Zhan Long

Chapter 497

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Chapter 497 Justice of the Human Realm

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and turned around to leave. I took Wan Er, Qing Qian, Li Mu and the rest back out the palace hall. Li Mu quietly said, “Now what do we do? Luo Lei that old geezer is determined to kill Chi Yu Han. What options do we have left?”

I furrowed my brows and said, “There’s no other way. I’m planning on forcing my way onto the execution stage and saving Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han. But, that might lead to everyone being seen as an enemy of Ba Huang City.”

Wan Er gave a light nod and said, “Yes, this is very serious business. We must make sure that we plan out every move, thoroughly, or else we’ll implicate everyone in [Zhan Long]!”

Li Mu and Wang Jian both smiled, “It’s nothing. We don’t care about that. As long as we’re with the Guild Master, Brother Xiao Yao, then there’s nothing wrong with being chased after. Who doesn’t want to do something crazy while they’re young?”

I gave a wry smile and said, “Alright, then how about we go crazy this time, for the sake of our promise to Chi Yu Han! Us ten people are going to enter the palace gardens and force our way in and save Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing. Matcha and Old K will meet us with our people and block the army and the guards and send us out of the city. We’ll do that. Our only job is to bring Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing out of there alive!”



Everyone went around the royal palace, and headed straight for the gardens. In the distance, we could see that there were already quite a few NPC guards guarding the entrance. I glanced at them and said, “These are all Lv 90 Phantom Tier NPC’s. They don’t seem to have any strength. Later, I’ll charge straight through them. Dong Cheng, Qing Qian, Wan Er and Little Dance will go and clear out the area. Let’s first get into the gardens and plan out the rest later. We must be fast. Hit them with all we’ve got, and finish them before they call the other guards. If the other guards come, then we’ll have a problem!”

Wan Er nodded and said, “Understood, you have to be careful!”


I raised my sword with both my hands and walked forward. At that moment, a guard holding a halberd shouted, “My lord, the Duke has given us orders, to stop anybody from entering the execution stage!”

I furrowed my brows and looked into the distance. All I saw was Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing tightly bound in chains to the cross. Chi Yu Han’s armor had been peeled off, and you could see the dried blood on the tattered remains of his clothing. His hair was scattered. Who would have thought that the respectful Sword Saint, would arrive in this state.

A few soldiers raised stick of fire and walked over. “Shua!” The hay lit up.

I abruptly gripped the long sword in my hand and shouted, “Move away!”

Two guards raised their halberd and said, “Adventurer, even though your street cred is extremely high, but if you are planning on going against royal orders, then we have the right to kill you on the spot!”

I smiled and charged forward. I threw a [Wind Blade] with my Dragon Reservoir Sword and shattered one of the halberds in a guard’s hand. Then I slashed with my Cold Iron Sword and cut down the other guard. A whole team of NPC guards also rushed forward. I raised both swords, and raging winds began to rise around me. Suddenly, I activated [Sword Tempest] and “Hong!” Forced down the great gate, killing all of the NPC team.

Behind me, Dancing Forest shot a [Hell’s Meteor Shower], while Qing Qian used a [Grip of the Firefox] and a [Glacial Hammer]!


System Notification: You have already triggered a battle. Do you and your team accept an SSS Tier Main Quest [Justice of the Human Realm]!


Without any hesitation, I used my position as the leader of the team and accepted the quest!


System Notification: Congratulations! You and your team have accepted the SSS Tier Main Quest [Justice of the Human Realm]!

Quest Details: Kill your way into the royal palace and save Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing. However, you must be careful. All people who participate in this event will be chased after for the initial 24 hours of this quest. Furthermore, Ba Huang City will list all participants as wanted, and all of the city’s NPCs and players will hunt down the participants. You will then suffer a punishment worse than you can imagine!


Without any hesitation, I charged forward. I met with the guards face on and slaughtered them. My Flaming Tiger God immediately roared and charged forward. I then used a [Blade Rush] and rushed 5 yards forward. I then swung both of my swords and advanced as I killed several NPCs. In the distance, I saw that the two posts were catching on fire. Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing were in the middle of the flames, bound by the chains and forced to cook alive. Their strength was sealed and they couldn’t force their way out. With their superhuman durability, how could they possibly withstand the pain for such a long time?!

Beside the execution stage, a general pulled out his sword and shouted, “Guards, kill these people. Damn it, to think that they’d actually charge into the royal palace, are they crazy!?”

It was none other than the commander of the Desolate Dragon Army——Forgotten Sea. He was known as the number one strongest man in Ba Huang City. Of course, that’s without Dragon City. Now that Dragon City and Ba Huang City have allied together, Luo Lin and Frost’s strength are well above that of Forgotten Sea.


A group of NPC archers all shot their arrows. I calmly activated my [Wall of Dou Qi]. “Keng keng keng!” My Flame Prison Armor blocked the arrows coming at me. Even though it didn’t hurt that much, there was far too many. Within seconds, my health fell 50%. Even I was feeling nervous. Wan Er and Li Mu had all been blocked outside, and there were more and more NPC armies. They were about to set up a formation.

I gritted my teeth and activated [Dragon Transformation]. With a dragon’s roar, the armor around me turned into dragon’s scales and the two swords I had in my hand also underwent the transformation. I immediately obtained the ability to fly. I lunged forward with my Cloud Stepping Boots, and flew straight at Chi Yu Han.


I grabbed the wooden poles, there was just a step between Chi Yu Han and I. He widened his eyes and stared at me, “You…. what are you doing?”

I smiled and said, “Taking you and your sister out of here!”

