Zhan Long

Chapter 503

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Chapter 503 Numb to Killing

Thousands of Wolf Hawk Knights charged towards the players in our back row. We needed to drag the aggro away from them, or else these Wolf Hawk Knights would charge right at our Archers, and the damages would be too great.


I immediately halted my Cloud Stepping Boots, and looked up into the sky. Flames suddenly started rising around me and in the next second, both of my blades swung around me, creating a fierce wind. My Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword flew along the winds and shot straight into the crowd of Wolf Hawk Knights. In the blink of an eye, I lured the aggro of at least 40 Wolf Hawk Knights towards myself. With a screech, they all darted right towards me!

“Sha sha….”

I quickly calculated the angle of attack and immediately retreated as I activated [Wall of Dou Qi]. I then swung Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the air. Afterwards, I let my Cold Iron Sword fly straight into the Wolf Hawk Knights. “Hong!” It dealt seven different attacks. The first wave of Wolf Hawk Knights were already right before me. The cavalrymen on the the backs of the hawks all raised their halberds and through a [Skyshaker Pierce] that smashed into my Flame Prison Armor!

“Peng Peng Peng…”





One after another, damage numbers flew up, and all came at the same time. My health dropped to 30% in seconds. Darling Duck immediately used a [Grip of Compassion] to keep me alive. As I retreated backwards, I threw another [Combo] and forcefully held off the Wolf Hawk Knights. Behind me, Dong Cheng raised her palm and activated [Thunderbolt Finger]. At that moment, the Wolf Hawk Knights continuously screeched in pain, and a dozen of the monsters died under that single attack, decreasing the pressure on me!

On the frontlines, Wang Jian’s [Halberd Whirlwind], Li Mu’s [Covering Sword Slash], and Old K’s [Whirlwind Slash] ravaged the enemy armies. At the same time, a [Flying Sword] flew out and cut into the monsters. [Zhan Long]’s frontline clashed with these Wolf War Hawk Knights, despite all of the odds against us. Dying screams rang throughout the battle field. Not everyone in [Zhan Long] had a high enough defense, and not long after, several hundred people died in battle.


The Wolf Hawk Knight’s halberd was parried by Wan Er’s Dragon’s Kiss dagger. Sparks flew and Wan Er took the chance to go into [Stealth]. She then activated [Hermit God’s Arrival], and flew into the sky. The winds circled around her body and she began to wave both of her hands. These daggers struck their targets, creating bloody flowers. The strength of the [Hermit God’s Arrival] spun around the beautiful little miss’ body, greatly increasing her defense and attack power. When she descended, she waited for the skill to finish the cool down, and very soon, began her second barrage of attacks. Of [Zhan Long]’s entire guild, there wasn’t a single other Assassin that could kill so many players in one attack.

At the same time, the Purple Kirin Dragon screamed in pain. It had finally been ripped apart by the Wolf Hawk Knights. Once it died, it turned into a flash of light and returned into Wan Er’s pet dimension. Even ants can bite an elephant to death, much less when those ants had an attack power as high as the Wolf Hawk Knights.

“One Second Hero, now is the time. Protect everyone!” Li Mu shouted.

Cheng Young Jie immediately rammed his Flaming Sun Shield into the ground. “Peng!” A fiery light spread from the shield——[Flaming Sun Wall]. It increased the physical and magical defense of all friends within 1000 yards by 50% and lasted for 30 seconds!

At that moment, a ray of light fell upon our armies and everyone’s health immediately increased. That wasn’t all, I turned around and threw a glance at Old K, “Old K, use [Fierce Sun]!”

Old K laughed and threw his Fierce Sun battle axe into the air and “Shua!”, it flew into the air. When it reached its peak, it spun around, forming flaming circle. “Hong!” It fell on the ground and created an enormous wave. This was an 1000 yard range attack by an extremely strong weapon. Within seconds, over a hundred [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the Gods] players that had critical health died under the attack. That bastard’s ability to kill people is just too great!


However, the fact that they outnumbered us was still a problem. Besides the ambush from the skies, [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the Gods] also charged at us from the ground. After a round of fierce attacks, nearly a thousand [Zhan Long] players lie in puddles of blood.

After holding out like this for an hour, nearly 20,000 Wolf Hawk Knights turned into piles of equipment and experience that fell into the [Zhan Long] formation. All that was left to worry about was [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the Gods]!

“Ka Cha…”

When I cut down a Wolf Hawk Knight with my blood Dragon Reservoir Sword, I turned around and started sprinting towards Not Ordinary. As he cut down one of our Knights, I shouted, “Now it’s your turn!”

I gripped my sword and lunged at him. My Cold Iron Sword also flew out from its sheath and cut through the people in front of me. I then raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. Added on to that, I set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow], killing several dozen of the enemy in seconds. Not Ordinary also raised his battle axe and started to retreat. At that moment, Li Mu, Dong Cheng, and Wan Er all came to give support. One after another, [Zhan Long]’s elite all lunged at Not Ordinary!

At that bottom of the hill, Yao Yan raised her long sword and lead 1000 of [Zhan Long: Defense Army]’s men and shouted, “Cut straight towards the enemy and cut off their retreat. Let’s trap them inside Green Qilin Abyss! If they dare come here, then they better not plan on going back!”

These warriors had entered a whole new level of killing. Yao Yan was truly an outstanding leader. Of the players that Wan Er brought from Fan Shu City, only Yao Yan managed to reach Li Mu and Wang Jian’s, but that was enough. [Zhan Long: Defense Army] was destined to become [Zhan Long] main guild’s right arm.

