Zhan Long

Chapter 486

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Chapter 486 Dragon’s Hook

With both hands on my sword, I charged right towards Chi Yu Qing. I glanced at the status of my [Wall of Dou Qi] and saw that there was only 7% durability left. I immediately reactivated the skill, and stabbed the Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword into Chi Yu Qing’s abdomen, leaving behind a bloody gash. At the same time, the Flaming Tiger God and the Purple Kirin Dragon encircled the BOSS and used all of their power against the BOSS.


Dancing Forest’ [Scatter Shot] successfully stunned Chi Yu Qing. I then set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow] to deal long range damage. Not half a minute later, Chi Yu Qing weakly fell to her knees. “Hua la la” she dropped a pile of equipments.

“Shua shua….”

Qing Qian and Li Mu all leveled up, even though I dealt the last attack on the BOSS.

Slowly walking over, I flipped through the equipments that dropped, and they were mostly leather type. Of them, there was a light purple leather armor with very intricate stitchings, a pair of wrist guards, and a very unique weapon, with a golden ball at the end around the size of a fist, along with long strands of golden strings attached. I wasn’t sure what it was.

I started off with the purple colored leather armor. I felt power seeping into my palm as I held it. I waved my hand over the armor and the stats appeared in the air. At that moment, all of the Assassin type players widened their eyes——

[Immortal’s Chest Plate] (Saint Tier)

Type: Leather

Defense: 820

Agility: +108

Endurance: +105

Strength: +102

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 17%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack speed and attack power by 24%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 2000

Special: Increases Assassin attack by 25%

Special: [Immortal’s Arrival] Summons an immortal shield, and gives the user 12 seconds of invincibility

Required: 88


I raised the Immortals Chest Plate and couldn’t help but smile, “Hehe, this is an Assassin’s dream armor plate. Here, Melon, Wan Er and Wolf, why don’t you guys ROLL. Let’s see who’s luck is better!”

With such an amazing armor plate in front of them, the three didn’t even try to be polite. They each entered the ROLL, and in the next second the three numbers appeared in front of everyone——





There wasn’t a single number that was low. However, in the end, it was Wan Er’s number that was the highest. Furthermore, Wan Er’s level was high enough to meet the requirements. Wolf was still a few levels behind, while Qing Qian’s luck wasn’t as good.


I tossed the chest plate to Wan Er and smiled, “Put it on, you can increase your defense even more….”

Wan Er smiled as she raised the chest plate. Her snow white cloak fluttered and “Hua!” she switched out the equipments. At that moment, everyone’s eyes widened. Just looking at the Immortal’s Chest Plate was really good equipment. The chest plate gave off the air of a goddess, and an extremely intricate embroidery was stitched on the leather above the little miss’ abdomen. The armor made her look both stern and beautiful. Furthermore, two leaf like plates wrapped around the beautiful little miss’ 34D’s, making them even more charming. The sight made everyone stupefied. Not only were Li Mu and Wang Jian about to drool, even Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest seemed speechless before this beauty.

“There’s so much pressure with everyone here….”

Dong Cheng looked down at her own mounds and bit her lip. She couldn’t help but pitifully say, “Why wasn’t I made out of the same stuff as her? I keep thinking…. Brother Xiao Yao fell for Wan Er and not me, it must have to do with the inches. Wu wu. Brother Xiao Yao, how about I go to Korea and get some 36Es. Will you truly love me then?”

I pursed my lips and unconsciously looked towards Wan Er’s 34Ds before saying, “Don’t be like that Dong Cheng, you know, I’m not such a shallow person….”

“Where are you looking! Do you dare say that you don’t have any drool in your mouth right now!?” Dong Cheng indignantly said.

I reached out and wiped the corner of my mouth before calmly saying, “Don’t nitpick. Right now, what we need to focus on is that the BOSS has already been killed. This was a victory for us, so we should celebrate…..”

Wan Er looked frustrated, “That… should we continue on to the next equipment?”

I held out the wrist guard and waved my hand over it. It felt exceptionally soft, even more so than the Dragon Knight ones that I had on. The stats started appearing in the air in bright dazzling numbers. Just as expected, the last two floors of BOSSes were not disappointing to us——

[Destruction God Wrist Guards] (Saint Tier)

Type: Leather

Defense: 750

Agility: +105

Endurance: +102

Strength: +100

Additional: Increases the user’s close combat attack power by 17%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 1500

Additional: Increases the movement speed when the user’s in Stealth mode by 40%

Special: [Wind Stepper], Increases the user’s movement speed by 20%

Level: 88


“Woah….” Dancing Forest’ mouth widened, “Son of a… it’s another Assassin type equipment…”

I nodded and said, “Here, why not the same three people ROLL again?”

Wan Er passed on the roll and said, “I already got the [Immortal’s Chest Plate], if I were to get this too, then I’d be too greedy. How about you guys ROLL for it? Melon’s already Lv 87, very soon you’ll level up to 88….”

