Zhan Long

Chapter 495

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Chapter 495 Breathless

When I went down the stairs, I ran straight towards the girl’s dorm. In the distance, I saw Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue standing under a streetlight. They both wore a jacket and a skirt, and looked very pure. The two natural beauties really made one stop and take in the scene. I ran to the parking lot and started up the A4. The two girls got onto the car and followed me to the destination.

Our dinner was going to be at Xiang Wei Gan, and we had already made reservations for a personal room. Furthermore it was at a table that could seat 15 people, though I wasn’t sure who else was coming besides us.

Ten minutes later, we entered the second floor private room in Xiang Wei Gan. Once I opened up the door, I heard Matcha smile and call out, “Boss, you’re finally here!”

I hesitated for a second, and besides the four people from [Zhan Long]’s studio, Rainy and Wang Jian were also there. There was also a boy and two girls who were around 20 years old that I didn’t recognize.

“This….” I was puzzled.

Wan Er and Dong Cheng also followed me into the room. Dong Cheng Lei walked over with a smile, “Yue Er, you finally came!”


A wide grin appeared on Dong Cheng’s face as she sat beside Dong Cheng Lei. She then looked over her brother’s face and furrowed her brows, “Brother, why’s your face hurt? There’s a really deep cut too….”

Dong Cheng Lei broke into a candid smile, “Yesterday while I was practicing my punches, I accidentally broke an iron flag pole, and it smashed into my face….”

I was speechless.

Dong Cheng Yue couldn’t say anything. Finally she cautioned, “Next time be more careful, got it?”

Dong Cheng Lei said, “Ok, I got it. I will.”

Wolf stood up and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, sit over here. How about I introduce you to our new friends? Oh, not exactly introduce, how about you try and guess. See if you can guess the three big members of [Zhan Long]!”

Wna Er playfully pushed me with a smile, “Hurry up, Guild Master!”

I stumbled and walked over to Wolf. The girl that sat beside him stood up. She seemed very reserved, and dipped her head in a polite small bow, “Boss, you know who I am?”

I carefully studied her, and saw the innocent look on her eyebrows and smiled, “Moon Feather!”

She smiled back, “Boss, you’re really amazing! I had changed 10% of my appearance in the game, and you still managed to figure out who I am!”

Afterwards, another girl stood up and gave a sweet smile, “Boss, then who do you think I am? Actually…. Actually I’m Dancing Forest. Can you tell?”

I glanced over the mounds on her under her t-shirt and smiled, “Save it, Dancing Forest’s chest is at least 36Cs. At most, you have around a B. You must be Tang Xing?”

Tang Xing widened her mouth, “Damn, boss really is wise. You can recognize people just based on the size of their chest. This must be some SSS tier skill?”

I laughed, “Haha, that’s enough from you!”

At that moment, the boy beside Tang Xing stood up and gave me a naive smile, “Brother Xiao Yao, what about me?”

I thought about it for a second and said, “Star Blade, right?”


Star Blade smiled, “You’re really worthy of being called our boss. You’re pretty good at recognizing people.”

I nodded with a smile, and opened my two hands, “Don’t be polite. Why don’t we sit and talk? That’s right, didn’t all of you guys live out of town? How did you guys find the time to come to Hang Zhou?”

Tang Xing replied, “Moon Feather wanted to come to Hang Zhou to get together and meet up with boss. Thus, we all bought airplane tickets to come over here. Star Blade heard that we were coming to Hang Zhou to see all of the [Zhan Long] studio high levelers, and so he decided to come along too. He doesn’t have class today, but it looks like he has a lot of money too…”

Moon Feather said, “I heard that Star Blade’s old man gives him 1 million in allowance every month….”

My eyes widened, “Rich man, how about we become friends?!”

Star Blade gave a helpless smile, “Boss, even you’re mocking me. Its nothing like that, what my old man gives to me is just investments for starting up my career. Unfortunately, I don’t know what profession I should go into, and so I put a lot of it into games….”

I nodded, “Yup yup, this meeting is fate, why don’t we all sit down to talk!”



Very soon, the dishes began to come.

Wang Jian and Rainy were sitting next to each other. Wang Jian seemed to whisper something, making Rainy smile. After Meng Qin died, Rainy was extremely depressed. After all that time had passed, it was clear she was very grateful that he was by her side. On top of that, we could tell that Wang Jian, that bastard, truly liked Rainy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t stay with her all these days in Hang Zhou.

After the beer and and wine had been poured, I stood up and raised my cup, “How about I make a toast!”

Everyone raised their cups and stood up.

The private room quieted down and everyone expectantly looked at me. I thought about it for a second and then smiled, “To be honest, after the battle in the Purple Demon Forest, everyone here, besides Wan Er and Dong Cheng had lost ten levels. Q-Sword had achieved his goal in that battle, and it was the fault of my carelessness. I, Li Xiao Yao, had been crazy in the head from my need for vengeance. At that moment, I hadn’t done what a Guild Master should do. And so, today, with this cup of wine, I apologize to everyone. The people from the Valiant Bravery aren’t here now, and so I toast to them from a distance. You are all my brothers and sisters. The Purple Demon Forest, was my fault!”

When I fished talking, I raised my cup and finished all of the wine.

