Zhan Long

Chapter 494

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Chapter 494 Sword Tempest

I fished out the command scroll and handed it over to Angela. I brought Li Mu, Wan Er and the rest up the staircase to the grand hall. I stood amongst all of the officials, with Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing behind me.

Angela walked up to the throne and handed the command scroll to Luo Lei and smiled, “Father, they really completed the quest. They have brought the awakened Chi Yu Han from the Sword Saint Abyss to here!”

Luo Lei suddenly stood up and he touched his hilt before saying, “Chi Yu Han, do you know that you have committed a great crime?”

Chi Yu Han held his head high and smiled up at the Duke, “Luo Lei. Thirty seven years ago, you secretly commanded four royal mages to kill one of the empire’s founding fathers, Chi Yan. Does that count as a great crime?”

Luo Lei jolted and roared, “Chi Yu Han, many years ago, you lead the Bai Meng Army to massacre three of Ba Huang City’s battle camps. You killed over ten thousand of my soldiers. It’s time that I clear this debt with you!”

On the steps, the commander of the Desolate Dragon Army, Forgotten Sea raised his heavy sword and walked forward, “Your majesty, Chi Yu Han is guilty. We cannot forgive him. I believe that you must bring down the death penalty in order to gain the trust of the officials of Ba Huang City!”

Chi Yu Han gritted his teeth and said with pride, “Do what you wish, why waste your breath!”

Chi Yu Qing’s eyes widened, “Now that Brother and I have come to Ba Huang City, we never had any hope in leaving!”


Luo Lei brushed his sleeve and said, “Seeing as it is like this, then I’ll do just as you wish…”

Angela immediately carried The Destroyer before walking over and said, “Father, even though the siblings Chi Yu Qing had a dispute with Ba Huang City, but it’s clear that they were deceived. They did all of this because they were grieving for their father. I think that, since Chi Yu Han has the strength to step into the Holy Realm, why don’t you be generous and let the siblings use their strength to serve Ba Huang City. That is also Ba Huang City’s fortune!”

Luo Lei gritted his teeth and said, “This…. Angela, do you know, that this Chi Yu Han is Ba Huang City’s thorn in the side? Once he regains his strength, he will definitely massacre Ba Huang City. When the time comes, he will summon the veterans of Bai Meng Army, and all will be too late then.”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked over. In a heavy voice, I said, “My lord, Chi Yu Han has already made a promise, that he will never bring troops to fight Ba Huang City. Furthermore, when he first lead his army against Ba Huang City, it was just for the sake of staying loyal to his father. He should not be killed for something like that!”

Luo Lei looked at me and furrowed his eyebrows, “Seeing as the people of Ba Huang City are making a plea for you. Then, Chi Yu Han, I will temporarily lock you and your sister Chi Yu Qing in the Royal Prison until there is a viable plan!”

Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing didn’t make a sound and were lead away by the guards. Before he left the hall, Chi Yu Han looked at me, and his eyes were filled with gratitude, “Thank you. There aren’t many people out there willing to stand up for me, Chi Yu Han. You are one of them, thank you….”

I nodded, and watched Chi Yu Han walk out.

Afterwards, the most important part came. Luo Lei walked down from the throne and raised his royal sword. He then walked over to me with a broad smile on his face, “Brave adventurers. You have eliminated Ba Huang City’s greatest threat. Now, I will give you the reward you deserve. Come, this is what you have earned!”


System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the SSS Tier Main Quest [Sword Saint Chi Yu Qing]. You have obtained the reward, Level + 2, Charm +12, Gold +30000. Your reputation in Ba Huang City and Dragon City has greatly increased. In addition, you have obtained the quest reward [Sword Tempest] (SSS)!


My heart started to beat quicker. I quickly opened my bag, and saw a dark green skillbook quietly sitting in a corner. It looked extremely ancient. There was no need to think further, it was the SSS tier skill book. My luck really was really amazing! I pulled out the skill book and waved my hand over it. The stats appeared before my eyes, and I was overjoyed——

[Sword Tempest] (SSS) : Condenses Dou Qi energy and turns it into flame energy that is injected into the weapon. Swinging the sword creates a trail of flames that will deal three hits to all targets within a 30 yard radius. The damage is correlated with the attack power of the user and the skill level. You must be at least Lv 90 and a Swordsman in order to learn the skill. Requires 10 points of charm.


The [Sword Tempest] skill book disappeared and like that, I obtained the ultimate AOE close combat skill. [Sword Tempest] was similar to Wang Jian’s [Halberd Whirlwind] but it had three attacks compared to his one. Clearly it was much more terrifying. Furthermore, as my attack power is so high, it is much more effective.


Beside me, Wan Er pointed at her wrist and smiled, “My reward was a Saint Tier wrist guard. Pig, how about yours?”

I smiled, “Get away, give me some space ….”

“Eh…. this bastard…” Dong Cheng Yue pulled Qing Qian back a few steps and smiled, “Looks like you learned some kind of skill?”