When their retreat was cut off, the 6000 players of [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the Gods] all panicked and immediately turned around to break through. With that, they revealed their back to [Zhan Long]’s main guild 7000 players, and suffered great losses.

“Kill Not Ordinary!”

With a shout, Wolf raised his dagger and charged over. He activated [Absolute Step] and quickly accelerated forward. From a distance, he activated [Flying Dagger] and cut down 3000 of Not Ordinary’s health. He then slid forward and “Shua!” brushed past Not Ordinary’s shoulder. In that split second, he had already stunned Not Ordinary. Wolf then followed the attack with a poisonous skill, decreasing Not Ordinary’s heal recovery by 50%. He then crossed both daggers in front of his chest and “Keng!” Parried an attack from a Berserker and retreated into the crowd.

I aimed my target on Not Ordinary and leaned backwards slightly. I then threw my Dragon Reservoir Sword out and activated [Blade Spin]!

“Pu Chi!”


That attack dealt critical damage. Not Ordinary, that unlucky bastard was killed instantly. He grunted and fell to his knees. Like that, the only officer level player left in [Thousand Burial] was Bai Mo Yan. She raised her long bow and retreated while softly saying, “We’ve been defeated. Retreat, we’ve already killed quite a few of [Zhan Long]’s players. Let’s quit while we’re ahead!”

At the same time, she also sent me a message, “Youngster, say something and let me and my sisters out of here. That way, I can at least let you know more enemy intel!”

I nodded and sent a message to Yue Yao. Very soon, Yue Yao pretended to make a mistake, allowing Shen Bing and the others to charge their way out of the abyss. Afterwards, we continued to kill the rest of the players.


At the top of the mountain, the Fierce Tiger army leader Lachlan raised his battle axe and appeared. With a furious expression on his face, he shouted, “F*ck, these bastards actually managed to annihilate my Wolf Hawk Army. I will crush them!”

On the side, a flag bearer said, “My lord, this group of adventurers are extremely fierce. We cannot continue fighting them head on like this. Otherwise, all of our people would die before we even manage to bring back Chi Yu Han. If we keep this up, then our position in Ba Huang City will be even lower than Luo Lin, Angela, and Forgotten Sea. The Fierce Tiger Army might even end up being disbanded. At that point, what can my lord use to fight?”

Lachlan trembled and shouted, “Alright, then we’ll wait to make our move. We’ll charge when the time is right. Why don’t we just let these ignorant adventurers battle these bandits first!”

“My lord is wise!”


After harvesting lives for an hour, Green Qilin Valley was covered in corpses.Very few players from [Valley of the Gods] and [Thousand Burial] managed to escape. Of the 24,000 enemy players that initially came charging at us, 20,000 of them were now corpses lying at our feet. They had underestimated [Zhan Long]]s defense and explosive power. In a formation battle, in terms of close combat, we had Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K, while in terms of long range, we had Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, and General Lian Po. Even if [Legend] were to try and come at us, we wouldn’t easily fall, much less [Thousand Burial] or [Valley of the Gods] those third rate guilds. This time, we truly sealed our position as the fifth ranked guild in the Chinese Server.

Everyone spread out to clean up the battlefield. I stood at the border of the map with my sword and carefully watched out for any movements in our surroundings.

Matcha raised her sword and walked over, “Boss, this battle’s results have come out, do you want to hear me talk about them?”

I nodded, “Yup, tell me now….”

Matcha bit her lip and said, “In this battle, we had killed in total 21067 of the enemy’s players. We ourselves lost 3714. Most of our losses came from elites in the main guild, Division One and the Defense Army. Right now, there are 16249 of [Zhan Long]’s players online. If we were to take on another two waves of attacks, then we might end up with less than 10,000 players left. What should we do? Boss, are we just going to defend ourselves like this?”

I nodded, “What else can we do? We have no other choice. If we were to leave Green Qilin Valley, then we might end up being surrounded. If it comes to that, then we’ll suffer even greater losses. At this point, even if we were to all get killed in battle, at least we’ll get a lot of experience and rewards from the system from killing so many people.”

“Ok, alright. There doesn’t seem to be any other method…” Matcha smiled. Her beautiful eyes looked up at me as she said, “Boss, you always do things that surpass a normal person’s imagination. Hoho, as one of [Zhan Long]’s members, I feel like I will never be bored…”

I was speechless and finally responded, “Are you sneering at me?”

“Not at all, what are you talking about Boss….”

“Let’s continue getting everybody ready for battle. The next wave of players should be coming at us soon. They definitely won’t let us rest up for too long.”



I stood at a high place in Green Qilin Valley. I looked into the distance, and then opened up the system rankings. Yup, after this battle, a great amount has shifted——

Ba Huang City Camp:

Not Ordinary Death Count: 41
Lu Dong Bing Death Count: 39
Bai Mo Yan Death Count: 32
You Yi Death Count: 27
Drunken Spear Death Count: 19

Chi Yu Han Camp:
Hero Ran Min Death Count: 431
Xiao Yao Zi Zai Death Count: 471
Cang Yue Death Count: 397
Cang Tong Death Count: 354
Dancing Forest Death Count: 348


Damn, Shen Bing actually killed so many of our people. Later I’m definitely going to talk with her about that… but, I suppose she couldn’t do anything, or else Not Ordinary would get suspicious.

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