Zhan Long

Chapter 480

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Chapter 480 Hell’s Meteor Shower

I was close to the boss and carefully walked over. I quickly read through the bosses stats and shared it with the team in the team chat. At that moment everyone was a bit speechless. All of the bosses in this Sword Saint Abyss were getting more and more difficult.

[Guardian Tian Jing] (Saint Tier BOSS)

Level: 95

Attack: 5200-5750

Defense: 4900

Health: 15,000,000

Skills: [Guardian Blade] [Crystal Massacre] [Heaven’s Storm] [Hell’s Meteor Shower]

Introduction: Tian Jing, legend has it that there was an ancient demon who was born in the midst of a battle. Once this battle demon died his spirit was crushed into little tiny bits and fell into the world of humans. In the end the pieces all reincarnated within a young infant. As this infant grow older and greater he clearly showed a God given talent. In the end he managed to gain a name for himself in Chi Yuan City, and he became an important general in the Empire. He then followed the Sword Saint Chi Yu Han into the south for battle and became one of the number one general in his army. In the end he was killed by Ba Huang City’s Imperial Guard and was then in the end sealed within the Sword Saint Abyss.


I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and looked behind us, “[Flying Dragon] definitely won’t give up easily. We need to kill this BOSS as quickly as possible. If they come at us while we’re fighting the BOSS, then it’ll be difficult. Just now, Drunken Spear, and Soaring Dragon didn’t have the chance to attack, that doesn’t mean that this time they won’t do the same….”

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes looked over the BOSS, and she softly said, “The attack power is quite a bit higher than the Halberd Wielder Tian Chen. This Guardian Tian Jing’s skills don’t seem quite the same either, so we need to be careful.”

“Got it! Healers, make sure you keep our health up. Other than Wan Er and I, the rest of you don’t attack. Don’t attack until the BOSS uses at least two rounds of his skills, and we understand what they do.”

“Yes sir!”

Taking my Flaming Tiger God, I charged right ahead. I waved my hand and locked [Great Realm of Desolation] right onto the BOSS. “Keng!” my blade cut right into his body, dealing 3000 damage. The defense really is tough. Right after taking my hit, Tian Jing immediately started roaring in anger, and he commanded his horse to charge right over. With a flash of his blade, he threw a cut right into my shoulder!


I retreated several steps. Before I could even recover my senses, the BOSS had already turned around. Crystal light began to reflect off of his blade and three crystallized slashes flew straight at me! This was a magic and physical attack!





I didn’t immediately die because I had received a [Heal] from Darling Duck. My [Wall of Dou Qi] fell all the way to 30% durability from that one attack. This Guardian Tian Jing waved his arm and smiled, “Devastate, come, [Heaven’s Storm]!”

The third skill came, it must be an AOE skill!

I quickly rushed forward, “Peng!” I threw a combo right into the BOSS’s chest. Unfortunately, [Strength of a Thousand Men] couldn’t interrupt [Heaven’s Storm]. Without another word, I immediately activated [Curse of the Night Fury]!


A red chain of spells wrapped around his neck, and the curse succeeded! For 2 seconds, the BOSS couldn’t activate any skills! Of course, that also meant that [Curse of the Night Fury]’s cooldown was wasted this time. I grabbed my returning Cold Iron Sword and started slashing at the BOSS. “Keng keng keng” seven or eight arrows also thudded into the BOSS. Each of Dancing Forest’s [Shield Breaker Shots] dealt critical damage. Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring both gave me a [Grip of Compassion], bringing my health up to around 75% of my MaxHP.


Dipping forward, I felt a cut appeared on my shoulder. Tian Jing had activated [Guardian Blade]!


I retreated several steps and Li Mu raised his Tian Chen Sword to cover for me. With a sweep of his sword, he activated [Absolute Authority]. Even though he didn’t manage to drag the aggro towards himself, he still blocked the BOSS for the moment, and gave me some time to recover. Tian Jing let out a maniacal laugh, and raised his sword. He threw a slice right from his battle horse, and with a “Keng!” he practically cleaved Li Mu’s armor. An enormous damage number popped up——


[Dou Qi Armor] would lose so much durability from that one attack. Guild Master managed to take on all of those attacks….”

Wan Er looked extremely focused as she said, “Li Xiao Yao manages because he has [Wall of Dou Qi], otherwise he would’ve never been able to take it. Li Mu, Wang Jian, both of you stay away. I’ll take the aggro! Dong Cheng, Little Dance, you guys make sure you pull further away, and prepare to kite. This BOSS isn’t something that Li Xiao Yao can tank.”


Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng split apart and went towards the East and West side of the map, respectively. They didn’t stop until they were around 40 yards away. Wan Er and I stood between the BOSS and them to drag the aggro towards ourselves.

“Damn it…I’m going to rip you apart!” Tian Jing suddenly raised his long sword. Thirty seconds later, he shouted, “Devastate them, [Heaven’s Storm]!”

Wan Er quickly dashed over and activated her [Shield of the Mundane World]. She then threw a [Gouge] right at the BOSS’ chest. “Pa Cha!” it failed! Once the skill missed, she quickly retreated and opened her iron umbrella with a “Pa!” I then sliced at the BOSS with both of my swords several times. My [Curse of the Night Fury Asura] was still in cooldown, so I couldn’t activate it again. All I could do was raise my Dragon Reservoir Sword and brace myself!

[Heaven’s Storm]!


A biting gale suddenly swept through an enormous area. It felt like blades were constantly cutting at Wan Er and I. After three attacks, Wan Er retreated with critical health, while I was down to around 4000 health. What was even worse, was the fact that my [Wall of Dou Qi] disappeared with a, “Shua!” God damn it, I needed 60 seconds for the skill to finish its cooldown. That meant that there was still 30 seconds where I was defenseless!

