Zhan Long

Chapter 499

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Chapter 499 Death Count

“Careful, it’s another wave of [Flying Dragon] players!”

Wan Er’s clear eyes stared directly in front of us as she instructed, “Yao Yan, Dong Cheng, charge forward with me. Old K, Cang Lei, cover us!”

Qing Qian looked at me, “Brother Xiao Yao, what about you?”

I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and gazed worriedly behind me, “You guys take some people to charge forward. I’m going back to take a look. I don’t care how, I’m going to bring Li Mu back, alive. You guys head forward first, I’ll meet up with you guys soon!”

Qing Qian nodded.

One Second Hero raised his halberd and shouted, “There’s still 7700 yards until Green Qi Lin Abyss, charge forward!”


“Sha sha….”

I left our big formation and dashed back by myself, only to see that there were players hunting us down everywhere. Quite a few players had voluntarily chosen to enter the Ba Huang City camp, and listed themselves under the list of pursuers. Furthermore, the scale of this SSS Tier Main Quest was extremely large, and a ranking system was already created——

Ba Huang City Camp:

Drunken Spear Death Count: 11
Fierce Tiger Death Count: 7
Dawn Hero Death Count: 6
War Tent Death Count: 5
Drunken Cold Rain Death Count: 4


Everyone those people killed were [Zhan Long]’s players, my brothers. There was another red ranking on the screen, for the [Zhan Long] camp. The numbers were much higher——

Chi Yu Han Camp:

Xiao Yao Zi Zai Death Count: 41
Cang Yu Death Count: 37
Dancing Forest Death Count: 34
Cang Tong Death Count: 33
General Li Mu Death Count: 31


Eh, this is what it really means to be in a main quest. Us ten participants of the quest will get an extremely generous reward at the end of it; it was also similar to a city-wide event, such that the death count would determine how much experience and rewards each participant got. The only problem was that the difficulty of this quest was just too hard. Right now, practically every player and NPC in Ba Huang City have formed an army to specifically hunt down [Zhan Long], a single guild!

My Dragon Reservoir Sword gave a purple glow as I cut down a thrush. I leapt over and sprinted forward. In the distance, numerous corpses of [Zhan Long] players laid there. All of the players from the later portion of the quest had been basically killed off. Furthermore, in the open field, there was a line of NPC cavalrymen passing through. Luckily I was hidden in the bushes, or else I would’ve been chased down by them.


I cursed under my breath. Right in front of me, a group of players rushed out. One of them was a Lv 85 Swordsman who swung his blade and laughed, “Such a great feeling! I heard that all of [Zhan Long]’s players were dragons and tigers, but in reality, they’re just mortals in the end! Under the blade of a [Skyshaker Slash] they will still die. Hei hei, everyone, work hard, and kill more [Zhan Long] players. Let’s try and get that Saint Tier equipment for ourselves!”

I squinted and saw that the Swordsman’s ID was “Godly Maple Road”. He was the Guild Master of the Ba Huang City ranked 17th guild, “CEO”, and could be considered a pretty famous person in Ba Huang City. Even though I didn’t know him personally, now that I’ve bumped into him, I might as well take this opportunity to duel. Either way, he only brought around a dozen people. If they were to bump into Li Mu, he might not be able to deal with them on his own.


I activated [Haste] and charged right at Godly Maple Road from my hiding spot. My Cold Iron Sword flew before me with the power of [Blade Spin].

Who knew that Godly Maple Road’s movements in the game were actually pretty good. Once he saw the bushes moving, he immediately activated a [Dou Qi Armor] and shifted his boots, dodging the first attack of my Cold Iron Sword. I had already gotten close to him and light reflected off of my Dragon Reservoir Blade, as I threw a quick slash right at his throat.

“Not good, it’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

The second Godly Maple Road shouted, he quickly acted and lowered his blade, activating a [Blade Rush], dodging the attack from my Dragon Reservoir Sword.


He really does have amazing maneuvers! Godly Maple Road spun around and shouted, “Surround him!”

The other three Swordsman charged over, their blades glowing with the light from [Skyshaker Slash] and [Combo], cutting off all possible escape routes. To be able to get ranked 17th in Ba Huang City, this guild really had a few talents!


Calmly, I reached up to grab the returning Cold Iron Sword and suddenly shifted to dodge Godly Maple Road’s attack. At the same time, with my battle boots, I stepped out, using my foot as an axis to turn around. “Keng keng keng!” My Cold Iron Sword parried the [Skyshaker Slash] from two other Swordsmen. With my right arm, I activated [Wind Blade], and my Dragon Reservoir Cut right into the neck of the fourth Swordsman!


I then lunged forward with my Cold Iron Sword, killing him in one attack. At the same time, I suddenly dipped downward, and dodged a swing from Godly Maple Road. I then kicked him in the stomach, forcing him to retreat backwards several steps before opening my palm and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!


That [Dou Qi Armor] ignored 50% of the damage, making it a little hard for me to kill him!

Winds began to rise around me, becoming more and more violent and I lunged forward with a [Sword Tempest]. At that moment, all of the grass and bushes around me were practically demolished; all the Archers and Healers that were near me were instantly killed.