I nodded, and roared to activate [Sword Tempest]. At that moment, all of the power in my body began to glow and funnel into my long sword. In the next moment, the earth began to tremble. I suddenly raised both my arms and spun around. My Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword began to swing around. Flames began to rise around me, and created an enormous shockwave. The flames that surrounded my sword created an attack effect that lasted for three seconds before finally stopping.

“F*ck….” Li Mu made a fist, “I obtained a Saint Tier armor, but it looks like it really isn’t as good as the Guild Master’s skill….”

On the ground, there were several sword marks. My one [Sword Tempest] had destroyed most of Ba Huang City’s great hall. I immediately called everyone to leave, so that Luo Lei doesn’t make us pay for the repairs.


“Melon, what did you get?” I asked.

Qing Qian smiled and suddenly raised a dagger. At that moment, “Shua!”, an enormous hammer came down from the skies. “Peng!” It smashed into the palace gardens. Mud splattered everywhere. This was a long distance attack. All around the hammer were icicle needles. Looks like the attack power isn’t normal.

“Is it just an attack?” I asked.

“No, it has around a 5 yard radius. It has splash damage, alright…”

“Ha ha, then congratulations. What’s it called?”

“Glacial Hammer! Its an SS tier skill. Brother Xiao Yao, why are you asking about the name…”

“Oh, just to take note…”



I came into the marketplace and everyone put all of their outfits into the guild storage. We collected around 120 outfits in total in the [Zhan Long] guild storage. I shot a glance at the beautiful little miss. Wan Er, as the Vice Guild Master, gave me a cute smile, “Alright, I will list out the top 120 heavy armor players….”

“Yup, I’ll wait online. How long will it take?”

“Ten minutes is enough!”


Wan Er raised her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and prettily sat on a bench beside a stream. A breeze brushed through her hair. Qing Qian sat beside Wan Er to give her advice. Darling Duck and Dancing Forest both went to sleep. I walked over to the National Beauty and looked at our operations. Everything was doing well. Before the second player store appears, the National Beauty will continue to flourish. In addition, trade continuously breaks new grounds in the game. The situation should only get better.

Countless players came and left the store. Each of them snuck glances at Wan Er and Qing Qian. Clearly, [Zhan Long]’s two vice guild masters were beauties. And they were some of the top players. Most importantly, the two girls had pretty good equipment. In , the higher level the equipment was, the more exquisite and intricate it looks. These two girls were dressed in intricate armor and were extremely beautiful, it wasn’t strange that they would draw so many looks.

Not long after, Wan Err hopped off the bench and walked over, “The list is out, should we have them come over themselves to get the outfits?”

“Yup, I’ll leave this to you two. Wan Er, let’s get ready to log off. It’s already lunch. We should go eat a bit and sleep…”



On the side, Wolf raised his dagger and walked over, “Brother Xiao Yao!”

“Huh?” I smiled, “Is there something wrong, Little Wolf? Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Little Wolf laughed, “I do have some business. This morning, Old K and Matcha said that [Zhan Long] Studio hasn’t gotten together for a long time. And so, we’re planning on eating together later. Afterwards, we’ll go to KTV and sing for a bit, how does that sound? Why don’t you bring the beauties Miss Lin and Dong Cheng?”

Wan Er couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m coming too?”

“Of course, you’re the Vice Guild Master!”

Dong Cheng then stuck her chest out and said, “You could say that this is a meeting of [Zhan Long]’s top level players. I’m not going to miss this, after all, I am one of the four Elders aren’t I?”

Qing Qian cried out, “I want to go too!”

I smiled, “Wait until Melon is in Hang Zhou, then we can play.”



I then logged off. Everyone was either hungry or tired to death. I was going to the school cafeteria first to eat and then go sleep.

I slept all the way until six before getting out of bed. I quickly got out of bed and washed up. Afterwards, I put on some clean clothes and walked out. Tang Gu stuck his head out from under his covers and looked at me, “Li Bastard, I heard that you had just finished completing the Sword Saint Abyss map? You even stood up against [Hero’s Mound: Division One], [Flying Dragon], and [Wrath of the Heroes]?”

I smiled, “Yea, what’s up with that Glasses Brother?”

“Uh huh, nothing. I just joined [Hero’s Mound] and am serving Q-Sword to destroy you bunch of arrogant bastards!”

I smiled, and patted his covers, “Just come at me you fat uncle. Later on, when [Zhan Long] fights [Hero’s Mound] and I see you on the frontlines, I won’t show any mercy to you. Old K’s battle axe has been thirsty for a long time!”

Tang Gu grinned, “You old man! You’re leaving pretty late in the night, are you on a date with the beauty Cang Tong?”

“Nope. [Zhan Long]’s Hang Zhou officers are getting together.”

“Bullshit, how about you bring me?”

“You’re one of the scums in [Hero’s Mound], as if I’d bring you….”

“You old man, you really aren’t generous….”

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