Zhan Long

Chapter 489

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Chapter 489 Another Provocation

After using all of the BUFFs, and my [Wall of Dou Qi]’s lava like energy condensed around my body. I lightly swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and charged right at Chi Yu Han. Either way, I was going to fight, so might as well initiate the attack!


My Cold Iron Sword suddenly flew up and followed the path that I had set beforehand, right at Chi Yu Han. It had cut into him 3 times. This was the most I could do in a split second. Afterwards, I locked on the remaining 6 attack paths. Either way, the BOSS won’t try and dodge it. At the same time, three damage numbers popped up from above Chi Yu Han’s head, proving once again that his defense wasn’t fake——





“F*ck, Guild Master only has so little attack power!?” Thousand League Spring said with her eyebrows raised.

Dancing Forest raised her Bowstring of the Dragon Jin Sou and activated her [Shield Breaker Shot] as she said, “It’s not that Guild Master’s attack power is low, it’s just that this BOSS’ defense is too high. Look, he’s even using [Glacial Armor]. The fact that Guild Master could break through so much of his defense means that his attack power really is above average….”

In the end, she shot three [Shield Breaker Shot]’s decreasing the BOSS’ defense by 20%. I successfully activated a [Wind Slash] right in front of Chi Yu Han’s chest!


Sparks flew and a large damage number flew up——


Good, this time, I managed to break through even more of his defense! Then, Chi Yu Han smiled, and when my sword fell, the Heaven’s Spite Sword in his and suddenly flashed. [Flame Slash] fell right into my chest and pain spread throughout my entire upper body. An enormous damage number flew up. What terrifying damage——


This was even under the situation where I had the [Wall of Dou Qi] to protect myself. Otherwise, I would’ve taken 10,000 damage. If he were to deal a critical attack, I would’ve instantly died!

Most importantly was that Chi Yu Han’s attack speed was extremely high. He immediately closed the distance between us and drove a punch right into my abdomen. Then, with a sweep of his sword, he cut into my chest, bringing out another two damage numbers——



Thankfully, Darling Duck used a [Grip of Compassion] in time, or else I would’ve been history.

“Not good, we have to control the situation some more, or else there’s no way to fight!”

Wan Er raised her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and passed right by me. Suddenly she appeared right between the BOSS and I. She waved her dagger. Unfortunately, her [Gouge] was dodged. Without any other choice, she raised both of her daggers and activated [Ice Pick Whirlpool], then followed it with a [Blade of the Death God] + [Twin Blade Harmony]. Her Dragon’s Kiss dagger passed right through Chi Yu Han’s armor, creating sparks and a river of blood——






Chi Yu Han roared in anger and pain. He then waved his fist and punched right onto Wan Er’s dagger. The force of the attack made the beautiful little miss retreat several steps. That wasn’t even enough, Chi Yu Han then spun around and hacked right at Wan Er’s shoulder! As one of the strongest Assassins on the China Server, Wan Er had an unnaturally high reaction speed. The dagger in her left hand suddenly disappeared, and she pulled out the iron umbrella behind her back to defend!



Even though she couldn’t take the force of the attack, Wan Er retreated several steps and commanded her Purple Kirin Dragon to spit out Dragon’s Breath. At the same time, she waved her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and activated a [Flying Dagger] from a distance.

I quickly filled up my health again and reached out to grab Wan Er’s arm, pushing her behind me. I used a [Blade Rush] and the blade sunk right into the BOSS body. Frost began to climb up my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and I threw a [Fierce Ice Blade] into Chi Yu Han. Streams of frost energy began to wrap around the BOSS, decreasing his movement speed. At the same time, I used a [Great Tortoise Realm] to add on. White energy spread out under my feet, and I used a [Strength of a Thousand Men] on the BOSS’ back.

“F*ck you!”

Chi Yu Han spun around and used a [Flame Slash] and three normal attacks. Within moments, my health got cut down to critical. This attack power is just crazy!


At the most critical moment, Dancing Forest’ [Scatter Shot] succeeded, stunning the BOSS for two seconds. I took the opportunity to recover my health and activate a special skill——[Halberd Flame]. Flames began to rise around me, continuously burning at Chi Yu Han’s body. Either way, I was being hit really hard. My rage basically refilled itself every 10 seconds. I might as well use special skills whenever I can. However, [Dragon Transformation] that kind of a special skill, couldn’t be used as carelessly. The cooldown was just too long. It must only be used as a last resort.

Once my health rose all the way to ten thousand, Chi Yu Han roared and he swung his longsword.

I opened my hand, [Binding Chains]!


I didn’t succeed! My heart sunk. The two Healer girls would never be able to catch up with the damage I was taking. The reality was, that the ten of us fighting this Lv 100 Saint Tier BOSS on our own was too much!


Wan Er passed by me again, her dagger encased in a layer of ice. Time to risk it all. One after another, attacks sliced into Chi Yu Han’s body. Furthermore, her normal attacks were extremely quick. Within seconds, she managed to deal twelve attacks.

Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring quickly gave me heals, it was an all or nothing!

