Zhan Long

Chapter 484

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Chapter 484 The Terrifying [Death God Arrows]

Once I finished adding all of my BUFFs, I raised my sword and charged, just like before. In a situation where we didn’t know what the BOSS’ skills were like, we needed to scout it out. I pulled out my Cold Iron Sword, and then opened my hand and activated [Great Realm of Desolation] to support the attack!




That’s ok, this Chi Yu Qing’s defense wasn’t that high, so I could break through it.

However, the second that I activated the skills, Chi Yu Qing’s beautiful face contorted from fierce emotion. She raised her thorny whip and charged over as she shouted, “Damned adventurer, even though you look a little cute, you still must die here!”

“Pu chi….” Dancing Forest couldn’t help but laugh.

Wan Er raised her dagger and squinted, “Hey, you got to be more serious when killing the BOSS…”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged at Chi Yu Qing. However, when I arrived before her, Chi Yu Qing suddenly smiled, and her hand started shaking. “Shua!” a poisonous snake leapt out of her bag and flew around 10 meters. “Pu Chi!” it went right through my Magic Spite Armor. At the same time, I entered a stunned state——


Battle Notification: The Beast Tamer Chi Yu Qing has used the skill [Spirit Snake Pierce] that has dealt 5271 damage. In addition, you’ve entered into a stunned state, Duration: 5 seconds!


“Hurry up, heal Li Xiao Yao!” Wan Er was starting to get anxious.

Thousand League Spring and Darling Duck quickly cast heals on me at the same time. Chi Yu Qing’s skill came again. The thorny whip shuddered and suddenly came straight at me. A wolf’s head appeared on the whip, and a wolf’s roar sounded out. It felt as though a large chunk of my shoulder had been bitten off——


It was the skill [Greedy Wolf’s Destruction]. This Chi Yu Qing really is fierce!

Dong Cheng Yue raised her palm, and lightning sparked around her fingers as she smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, your servant is here to save you…”

Wan Er suddenly reached out and grabbed Dong Cheng’s wrist, “Dong Cheng, don’t. You’re going to steal the aggro. Once the BOSS gives up on Li Xiao Yao and comes at you, how are we supposed to block the poison of her whip? Just let him take it for 5 seconds….”


The problem was that the heals from the two girls also attracted aggro. There was no other way. All I could do was direct the Flaming Tiger God to attack, attracting the aggro back to me. The tiger activated [Flame Claw]+[Burstfire Raid]+[Fierce Roar]. Chi Yu Qing’s furious face turned towards the little tiger as she shouted, “You beast, I’m going to cut you up into pieces!”

She threw her whip, “Pia pia pia” the whip cracked and the little tiger roared in pain. Its health dropped to the bottom. The little tiger’s front paws fell to the ground and it knelt before the goddess. This BOSS really is extremely terrifying.

At that moment, the stun from the [Spirit Snake Pierce] finally lost its effect. My Dragon Reservoir Sword shuddered and I pulled out my Cold Iron Sword. A chain of 5 attacks struck the BOSS and I gave myself a Heal. I opened one of my hands, and activated [Soul Army] and [Black Tortoise Realm] also appeared in the map, greatly decreasing the BOSS’ movement speed. Even so, that woman still moved incredibly fast….

Not even two minutes later, Chi Yu Qing shouted again, “Damn it, you have really angered me. Come, beast from hell, swallow up everything that is before you—— [Fierce Tiger Ambush]!


Roars rang out throughout the map and Chi Yu Qing began swinging her thorny whip as she stood in the middle of the magic circle. A black hole appeared behind her. Right afterwards, a light in the shape of a Fierce Tiger pounced right over, and charged right at our frontlines. The attack range was around 20 yards. I waved my swords and continued forward while receiving uninterrupted heals. Wan Er raised her iron umbrella to withstand the damage. Li Mu and Wang Jian both used [Blade Rush] to escape the range of the attack. In a situation like this, without the proper amount of magic defense, even if you were to have more than ten thousand health you would be immediately killed.


[Fierce Tiger Ambush] lasted for 7 seconds before disappearing. Chi Yu Qing swung her whip and hit my chest plate. At the same time, she waved her hand and activated [Spirit Snake Pierce]. After taking the hit before, I was starting to learn. This time, I was ready. Right before [Spirit Snake Pierce] activated, I dipped my body and activated [Blade Rush]!

“Hua Cha!”



Not only did I deal a cut onto the BOSS, I also successfully dodged the [Spirit Snake Pierce]. Yup, as long as I don’t get stunned, then I can mostly take all of the BOSS’s big hits.

Afterwards, right as I was really getting into it, I suddenly heard lots of shouting. Within the thick smoke, countless players were charging over. It had been four hours already, and it really was [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound]. This time, Soaring Dragon stood at the back of the team. Wang Ze Cheng was charging at the front, his face filled with anger, “Hurry, they’ve already begun fighting the BOSS. Kill them all and steal this BOSS, make them fail this quest!”

Li Mu cursed “F*ck, they came right now? So on time!”

Wan Er raised her dagger and said, “Li Mu, Wang Jian, we’ll head over to kill them. Pig, you can’t finish killing the BOSS like this. When you find the chance, use a [Binding Chains]. Afterwards, we’ll sweep out [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound] and then kill the BOSS!”


I opened my hand and used a [Binding Chains]. “Peng!” The skill appeared under the BOSS’s feet. Chi Yu Qing was actually trapped by it! That would last for 7.2 seconds. I turned around to look and saw that Li Mu and Wang Jian had already rushed over.

“Use [Hell’s Meteor Shower] to clean up the trash!”

