Zhan Long

Chapter 487

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Chapter 487 Just Too Unfair

“You guys… did you guys notice an extremely big problem?” Li Mu asked as he raised his Tian Chen Sword.

“What problem?” I exclaimed.

Li Mu made a fist, “I searched through all the grass; this floor’s BOSS didn’t drop any teleportation crystal. How are we supposed to get to the next floor?!”

“That might really be true….” Wang Jian said.

I looked to the side and said, “The main problem is…. Chi Yu Han’s sister, that Beast Tamer Chi Yu Qing, hasn’t died yet….”

Wang Jian raised his hand and pulled out his sword, “Brother Xiao Yao, move away. I’ll poke a few holes in her….”

I felt like ramming my head against the wall, “Wang Jian, you dumbass…. There will probably be some kind of a cutscene. Why else would the BOSS still be alive?”

Wang Jian rubbed his head and said, “Ha, it really seems to be that way….”

I walked forward and knelt beside Chi Yu Qing. I then grabbed her hand and said, “Right now, we need you to tell us, how are we supposed to go to the deepest level of the abyss to find the Sword Saint Chi Yu Han?”

Chi Yu Qing looked up at me, and her beautiful pupils were filled with ice, “Ah ah….”

I got angry, “You… ah ah, what does that mean?”

Li Mu patted my shoulder and said, “It means to go and f*ck yourself…”

My face went dark and I said, “You’re the only one who would say that….”

Chi Yu Qing looked at me and gritted her teeth, “You hypocritical Ba Huang City warriors. I can see through to your souls! Don’t even think about getting any information from me. And don’t even think about going to the seventh floor to find Brother. You’re fated to die. Brother will turn you all into dust!”

I smiled and touched her cheek, before gazing into her eyes, “Chi Yu Han has been sealed for many years. He probably doesn’t even realize that the current Ba Huang City isn’t the same as in the past. Right now, all we want is for justice to be served. Don’t worry, we won’t kill him; we just want to bring him out of this abyss. Unless, you want your beloved brother to be imprisoned in here for life?”

“I, I….”

Chi Yu Qing looked up at me, her beautiful eyes filled with tears as she murmured, “Brother has always been buried in suffering and never ending torment. Even with all the strength in the world, it still wouldn’t be able to make up for all the remorse and anguish he had to bear. I… I really don’t know any other way to make brother even a little happier. Even if I had to give up my natural instincts, I would stay by his side and help him kill the innocent…”

I nodded, “And so, you should take us to the seventh floor. Let us find Chi Yu Han. We’ll naturally free him from his troubles. Please, believe in us!”

Chi Yu Qing weakly stood up and raised her whip. She then lightly leaned against my chest plate and softly said, “I want to listen to your heartbeat; I want to know…. do you really deserve the trust of my brother and I?”

I made a fist, “Don’t worry, I’ll do it.”


Chi Yu Qing looked up and said, “I will help you guys enter the seventh floor and find my brother. However, you must promise me, that you won’t kill my brother. Otherwise, I’ll smash you into pieces; even if my body were torn and bones crushed, never forgive you!”

Wan Er and Dong Cheng all nodded, “We won’t kill him!”


Chi Yu Qing nodded and raised her left hand. She then waved her hand in the air, summoning a magic talisman. In the next moment, the Talisman opened up a door to another dimension. A hundred meters away. I was able to see that the deepest floor of the Sword Saint Abyss appeared at the other end of the dimensional gateway. Just as I thought, the only way to get to the next floor was through Chi Yu Qing!

Looking at the bright gate, Wan Er’s beautiful eyes shone with a mystified light. She gripped her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and voiced her suspicion in the team chat, “Pig, do you think that we should really trust that Chi Yu Qing? I feel like… her personality changed too drastically. She can’t possibly expose her brother with just a small promise from us.”

I nodded, “I understand. However, other than the Chi Yu Qing, there’s no other way for us to get to the seventh floor. Therefore, we have to go. Even if it’s a trap, we have to face it. I’ll walk in the front, and when I’m sure that there’s no danger, I’ll let you guys know. It looks like this teleportation gate will last for a long time.”

“Ok, you be careful!”

I then buffed myself with a [Wall of Dou Qi] and also activated [Dragon’s Whistle of Lightning and Thunder] with a shout. Afterwards, I pulled out both my swords and stepped into the teleportation circle. I felt an invisible force suddenly pull my body forward, before reappearing at the entrance of the seventh floor. Suddenly, a pure white figure appeared right before me. It was a beautiful young woman grasping a long sword. A pair of pure white wings opened up on her back, and she glowed with a dazzling light. As she flew forward a meter, I saw that she was dressed in a traditional Chinese dress.

Originally, everything was going very well. The little angel walked up to me and said, “Traveler from a distant land, I was originally an angel from Heaven, but I was trapped here for ten thousand years by evil demons. I’ve missed the gardens of my home and want you to bring me back. If you do, I will make you my master.” After saying that, she blushed and clasped her hands in front of her, making the two mounds on her chest even bigger. She then said, “As long as you are my master, you can do whatever you want….”

…. Unfortunately, she didn’t actually do any of that, and instead waved her longsword while opening up her wings, her face turning fierce as she bellowed, “F*cking bastard, you dare charge into Chi Yu Han’s territory. Looks like you’re tired of living. I will cut you into a million pieces and throw you into the fires of hell, before having the little demons feast upon your flesh!”

