Zhan Long

Chapter 500

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Chapter 500 Raise the Gun-point an Inch

I fought side by side with Li Mu and made our way out of the encirclement. When we stepped into Butterfly Forest, it proved that Green Qilin Abyss was not far from us.

Right before us, a 3000 man [Zhan Long] team appeared. Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing were guarded by Wan Er and Qing Qian as they quickly retreated. It was just that Li Mu and I were moving fast enough, so we managed to catch up to them!

“Brother Li Mu, you came back alive!?” Wolf whooped.

Li Mu nodded, “Yup, thankfully Guild Master came back in time to help me out, or else I would’ve definitely been killed off by those bastards from [Wrath of the Heroes]. F*ck, they’re just too shameless….”

Qing Qian asked, “Of the 100 people who were bringing up the rear, are you the only one left?”

Li Mu’s voice turned tense, “Yea, I was the only one that could charge out of here. The other brothers all died in battle. We suffered too many losses….”

I gritted my teeth, “Let’s hurry, the enemy armies are getting close!”

Wan Er raised her dagger and walked forward saying, “Not good, there seems to be an ambush up ahead!”

“Oh? I don’t see any red dots!” One Second Hero said.

Fox squinted his eyes, “Hey, someone from Second Division, come over here and look!”

Very soon, a Moon Elf Knight carried a halberd flew over. Before she even reached the sky above the forest, the leaves suddenly began to move and rows of NPC archers suddenly appeared. They shot their bows, and the Knight gave an agonizing scream as she fell to the ground.

We had to pass through this forest to get to Green Qilin Forest, or else we would have to try and go around the Bowl Valley again. However, after so many battles and campaigns in Bowl Valley, it is now a cursed map, and we were definitely not going there. Otherwise we’ll be ambushed by [Vanguard] or some other guild and [Zhan Long]’s 3000 man army will really have it in for ourselves.

In the forest, a man slowly walked over with a battle axe. He had a commander’s insignia on his shoulder. It was Ba Huang City’s fourth army, Fierce Tiger Army’s leader——The Barbarian Lachlan. Lachlan’s battle axe was covered in flames and he had a smile on his lips, “Ignorant adventurers, did you think that you could take Chi Yu Han, that criminal, and escape from here? I, Lachlan, advise that you give up. Some of you have lead great achievements for Ba Huang City. But, if you are going to stay obstinate, then you will inevitably bring destruction to your self. Hand over Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, and I will plead mercy for you to Duke Luo Lei!”

I gripped my sword and walked over with a smile, “When I brought Chi Yu Han to Ba Huang City, didn’t Luo Lei also promise me that he wouldn’t kill Chi Yu Han? In the end, not two days passed before he sent out an order to burn the two siblings to death. For a vile king who doesn’t keep his promises, where do I find trust?”

Lachlan roared, “Insolence!”

As he talked, he pointed his battle axe towards the forest behind him and said, “There are 5000 of the most elite archers from Ba Huang City in this forest. Do you think that you and your broken team can make it out of here alive?”

“We can try!”

I swung the Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hand and said in the guild chat, “Wei Liang, Tang Xin, has everyone gotten here yet?”

Wei Liang immediately responded, “Yup, our 7000 main force is here. We’ve already arrived at the northern open space of Butterfly Forest. We can see the back of Fierce Tiger’s army. As long as Brother Xiao Yao gives the command, then we can launch our pincer attack!”

“Ok, when you see me attack, then you guys start as well!”

“Alright, got it!”


I pointed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and softly said, “Killing these NPC’s will also result in points and experience. Seeing as the Fierce Tiger Army is trying to block our path, there is no reason to not go to battle. Brothers! Prepare to charge! Knights and Monks stay on the frontline to draw their firepower. The 120 heavy armor players that are wearing the Garrison Outfits will create the second line of attack. Once we enter the forest, we will charge straight for the archers’ formation and then activate the skill ——[Impact Roar], creating 120 shockwaves that will smash those archers!”

Li Mu and Wang Jian both nodded, “Ok, understood!”

Very soon, nearly 200 Knights and Monks stood at the front row of the formation. They all had over 10,000 health and 4000 defense. As long as they have [Heavenly Shield Wall] and [Diamond Body] up, these Lv 90 Phantom Tier monsters wouldn’t be able to budget their health!

At Li Mu’s command, everyone charged towards the forest. Countless arrows covered the sky, and “Pa pa” struck the Knight and Monk shields. Looking around, I saw that quite a few of them only had half of their health let. My heart jumped, damn, these definitely weren’t Phantom Tier NPCs. I looked over, and just as I expected, all of them were Lv 90 Thunder Tier!


Li Mu, Wang Jian and I lead the charge into the archers’ encirclement. Against this many Ba Huang City archer NPCs, and gritted my teeth and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]+[Sword Tempest]. These two area skills intertwined and cut down several archers. Wang Jian also sprinted forward and activated his [Halberd Whirlwind], while Wan Er threw a [Ice Pick Whirlwind]. Dong Cheng Yue’s [Thunderbolt Finger]+[Magma Lance] and Dancing Forest’s [Hell’s Meteor Shower] + [Meteor Shot] activated at the same time. In seconds, we completely crushed the archer team.

