Zhan Long

Chapter 481

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Chapter 481 Guardian Boots

There was a total of three equipments that emitted a faint green glow around them. My heart started to beat faster. Yup, another Saint Tier equipment has probably dropped. This wasn’t simply miraculous luck, this meant that the drop rate on this map was intrinsically extremely high. On top of that, we were on a SSS Tier Main Quest.

A pair of heavy armour black boots dropped and were made from an unknown material. There was another sparkling necklace lined with jewels too. Lastly there was also a crimson colored long bow. The edges of the bow were lined with shining lines as it emitted a very divine feeling. With one hand I picked up the pair of black boots and shared the stats with the party.

[Guardian Boots] (Valkyrie Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor





Effect:Improves user’s defense by 9%

Effect:Improves magic resistance by 9%

Effect:1500+ health

Effect:Movement Speed is increased by 18%

Special Effect:[Perserverance] When health is below 50%, received damage is reduced by 25%

Level Requirement:86


Holding the pair of Guardian Boots, I laughed, “ The effects of these Valkyrie Tier boots are pretty good. The reduction of 25% of received damage when health is lower than 50% is pretty handy. My boots… are already Saint Tier, so I don’t need it. Li Mu, Wang Jian, how about you two roll for it?”

Li Mu shook his head, “ It’s fine, we are all brothers! I’ll let Wang Jian take this, he needs more health anyways. I already have more than 10,000 health so I can’t be too greedy.”


I handed the pair of Guardian Boots to Wang Jian as he instantly equipped the pair, however the shiny, heart-shaped, necklace with angel like designs was what really made my heart leap. The item really was amazingly beautiful. However as I began to pick it up, Wan Er, Cang Yue, and Qing Qian’s eyes instantly began to shine. Most likely such a beautiful item would be more suitable for a female player. I put the stats of the item into the team chat.

[Fire Kirin Guard] (Saint Tier)




Additional:27% increase in magic attack

Additional:Increase the power of [Magma Abyss], [Magma Lance], [Pillar of Fire & Ice] by 75%

Additional:Increases the endurance of [Mana Shield] by 50%

Special Effect:[Shield of the Fire Kirin], Summons the power of a Kirin to create a shield. Gives the user a state of impenetrability. Lasts for 7 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Level Requirement:87

Class Requirement:Mage/Healer/Musketeer


I stared blankly at the item’s stats. I then raised the Fire Kirin bracelet and smiled, “This…even though this necklace stats are crazy strong, it can only be used by Healers, Mages, and Musketeers. We don’t have any musketeers here, and if a Healer were to take it, then it would be a waste of that 27% increase in Magic Attack, 75% increase in Fire Element attacks, and 50% increase in [Mana Shield] durability. So, this will just go to Dong Cheng…”

The two Healers found my reasoning to be fair. Darling Duck smiled, “Boss, don’t worry. Thousand League and I aren’t little girls who are unreasonable. We understand the arrangement. Fire Kirin Guard should go to Cang Yue. We get it. After all, Cang Yue is an Elder. Sigh…. Thousand League and I still need to be on her good side…”

Dong Cheng helplessly lamented, “Oh gosh, don’t mock me you two. I just took this position, so you guys need to help me out. Don’t let those old asses from [Valiant Bravery] bully me…..”

Darling Duck grinned, “Don’t worry. Basically all of [Zhan Long]’s female players are in the [Zhan Long] camp. The [Zhan Long] camp is boss’s. Who would dare touch Li Xiao Yao’s people?”

Dong Cheng couldn’t help but smile, “Oh, then does that mean I’m Li Xiao Yao’s?”

“Yup!” Thousand League Spring nodded.

Dong Cheng immediately walked over to me and took the Fire Kirin Guard necklace from me and gave me a flirty smile, “Brother Xiao Yao, from now on, I’m yours. You better care for me more in the future… no letting me be hurt or anything… Otherwise, I’ll tell on you to Wan Er!”

I shivered, “What did you say? Why can’t I understand you ever….”

Li Mu and Wang Jian laughed, “Damn, the [Zhan Long] camp really is filled with beauties. I’m going to apply for a transfer into the [Zhan Long] camp. [Valiant Bravery] is filled with a bunch of men, it really is too cruel!”

I glared at them, “Oh shut it. Wang Jian is the First Division’s Guild Master. There are quite a few cuties there!”

“Oh, is that right? Do you want to head over to the first division then?” Wan Er teased me with a devilish smile.

Feeling the killing intent behind the little miss’s smile, I quickly grabbed her hand, “Wan Er, the moon tonight really is full. Later, when we finish this quest, how about we go to the Moonlight Forest for a walk?”

Wan Er broke into a full grin, “Idiot…. it has been raining in the Moonlight Forest for over a week….”

Beside us, Dancing Forest was looking at the long bow in my hand. Cautiously, she asked, “That…. hey Mr.Hero, while you guys are standing over there flirting, can you share the stats for the bow first? I’m still using an Emperor Tier weapon, how can you be so heartless….”

“Poor Little Dance….” Li Mu gave her a look full of sympathy.