“F*ck, you ignorant bastards, I will cut you all down!” Chi Yu Han broke through the ice and angrily shouted. He swept out his sword and pushed Wan Er back. I retreated a few steps back as well. Chi Yu Han then raised his hand and storm clouds covered the sky, “Soul Soldiers from the horizon, cut down all of the evil that is before you!”

Soul soldiers covered horizon before us!

“Shua shua shua….”

Countless weapons fell from the sky, dropping into the hands of the soldiers. With the swords and halberds in hand, they charged at us with flames wrapped around themselves. “Peng peng peng!” They threw an attack with a 40 yard radius. Even the two Healers were affected. Dong Cheng Yue anxiously used a [Thunderbolt Finger]+[Magma Lance]+[Magma Abyss], but still couldn’t control the flow of the battle. She shouted, “This…. This is too hard…. Brother Xiao Yao will never be able to withstand this attack!”

Before she even finished talking, I took two attacks from the Soul Soldiers. Right afterwards, Chi Yu Han then threw a [Flame Cut]+ normal attack onto my shoulder. Pain shot threw my arm, and my health dropped twice——



Everything went dark and I fell to the ground. I even dropped my Cold Iron Sword, as well as a Garrison Outfit. With that I was killed!

“Damn, I really hate this feeling…..”

Wan Er furrowed her elegant brows and raised her Dragon’s Kiss dagger. She then threw an [Ice Pick Whirlpool] right at the BOSS and shouted, “Li Mu and Wang Jian, hurry up and help me! Darling Duck needs to revive the pig. If he falls, then we’re all screwed!”

It was as though the Goddess of Luck took pity on our ten man team. All three hits of Wan Er’ s [Ice Pick Whirlpool] had an Ice Seal effect. Chi Yu Han took all of those hits. Wang Jian and Li Mu raised their swords to help support Wan Er, who was already in critical health.

The seconds it took for me to revive were extremely long and slow. By the time I stood up again, Li Mu grunted and fell to his knees under the BOSS’ sword. Even Wang Jian retreated with critical health.

Without another word, I picked up the Cold Iron Sword and re-equipped it. I then added a [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] buff and charged at the BOSS again. Wan Er then took the time to heal herself.

I then opened my hand again, [Binding Chains]!


Iron chains broke through the earth and wrapped around Chi Yu Han’s two legs. This time our luck was pretty good, and I managed to bind him, 7.2 seconds of stun!

Thousand League Spring then revived Li Mu. Li Mu then picked up the Garrison Outfit and retreated. Wolf and Qing Qian could only activate an [Absolute Step] to try and stun the BOSS. Before they could even determine if the stun had succeeded or not, they immediately retreated. Their defense and health was too weak. They wouldn’t even be able to take a normal attack. This situation highlighted the advantages of Wan Er’s Hermit God’s skills. In the entire team, only she and I could fight with the BOSS. Nobody else could take the hits.

The situation was slowly returning to our grasp. The second time Chi Yu Han tried to use [Mountains of Soul Soldiers], I interrupted him with a [Curse of the Night God Asura]. My Cold Iron Sword flew out and spun around piercing right through Chi Yu Han’s body. Blood blossomed from Chi Yu Han’s chest. He then angrily shouted, “I recognize this attack. It’s a unique skill from Dragon City. Young fellow, what’s your relationship with Frost!?”

I calmly said, “Frost is my teacher….”

“So your Frost’s student!” Chi Yu Han gave a cruel smile and threw an even faster attack, “Frost that bitch once stepped into this Abyss before, and I had dueled with her for a bit. She really is a strong one. However, I don’t have any sympathies for her. I have no interest in a fake city like Dragon City, and so today I will kill off all of Frost’s students. That shouldn’t be too big of a problem.”

A [Great Realm of Desolation] burst from my Dragon Reservoir Sword. My Dragon power activated, dealing three times that of a superior damage——


“Really? Can you kill me?” I laughed. I’m a player, you’re an NPC. You can only be pushed by fate, while I…. I have unlimited revives!


Right as I was falling into the rhythm of battle, I suddenly heard a whole crowd of people coming at us. Thousand League Spring shouted, “Oh no, people are coming, so many people!”


A cold arrow broke through the air, and Thousand League Spring suddenly couldn’t move. She was stunned by a [Scatter Shot]. All of sudden, four [Magma Abyss]es activated right under her feet, instantly killing our second Healer!

The shot came from [Wrath of the Heroes] number one Archer Sonata. Together, along with Heart of Fire’s [Magma Abyss], they took our Healer.

“What an annoying feeling….”

Dong Cheng raised her staff and flew up, saying, “We can’t keep on killing the BOSS, or else our entire team will die. At least a thousand enemies have come down. Li Xiao Yao, why don’t you lure the BOSS away?”

I nodded and activated [Haste]. I then retreated, bringing Chi Yu Han with me. After running around 40 yards, I activated [Binding Chains]!

God, please, let this succeed!

7.2 seconds! I immediately began to run, and took all of the [Zhan Long] players to the top pf the floor. There was around 120 yards between us and the BOSS. When Chi Yu Han was released from the Binding Chains, he took a deep breath and looked around, saying, “It suddenly went dark. Where did those bastards go!?”

I gave a sigh of relief. The BOSS didn’t come over. It was time to deal with the players!

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