Right after my shout, meteors started to fall from above my head. I let my Cold Iron Sword fly out while I cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash] with my Dragon Reservoir Sword to help Li Mu and Wang Jian. The little miss activated [Blade of the Death God] and cut down a few Knights who had opened up [Heavenly Shield Wall]. She then activated [Ice Pick Whirlpool] and continuously shattered their walls.

Wang Ze Cheng saw that his soldiers were all being killed, but still didn’t have any reaction. I started to get suspicious. As I fought, I said in the team chat, “Are they waiting for something?”

Li Mu shook his head, “This… I really don’t know….”

Dong Cheng Yue waved her staff, and [Magma Lance] exploded under Wang Ze Cheng. At the same time, she leapt up and shouted, “Not good, they brought… they brought Death God Arrows!”


[Hero’s Mound] and [Flying Dragon] began to separate and suddenly a dozen Death God Arrows were sent over. This heavy weapon machinery was actually brought all the way over here. No wonder it took then 4 hours to get there. God damn it, we miscalculated!

“Use the effect from Fire Kirin Guard!”

Dong Cheng opened up her [Shield of the Fire Kirin], and had 7 seconds of invincibility!

“Peng peng peng….”

The earth seemed to rumble, and [Death God Arrows] were set off, bringing along their poisonous vines. “Pu pu pu” they pierced right into Wang Jian, Li Mu and Wolf’s bodies.

I reacted a little faster and activated my special skill—— [Dragon Transformation]. Once I got the ability to fly, I turned around and hugged Darling Duck and Dancing Forest. “Peng!” I felt an arrow strike right into my armor. However, the attack didn’t pierce through and I tumbled off the edge of the cliff along with Dancing Forest and Darling Duck.


My dragon wings slowly opened up, and after we dived off the edge, I flew back up. We had fallen around 10 meters, and so I stuck to the cliff side and flew up. That way, the [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound] players wouldn’t be able to see us.

I looked up and saw that Wan Er was flying around in the air like a goddess, her snow white cloak fluttered in the wind. With one hand, she held onto Dong Cheng Yue and she squinted due to the heavy fog and cried out, “Pig….”

I quickly whispered, “Wan Er, I’m right here, quick, come over….”


Wan Er quickly flew over. Her [Hermit God’s Arrival] only lasted around 7 seconds, and it was getting really close to the end of that. Without another thought, I stabbed my Dragon Reservoir into the side of the cliff, and then pulled out an Emperor Tier Bow and put it on top to lock the sword in place. I then swept out my Cold Iron Sword and “Keng!” cut it into the cliff right under my foot to create a foothold.

Wan Er was very clever and understood what I was doing. She immediately dragged Dong Cheng Yue and Qing Qian over, and landed atop the sword. I then took my Cold Iron Sword and stabbed it into the cliff side to let Darling Duck and Dancing Forest have a place to stand.


“Huff huff….”

Breathing heavily, I looked upwards, but couldn’t make out any shapes. Frustrated, I said, “Looks like…. Wang Ze Cheng has already obtained Q-Sword’s full support, or else he would’ve never been able to get a killing machine like [Death God Arrows]. Unfortunately, everything happened too quickly, or else I could have used my [Azure Dragon Crossbow] to fend off the [Death God Arrows]….”

Wan Er bit her lip, “Too bad, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wolf, and Thousand League Spring all died.”

I nodded and said in the team chat, “Little Wolf, Li Mu, you guys first run back to your bodies. When you guys get to the sixth floor to revive, look around first to see if there’s going to be any counterattack. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, they’ll be fighting the BOSS. Based on the attack power of Wang Ze Cheng and those others, it’ll take them at least 20 minutes to kill the BOSS, even if they were to all go on together. You all are clear on Chi Yu Qing’s strength. We’ll wait until after she’s done using her big skills before heading over. With that, we’ll launch a counterattack of [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound] along with the BOSS!”

Li Mu smiled, “Ok, I was thinking of doing the same!”


Under the cover of the thick smoke, the six of us hid underneath Wang Ze Cheng and Soaring Dragon’s noses. They couldn’t have noticed us, because each floor was around 5 meters thick, more than sufficient enough to hide us. Even though we couldn’t see them either, but from the screams of pain and the sound of Chi Yu Qing’s anger, [Fierce Tiger Ambush] and [Greedy Wolf Destruction] had all been activated. I imagine that quite a few people had died. This was a Lv 95 Saint Tier BOSS, it was already on a much higher level than them, which meant that killing it was even more difficult for them. Even if Wang Ze Cheng’s defense would allow him to become the tank, all they can do is rely on their strength in numbers, or else they’ll definitely die.

Around 20 minutes later, Li Mu said in the team chat, “Our spirits have already arrived. They are right here, but they didn’t keep any of the bodies, so nobody can tell that we’re here. The BOSS still has 11% health left, so it’ll probably activate its biggest skill soon. Guild Master, Wang Ze Cheng still has around 120 people left. A lot of their people have died. We also received some news from our Assassin brothers at the top of the abyss. Within 20 minutes, at least a thousand of their people have been killed by Chi Yu Qing.

I couldn’t help but smile, “That really is good news! Wait, once the BOSS uses its last skill, we’ll all head up. Li Mu, you guys get ready to revive. Don’t kill the BOSS, focus on the people first. Kill them until they won’t attack any longer. There’s no rush to kill the BOSS. I’ll use [Dragon Transformation] to bring Darling Duck and Little Dance back up to the entrance of the sixth floor. We’ll destroy the chain first Afterwards, we can kill our way back and meet up with you guys. Then we’ll kill the BOSS together!”

“Understood! Guild Master is shamelessly wise!”


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