Zhan Long

Chapter 488

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Chapter 488 Chi Yu Han Awakens

After fighting for a whole 3 hours, there was still around 10% of the Garrison Angels left. This proved to us that all of the Thunder Tier monsters on the last floor were all stingy. The Garrison Angels didn’t drop any outfits. Even their Gold Tier and Purple Tier drop rates weren’t that high. The only problem was that their attack power and health was terrifyingly strong. Their drop rate and strength really aren’t proportional.


“Hu hu….”

Raging winds blew towards us. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked over. My War Swept Cloak fluttered in the wind behind me. I turned around to look to my left, and saw that a few holes appeared in the walls beside us, creating a volcano almost. Inside it was filled with Garrison Angels, there were at least a hundred, each of them staring at me.

“F*ck….” I reached out and pointed, “There’s a whole nest of Garrison Angels, should we kill them?”

Wan Er smiled, “Let’s not, why don’t we go and find Chi Yu Han? It was really difficult for us to reach this point, so let’s not waste time on these Garrison Angels!”

“Yup, let’s go!”


We continued forward and cleared out the Garrison Angels on the path. Without noticing, a few hours already passed by in the game. This Sword Saint Abyss took us a whole two days to finish. It really is a drawn out struggle.

“Why…. why haven’t [Flying Dragon], [Hero’s Mound] and [Wrath of the Heroes] come yet?” Thousand League Spring looked behind us and said, “I keep feeling like they should’ve come here a long time ago, but I don’t see a single person.”

Dong Cheng raised her staff, and bright meteors lit up the sky, but not a single Assassin seemed to appear.

While I cut down the last few Garrison Angels, I said, “They must’ve sent some Assassin type players to use [Stealth] and watch us from afar. Once we start killing the BOSS, they’ll probably try and pressure us with their army.”

Dancing Forest raised her Bowstring of the Dragon Jin Sou and blinked a few times, “Should we attack or not? This really is a problem. Once we start fighting them, then it’ll be hard for us to stop halfway through. But if we don’t start fighting, then we’ll just end up in stalemate…”

“Let’s just find Chi Yu Han first!”



Everyone threw out their attacks to kill off the last few Garrison Angels. We continued forward, but the path ended. There was just a black wall right in front of us.

“Eh…. where’s Chi Yu Han?” Wan Er furrowed her brow as she asked.

Qing Qian reached out and pointed to the right, “Sister Cang Tong, look over there!”

Everyone looked over there, but all they saw were the magma rocks under our feet floating on the lava. The flaming hot lava boiled with a “Gu du gu du”. Furthermore, in the lava, there appeared to be magma spikes that were shaped like footholds. They lead to the center of the abyss, where there was an island like great hall. The heat made it extremely hard to see, but we could faintly make out a great hall that was filled with Talismans and Magic Crystals. There were nine totem poles at the center of the great hall, with a crimson chain that connected each one. A man knelt at the center, holding a sword that pierced into the ground. His snow white cloak fluttered in the wind, and his head was lowered. He looked extremely stern, but couldn’t move a single finger.


Behind me, Chi Yu Qing’s body slightly trembled as she looked towards the great hall. Tears rolled down her face and she said, “Brother…. brother, isn’t that the Nine Dragon Seal? Damn it, Ba Huang City’s trash, to think that you would use the Nine Dragon Seal to trap my brother’s body here. I…. Brother….”

I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and looked at everyone before saying, “You guys all have a pretty good sense of balance, right? You guys have the confidence to try out those rocks?”

Wan Er stuck her chest out and confidently smiled, “Of course!”

Qing Qian and Dancing Forest both nodded.

“Then come with me!”

I pulled out my sword and leapt up. After jumping around 2 meters, my shoes touched a rock. Afterwards, I leapt up again onto the next rock. I jumped like that a dozen more times, before stepping onto the great hall. Sunlight illuminated the entire area, I could even see the veins on Chi Yu Han’s sword arm.

“Sha sha….”

Behind me, Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Qing Qian all arrived. [Zhan Long]’s core players’ strength really is above average, and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Even if something did happen, and the enemy brought their troops over, then they’d just end up falling into the burning lava. Even Drunken Spear, that ten thousand health Knight would be killed in seconds. They definitely won’t be in a much better position than ourselves.

Chi Yu Qing lightly descended. The whip in her hand began to tremble when she saw Chi Yu Han’s appearance. She slowly walked over, and knelt to the ground beside him as she softly whispered, “Brother, brother….”

Chi Yu Han slowly looked up, his loose hair fluttering in the wind. He revealed a very handsome face, but his eyes were extremely bloodshot. He looked at Chi Yu Qing and smiled, “Yu Qing, you came?”

“Brother, how are you?” Chi Yu Qing tearfully asked.

Chi Yu Han’s eyes were filled with affection, and he opened his mouth a few times before softly saying, “Dumb girl, why are you crying? Aren’t I doing well? Didn’t I say? Before I avenge father, I will never die. All of the demons of Hell and the gods of Heaven couldn’t kill me. I, Chi Yu Han, will never die!”