“Focus the fire on Lachlan!”

Wan Er Shouted. “Keng!” She raised her Dragon’s Kiss Dagger to parry Lachlan’s battle axe. She then spun around and pulled out her Iron Umbrella with a “Peng!” And rammed Lachlan into retreat. Under a barrage of the attacks from the entire [Zhan Long] army, Lachlan, that Valkyrie Tier BOSS couldn’t take it anymore. He immediately retreated. Behind the NPCs, Wei Liang and Tang Xin both lead[Zhan Long]’s elites to charge as well. In a pincer attack from both front and back, the 120 players with Garrison Outfits continuously activated [Impact Roar]es, and the NPCs were getting killed increasingly faster. Within ten minutes, with just a hundred losses, we managed to kill 5000 NPC archers, the result was rather astounding!

“Everyone, do a simple sweep of the battlefield and then leave!”

Matcha’s shoulder had a red battle flag above her shoulder. Under her command, several Ba Huang City players appeared behind us and were scouting us out. However, now that the [Zhan Long] army consolidated into one formation, it was obvious that we had over ten thousand men in our troops. These Ba Huang City players were naturally cautious at first, and didn’t dare launch any large scale attack, because they knew that doing so now would mean death. Nobody wanted to die too early on in the battle. For gamers, being prevented from playing at all for 24 hours is an extremely painful thing.

This time, Wan Er took Yao Yan and lead the [Zhan Long: Defense Army] to bring up the rear. The rest of us headed forward towards the Green Qilin Abyss. In the distant plains, I saw numerous Ba Huang City players, hunting down our lives. They wanted to exchange my small life for those Saint Tier and Valkyrie Tier equipment.

“Sha sha….”

My boots stepped out onto the grass and I raised my hand and cast [Great Realm of Desolation], right in the midst of a few Assassins under [Stealth]. I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked around at the situation. It was starting to look worse and worse for us. It appears that the enemy far outnumbered us. I could already see quite a few players from [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Flying Dragon]. This meant that they were already planning on dealing their attack on [Zhan Long].


Matcha suddenly descended from the skies and landed softly on the ground, “It’s not good. Just past this forest is an open space and we’ll reach Green Qilin Abyss, however, those plains are covered with high level NPC cavalrymen!”

“What’s the situation?”

“You’ll know when you go over to look. We’re surrounded!”


My sword drooped. I took the strong [Zhan Long] army through the forest. Before I even made it through, I could hear the hooves of hundreds of battle horses beating the ground. When I finally cut through the last brush before the plains, I jumped. The plains were covered with Ba Huang City Cavalrymen. In the distance, I could see them all lined up in formation. Goddamn, this was something that I’ve only seen once before, in the Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City battle. In the end, their sole mission now is to kill [Zhan Long]!

“F*ck….” Li Mu’s voice quavered, “Isn’t it just chasing after one player guild? Is it really this necessary to use all these hundreds of armies? There are at least 50,000 elite iron horsemen, how are we supposed to fight them?”

Wolf made a fist and said, “We’re done for. All that’s left is to fight them head on. Behind me were ten thousand of [Zhan Long]’s elites. I don’t even know how many of our players could fight our way out. Right now, nobody has mounts, while all of the NPCs has horses. Soldiers against cavalrymen, we’re at too much of a disadvantage!”

Qing Qian squinted her beautiful eyes and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, what should we do?”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and slowly walked forward. Wordlessly, I raised my sword, and finally said, “There’s nothing to hesitate over. Brothers, follow me and charge forward! Kill as many as you can! As long as we enter the Green Qilin Abyss, it will no longer be the cavalrymen’s world, and they’ll have to get off their horses and fight us on foot!”


Li Mu and Wang Jian each raised their swords and [Zhan Long]’s players all charged out like a flood!


Right at that moment, suddenly a figure clothed in white rode out from amidst the Ba Huang City cavalrymen. It was Angela, wielding her Destroyer. Behind her rode several other cavalrymen, they were all Iron Cavalrymen from her Blizzard Wind Army.

I immediately raised my hand and shouted, “[Zhan Long], stop your advance!”

Li Mu and the rest all stopped and looked at me.

Angela immediately rode over to me and dismounted from her horse and said, “You know, once you step out of Ba Huang City, you’re destined to become our enemy.”

I softly said, “I don’t want to take that step, but I cannot just stand by and watch Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing get burned to death, or else I will feel guilty my entire life. The person who would’ve killed them was Luo Lei, but at the same time, it would’ve been me.”

Angela bit her lip and said, “Is it really worth it?”

I gave a wry smile, “For the sake of my dreams and ideologies, then it’s worth it. Angela, do you really want to fight against us?”

Angela’s eyes turned red and she looked away. She then smiled and jumped onto her horse and said, “Let me show you.”

She turned around and raised her Destroyer and yelled, “There are no criminals here. Everyone, advance Eastward, towards the Desolate Cloud Swamp!”

Countless cavalrymen all charged away. Watching them leave, Li Mu and Wang Jian both dropped their jaws, “This…. You could do this too?!”

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