Zhan Long

Chapter 493

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Chapter 493 Chi Yan

“What exactly is buried here?”

I furrowed my brow and then raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I dug it deep into the ground to help Chi Yu Han. As the earth shattering number one Saint Swordsman, there probably aren’t many things that he desired, much less make him look as miserable as to get on his hands and knees to dig. This must be something that is extremely important.

Under the movement of the sword, the rocks slowly loosened up. Finally, after a “Hua La” sound, an enormous hole appeared before me. On it were carved three large characters—— “Royal Graveyard Entrance”!

“Sha Sha….”

Wan Er walked over to the front and then pulled on my left hand and softly said, “It’s an entrance….”

I nodded.

All Chi Yu Han could do was stand there weakly. Both of his hands were dripping with blood. He was extremely weak at the moment, now that he was bound by the magic sealing chains, but he still managed to muster the strength to walk over to the entrance. Chi Yu Qing followed close behind him. Since I was a part of the quest, I brought Li Mu and the others and followed behind them, into the entrance.

Within the dry cave, there was a decaying smell in the air. This was where Chi Yan had supervised the construction of the Royal Grave.

Chi Yu Han held onto the wall and hobbled over in a daze, leaving a bloody streak across the wall. He carefully looked around him, and shakily said, “That year, I was just three years old, but…but I will never forget this place. Father once took me here. Father… father’s footsteps are everywhere here….”

Chi Yu Qing quietly said, “Brother….”

“They said, that father died in the middle of battle. But…. but I know. The last time I saw father was right here. Father didn’t die from battle, but rather…”

Suddenly, Chi Yu Han stopped talking. He looked towards an enormous crystal and reached out to touch it.


It was a memory crystal. Within seconds, the scenery around us began to melt away, taking us into the memory. The scenery began turning into the Grave from thirty seven years ago. Chi Yan was fully suited in armor and had a loving look in his eyes. He softly said, “Yu Han, you are the son of I, Chi Yan, meaning that you will definitely become a courageous hero. Grow up quickly. I am going to teach you everything that I have learned in my life, and let you become an undefeated commander….”

Beside Chi Yan, a chamberlain whispered, “General, this afternoon, his majesty will give his last command. He has chosen Luo Lie as the commander of his armies. Furthermore, he wants to take seventeen of our most famous generals….”

Chi Yan trembled for a second, and then gritted his teeth. But, he then looked at the small Chi Yu Han in his arms and said, “Has his majesty already made up his mind? I…. Chi Yan, in the mind of his majesty, am I just a pawn…. Right now, is it time for us to give up on everything and run?”

The chamberlain nodded, “General, it’s best if we plan first!”

Before Chi Yan could respond, a soldier bringing the command knelt to the ground and said, “My lord, just now, the four royal mages have come to the Royal Grave. I don’t know what they are planning!”

Chi Yan didn’t say anything, but red magic suddenly crawled across the floor and wrapped around his feet. He looked down, his eyes filled with desperation and anger. As he held Chi Yu Han, he looked up and roared, “Luo Lei, even if I, Chi Yan, am considered useless to you, must you leave us father and son with no way to live!? Did you think that by using the Dragon Seal on me, you’ll be able to shut up all dissents!?”

At the end of the grave, an old man carrying a staff walked over, a cruel smile on his lips, “Chi Yan, you old bastard. Your life is going to end here. Did you think that you would be able to continue living here and tell the world that you died in the grave that you yourself built?”

Chi Yan bellowed, “Lei Ge, you bastard!”

“Ha ha ha….”

This Lei Ge Mage raised his staff, and a red light in the shape of a dragon suddenly flew out from the head. “Hong!” The light surrounded Chi Yan and crushed his armor, causing blood to flow out. All Chi Yan did was bend over, and protect Chi Yu Han in his arms. He coughed up blood, and his entire body seemed to be crushed under the weight of the chains.


Chi Yan took Chi Yu Han from his arms and handed it to a guard beside him and shouted, “Escape from the second exit! Take this child and send him to the southernmost Chi You Tribe to train. Do not tell him who his father was. Never let him come back to Ba Huang City. Hurry!”

The entire grave began to rumble. As the four mages continued their pressure. The pillars in the Royal Grave began to crack. Boulders rolled down from the second floor, and Chi Yan was trapped. He suddenly raised his arms and caught a falling rock, and like that, using just his own mortal strength, he held up hundreds of tons of weight.


The soldier turned around, with tears running down his face.

Chi Yan gritted his teeth. Before he died, he gave one last longing look at the little Chi Yu Han, and with a shaky voice, “Tell him… tell him that his father really loved him, loved him so much…”

Lei Ge laughed and raised a single hand. One after another, magic arrows shot into Chi Yan’s body. His flesh began to rip apart like cotton. Chi yan’s abdomen had been torn apart. “Ka Cha!” His left arm broke. “Peng!” The stone beam fell onto his shoulder, but Chi Yan remained strong. He watched the soldier disappear to the end of the grave. Chi Yan suddenly grabbed his sword with his right hand and threw it!