I nodded with a smile and raised the long bow. I then waved my other hand over the weapon, and a dazzling line of words suddenly rose from the bow and flew into the sky to line themselves up. The stats made everyone a little jealous——

[Bowstring of the Dragon Jin Sou] (Saint Tier – Superior)

Attack: 2250-2800

Agility: +107

Endurance: +105

Strength: +100

Additional: Increases the user’s long range attack power by 35%

Additional: Increases the user’s bow type skill effects’ duration by 50%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 2000
Special: [Roar of the Dragon Jin Sou] ignores 1000 of the target’s defense

Special: [Breath of the Dragon], takes 5% of the damage dealt to a ranged target and adds it to the user’s health

Required: 86


“F*ck….” I held the Bow of the Dragon Jin Sou and took a deep breath, “This bow can make any Archer into a top tiered one, not to mention that you’re [Zhan Long]’s number one Archer already. Little Dance, take it away…”

“Pa!” Dancing Forest grabbed the long bow. She fondly caressed the bowstring and smiled, “What an elegant feeling. My attack power finally broke through 6000….”

I glanced at her level, “You’re only Lv 85, you still need another level to equip it.”

“Yup, I’m already 71% through Lv 85 though….”

“That’s good…”

I continued looking through the items, and split the evolution stones through ROLLs. From the pile, I also discovered a crimson skill book. Everyone looked at me, waiting for me to share the stats. Once I put it up in the chat, Dancing Forest started tearing up as she stuck out her 36Ds——

[Hell’s Meteor Shower Lv-1] (SSS Tier): Summons meteor showers from Hell and lays damage to all targets within a 40×40 range of the target. The damage that it deals is 110% of the the user’s attack power, and lasts for 12 seconds. A meteor will fall from the sky into the range every 2 seconds during the duration. Uses 100 MP. Required: Lv 85 Archer, Consumes 7 points of Rage


I raised the Hell’s Meteor Shower skill book and handed it to Dancing Forest with a smile, “I’m sorry, I misspoke earlier, you aren’t [Zhan Long]’s number one Archer, you’re Ba Huang City’s number one Archer!”

Dancing Forest was so excited, she almost started crying. The [Hell’s Meteor Shower] skill book evaporated in her palm with a “Shua!” Afterwards, she tried out the skill, and raised her long bow. One after another, meteors from hell fell from the sky around us. Since we were all in the same team, we didn’t receive damage, but we could feel the strength of the skill.

Qing Qian blinked a few times and smiled, “Once Little Dance learns how to use Hell’s Meteor Shower, then [Zhan Long]’s teamwork will become even more perfect. Later, I’ll discuss with One Second Hero about it, and create a 10 man team that is just for Dancing Forest. Little Dance’s [Hell’s Meteor Shower] is too powerful, it’ll definitely instant kill the enemy.”

I nodded and smiled, “Yup, I’ll just leave this to you, the Vice Guild Master, to get it set up! Let’s continue and head on to the sixth floor. We’re two away from the end!”


A crimson teleportation crystal shattered in my hand, and a magic circle appeared in front of us. I used a BUFF, and stepped right in. At that moment, I heard a beast’s roar beside my ear. Before I even regained my balance, “Pa!” I felt a burning pain on my cheek, but all I was two shadows in front of me. It looked as though there were two giant figures in front of me. They had rough skin and crawled around on the ground. They had 6 feet on the ground, each curved like a sickle. Just now, the thing that hit me on the face was that leg!

I activated a [Haste] and started to swing my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I drained a lot health from the beasts so I was fine . At the same time, I listed out the giant beast’s stats in the team chat——

[Garrison Beast] (Thunder Tier)

Level: 96

Attack: 3850-4600

Defense: 4250

Health: 250,000

Skills: [Charge] [Terrifying Roar] [Flame Claw]

Introduction: Garrison Beasts, these violent beasts were originally a type of feline. However, a thousand years ago, an alchemist created a medicine that transformed them into monsters. What came out was an extremely brutal beast with sharp claws. On top of that, the nature of these beasts also turned more blood thirsty. Chi Yuan Empire tamed these beasts and used them for their own army, turning them into the Garrison Beasts.


Wan Er, Li Mu and Wang Jian all traveled to the new floor. Without another word, the whole team went straight to fighting. Within minutes, we dealt with the two Garrison Beasts very quickly. We had pretty good luck, and got two Garrison Leg Guards. Damn, even the sixth floor has these Garrison Outfits. Furthermore, for the sake of getting Dancing Forest to Lv 86, everyone charged forward like crazy. I lured 6-9 Garrison Beasts over and kept my [Wall of Dou Qi] up as I blocked the monsters. Dancing Forest then used [Hell’s Meteor Shower] to deal damage, while Qing Qian, Wan Er and Dong Cheng all used area attacks.

Our team was just way too strong. The heavy armor types alone, Wang Jian used [Halberd Whirlwind], Li Mu used [Covering Sword Slash], while I used [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Blade Spin]. We were so strong that we could rebel against the heavens themselves.

Less than an hour later, “Shua!” a ray of light fell from the sky and Dancing Forest leveled up to 86. She quickly equipped the Bow of the Dragon Jin Sou, increasing her attack power by a lot.

Right at that moment, a strange rustling sound came from the distance. It came from the spot where we had teleported to to get here. In the distance, I saw a chain shoot out and I heard the sounds of “Pa Pa Pa” hitting the ground. Dammit, more people came!

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