Chi Yu Qing cried out, “Brother, it pains me to see you like this….”

Chi Yu Han gave a warm smile, “Yu Qing, don’t cry anymore. From what I remember, the wild girl I knew would never cry. You’re Chi Yu Han’s sister, you need to be stronger!”

As he finished talking, Chi Yu Han looked up to see Wan Er, I and the rest. His voice turned cold, “These people… they carry the insignia of Ba Huang City. Hmph, are they Ba Huang City’s people? Yu Qing, why haven’t you killed them? Why!? Did you forget what you promised me? That we would definitely get justice for father!!”

Chi Yu Qing bit her lip, “Brother, these people are really strong. I’m not their match…”


Chi Yu Han abruptly stood up, his hand wielded the longsword and he shouted, “You guys… you guys dare harm my, Chi Yu Han’s, sister? Do you guys even know what you’re doing?”

Chi Yu Qing quickly grabbed onto Chi Yu Han’s body and said, “Brother, brother….”

As she finished talking, Chi Yu Qing turned around to look at us, “You guys… just what do you guys want to do with brother?”

I took out the King’s Command Scroll and said, “Under the command of the Ba Huang City Princess Angela, I’m here to take Chi Yu Han back to Ba Huang City. We are just here under orders!”

Chi Yu Qing immediately spread out her arms, “No, the people of Ba Huang City will definitely kill Brother. They hate brother to the bones!”

Chi Yu Han gripped his longsword, his entire body shook but he couldn’t exert a single drop of energy. It was clear, his energy had been sealed by the Nine Dragon Seal, and so he hand no way of doing anything to us.

I slowly pulled out the seal chain that Angela gave to me and smiled, “No matter, I have this. With it, I can bring him back to Ba Huang City!”

Chi Yu Qing started to panic, “No, Brother’s body has already been pierced by the Nine Dragon Seal. If you guys use that evil chain to seal him again, then his soul will shatter!”

“Is that so?”

“Really!” Chi Yu Qing bit her lip so hard, that she broke skin and she said, “First of all, you guys have to cut apart the Nine Dragon Seal’s dragon chains. That’s the only way to release brother’s seal. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to bring him out!”

Li Mu laughed, “You’re trying to trick us. Once we break the seal, wouldn’t Chi Yu Han just kill us all?!”

Chi Yu Qing smiled, “Did you think that he wouldn’t do so if you did this?!”


I suddenly shouted, “Chi Yu Qing is unsealing Chi Yu Han right now!”

Right as my words fell, Chi Yu Qing’s thorny whip had already passed through Chi Yu Han’s back. At that moment, “keng keng keng” one after another, the golden sealing needles fell to the ground. Then, the nine sealing chains started glowing, and they all began to shake!

“Yu Qing, back up!”

Chi Yu Han suddenly stood up and roared. Raging winds began to dance around his bod, and streams of red energy began to rush into his body. All of those dragon sealing chains exploded with a “Peng peng peng”. F*ck, Chi Yu Han has already broken through his seal. He’s already recovered around 30% of his strength. He raised his long sword, and smiled, “Heaven’s Spite Sword, I can finally give you a taste of blood again. Come, fight with me and avenge the souls of my father and the millions of soldiers who died!”

Chi Yu Qing quickly retreated. Clearly, she completely trusted the strength of Chi Yu Han, and had no intention of helping him.


I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and gritted my teeth as I stood in front of Wan Er and Qing Qian. At the same time, I read out Chi Yu Han’s stats to everyone in the team chat. He really was immensely strong. Just how were we supposed to kill a BOSS like this——

[Sword Saing Chi Yu Han] (Saint Tier)

Level: 100

Attack: 5900-7000

Defense: 5500

Health: 40000000

Skills: [Flame Slash] [Glacial Armor] [Mountains of Soul Soldiers] [Stepping into Saint Level]

Introduction: Chi yu Han, Ba Huang City’s number one general Chi Yang’s son. Rumor has it that when he was very young he disappeared from Ba Huang City. Later, he reappeared in the Chi You Tribe, where he trained his body. When he was young, Chi Yu Han entered the Chi Yuan Empire to become a commander. He lead troops to invade the land, and became the empire’s strongest general. Afterwards, he took his troops to the East, and charged all the way to Ba Huang City. At that point, he had conquered over half of ’s land. Afterwards, at Ba Huang City, Chi Yu Han fell for Luo Lei’s trap, and was imprisoned by the Nine Dragon Seal. Now that this herculean man who has stepped into the Saint Realm has reawakened, catastrophe will definitely fall upon this land


“F*ck…. 7000 attack is this right!?” Li Mu’s sword began to tremble and he pursed his lips, “I can’t even imagine how painful it would be to get hit by a 7000 attack…”

I calmly said, “Most importantly, you’re a dozen levels lower than Chi Yu Han. If you guys really tried to fight, you’ll probably end up getting even your soul shattered…”

Li Mu stepped backwards several steps, “Guild Master, you hold him off. Wang Jian and I’ll just act as support!”

I frowned, “This really is unfair….”

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