Zhan Long

Chapter 504

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Chapter 504 The Three Guilds Ally Together Again

In general, the players who killed a lot of our members had been dealt with by us, excluding Shen Bing. After that battle, she probably won’t participate in any great scale attacks on [Zhan Long] anymore. Not Ordinary, Lu Dong Bing, and You Yi all died in battle. The one person that was worth my attention was Drunken Spear. Last time at the battle of Sword Saint Abyss, Drunken Spear didn’t manage to lead any achievements and is probably extremely frustrated. Based on what I know about him, Drunken Spear is a very carefree man, but deep down inside, he’s also extremely prideful. After being humiliated that time at Sword Saint Abyss, he will definitely settle this debt, to the extent that he would charge out on his own and kill 19 of our players. Furthermore, the longer it takes for me to kill him, the higher this number would rise.

No matter how strong [Zhan Long] is together, not everybody is as strong as Drunken Spear. Besides, if you were to look at the entire [Zhan Long] guild, there were probably only around 3 that could defeat Drunken Spear on one on one battle. Dong Cheng, Wan Er and I could easily defeat him, but it was harder to say for our other players.


“Sha sha….”

I heard a soft pitter patter, and felt a light raindrop on my face. I looked up and saw that the sky was covered in dark clouds. The rain washed away the blood on the ground. At the same time, the players bodies began to slowly disappear into the mud. This process would take around 5 hours, and so it still looked as though the ground was covered in bodies.

Li Mu raised his Tian Chen Sword and walked over to me. He then lowered his voice and said, “I’ve already sent out around 100 Assassins to scout out the perimeter 1000 yards away from Green Qilin Abyss. If the wind even blows on the grass, then we’ll be the first to know.”

Qing Qian blinked a few times and looked up at the hill, “[Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the Gods] have suffered a lot, they probably won’t come again. I wonder who will be next, [Prague] or [Vanguard]?”

“No…” Li Mu shook his head and said, “[Vanguard]’s 30,000 main guild army has remained in Firestone Canyon, grinding levels and completing quests. Ba Huang City has 17 branches of scouts that have pitched camp at Firestone Canyon, and so [Vanguard]’s people have been able to gain quite a bit of experience. Firestone Canyon is around 9000 yards away from here. Jian Feng Han won’t give up such a great level grinding area. [Prague] has gone to Nightmare Plains. Yan Zhao Warrior is also busy grinding levels, and doesn’t seem bothered with [Zhan Long]’s quest to save Chi Yu Han. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t watching the situation.”

I made a fist and said, “As long as [Prague] and [Vanguard] don’t act then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Wan Er, make sure to pay attention to all of [Hero’s Mound]’s actions. I’m more worried about whether or not Q-Sword plans on sending troops out to Ba Huang City again. Once [Hero’s Mound]’s main guild comes, then we’ll have to face a destructive pressure. The sooner we know their movements, the sooner [Zhan Long] can make preparations.”

Wan Er bit her lip and smiled, “Ok. I have some friends in [Hero’s Mound]’s main guild that I’m still in contact with. For the moment, [Hero’s Mound] doesn’t seem to have any movements. I’ve become smarter, I won’t let Q-Sword ambush Ba Huang City as he pleases….”

Dong Cheng pouted and said, “Tang Qi that idiot says that there hasn’t been any movement in [Hero’s Mound] either. He said that they’re still at Poacher’s Camp grinding levels….”

“Yup, that sounds good!”

At that moment, Li Mu’s eyes turned cold and he said, “The second wave of enemies are coming. I just got intel from my scouts in Ba Huang Forest that [Wrath of the Heroes], [Hero’s Mound: Division One], and [Flying Dragon] have gotten together. In total, they have over 50,000 players. Furthermore, someone said that they saw [Hero’s Mound: Division One] players pushing Death God Arrows over. There’s around… 500 sets of them!”

“They’re coming at us again?”

Wan Er’s elegant eyebrows raised and she looked at me, “Pig, we’ve already suffered enough pain from these Death God Arrows. This time, we must make the necessary preparations, and make sure we don’t get hit by these Death God Arrows again.”

I nodded and looked at our surroundings. I smiled, “The terrain here is uneven and hilly, not a flatland. Furthermore, there are large trees surrounding us, making it harder for these Death God Arrows to be utilized at their fullest extent. Once they push those Death God Arrows down here, then we’ll be ready. If they activate, then we’ll use flame spells to burn away those poison vines. Healers, prepare to keep our health up. 500 sets of Death God Arrows can’t instantly kill us. [Zhan Long]’s heavy armor players will lead the charge. Those 120 warriors who have the Garrison Outfit will use [Impact Roar] to destroy those Death God Arrows. Like that, there won’t be any problem. Creating these Death God Arrows costs a lot, we’ll just let Q-Sword waste his money.”

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes looked forward and she gave a dimpled smile, “There’s another thing. Those Garrison Outfit elite warriors all have over 10,000 health, while the Death God Arrows at most can deal 3000 damage to them. As long as the poison doesn’t suck away their health, then those Death God Arrows aren’t enough to kill them. As the game progresses, more and more players have over 10,000 health now, and the Death God Arrows strength will become increasingly weaker. The main character in battles will always be each player’s own strength.”


