Zhan Long

Chapter 496

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Chapter 496 Wang Jian’s Confession

Wang Jian silently leaned against the cold tile wall. He looked up at the ceiling, and with a trembling voice, he muttered, “I don’t know what possessed me. It’s just that, every day, I just want to be able to see your figure and hear your voice. When I see you sad or worried, I feel as though my heart has been stabbed. I don’t know if this is what it means to be in love, and I don’t want to debate over whether it is or isn’t love, but…. But I just want to be by your side….”

Rainy stood there, without moving an inch. Tears were starting to roll down her cheeks.

Wang Jian continued, “I’m not asking for you to do anything, nor am I asking for you to love me. I just don’t want you to push me away. Without you, I don’t know what I will become. I might even forget how to smile or stand…..”

He then gave a mocking laugh, “Someone like me, who even I don’t respect, doesn’t deserve you. I don’t deserve the amazing you. I don’t have the charisma, nor wisdom that Guild Master has. But, the love that I have for you will never change. Rainy, I love you, and I don’t ask that you return those feelings, nor do ask that you acknowledge me or anything. All I want is to stay by your side and watch over you. I love you, I really really love you….”

Rainy’s two eyes began to quiver, and she cried, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry, I can’t…. I can’t right now. I…. Brother, he….”

Wang Jian choked a little, “That’s ok, I’m still young, I can keep on waiting for you….”


“So romantic….”

Wan Er thoughtfully muttered as she leaned closer to the door.

I also leaned forward and said, “Wan Er, don’t take up so much space, let me see too…”

“No, a heartless bastard like you would never understand!”

“Who said I wouldn’t understand?”

As we argued about it, suddenly a “Pa!” Sounded out and the doors lock broke off. Wan Er and I immediately lost balance. While I was falling, I reached out and spun around, catching Wan Er in my arms to protect her from the fall. “Pa!” We hit the ground. So painful!

“Wu….” Wan Er lay on my chest as she rubbed her shoulder and cried a little in pain. She then looked up at me.

I also looked down at her, only to see that the two mounds under the little miss’ T-shirt were pressing against my chest. I could feel the warmth from her body radiating at me, and the squishiness was just amazing….

“You….” Wan Er’s cheeks were completely red, her beautiful eyes were filled with embarrassment, “Why are you still looking!”

I immediately looked away, “Wan Er, hurry up and get off me…”


“If you stay like this, there’s going to be a reaction….”

“Ah?” Wan Er exclaimed. Her face completely red, she stood up, and then straightened out her skirt. She then reached a hand out to pull me up.

At that moment, Wang Jian and Rainy looked towards us, both shocked. Rainy’s small mouth widened into an O, “Guild Master, Cang Tong, what are you guys doing, hiding in there?”

Wan Er and I both jolted. Feeling guilty, we didn’t know what to say and just looked at each other. After a few seconds, Wan Er tried to mumble an explanation of what happened. Finally, I said, “Wan Er said that there wasn’t any toilet paper in the bathroom and had me come…..”

Wan Er blushed, and though she looked as though she wanted to bite my head off, she didn’t respond. All she did was purse her lips and say, “Hurry up and go back pig, don’t annoy me to death…”

I reached out and grabbed Wan Er’s small hand, making a successful escape. The two of us ran down the KTV hallway, all the way back to our private room

I felt an indescribably sweet feeling in my heart. Was this the feeling of love? That old geezer told me that love was a type of strength, but it could also be a type of obstacle. It was either the supporting force of a practitioner, or it could become a practitioner’s trial. As for me, I wasn’t sure which it was yet.


When we returned to our KTV private room, Fox and Old K were singing a noisy, cacophonous duet. Matcha sat on the side with Wolf, Moon Feather and Tang Xin, and they drank while having a light conversation. When they saw Wan Er and I come back, they immediately pulled us over into the group. Dong Cheng Yue was bright red from the alcohol. Wolf raised a bottle and clinked it against Dong Cheng’s and said, “Beautiful Dong Cheng, why don’t I see your bodyguard The Seventh Tang today?”

Dong Cheng pursed her lip, “I don’t know. I didn’t tell him when I logged off…”

I smiled, “Are you still mad at Tang Qi? There really is no need. He didn’t do anything wrong anyway. Everyone has their own leader and orders to follow. As a bodyguard, however, he is pretty well qualified, and pretty strong.”

Dong Cheng spun around and looked at me, “Who told him to make 4000 of [Zhan Long]’s members lose 10 levels? Did you forget about that debt? Do you not hate him for that?”

I silently pondered about it for a few seconds and then raised my fist, “I hate the cruel methods that [Hero’s Mound] had used. I hate how Q-Sword had committed all kinds of crimes against us. But, we still have a long future ahead of us in the game, and [Zhan Long] will undoubtedly bump heads against [Hero’s Mound] time and time again. Just one defeat doesn’t prove anything. If Tang Qi wants to stay in [Hero’s Mound], then let him stay there. Either way, only when he is supporting Q-Sword, that venerable enemy, will [Zhan Long] become even stronger!”

Wan Er smiled, “Yup, the stronger the enemy, the stronger [Zhan Long] will become!”

I nodded and explained, “Dong Cheng, later, tell Tang Qi to not let the events in the game affect his relations in real life. After all, he is getting paid by your old man to be with you, and he’s pretty nice to you.”

