Zhan Long

Chapter 492

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Chapter 492 Flame Prison Armor

As I gripped the longsword, I felt a cold energy seep into my palm. The blade was segmented and gave off a frosty feel. It looked very awesome. I reached out and waved my hand over the blade and let the stats appear in the air ——

[Ice Feather Sword] (Saint Tier – Superior)

Attack: 2500-3250

Strength: +110

Endurance: +107

Agility: +105

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 31%

Additional: Ignores 35% of the target’s defense

Special: [Drain], 15% of the damage dealt to the target is transferred to the user’s HP

Special: [Ice Feather], activates an ice attack which has a 100% probability of sealing the target in ice for 7 seconds. Uses 70 points of Rage and has a 30 minute cool down

Required Level: 90

Required Class: Heavy Armor


“Damn…..” Li Mu’s eyes nearly rolled out of his head, “Isn’t that sword too tyrannical? That attack power is already higher than Xiao Yao’s Dragon Reservoir Sword. That 15% drain is already a lot, but now it even has a 100% Ice Seal effect? This is just too ruthless. As long as that [Ice Feather] hits its target, then you’ll practically win.”

I nodded and quickly forfeited the ROLL and smiled, “For the moment, I still like my Cold Iron Sword, and so I don’t plan on changing my supporting equipment.”

Wang Jian hesitated for a second, “Brother Xiao Yao, what are you doing….? This is the Ice Feather Sword, a Superior Saint Tier weapon. How can you give it up so easily?”

I smiled, “It’s nothing really. I’m actually more interested in the chest plate from later. Most importantly, most of my attack relies on the Dragon Reservoir Sword. It has a 100% [Kill for Blood], which completely beats the Ice Feather’s attack. Therefore, how about you two decide who gets the Ice Feather Sword?”

Li Mu laughed and forfeited from the ROLL, “That’s alright. Wang Jian’s weapon isn’t that good, we should just give this Ice Feather Sword to him.”

I nodded and tossed the sword to Wang Jian. He was almost ready to cry. He didn’t even have to go through the heartrending process of rolling for the sword. Why wouldn’t he be happy?

I moved on to look at the next equipment. The second equipment was a flaming chest plate that gave off a holy glow. The intricate work on the armor showed how extraordinary this piece of armor was. As I held it in my hand, I felt warmth seeping into my palm. This armor’s defense was definitely pretty high. I waved my hand over it and the stats appeared in the air——

[Flame Prison Armor] (Saint Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 1450

Strength: +112

Endurance: +110

Agility: +105

Additional: Increases the user’s defense and magic defense by 40%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 20%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 3500

Special: [Flame Domain], when activated, it decreases all fire damage dealt to any friends within a 100 yard radius by 50%

Required Level: 90

Required Class: Heavy Armor


As I looked at the Flame Prison Armor, I began to tremble. These stats are just too broken. It increases both the health and the defense and that [Flame Domain] could practically flip the world upside down, with that decrease in fire damage to all friends within a 100 yards. That implied that in a team battle, all members of the same guild within a 100 yards would receive half the damage from main skills like [Magma Abyss], [Pillars of Fire and Ice], and [Fire Rain]. This also meant that during a team battle, all of the heavy armor players would have no fear of the enemy’s magic attacks!

I raised the Flame Prison Armor and looked at my own Magic Spite Armor before smiling, “Come, brothers, let’s ROLL!”

Li Mu grinned, “Why aren’t you giving this one away?”

I didn’t hide any of my intentions, “Because my survivability is higher than the both of you, and so I have more use to the team with this.

Wang Jian waved his hand and forfeited from the ROLL. He smiled, “I’ll be too greedy if I were to take both the armor and the Ice Feather Sword!”

Li Mu ended up rolling for the armor against me. I won with a 99 against his 18. Li Mu could only ruefully smile, “Damn, does the difference in our numbers have to do with the difference in our appearance?!”
Allenwa note:cough cough mc power cheating

Wan Er grinned, “Probably…”

I equipped the Fire Prison Armor and tossed the Magic Spite Armor to Li Mu. The Magic Spite Armor was still a pretty good piece of equipment at this time. After I equipped the Fire Prison Armor, my stats increased exponentially——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon City Guardian)

Level: 91

Attack: 5717-7042

Defense: 6378

Health: 21202

Mana: 6759

Charm: 198

CBN Battlenet Ranking: 15


Both my defense and my health are enough to rebel against the heavens. I looked through my stats again, and saw that I already had 9 Saint Tier equipments. Even Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword only had around 4-7 Saint Tier Equipments. Looking at all of the only person who has more Saint Tier Equipments than me was probably Jiu Li City’s Fang Ge Que. While we were doing the SSS Tier Main Quest, Fang Ge Que probably hasn’t been sitting around, there’s no doubt about that. Every major city has its own main quests.

I continued looking through the equipment. There was a sparkling necklace. I waved my hand over it, and the stats appeared ——

[Wonderland Necklace] (Saint Tier)

Agility: +110

Endurance: +106

Strength: +102

Additional: Increases the user’s close combat attack power and attack speed by 30%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 2700

Additional: Increases the killing power of Assassin type skills by 25%

Special: [Wind Stepper] Increases the user’s movement speed by 11%

Required: 90


I looked around the map and saw three Assassins. Wan Er smiled to me, “Nevermind, let’s just ROLL for it, that way it’s more fair!”

“Ok.” I slowly nodded. It really is hard to choose between them.