And so, Wolf and Qing Qian ROLL-ed for it. In the end, due to luck Qing Qian took the Destruction God’s Wrist Guards for 100 points.

I patted my hands and said, “If you equip this wrist guard, how much health do you have Qing Qian?”

Qing Qian blinked a few times and smiled, “Based on the stats, I should have around 7000 health? Sister, after you put on the Immortal’s Chest Plate, your health should’ve risen quite a bit too right?”

Wan Er grinned, “Yup, I originally only had 7000 health. The Immortal’s Chest Plate added a bunch, and so now I have around 9700+, very soon I’ll become a ten thousand health Assassin….”

Wolf was stunned, “Just where does that put a 5700 health Assassin like me?”

Dancing Forest said, “If I’m not wrong, the beauty Cang Tong has 5 Saint Tier equipments on herself. Her health being above ten thousand health is very normal. Wolf, you have at most one Saint Tier equipment, how can you compare….”

“Yes…” Wolf made a fist and said, “I’ll continue to do my best, and enter [Zhan Long]’s top 5 Assassins!”

Qing Qian giggled, “I heard that the top Assassins of Jiu Li City are looking for a new guild right now, maybe they’ll come to us. They all have at least 6000 health and full agility…”

Wolf said, “I feel like there’s no way for me to love Melon….”

Wan Er looked at the last piece of equipment and said, “Pig, look at what the last thing is. It’s really weird, I don’t even know what it’s for…”


I picked up the last piece of equipment. It was a golden hammer. I raised it in my hand and lightly brushed my hand over it. “Ka Cha!” spikes suddenly sprout from the hammer portion of the weapon. I waved my hand over it and the stats appeared in the air. Everybody in the team was shocked——

[Dragon’s Hook] (Saint Tier)

Type: Supporting Concealed Weapon

Strength: +108

Endurance: +105

Magic: +102

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 20%

Special: [Dimension Ripple] Fixes the dimension but allows the user to move around and lock onto a target. The weapon wraps around the user’s hand and allows the user to use a supporting weapon, however the two cannot be used at the same time

Level: 90

Required: Heavy Armor


“Concealed…concealed weapon?” Li Mu exclaimed, “What kind of thing is that….”

Wan Er smiled and said, “I get it. It’s a type of support weapon. For example, if Li Xiao Yao were to equip it, then he could equip it alongside the Cold Iron Sword, but he can’t use them at the same time.”

Wolf spread out his hands, and laughed, “There’s nothing more to say. This equipment requires a Lv 90 player to use it. Right now, I think Brother Xiao Yao is the only heavy armor type that fits that requirement. Li Mu and Wang Jian are still far from Lv 90. Brother Xiao Yao, why don’t you just take it. Otherwise a Saint Tier equipment like this would just go to waste.”

I nodded, and didn’t argue. I raised the Dragon’s Hook and said, “Then, brothers, I’ll take the Dragon’s Hook. I just happen to not have a piece of equipment that could allow me to move long distances.”

Li Mu nodded and said, “Yup, there’s no problem!”

And so, I equipped the Dragon’s Hook. At that moment the golden strings wrapped around my arm and melded in with my armor, allowing me to equip the Cold Iron Sword as well. All three of the weapons were equipped. Later, I’ll test out how strong this Dragon’s Hook really is. I looked around, but there didn’t seem to be any targets.

Wan Er looked up at me. Seeing her stretch out her long neck was extremely charming. Right afterwards, she looked down and smiled at the ground. Seeing her do this, I had an illusion, that my little miss wasn’t an angel, but a beautiful little demoness. Now that she was so familiar with me, she was starting to reveal her wolf’s teeth.

I quietly agreed with Wan Er’s suggestion. I raised my left hand and targeted at the fifth floor above my head. I then made a command and locked the Dragon’s Hook!


The hammer like ball, along with a golden string charged right towards the sky and went 100 meters. “Keng!” it buried right into the fifth floor. Furthermore, it locked on, and in the next moment, a few commands appeared in my consciousness. Yup, [Charge]!


The Dragon strings quickly shortened, bringing me to charge right over. In the blink of a second, I suddenly pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword with my right hand. I took a deep breath. Wan Er and all of the others looked like they were becoming ants.

From the distance, Wan Er spread out her two hands and smiled as she shouted, “Pig, hurry up and come down. We’re heading to the 7th floor…..”

My face turned green, how was I supposed to go down?

I looked at the commands for the Dragon’s Hook, oh? Release?


The Dragon Hook immediately released and I fell from a hundred meters above the ground. Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others all freaked out and said, “F*ck, the Guild Master’s falling down. Everyone, get out of the way, don’t get hit!”


I suddenly slammed right into the sixth floor, and I slid out a couple dozen meters while losing ten thousand health. Ash and dust covered my face when I tried to get back up . Calmly, I said, “Don’t ask me, I’m fine….”

Wan Er flew over and face-palmed, “But Pig, you fell so hard your face is flat….”

I was speechless.

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