“F*ck, this really wasn’t as good as I had hoped!

I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged forward. Before I even got close, the angel’s sword started glowing. With that, she threw a [Justice Trial] right onto my shoulder!


Tsk, what strong attacking power!

I retaliated with 5 slashes of my sword. I should cut off twenty thousand health first and at the same time, drain back some health from the damage. My Dragon Reservoir Sword shuddered and activated a [Combo]. I then supported the attack with my Cold Iron Sword; three attacks from my Dragon Reservoir Sword and two from my Cold Iron Sword, slicing the Angel’s chest into a bloody mess. I couldn’t even bear to look at the scene in front of me. That bastard struck at me so violently! She opened her hand, and a fiery red ball of light shot right into my chest—— [Grip of the Angel]!


Terrifying! I retreated several steps, and used a Lv 9 Heal on myself. Afterwards, I commanded my Flaming Tiger God, and continued to attack the angel. It took me a whole half a minute to kill her. It wasn’t until then that I said in the team chat, “Come in!”

“Shua shua….”

Wan Er and Qing Qian all stepped into the gate, staring worriedly at me and didn’t let out a sigh of relief until they were sure that I was fine. Li Mu looked at the Angel’s body and said, “F*ck, what a beautiful and kind looking girl. She even has a such fine chest and legs. Guild Master, how did you have the heart to cut her up like this?”

I raised my eyebrows, “Oh f*ck off, how can you say that she’s kind when she nearly killed me?”

Qing Qian giggled, “Wuu, this monster is called Garrison Angel. Maybe she’ll even drop a Garrison Outfit?”

“Either way, the first one didn’t drop any. Shall we continue to press forward?”


I let Darling Duck cast a heal on me as well as a buff before raising my sword and continuing forward. We hadn’t walk very far before another angel appeared. This time we were able to see the stats before we started the attack——

[Garrison Angel] (Thunder Tier)

Level: 100

Attack: 4050-4800

Defense: 4450

Health: 300000

Skills: [Justice Trial] [Brave Ram] [Grip of the Angel]

Introduction: Garrison Angel, these angels were originally spirits that had fallen from heaven during the War of Gods and Demons. They suffered through all the pains of hell for thousands of years, but were never able to free themselves. Due to their angelic spirit, they have lost the ability to reincarnate. Later on, when Chi Yu Han was sealed, the spirits left their bodies and entered into Hell. There, they killed the first demon guardians and brought the angels all back to the human world. These Garrison Angels will, in the future, become Chi Yu Han’s strongest trump card for defeating Ba Huang City when he returns to the human world

“Looks like Chi Yu Han really is plotting….” I smiled and looked at the Chi Yu Qing behind me and said, “Do you still think that your brother is in the right?”

Chi Yu Qing fell into deep thought, and didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Finally, she said, “Brother’s vengeance and pain, I’ll never be able to understand.”

“Hatred and vengeance, he just wants to take it out on the innocent people of Ba Huang City, and induce a massacre, isn’t that right?” I countered.

Chi Yu Qing fell back into silence.

I began killing monsters. Wang Jian and Li Mu both took on one of the Garrison Angels, and ended up in a tie. The Garrison Angel used a [Justice Trial] to deal 5000 damage to Li Mu. A [Grip of the Angel] dealt another 7000 damage to him as well. With a single critical attack, Li Mu would lose his life.


Wan Er raised her dagger and walked forward before saying, “Li Mu, Wang Jian, your magic defense is too low. Why don’t you just provide support. Don’t take away any aggro. Just let Li Xiao Yao be the main damager. That way, these Garrison Angels will have no way of killing us.”

Wang Jian nodded, “Ok.”

And so, Wan Er became one of the main attackers, while I attracted another Garrison Angel over. Our whole team very carefully advanced forward. Due to the relationship between these Lv 100 Thunder Tier monsters and the SSS Tier map, their stats were pretty much as high as a BOSS.

After killing monsters for a whole hour, we ended up getting disappointed. The most these Garrison Angels dropped were Purple Tier and Emperor Tier equipments. But there wasn’t a single Garrison Outfit. Looks like the most we can get is around 120 sets. However, that was enough. We couldn’t be too ungrateful.

As we continued killing, a conversation erupted in the guild chat——

Old K: Hey hey, Li bastard, how’s your progress? [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound: First Division] seem to have dragged along [Wrath of the Heroes] over too. They brought a total of 50,000 people into the Sword Saint Forest. It seems as though they won’t give up unless they completely annihilate us. This time, they have enough people. What should we do?”

One Second Hero: From what I see, why don’t we invite [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] to help us? We have 20,000 players online right now. Just go at them directly, we can completely destroy all 50,000 of them!”

Tang Xing: That’s right, that’s right. Annihilate them! Let them have second thoughts about bullying Brother Xiao Yao and the beauty Cang Tong!”

I coughed and said, “Everyone, just focus on grinding levels. It’s no problem. Seeing as Soaring Dragon, Cang Cheng, and Liu Ying are trying so hard to make our lives miserable, then us 10 will just drag those 50,000 people into the depths of Sword Saint Abyss. Don’t worry, from the way the Sword Saint Abyss is laid out, they won’t be able to deal with us no matter how many people they bring!”

Fox: “Then what if they use their Death God Arrows?”

I fell silent for a few second before saying, “That’s no problem either…. I can deal with those!”

Fox: “Alright then, good luck!”

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