The numbers quickly came out, and Wolf won with a 79. He raised the necklace, almost as though he can’t believe his eyes. It was as though he became Cinderella. If we were to let him get a few more equipments, he would never be able to stay friends with someone like Fox who doesn’t have a single Saint Tier equipment.

Chi Yu Han dropped three extraordinary Saint Tier equipments, he really was generous!

I flipped through my bag for the other things he dropped, and actually found a purple colored skill book. I waved my hand over it, and all of the heavy armor players started drooling——

[Glacial Armor] (SS tier): Condenses Dou Qi energy and increases the user’s defense by 10% and the user’s MaxHP by 5%. The durability of the armor is proportional to the user’s attack power. Required: Level 80 Warrior, Cannot be used with [Wall of Dou Qi], [Dou Qi Lightning] or [Dou Qi Armor]. Learning this skill means that it will replace any of the others. Requires 5 points of rage!


Raising the [Glacial Armor] skill book, I smiled, “A Lv 10 [Glacial Armor] would increase defense by 100% and MaxHP by 50%. Its an extremely savage defense BUFF skill. I really like my [Wall of Dou Qi] skill, since it looks really cool. You two, what do you plan on doing?”

“How about we ROLL for it?” Wang Jian said.

Li Mu nodded. A few minutes later, Li Mu’s face turned green, “For a system like ROLL, there’s no such thing as love anymore. From the beginning, I’ve never won! This is so unfair!”

I nodded, “Just accept fate…”

Wang Jian quickly learned the skill and gave a shout to summon the [Glacial Armor]. It looked exactly like Chi Yu Han’s skill. He he, this skill really is useful. It adds both defense and health. It’s much more practical than [Dou Qi Armor], but it wasn’t as good as my [Wall of Dou Qi]. That was Frost’s personal skill. A Lv 10 [Wall of Dou Qi] increases my defense and magic defense by 200%, something that [Glacial Armor] could never do. At least now we could prove one point, and it was that I am the only one that can truly stand up against a Saint Tier BOSS. Li Mu and Wang Jian are best as supporters.

After I organized everything and all of the rewards were split up, Wan Er fluttered her eyes and said, “Let’s go. We should head out. I just got information that [Flying Dragon], [Hero’s Mound], and [Wrath of the Heroes] have all scattered….”

I nodded and stood up. I then looked at Chi Yu Han who lain weakly on the floor. I raised my sword and walked over and then knelt on one knee beside him, before I softly said, “Chi Yu Han, I will bring you back to Ba Huang City. Princess Angela is very kindhearted. She definitely won’t make things difficult for you. As long as you give up any vengeful thoughts, then Ba Huang City won’t kill you. That, I am sure of.”

Chi Yu Han didn’t have any strength as he laid there, but he flashed a cold smile, “You have no idea how shameless and hypocritical the royal family can be. You will regret trusting them forever….”

Chi Yu Qing helped Chi Yu Han up and softly said, “Brother, hurry up and recover your strength…”


I grabbed the binding chains and shook them. They began to move on their own, and bound Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han together. This chain was made specially. This way, even if Chi Yu Han was a god, he would still have to follow my commands.

I looked into the distance and said, “Let’s go. It seems as though we’re going to have to go up each and every floor on our own. Looks like the [Flying Dragon] people have left a chain for us to climb. We’ll go from the 7th floor to the 6th, and then go straight up!”


After a few ups and downs, Wan Er and I managed to take everyone up to the sixth floor. Afterwards, everyone all climbed up the chain. Furthermore, now that there was no Chi Yu Han, the Sword Saint Abyss didn’t seem that scary.



With one in each hand, I held onto Chi Yu han and Chi Yu Qing and dashed upward. I turned around to look and saw that Wan Er and the others were all following behind. I set down Chi yu Qing and Chi Yu Han. The two BOSS NPC’s were recovering energy. Our whole team escorted them back to Ba Huang City.

We passed through the Sword Saint Abyss. At the border of the Grave of the Warring States, Chi Yu Han suddenly saw the forest ending and stopped.

“Why aren’t you walking?”

I pulled on the magic chains, but Chi Yu Han gritted his teeth and didn’t walk forward. His hands were even bleeding, but he wouldn’t take another step. All he did was look into the distance and said, “I want…I want to see him one more time before I die….”

“See who?” I asked.

“My father….” CHi Yu Han’s ruthless eyes turned soft as he said, “I want to see my father, is that alright? I just have this one small request…. They all said that father was buried here, but Qing Er and I have never been able to visit him…”

“There’s only a forest over there, I don’t think there’s anything else?” I said.

Chi Yu Han persevered, “No… I can feel his rueful spirit, I…. I beg of you…. Let me just see him once….”


Wan Er, Qing Qian and I all exchanged glances. I turned around and entered the forest. There must be some kind of cutscene that’s related to this.


Deep in the forest, there was a pile of crumbled walls and fence. This place was in the middle of construction, and there was a totem pole that had the characters “Royal Tomb” carved in it.

Wan Er looked at the database and said, “Ba Huang City’s Royal Graveyard, 37 years ago. The Royal General Chi Yan has followed orders and stopped the construction of the royal tomb. Later on, I met unfortunate luck…”

“Chi Yan is your father?” I asked.

Chi Yu Han nodded, “That’s right….”

As he finished talking, Chi Yu Han shuffled over with the chains bound at his feet, and continuously pulled away all of the broken stones. Even though his nails were broken and his palms were bloody, he continued his arduous quest.

Chi Yu Qing had tears rolling down her face, “Brother, don’t…. Don’t be like this….”

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