“Are…. are you crazy?” Chi Yu Han exclaimed, “You’re an adventurer of Ba Huang City. How can you disobey a royal command?”

“I don’t have to be loyal to a king, I just need to be loyal to my friends!”

Chi Yu Han’s eyes were filled with puzzlement. Maybe he really couldn’t understand the customs of humans. But very soon, he reacted and said, “This iron chain that is binding me is forged from a thousand year frozen iron. Even a thousand ton hammer cannot break it open. You have no way with it….”

I didn’t say anything. I just raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw it at the chain with a “Keng!”. Spark flew, leaving a deep dent in the iron. Yup, the Saint Tier Dragon Reservoir Sword can cut it. And so, I threw several more cuts. At that moment, Chi Yu Han shouted, “Careful, behind you!”

I felt it, it was an attack from Forgotten Sea. He was one of the BOSSes of Ba Huang City, and definitely shouldn’t be underestimated!

I used [Haste] and raised my two swords in front of my chest. Forgotten Sea’s long sword carried flames, it was [Hao Ran’s Slice]!


I felt as though I had been hit by a heavy hammer and was pushed backwards. “Keng!” I was rammed into the wood and I dropped 5000 health. Looks like Forgotten Sea’s attack was but 30% of Chi Yu Hans’. It was ‘t that much!

I raised a hand and let my Cold Iron Sword fly out of its sheath with a “Keng!” And it flew straight towards Forgotten Sea. I then turned around and cut apart the chains with my Dragon Reservoir Sword, while giving myself some health. I then took two more attacks on my back from Forgotten Sea. At that moment, blood started to drip from my mouth. Chi Yu Han’s eyes turned red as he watched me, “Youngster, you’re suffering so much….”

I then threw another slice, and finally “Keng!”, the chain broke apart. I reached out and caught Chi Yu Han’s weak body. Without a moment’s hesitation, I immediately flew towards Chi Yu Qing. I changed the attack path of the [Blade Rush] and used my Dragon Reservoir Sword to attack. I threw 6 cuts. Chi Yu Qing’s body loosened and I caught her. With both BOSSes in my arms, I flew out.

Behind me, Forgotten Sea angrily shouted. He cut down my Flaming Tiger God and shouted, “Bastard, where are you taking these two criminals? Are you crazy?!”

On the ground Wan Er raised her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and charged her way through the encirclement and shouted, “Pig, run! I will hold off Forgotten Sea!”


I quickly charged out. Behind me, Wan Er activated her [Blade of the Death God]. Her dagger flew right at Forgotten Sea. Right afterwards, the Dragon’s Kiss Dagger let loose with a [Flying Dagger]+[Blade of the Death God]. Forgotten Sea’s body trembled. He gritted his teeth and began to condense his Dou Qi. He suddenly swung his longsword and threw a cut, “Wench, get out!”


It was such a heavy attack. After all, Wan Er was an Assassin. Her body flew out like a bullet. She didn’t even have the chance to pull out her Iron Umbrella. Miserably, she fell into the rock garden.

Li Mu and Wang Jian both charged forward, “Hurry up, run this way!”

Right in front of the royal palace, a group of guards charged over, but on the outside, Old K, Bai Qi, Dong Cheng Lei, and One Second Hero had already lead a group of [Zhan Long] players over. With an angry bellow, they charged right at the palace guards. Once they started fighting with the NPCs, the player names immediately turned red. This meant that the [Zhan Long] players were now enemies of Ba Huang City!

Holding Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, I dashed outward. I didn’t even spend a lot of effort to attack, and just used [Blade Spin] and [Sword Tempest]. Darling Duck was spam healing me while Dancing Forest raised her Bowstring of the Dragon Jin Sou to help cover my retreat.

In the palace hall, Luo Lei raised his sword and walked over, eyes blood red. He roared, “This mob of disgraceful adventurers have really gone crazy. These madmen, must be completely massacred, or else Ba Huang City will never be at peace! Send down my command, I am going to hunt them all down and kill them!”

Angela raised her Destroyer, and widened her eyes as she stared at me, “You guys…. What are you guys doing…. Why has this developed to this point…”



System Notification: Players, please be aware, Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong, Cang Yue, Yue Qing Qian, General Li Mu, General Wang Jian, Hero Ran Min, Dancing Forest, Wolf Totem and 247 others have started a rebellion. From this point onwards, until 24 hours later, killing any of these players will lead to an abundant reward from the Duke. Furthermore, killing these rebel players will lead to one piece of Saint Tier equipment as a reward. Please, do not miss this great opportunity!


This system notification was basically adding snow to the frost. Just as I thought, this quest can oppose the heavens. This is an extremely grim test that [Zhan Long] is destined to undergo. It’s possible that we will be hunted by every player in Ba Huang City!

My heart was starting to feel a little doubt, “Maybe, I shouldn’t have dragged everyone into this….”

General Bai Qi raised his battle axe and walked beside me and laughed, “What are you talking about. At most it’s losing one level, that’s nothing!”

Li Mu nodded as well, “I want to mobilize the entire [Zhan Long] guild to participate in this battle. I will make it clear that those who don’t want to participate don’t have to. This way, we can tell just exactly which players we can rely on, and who joined just to waste time here….”

Wan Er smiled and nodded, “Ok, this is a pretty good opportunity to strengthen our guild’s bonds!”


A few minutes later, Qing Qian smiled, “So aggressive. 97.8% of the players who are online agree to battle. This cohesion has to be number one on the Chinese Server!”

I nodded, “Be careful, we’re almost at the Northern Gate!”

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