and crush us.

“Their long range players are starting to charge…” Li Mu took a deep breath and smiled, “Brothers, have you prepared your cool downs?”

One Second Hero and Star Blade both nodded. Li Mu then raised his sword shouted his command with a smile, “Knights, charge in the front row, while the Swordsmen all follow a row behind them! Let’s cut them down!”

I also raised my sword and activated [Blade Rush]. This was [Zhan Long]’s first wave of counterattacks!

Against a mass of spells and arrows, I activated my Flame Prison’s special skill, [Flame Domain]. This skill decreased all fire type damage dealt to friends within a 100 yard radius. It was practically equivalent to a [Dou Qi Armor]’s effect! Furthermore, One Second Hero raised his Flaming Sun Shield and activated [Flaming Sun Wall], increasing both physical and magical defense of friends within 1000 yard radius by 50%!

The shields of our front row Knight players were covered in arrows, and they all activated [Blade Rush] at the same time, sprinting forward 40 yards. I raised both of my swords and activated [Sword Tempest] while Wang Jian activated his [Halberd Whirlwind]. In that second, we instantly killed a horde of [Flying Dragon] players, cutting down their numbers. Within a short 7 seconds, nearly 2000 players had been killed. Moreover, [Zhan Long]’s players all had the [Flaming Sun Wall] buff, making it nearly impossible to kill them. Only a high level expert like Drunken Spear could kill a few.

“Our plan succeeded, retreat!” Li Mu whooped.

I raised my two swords and brought up the rear. Wan Er helped cover us all during the retreat. Our counterattack was executed perfectly, and we lost less than 100 of our players while massacring [Flying Dragon]’s entire front row. The two flanks, [Hero’s Mound: Division One] and [Wrath of the Heroes] weren’t any better off, and had been forced into a retreat by our army. A speedy ambush turned into utter defeat. Once [Zhan Long] retreated, they immediately lunged forward, renewing their morale….


“Keng keng keng….”

Swords clanged against [Zhan Long]’s shield formation. Fierce Tiger lead a team of [Flying Dragon]’s heavy armor players to advance. They had three times the number of players we had on the frontlines. As they charged into our formation, they activated [Skyshaker Slash] and [Combo].

Matcha hid behind her heavy shield and activated [Phantom Holy Shield]. Rays of light descended upon her heavy shield and she shouted, “Use [Heavenly Shield Wall] to defend against them! When their skills enter cool down, begin our counterattack!”

Three seconds later, [Zhan Long]’s Knights and Monks all moved away their shields and swung their sharp blades. Blood spurted from the enemy as they cut them down. In the back row, Dancing Forest, Lian Po, and Fox all went crazy and barraged the enemy with explosive long range attacks like [Magma Bullet] and [Artillery], covering the frontline in smoke.

“Ka ka!”

My Dragon Reservoir Sword cut down two Swordsmen as I held off the attacks on the frontline. My chest plate was covered in scratches from arrows and spells. I then let my Cold Iron Sword fly out while I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword in my right hand. This godly weapon was dripping with blood and rainwater. I stepped forward with my Cloud Stepping Boots; since I hadn’t moved in so long, I had created a deep ditch in my original position, allowing the Barbarian Berserkers to continuously swing their axes at me from higher ground. Of course my Cold Iron Sword could easily parry these attacks, and I could cut them down with two slices from my Dragon Reservoir Sword. That was where I was most talented in, swiftly and efficiently killing my enemies. The more players I killed, the more I decreased the pressure on our own players.

All of our players in the formation seemed to have been washed in blood. Wan Er, Wang Jian, Bai Qi and I all originally had white battle cloaks that were now dyed crimson from all of the blood and many of our players had died in battle. On the bright side, there were 10,000 [Zhan Long] players coming to reinforce us. It was only like this could we continue on in this long fight.


We battled fiercely for 20 minutes and finally, a “Ji Ji Ya Ya” sound came from the top of the hill. A row of Death God Arrow machines appeared on the hilltop. Wang Ze Cheng was finally using his trump card!

“Careful, the Death God Arrows are here!” I shouted. I gave commands in the guild chat, “Healers and Mages, open up your shields. Archers, the second those Death God Arrows are released, activate [Crystallize]. Musketeers, you don’t have any survival skills, and so you need to retreat for the moment. Watch the angle of the hill that is before us. Those Death God Arrows won’t be on a flat surface, so they’ll most likely come at a downward angle!”

As I said that, I pulled up a system tool and measured our distance and said, “There’s around 50-80 yards between us and the hill. Everyone must maintain this distance. [Heavenly Shield Wall] and [Dou Qi Armor] can minimize the damage dealt by those Death God Arrows. All Mages be prepared to use flame type magic to burn away the poison vines and defend against their attack! All front row players, prepare to charge forward with me! Those [Death God Arrows] only have 5000 durability. We just need to advance and cut them down!”

Everyone nodded.

In the next second, nearly 200 Death God Arrow machines were pushed down the unsteady hill. When they were halfway down, Wang Ze Cheng raised his hand and shouted, “That’s enough! If we go forward anymore, we’ll be hit by their long range attacks. Prepare to shoot!”

A few seconds later, the enemy finished aiming the arrows. “Peng Peng Peng!” We could all hear the sounds of the arrows being released. One after another, these heavy arrows thudded into [Zhan Long]’s shields, bringing along their poisonous vines. “Pu pu pu” they pierced into our players. Within moments, at least a hundred of our players had been instantly killed. Those that survived after being hit, had their armor pierced, causing them to be poisoned!


Dong Cheng raised her hand and activated [Magma Lance]+[Magma Abyss] in the [Zhan Long] formation. All of the Mages behind her did the same. “Ts Ts Pa Pa!” The vines burned away and rays of light from our Healers descended upon our army. Like this, we managed to deal with the poisonous vines effect. Li Mu roared and charged forward, bringing [Zhan Long]’s close combat players rushing forward. With a [Blade Rush], they all quickly advanced, and within seconds, reached the Death God Arrow machines. Everyone then activated [Impact Roar] and cut down the deadly arrows. With a “Pa!”, the machines broke apart and immediately became useless!

Once everyone retreated, I glanced at the numbers. Over 270 Death God Arrow machines had been destroyed, while we had lost 300 players. This wasn’t too bad. Q-Sword was probably feeling the loss from this battle. Thankfully Wang Ze Cheng was one of Q-Sword’s underlings, or else, if he hadn’t continuously borrowed those Death God Arrows, we wouldn’t have been able to break them so easily. As more and more players have over 10,000 health, we no longer had to be afraid of those machines.

After 3 hours of battle, and the destruction of another batch of Death God Arrows, Wang Ze Cheng’s killer machines had been destroyed. [Flying Dragon], [Hero’s Mound: Division One] and [Wrath of the Heroes] were becoming gradually weaker. Mountains of bodies began to pile up and the autumn rain had finally stopped, while rivers of blood pooled together at the bottom of the valley.

With a swing, I cut down a group of critically damaged [Flying Dragon] players. I then raised my hand and activated [Great Realm of Desolation] and killed Fierce Tiger. I raised my sword and glanced behind me. [Zhan Long]’s players were all covered in blood, and had been killing for so long that their eyes had turned red. The more we killed, the stronger we were becoming and the more the enemy suffered. Most likely because he couldn’t take any more losses, Liu Ying finally raised his sword and began to retreat, shouting “We’ve lost over 80% of our players! We can’t go on! Retreat, we cannot continue like this. [Vanguard] and [Prague] won’t have the patience to just stand by and watch!”

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