Zhan Long

Chapter 483

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Chapter 483 Chi Yu Qing

[Thousand Layer Waves], an SSS tier AOE skill. You can even think of it as his sure kill skill. Besides, after we killed Soaring Dragon, Drunken Spear was mad seeing as we killed the Guild Master of [Flying Dragon] right in front of him. For an expert, this was the biggest humiliation. No matter how good-natured Drunken Spear was, at this moment, he was definitely going to fight with all he had.


“Pig, why don’t you block Drunken Spear for a bit, don’t let him near us!” Wan Er opened up her iron umbrella and blocked another wave from the Thousand Layer Waves.

I nodded. With a flash, I activated [Blade Rush] with my Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged forward 5 yards. Then, with another sweep of my my blade, I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. My [Wind Blade]+[Fierce Ice Blade] pierced right through a berserker’s chest. I had instantly killed him as easily as cutting a melon. Furthermore, I managed to drain a lot of health back——





With another swing of my Cold Iron Sword, I then lunged forward, and spun around. My two swords danced through the crowd and “Ka ka ka” sliced my way through. I was like a whirlwind. On top of that, I opened up my palm at Drunken Sword, and activated [Defeat the Dragon].


Drunken Spear jumped in surprise and immediately raised his spear as he tried to jump out of my range.

“Kill, quick, kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!” Wang Ze Cheng shouted as he raised his Flames of War Magic Blade.

A group of [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound] players all focused their firepower on me. Immediately, Qing Qian shouted, “Brother Xiao Yao, you can’t retreat. Just defend right there!”

I nodded. With a growl, I summoned [Wall of Dou Qi] again. In addition, I activated another special skill—— [Chi You Body] . At that point, a ray of crimson light fell upon me, and an image of Chi You appeared behind me. I seemed to awaken a new power, as my MaxHP increased. Even my body showed visible changes. My Magic Spite armor grew, and I continuously dodged all of the enemy’s magic attacks.

“Shua shua shua….”

Finally, I had waited out the effect of the Thousand Layer Wave. This skill had a total of 7 shockwaves. Once Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring recovered, they brought up my health with a “Shua!”. Dong Cheng Yue also threw a [Magma Lance]+[Thunderbolt Finger].

Wan Er raised her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and charged forward as she said, “Little Dance, why don’t you show off your new skill!”

Dancing Forest stuck her chest out and gave a confident smile. She grasped her Bowstring of the Dragon Jin Sou. Flames started to raise around her. In the next moment, flaming meteors started to dive down into the area around me. One after another, crimson meteors that were wrapped in flames drove into the crowd and dealt tons of injury and death.

Once we got Dancing Forest’ support, and I had enough health, I swung my two swords freely and charged right into the enemy lines. Wang Ze Cheng could only stay on the defense. Li Mu and Wang Jian each roared and ran into the crowd. The light of [Halberd Whirlwind] and [Covering Sword Slash] all flashed. With just 3 people, we had forced [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound] to all retreat. They didn’t even have the chance to launch a counterattack.

Wan Er raised her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and dashed forward. Her [Shield of the Mundane World] seemed to sparkle. Archers had basically no way of getting past it. The beautiful little miss raised her two daggers, and continuously pushed players off the edge. At the same time, she said in the team chat, “Li Xiao Yao, look. Wang Ze Cheng seems to somehow be barely making it while staying on the frontlines against us. It’s probably because he has more than ten thousand health!”

I nodded, “Get closer to me, I’ll use [Defeat the Dragon] to drag him over here and you’ll deal damage!”

Wan Er smiled, “I was thinking the same. Once you drag him over, you only need to use two skills. One [Great Realm of Desolation] to decrease his heal recovery by 50%, and another [Fierce Ice Blade] to decrease his movement speed. You can leave the rest to me!”


I walked sideways, and slashed at my enemies. The entire time, I kept my eye on Wang Ze Cheng. When the distance was right, I opened my hand and shouted. A dragon shaped chain flew out and wrapped around [Hero’s Mound: Division One]’s Guild Master. “Shua!” I dragged him over to my side. Then with a swing, My Dragon Reservoir Blade pierced into his chest with a [Fierce Ice Blade] and I opened my hand, casting a [Great Realm of Desolation]——



Within moments, all of the [Hero’s Mound] players behind Wang Ze Cheng were scared shitless. Windy Walker raised his battle axe and yelled, “Oh no, they want to kill the Guild Master! Healers lock your [Heal]s onto the Guild Master!”

Rays of healing spells fell upon Wang Ze Chang. However, the little miss Cang Tong got close to him, and frost appeared on the blade of her dagger. It was the effect from [Ice Pick Whirlpool]! Suddenly, two skills erupted and [Blade of the Death God] and [Twin Blade Harmony] all pierced into Wang Ze Cheng’s armor plate. The dagger let out a 1 meter long ray, killing and injuring at least a dozen other players——





Even though 10 Healers were sustaining Cang Cheng, his health still quickly dropped. Qing Qian swiftly stretched out her small hands and sent out a [Grip of the Firefox]. At the same time I took my two swords and threw out 5 consecutive hits. “Pa, Pa, Pa, Cang Cheng’s shield was split into two. His chest plate was full of cracks and blood. He weakly knelt to the ground and stared with his two eyes at me, choking, “[Hero’s Mound] will never give up, just… just you wait…”

Wan Er carried her dagger and placed a foot on Cang Cheng’s chest, chuckling, “ [Hero’s Mound] once had the name of “invincible”, and yet you, the Guild Master of the first division have managed to make a name of “always losing”. Haha, Q-Sword really should thank you…”

Never in his life would wang Ze Cheng have thought that Wan Er would be so heartless to him. Filled with regret, he died and evaporated into a flash of light that flew out of the Sword Saint Abyss. This was also a disadvantage for them. As members of an SSS Tier main quest, our corpses would be preserved in this map, and so we had the advantage. As long as the two Healers weren’t killed, then we would be able to repeatedly revive ourselves.