Darling Duck quickly used a [Grip of Compassion] to give me health!


After the heal descended on me, Tian Jing’s longsword came at me. It was another [Guardian Blade]!


I’m done for!

My heart sunk. Without my [Wall of Dou Qi], my defense wasn’t much higher than Li Mu’s. I couldn’t defend against that kind of attack.


My Flaming Tiger God was wrapped up completely by [Flame Armor]. He swung his sharp claws and dealt [Flame Claw] + [Fierce Roar] onto the BOSS. However, the poor tiger was too close to the BOSS. With two swings, Tian Jing cut down my Flaming Tiger God, and with a small cry, the little tiger died.




“Quick, use the Purple Kirin Dragon’s [Dragon’s Might]!” I urgently said.

Wan Er nodded, and commanded the Purple Kirin Dragon to activate its fifth skill, [Dragon Prestige], forcing the target to switch the aggro onto itself. The Purple Kirin Dragon immediately flew straight for the border of the map, causing the BOSS to follow after it. The Purple Kirin Dragon then antagonized the BOSS and hissed at it, summoning a mountain like symbol onto the BOSS’ forehead, except the BOSS’s strength was far beyond what we could imagine. He lead his horse straight towards the border. The horse then reared up and kicked the Purple Kirin Dragon’s wings. At the same time, [Crystal Massacre] also activated, and three crystals all flew right at the Purple Kirin Dragon from different directions, piercing the little dragon!




After those three attacks, the Purple Kirin Dragon only had a sliver of health left. After all, it was only a player’s pet, it couldn’t possibly have more than a thousand of ten thousand health. Tian Jing threw another slash, and the Purple Kirin Dragon fell into the abyss.

I raised my sword and dashed forward. I didn’t even wait until my health was full. I opened my hand and locked onto the BOSS’s position. [Binding Chains] burst from the ground!

“Peng!”, it successfully trapped the target. This was a Lv 8 [Binding Chains] and would stun the BOSS for 7.2 seconds. I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] with my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and then pulled out my other sword and threw two slashes. That bastard then raised his sword to counterattack. However, I slid to his flank and immediately used [Binding Chains] again, and started attacking. My health slowly filled up again, and those precious 7.2 seconds allowed my [Wall of Dou Qi] to complete its cooldown!


I lunged forward and Dou Qi began to congeal into a magma like wall in front of me. My [Wall of Dou Qi] successfully activated. Now I could attack without too many worries!

This time I was smarter, and used Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng’s ice type skills, along with my [Haste] to increase my speed and decrease the BOSS’s speed. That way I could at least avoid some of his attacks, and so my [Wall of Dou Qi] wouldn’t only last for 30 seconds. In the end, this battle plan worked out quite well and my [Wall of Dou Qi] didn’t break until 55 seconds later. There was only a 5 second wait time until I could summon the wall again, and it wasn’t as dangerous as before.

Thousand League Spring gave me heals from a distance and smiled, “Guild Master…. you’re actually a pretty smart guy….”

Qing Qian smiled, “But of course, Brother Xiao Yao’s the strongest…”

I gave a shudder, and was almost cut through my face by the BOSS. I retreated and started to circle the map, bringing the BOSS with me. Wan Er activated [Absolute Step] and followed me. At the same time, frost and ice began to appear on the blade of her daggers, as she activated [Ice Pick Whirlpool]. “Ka ka ka” she cut right at Tian Jing. On top of that, the Ice Seal effect appeared as well! This way, we wouldn’t have to worry about anything as we attacked. Tian Jing’s health quickly disappeared, and finally there was only 12% health left.



With an angry roar, Tian Jing stood there with his sword in hand. Light began to rise from the ground around him, and created half of a path to the sky. His body began to shake, and roaring lightning came down from the sky. He shouted, “I am a god that was born in heaven, please gift me the power of fire and allow the strength that is given to all gods to descend upon me. Let me annihilate the people that are before me—— [Hell’s Meteor Shower]!”

Within seconds, a blood red light covered a 1000 yard range. This was an enormous AOE skill. We had to interrupt it, or else our entire team would be killed!

I raised my sword and used a [Blade Rush]. Then I activated [Strength of a Thousand Men]+[Binding Chains]. They all missed, there was no way to interrupt the BOSS’s activation sequence. Wan Er, Qing Qian and Wolf all activated their interruption skills, but, one after another, MISS-es popped up. All of our faces turned green.

“Oh no!”

Wan Er’s face was ashen, “This BOSS’s skill level is far above our [Gouge]es! There’s no way we can interrupt it!”

I raised my hand and activated once again, [Curse of the Nightfury]!


A blood red spell dashed out, but Tian Jing resumed his summoning. Meteors already began to appear in the sky. God knows how long this summoning would take, but if it were to complete, then we would definitely all die!

Wan Er gritted her teeth and used a [Ice Pick Whirlpool] and we kept attacking!

“Pa Cha!”

The Dragon’s Kiss dagger pierced right into the BOSS’ forehead, adding an Ice Seal effect!

“Sha sha….”

Layers of ice began to form around the BOSS’s body. The Guardian Tian Jing was actually sealed in ice, interrupting his skill!

Relief and excitement washed over me, “Beautiful! That’s the way!”


After missing that skill, Tian Jing had no way of activating the skill again with such a long cooldown. We then proceeded to cut down his health. After 37 minutes, the BOSS screeched and fell at our feet!


A golden light fell and I was Lv 91. Li Mu, Qing Qian, Wolf, and Wan Er all leveled up. At the same time, a pile of equipment burst from Tian Jing’s body!

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