Matcha bit her lip and said, “Boss, the battle in the Purple Demon Forest really isn’t your fault. If we were to let [Vanguard] and [Enemies at the Gate] to die, then how would the people of Ba Huang City look upon [Zhan Long]? How would players around the world look at us? I think that at the battle at Purple Demon Forest, we had to die. Using ten levels to exchange for a Dragon’s Den, and using ten levels in return for the respect of our allies and enemies, is that not worth it?”

Old K laughed, “I don’t really know how to talk, but everything that Matcha had said was exactly what I had on my mind. Li Youngster, you’re our Guild Master because everyone here believes in you. There’s no need to blame yourself. If even you aren’t enough to be [Zhan Long]’s leader, then who can?”

Matcha smiled, “Either way I don’t think I have that strength….”

Wang Jian gritted his teeth, “Actually, in the Purple Demon Forest Battle, Q-Sword had calculated every last move. Those Death God Arrows, with the poisonous vines that they attacked with, and the Purple Demon Forest, which was extremely dense with trees, allowed them to tie the Death God Arrows in between the trees and leave us with no escape route. If it was any other place, the strength of those arrows would be greatly decreased, and at most it would kill a thousand of our men, and not four thousand. Guild Master, nobody blames you for the battle at Purple Demon Forest. I believe in you, and that fact will never change. Those people that did complain about you have already been kicked by Wang Jian and I…’

“F*ck….” Wan Er almost giggled aloud.

I nodded, “I still need to thank everyone, thank you for all of your support…”


After an hour, we had eaten and drank our fill, and everyone drunkenly headed to the KTV that was across the road. This was a pretty high tier KTV, and so we got a private room, and sang our hearts out.

I sat at the corner of the room, and gripped a bottle of beer as I chugged it down. These days, whether I’m in the game, or in reality, I’ve been under too much stress. It’s rare that I get the chance to loosen up.

Wolf and Matcha sang a duet, “Because of Love”, while Old K heckled them on the side. Wang Jian and Rainy all gave silly laughs.


I quietly stood up, with a bottle of beer in my hand and walked to the door. I lightly leaned against the wall, and listened to everyone laughing. At the same time, I made sure to observe every person’s movement on the outside. I had to protect Wan Er, since that was my responsibility. I couldn’t forget that while I was in the middle of being happy.

“Sha sha….”

Under the dark light, Wan Er walked over with her own bottle of beer. The light of the screen reflected off of her beautiful face, and she grinned, “What’s wrong Pig, are you not having fun?”

I shook my head, “No, I’m having lots of fun.”

“Then why aren’t you going to sing?”

“I’m tone deaf…”

“Alright….” Wan Er reached out and pulled on my wrist. Warmth filled my chest. She smiled, “Don’t stand there by yourself. Come, how about I sing a song for you, alright?”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Wu, is our little miss finally going to gift us with a song? Maybe ‘Heart of Time’?”

“Aw, don’t. How about I sing an English song for you? Alright?”

“Ok, alright….”

I grunted my agreement. I could see that Wan Er’s beautiful eyes were filled with love. Even though we hadn’t said anymore, we could still understand what the other was thinking in their heart. That was more than enough.


Wan Er walked up front and chose a song. I sat beside the stand, and chugged some more beer. Her beautiful eyes never left my face. She picked up the microphone and began to sing Breathless. Her sweet voice rang through the karaoke room——

you leave me breathless
you’re everything good in my life
you leave me breathless
I still can’t believe that you’re mine

My English actually wasn’t that bad, and I could pretty much understand it all. On top of that, there was Chinese translations beside the lyrics.

Wan Er looked at me, with a blush rising in her cheeks. Her beautiful eyes kept gazing at me, and didn’t glance at the screen even once. Just like that, she sang those moving lyrics. The technique and talent she had when she first sang “Heart of Time” from a few years ago was still there. Stupefied, I sat there at the table, staring at her. Even the hand that was holding the beer started to loosen. Watching Wan Er, my heart felt more and more moved. But, when I thought of her position, and my own position, and everything that we faced, I knew, that there was no way that I could walk by her side until the end.

I rubbed my nose and looked away from her.

Wan Er walked over to me, and placed her face on my chest. Then she turned around and said, “I’m going to the bathroom….”

Stunned, I looked at her. But all I could feel were the wet tears on my chest….


Around half of a minute later, Wan Er didn’t come back and I started to get worried. I then straightened out my clothes and walked out of the private room.

The boys and girls bathroom was linked. Walking in, I could hear a familiar voice coming from inside——

“Rainy, from the first time I laid eyes on you, I’ve liked you, I really really like you…. I’m not a man of many words, and I don’t know how else to confess to you, but I want to be with you, really….”

It was Wang Jian’s voice. Dang, he’s confessing to Rainy in the bathroom?

I heard footsteps heading over, looks like Rainy was coming over. Not good, I couldn’t wreck their moment. I glanced over, and saw an open door. I quickly pulled it open. Just as I was about to step in, a frail body leapt into my arms and pulled me in. It was Wan Er, and she was quietly listening against the wall.

She’s eavesdropping!

I glared and said, “F*ck, aren’t you being too obvious?!”

Wan Er’s face turned completely red, “Aren’t you doing the same…. Furthermore, I just happened to hear, I’m not eavesdropping!”

“So you have an excuse….” I shushed her, “We need to be quieter…. Let’s not mess up this confession….”

“Ok ok….”

And so, the two of us hid in the single bathroom and quietly, “happened to hear” Wang Jian confess. At that moment, [Zhan Long]’s Vice Guild Master’s eavesdropping curiosity was being awakened.

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