I slowly pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and smiled, “Has everyone rested up? Let’s prepare for battle! [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound: Division One] are coming to attack us, it’s time that we give them a warm welcome!”

Qing Qian smiled, “How about I bring some people from Dragon’s Den?”

I nodded, “Ok. Dragon’s Den recently hasn’t had much enemy movement lately. If we were to bring [Zhan Long]’s members here, then we’ll fully be able to crush our enemies at battle!”



Not long after, countless players appeared on the border of Green Qilin Valley. [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of the Heroes], and [Hero’s Mound: Division One] players had all arrived. Soaring Dragon, Drunken Spear, Liu Ying, Little Piggy, Wang Ze Cheng, and Suo Yue all appeared on the edge of the canyon. They were around 150 yards away from us, so close that we could hear what they were saying.

Drunken Spear raised his iron spear and looked at all of the player bodies on the ground. He wiped away some rainwater from his face. He then revealed a stunned expression and said, “F*ck, Xiao Yao Zi Zai really is a battle genius. [Zhan Long] under his direction has practically become a killing machine! [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the Gods] died such a miserable death! Isn’t this the prelude to an execution?!”

Liu Ying glared at him and said, “There’s no need for Drunken Spear to be modest. No matter how strong [Zhan Long]’s members are, they are still mortals. The only reason [Thousand Burial] had lost so miserably is because Not Ordinary had aimed too high, and completely underestimated the strength of Li Xiao Yao!”

Little Piggy nodded, “Yup, boss is right. We must target our battle strategy against [Zhan Long] and plan out our attack well. That way, we’ll win!”

Wang Ze Cheng raised his spear and wrapped his left arm around Suo Yue’s waist and placed his hand on her bum. He then slowly rubbed the cheeks, making her blush. Wang Ze Cheng laughed and said, “It’s ok. Based on my estimate, [Zhan Long] has at most 10,000 players left at the bottom of the abyss. [Valley of the Gods] and [Thousand Burial] probably killed around 7000 of them? We, on the other hand, have around 50,000 troops in our hands. With our numbers we’ll be able to push them down, if not crush them. Don’t worry, [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] aren’t going to directly provide support to [Zhan Long] for now. They don’t want to step into this mud just yet, because they cannot!”

Drunken Spear looked at Wang Ze Cheng’s hand on Yan Suo and couldn’t help but reveal an ugly expression, “Cang Cheng, can you f*cking pay more attention? This is the frontline of a battle, and yet you look as though you want to rush off to take your b*tch to bed as soon as possible. If you were to do these things here, then what would others think? That they’re fighting for their lives at the battle front just so you can happily be some Guild Master?”

Wang Ze Cheng hesitated, and then gritted his teeth. Finally he moved his hand away from Yan Suo and raised his golden shield with a smile, “Drunken Spear, your words are extremely right. But, all you know is how to talk. Later, when we’re really fighting, I want to see just how many players this [Flying Dragon]’s number one general really can kill. Let’s see if you really have the ability to deal with Li Xiao Yao, Lin Wan Er, and Dong Cheng Yue’s strength.”

Drunken Spear swept out his long spear and softly said, “What’s important isn’t whether or not we can defeat them. The most important part is that we do our best!”

At that moment, Soaring Dragon, “Alright now, what’s the point in saying all that? Why don’t we first think of how we’re going to advance? Which guild is going first? Or is all three guilds charging at once?”

Wang Ze Cheng wryly smiled, “Does that even need to be said? Flying Dragon has 38,000 members, with 25,000 online right now. You’re the oldest, and so you should go first!”

Soaring Dragon couldn’t help but smile, “Please, don’t tease me. I’m completely conscious of [Flying Dragon]’s strength. Cang Cheng is the true strong one. You’ve only been in Ba Huang City for so long, and yet you managed to make [Hero’s Mound: Division One] continuously expand and gain more divisions. Of the ten or so divisions that you do have, there’s over a total of 20,000 members. To be honest, your Division One strength is much stronger than my guilds!”

Liu Ying furrowed his brow and said, “What bullsh*t are you guys fighting over? Why don’t we all just charge at once? [Flying Dragon] will charge in the middle, [Wrath of the Heroes] will take the left flank, while [Hero’s Mound] will take the right flank. Whoever kills the most players in [Zhan Long] is the strongest, is there anymore need to discuss this? Cang Ceng, when are your Death God Arrows going to arrive? We’ll attack then!”

Wang Ze cheng nodded and said, “It’ll arrive in 10 minutes. Why don’t we advance first!”




One of the Swordsman in [Flying Dragon] pulled out his sword and pointed it at [Zhan Long]’s formation and shouted, “[Flying Dragon], advance! Let’s kill our sworn enemy——[Zhan Long]!”

On the hill, the sounds of battle rang through the air. Countless players from the three guilds covered the hillside. They outnumbered us by too much.

However, [Zhan Long]’s players weren’t afraid. Li Mu and Wang Jian all pulled out their swords and stared directly forward at their enemy. Li Mu laughed, “Brothers, take our your true strength and let’s properly teach these disobedient bastards!”

I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and already set up four [Azure Dragon Crossbow]s. Four giant gods pulled open their crossbows, letting loose several green glowing dragon arrows into the air. The force behind these arrows was extremely strong. If I end up killing more people than Old K during this quest, then it will be mostly due to this skill.

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