I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and shouted, “Kill! Let’s clean out this map!”

I glanced at my sword’s stats and saw that my Dragon Reservoir Sword’s [Kill For Blood] had already hit 50 stacks. Hehe, no wonder I felt as though my attack power had greatly increased. My blade sliced one after another into the players of [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound].

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Wan Er were also slowly advancing forward on the frontlines. Wolf and Qing Qian went into [Stealth] mode and ambushed the Healers and Mages in the back. Within a few minutes, the enemy couldn’t keep their defenses up anymore. To be honest, the most terrifying people here were Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest, those two long range specialist. [Magma Lance], [Thunderbolt Finger], and [Hell’s Meteor Shower] were basically all skills from Hell and all of them dragged [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound] players, one by one into the abyss.


“We can’t….”

Drunken Spear threw another [Thousand Layer Wave] and then shouted, “Our formation has been broken. Without the extra firepower, my Thousand Layer Wave cannot kill anyone. Retreat, otherwise this will become our grave!”

Windy Walker ruefully said, “F*ck, both of our Guild Masters were killed by them. Are we just going to let them off of that?”

Drunken Spear’ face was void of emotion, “Who said that we’re gonna let them off? We’ll battle them again when we have our entire army. Besides, this time we were too careless when we started fighting. You guys underestimate the power of Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong, Cang Yue, and Dancing Forest too much. If we can’t deal with those members, then what we get in return is just more losses and defeat!”


Drunken Spear retreated and stepped out the exit. He then jumped up and grabbed the chain. With another few seconds of climbing, he made it back to the fifth floor.

I chased after them, and let my Cold Iron Sword fly over with a [Blade Spin]. I then cut up the chain with a “Ka Cha”. The 30+ people that were left behind were just going to die under our blades.


Within a few minutes of a quick battle, the ground was covered in potions and equipments. We took the chance to fix up our own stuff, and took all of the pretty good equipments. Afterwards, we continued to press on through the sixth floor and killed countless Garrison Beats. You can just imagine, that the chains that [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound: Division One] were using took a long time to tie up. They must have to go back to Ba Huang City to create more chains, giving us time.

Close to four hours later, we cleaned out the floor and made our way into the deeper areas. Once the last Garrison Beasts were killed, I alone had collected 42 Garrison Outfits. This meant that, from the Sword Saint Abyss, we created 120 pairs of outfits for our fourth advancement heavy armor players. The entire [Zhan Long] frontlines would have a broken defense and attack increase! That should be enough to scare [Vanguard] and [Prague]!

“Careful, the BOSS is about to appear…” Qing Qian pointed at the fog in front of us and said, “Be careful…:

I slowly walked forward. All I heard was a “Pa!” and a seductive figure walked out from the fog. It was a beautiful woman. Looking her over, I could see that her long snowy legs were wrapped in leather shoes, and a leather dress wrapped around her thighs and round butt. Right above her flat stomach was a crop top that had a very low neckline. Her pale neck lead to a seductive face and a head full of fire red long hair. She cracked her whip and smiled as she looked at us, “Remote strangers, you guys have come here from a far away place to this Sword Saint Abyss. Are you thirsty for a taste of defeat?”

I shuddered and read out this maiden’s stats and put them right into the team chat——

[Beast Tamer Chi Yu Qing] (Saint Tier BOSS)

Level: 96

Attack: 5400-5850

Defense: 4700

Health: 16000000

Skills: [Spirit Snake Stab] [Greedy Wolf Destruction] [Fierce Tiger Ambush] [Summons of the Blood Demon God]

Introduction: Chi Yu Qing, the Sword Saint Chi Yu Qing’s sister. She was an extremely talented young women and could run with the beasts. She could even summon the monsters and beasts of hell. She trained for many years in the Chi You Tribe, and has always wanted to follow after her brother Chi Yu Han. Afterwards, Chi Yu Qing followed her brother Chi Yu Han to Ba Huang City, and was ambushed. She died when a thousand arrows pierced her heart. After she fell to hell, her heart was filled with hatred. All she wanted to do was get justice for her brother Chi Yu Han and bathe Ba Huang City in blood.


“Hey hey, that little girl’s figure, it really is hot…” Li Mu said as he looked at Chi Yu Qing. He then glanced at Wan Er.

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes squinted and said, “Li Mu, you want to die?”

Li Mu shuddered and smile, “If I were to compare, Cang Tong Beauty’s equipment really covers it up well…”

I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “Don’t waste time and get ready to kill the BOSS. These stats are much stronger than the past BOSS. In addition, it looks like the skills are really strong…”

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