“Alright….” Dong Cheng bit her lip and said, “Every time I think of how Melon’s sister, Tang Xing, Wang Jian and the others had been killed and forced to lose ten levels, fury would just start to fill up my gut. Li Xiao Yao, look into my eyes and tell me, if you were in the Purple Demon Forest ambushing [Hero’s Mound] would you personally kill Tang Qi?”

I jolted, and then slowly said, “Nevermind, talking about stuff like that is pointless. Everyone’s perspective is different. Tang Qi has been a student of the Shu Mountain Tang Sect ever since he was a kid. Maybe his sense of loyalty is even stronger than ours. You can’t blame this entire event on him. Dong Chen, if you’re angry, then next time, when [Zhan Long] is fighting with [Hero’s Mound] then how about you kill Tang Qi. Just use your fire spells to instantly kill him, or your ice skills to slowly kill him. You could even kill him in his sleep. Aren’t those all dependent on your mood anyway….”

Dong Cheng blushed, “Who wants to kill him in his sleep!? Hmph, do you not understand my heart? For a high level skill like killing him in his sleep, I’ll only do that for you….”

My mouth twitched, “There you go again. We were just talking normally. Damn, why are you hugging me….”

Matcha, Wolf and the others laughed. Wan Er seemed to be helpless and pulled at my arm as she watched us play.


I don’t know how much more time passed, but everyone had drank their fill. Right at that moment, my phone suddenly rang. It was Qing Qian’s number, and I immediately picked it up——

“Qing Qian, what’s up?”

“Brother Xiao Yao!” Qing Qian’s voice was urgent, “Hurry up and get online, something big has happened!”


“Ba Huang City… Ba Huang City’s Duke Luo Lei has given the command, that in the courtyard of the royal palace, he will, to the helpless Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, burn them to dust!”

“What!?” I suddenly stood up from the sofa, my voice trembling, “Didn’t Luo Lei agree to us, and Angela, that he wouldn’t kill Chi Yu Han? This… isn’t he going back on his word?!”

Qing Qian said, “Brother, you still don’t get it? Chi Yu Han has the strength of the Holy Domain, it’s just been sealed. Either way, he is still a great worry for Luo Lei, and so Luo Lei wants to deal with him quickly. The poor Chi Yu Han had given up all of his fight and followed us back to Ba Huang City, only to end up in such a situation. He and Chi Yan have pretty much been used and then tossed away, right?”

I gritted my teeth, “I cannot let Chi Yu Han die, or else I’ll feel guilty my whole entire life. Even if he’s just a pile of numbers, I can’t let this happen!”

Qing Qian exclaimed, “Brother Xiao Yao, what are you planning?”

I said in a low voice, “Go to Ba Huang City and persuade Luo Lei. If I can’t persuade him, then I’ll go to the Royal Courtyard and invade the execution stage!”

“Eh….” Qing Qian hesitated, and then smiled, “Alright, now I’m sure that the person who picked up the phone is Brother Xiao Yao, only you would think of doing something so crazy. Hurry up, I’m waiting for you!”



I hung up the phone, and gave a brief explanation to everyone. The party was over and everyone went back to their own rooms to prepare!

At the bottom of the stairs, I waved my hand at some people who were hiding not far in the distance. It was Lin Tian Nan’s people who were sent here to protect the little miss. Too bad I had already figured them out. I waved at them to come over with the car. Not long after, we arrived at Liu Hua University, I took the two girls back to the girls dorm, and then dashed back to my own room. Online!


I appeared in the middle of Ba Huang City. I first fixed up my equipment a little and replenished my potions. When I finished my preparations, I created a party and invited the ten people who were originally part of the quest. But that wasn’t enough. I then had Wolf, Old K, and Matcha each create a 1000 man team of [Zhan Long] elites to gather at Ba Huang city.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and immediately walked forward. I lead them all into the palace and ran straight for the great hall.

“Sha sha….”

My Cloud Stepping Boots stepped onto the red carpet laid across the great steps. It was at that moment that I understood, that this red carpet was dyed in blood. It was to display the fear and terror that was associated with royal power. There wasn’t anything that Luo Lei wouldn’t do. Chi Yan and Chi Yu Han were the perfect examples. When needed, he would bring back a strong general from the garrisons, and after they had accomplished their task, he would kill them. It was the same with Yue Fei, Han Xin and Li Shan*.
*TL Note: Famous generals who were killed by their leaders in Chinese history.


“Little hero, why have you come here today?!” Luo Lei suddenly stood up from the throne and said a sentence that almost made me laugh out loud.

Standing before all of the officials, I shivered for a second, and then looked at Luo Lei, Your majesty, you promised us that you wouldn’t kill Chi Yu Han. Why is it, that before the day is even over, you have decided to use the fire punishment on Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing?”

Luo Lei’s face turned dark, “This is something that everyone here has already discussed. As an adventurer, you shouldn’t be interfering with our decisions, isn’t that right?”

I gave a slight smile and said, “That’s right. I’m just a small adventurer, and I don’t understand any big picture ideas. But I do know, that Chi Yu Han has already put down all of his past hostility. If my lord were to kill him now, then that would be going against justice, and it would be going against the laws of a generous knight. Duke Luo Lei, you are the leader of Ba Huang City, a hero that everyone respects. Is this really something you should be doing?”

On the side, Angela gritted her teeth and then softly said, “Don’t say anymore… I beg you…. No more….”

Luo Lei raised his eyebrows, and then pulled out his sword and pointed it at me, “Guards, drag this youngster out. Even if you are Dragon City Frost’s student, that does not mean you can do whatever you want here!”

“No need to drag me out!”
I raised my arm and said, “I can walk on my own…”

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