“Pu Chi!”

The sword pierced right into Lei Ge’s chest. He dumbly stood there, and fell to the ground.


Chi Yan was forced to his knees from the weight, but still didn’t give up. His eyes were red and blood dripped down his face from his eyes. Suddenly, everything turned dark, and he used up the last sliver of his strength, before mumbling, “Yu Han, my dear son, I wish that I could watch you grow up, but I am sorry it seems I’m not fated to see you grow…..”

Gripping his right fist, Chi Yan’s veins suddenly burst, and Dou Qi energy circled around his body. Slowly, a bright light flashed, and in his place, was an enormous crystal. Even if it meant using up the last bit of energy, he chose to turn himself into a rock in order to protect Chi Yu Han.


“Father, father….”

Chi Yu Han knelt on the ground with tears rolling down his cheeks. He shuffled forward on his knees, all the way to the fallen grave. Surprised, he saw that Chi Yan had turned into an enormous boulder, kneeling there. His left hand had collapsed from the weight, and his right arm was slashed, with wounds that cut to the bone.

Chi Yu Han softly touched the injuries on his father’s arm. He couldn’t stop the tears, “Father…. You said before that you would teach me how to ride a horse, and teach me swordsmanship. You said that you’d teach me how to condense my Dou Qi, or even the art of battle… Father, I still remember all of your words, I remember them all. Just open your eyes and look at me, Yu Han has grown up….”

Chi Yu Qing knelt beside Chi Yu Han and cried, “Father, father….”

Right at that moment, “Peng” it was the sound of cracks. Chi Yan’s stone body broke apart and the entire room seemed to rumble. Chi Yu Han leapt forward to protect his father’s body. “Ahhh”, “Release me! Damn you magic seal, release me! I… I can protect my father! Why, why must you treat me like this…”

I charged forward and held up a broken beam. Li Mu and Wang Jian all rushed over to help hold up the beam. With the strength of three heavy armor players, the beams stopped falling down.

At that moment, Chi Yan’s stone body suddenly flashed, and Chi Yan’s ghost appeared in front of it. He had the same loving look that he had in the memory as he looked upon Chi Yu Han. Warmly, he said, “Yu Han, being able to see you and Yu Qing grow up into adults makes me extremely happy….”

“Father, is that you?” CHi Yu Han exclaimed in delight.

Chi Yan softly said, “You can say it is me, and you can say it is not. This is a sliver of my spirit that is tied to this place. Right now, I have something to tell you.”

Chi Yu Han responded, “Father, tell me….”

Chi Yan looked up, but couldn’t see the sky, and slowly said, “Throughout my life, I have always had a deep love for Ba Huang City, this beautiful home. And thus, even though I knew that my king wants to kill me, I didn’t lead a rebellion. I have seen far too much blood flow during battle. Starting a war will only lead to the deaths of more innocents. You too. As generals, the reason we fight wars and protect our nations, is for the sake of world peace. Even if we were to suffer humiliation, we must quietly take it all. Remember, do not start a rebellion. These are the last words I leave you with. Please, live out your life peacefully….”


Chi Yan’s figure disappeared


“This place is going to collapse, hurry up and leave!” Wan Er said in a low voice.

I quickly shouted “Take Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing and go!”

Wan Er and Qing Qian each dragged the two NPCs and ran out of the grave. Li Mu, Wang Jian and I conferred, and charged out together!

“Hong hong hong….”

After several rumbles and crashes, the entire Royal Grave turned into a pile of rubble.

Chi Yu Han stood there quietly. After half of a second, he suddenly looked towards me and said, “Youngster, I will follow you back to Ba Huang City and receive judgement. Thank you, for letting me see my father one last time…”

I nodded, “Then let’s go. Back to Ba Huang City. I believe that Princess Angela will definitely give you justice.”



And so, the strongest man in the land, who had reached the Holy Domain, willingly followed us back to Ba Huang City.

When we entered the city, we went straight towards the royal palace. As though something important had happened, the number of guards in front of the royal palace had significantly increased. One of them raised their sword and said, “Who are you? How dare you trespass Ba Huang City’s royal palace!”

I said, “I have brought someone that Princess Angela needs.”


I side stepped and revealed the two siblings, Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing. At that moment, the soldier suddenly jumped, “That… Then you two follow me!”

We slowly walked up the steps towards Ba Huang City’s Great Hall. We were met by a crowd of guards. In the distance, there were countless swordsmen and archers awaiting us.

“Da da da….”

The Moon Elf Princess Angela stepped forward and pulled out her sword. Astonished, she looked at me, “You actually managed to complete the quest!”

I nodded with a smile, “I just couldn’t dishonor your command!”

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