Godly Maple Road had parried some of the damage with his sword in front of his chest, but the force of the skill had forced him the retreat even more. His face was covered in injuries, and all he could do was stand there, stupefied. “F*ck, are Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s maneuvers on par with Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword’s? How the f*ck can he move like that, to actually be able to block the encirclement of four close combat experts!?”

One critical health Knight raised his spear and retreated, “Guild Master, let’s retreat. We’re too far from everyone else. We need to hurry up and retreat, or else we’ll be killed!”

Godly Maple Road nodded, but just as he was about to leave, I raised my left arm in a sudden motion and activated [Dragon’s Hook]!


The Dragon’s hook pierced Godly Maple Road’s chest. This was a 54 yard attack. I then pulled on the Dragon’s hook, dragging Godly Maple Road back towards me. My Dragon Reservoir Sword began to glow and Godly Maple Road’s face turned purple, “What the f*ck, what kind of special skill is this, it’s too shameless….”

“Ka Cha!”

Armor ripped apart, the [CEO]’s Guild Master was killed just like that. He dropped a Purple Tier helmet which I picked up. Then, with a slash, I scared the remaining three people into scrambling towards the forest. There was no need to chase after them. Right now, finding Li Mu was the top priority.

I opened up my map and looked at the player dots. Just as I expected, there was an orange dot to my right. Yup, it was Li Mu. Of his ten man team, he was the only one left.

There was less than 100 yards between us. I could even hear the clash of weapons further in the forest. I immediately took my Flaming Tiger God and sprinted forward.

“Hua La!”

I ignored the pain of the thorns and charged forward. A small open space appeared. Around 40 people were surrounding Li Mu; they were all players from [Wrath of the Heroes]. All of the close combat players formed a shield to prevent Li Mu’s attacks, while the Archers and Mages dealt long range attacks. Li Mu looked like he only had around 30% health left, his armor was tattered and bloody. The Tian Chen Sword had cut down several of the enemy’s Monks and Knights.


The leader of the [Wrath of the Heroes] was someone I knew, it was the Lv 86 Swordsman Dawn Hero, Thousand Suns over Snowy Land’s first boyfriend, EX-boyfriend. Of course, there has to have an “ex” in front of that, since it was already over between them.

Dawn Hero gripped a sharp blade and gave a cold smile, “Well well, if it isn’t the legendary, core of [Zhan Long], the left and right arm of Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the number one player of Valiant Bravery, General Li Mu. Where’s all that strength and arrogance now? Ha ha ha, from what I see, you’re just like a dead dog. Just what can you do? Why don’t you just wait for your fate to come to an end!”

I softly said in the team chat, “Li Mu, I’m behind you. Do not worry, use [Chen Seal] to hold out for 7 seconds. Leave the rest to me!”

Li Mu secretly got happy. Right as his health hit the bottom, he activated the [Chen Seal], sealing himself in ice. For 7 seconds, he wouldn’t take any damage, and perfect MISSes flew up from his body!

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged in without any hesitation. From a distance, I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. At the same time, casting onto Li Mu a Lv 10 [Heal]. Even though there wasn’t any additional heal effect, it still gave him around 1500 health, which was better than nothing. I then activated [Blade Spin] and set a specific path. “Shua! “The Cold Iron Sword flew out, killing the enemy’s Mages, Archers, and Musketeers. At the same time, my Flaming Tiger God roared and activated [Burstfire Raid] right into the crowd of long range players. Under such an abrupt barrage of attacks, the players of [Wrath of the Heroes] were completely caught unprepared. One after another, the [Mana Shield]s of the Mages broke. Before they could even activate their [Dimension Leaps], I already activated a [Sword Tempest], laying several bodies on the ground.

“F*ck, Xiao Yao Zi Zai came!” Dawn Hero raised his long sword, and knowing that he was far out of his depth, he immediately turned around to leave. He commanded the rest of the players to surrender as well.

I glanced around and saw that my Dragon’s Hook cool down was over. I raised my hand and activated the attack!

“Pu chi!”

The Dragon’s Hook pierced through Dawn Hero’s chest and pulled him back to me in a flash. But this Dawn Hero had guts, and he took the pain and thrust his blade into the ground to stop himself.

I shouted and pulled hard with my right arm. “Peng!” Dawn Hero involuntarily flew straight back at me. Even though his strength was pretty good, but compared to my own, it was nothing!

My Dragon Reservoir Sword swung forward, and with two cuts, I sliced through Dawn Hero’s [Dou Qi Armor] and I looked back at Li Mu.

Li Mu was no idiot, and immediately understood my intention. He swung his Tian Chen and threw a [Skyshaker Slash]+[Covering Sword Slash], shattering Dawn Hero. At the same time, Li Mu smiled at him, “Even a dying dog has its moments of rebellion, see?”

Dawn Hero widened his mouth, and blood spurted out. With that, he knelt to the ground.


I put away the Dragon’s Hook, and grabbed Li Mu’s Arm, “Yo, what are you doing?”

“Hunting them down!”

“Yea right, hurry up and run for your life. This place is covered with people trying to hunt us down and you’re trying to pursue them? We have to go back to the Green Qi Lin Abyss and set up our formations. If we just keep on trying to run for our lives, then all of our people will get killed, and we can’t increase our death count at all.


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