Zhan Long

Chapter 479

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Chapter 479 A chance to drink soup

Wan Er gave off a light smile. Standing in the fierce wind, her snowy cloak fluttered behind her. Her two mounds stuck out from her chest and her beautiful long snow white legs swayed in the flickering fire light. Her right foot stepped forward onto the rubble and she quietly stood there. It was as though a goddess had descended onto the earth. It really was the most beautiful scene. Mu Tian was stupefied.

“Cang Tong, you…. what are you doing?”

Mu Tian’s battle axe trembled when he saw Qing Qian and Wolf, [Zhan Long]’s top Assassins walk out of the shadows from behind Wan Er. If Mu Tian even had a 10% chance of surviving Wan Er’s attack, that would have been all for naught with the addition of these two people. Mu Tian’s chance for survival was practically 0%!”

Wan Er looked at Mu Tian and smiled, “Our Guild Master said, that we’ll treat you with respect and give a warning for you to retreat first. Seeing as [Flying Dragon] has made it here, that means that you guys have the skill. However, for the next 48 hours, this Sword Saint Abyss is [Zhan Long]’s, because we’re currently on an SSS tier main quest. No matter how important your stuff is, it can’t be as important as a main quest. You understand the rules of the game. Therefore, I politely ask that our friends from [Flying Dragon] leave, otherwise….”

“Otherwise what?”

From the sky, another person descended down the chain. It was Fierce Tiger, [Flying Dragon]’s number one Berserker, and also their Vice Guild Master. He was currently Lv 85, and he did have the ability to challenge Wan Er.


Fierce Tiger landed on the ground, and loftily looked at Wan Er and said, “Beauty Cang Tong, we do understand the rules of this game. But, if I’m not mistaken, your quest is just killing BOSSes. Isn’t [Zhan Long]’s mission to “fight for the weak”? [Flying Dragon] isn’t here to fight over the BOSS with you guys, so you should at least give us the chance to drink some soup, right? We just want to kill the monsters, how does that sound?”

As he finished talking, the chain behind Fierce Tiger began to tremble, and another dozen heavy armor players landed. They were all players that were Lv 82 and above. Looks like [Flying Dragon]’s core team all came along.

Looking at the formation they made, Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “The chance to drink soup? [Flying Dragon], you are an official enemy of [Zhan Long]. The fact that we didn’t go straight to slaughtering you is already giving you more respect than you deserve. Do you really think that I would care about those noobs you brought with you?”

Fierce Tiger gritted his teeth, “Cang Tong, I gave you my respect because you are Fan Shu City’s Number One Beauty, and [Hero’s Mound]’s former Vice Guild Master. Don’t push your limits. Today, this Sword Saint Forest is [Flying Dragon]’s, even if we must occupy it forcefully. What are you guys going to do about that?!”

Wan Er pursed her lips, now that he was threatening her. But she kept up her sweet smile, and gave a small wave behind her, “Then there’s no other way. I suppose I’ll just invite my Guild Master over here to make the final decision. Pig, get your butt over here. Someone’s bullying me….”

As she talked, Wan Er’s elegant eyebrows knitted together, and she made a fist as she stood there alone. She bent her head down, and gave a very unjust look. At that moment, Fierce Tiger, Mu Tian and the others were stupefied. Who knew that Fan Shu City’s Number one beauty, or in other words the number one beauty in the entire Chinese Server, would be acting cute and childish. Fierce Tiger and Mu Tian, those old lechers, kept staring at this beauty, and they were almost willing to sell their bodies to make her happy….

The flat side of Li Mu’s Tian Chen Sword rammed against my back as he joked, “Hey hey, what are you waiting for? Your Cang Tong is summoning you….”

My cheeks burned, but my heart was warm. I picked up my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked out of the smoke. I quickly walked over in front of Cang Tong, with my Flaming Tiger God right beside me. I suddenly raised my hand behind me and pulled my Cold Iron Sword out of its sheath. I glanced over at Fierce Tiger and Mu Tian, and smiled, “What Cang Tong wants, is what I want. If [Flying Dragon] wants to be stubborn and continue to do what they want, and try to cause problems with [Zhan Long]’s main quest, then we won’t hold back. Just now, I have recorded everything that happened, and so you can’t try and trash us on the forums as if [Zhan Long] was being a bully. [Zhan Long] has already been extremely generous. Anything after this, is [Flying Dragon] looking for its own doom!”

As I finished talking, Li Mu and Wang Jian already charged out from behind me. They began laughing, “Then what more are we talking about? Kill!”


Those two bastards are so crude!


Fierce Tiger’s eyes turned cold, as he realized that this situation wasn’t going to end peacefully. He raised his battle axe and shouted, “Everyone, get down here quick! [Zhan Long] has made their move. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong, Cang Yue, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Qing Qian are all here. Guild Master, Little Flower*, get down here!!”
*TL Note: Referring to Drunken Spear

“Drunken Spear?” My eyes turned cold. That was the one player from [Flying Dragon] that posed a threat. We couldn’t let him come down!

I raised my hand and used a [Blade Spin], locking it right onto the chain. Once I finished determining the path of the attack, I let the blade fly. “Keng keng keng!” It sliced through the chain 9 times. In the end, the chain had been cut apart right before Drunken Spear or Soaring Dragon could even come down!

On the border of the floor, all that was left was Mu Tian, Fierce Tiger and 17 other players. They all stood stock still. All that was left for them was to fight for their lives!

“First kill General Li Mu!”

Fierce Tiger raised his battle axe and held in the pain from Li Mu’s sweeping blade. He threw [Skyshaker Slash], [Flame Axe], and [Battle Axe Throw] all at Li Mu. Behind me, a group of Swordsman all began their attack as well. They all locked their skills onto Li Mu. Right afterwards, five lines of [Flying Sword] paths darted right at Li Mu’s chest. “Keng Keng Keng”, one after another, damage numbers flew up——






On after another, the damage numbers flew up, but no matter how many appeared, they still couldn’t kill Li Mu. He now had 12,000+ health. After all, the stats on that Tian Chen sword weren’t fake. Once the [Flying Dragon] people were all done with their barrage of attacks, Li Mu still had more than 3000 health. The second the [Dou Qi Armor] disappeared from his body, Darling Duck used a [Grip of Compassion] and filled up all of his health.


Fierce Tiger’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets, “Why’s he so tough. Just how much f*cking health does he have? If we have to keep this up, how many times do we have to kill him? Are all of [Zhan Long]’s people monsters?”

Li Mu let out a hearty laugh. The advantages of a ten thousand + health warrior had finally appeared. After activating [Dou Qi Armor] he decreased all damage dealt to him by 50%. Even though he was against a ten man team, he still wouldn’t die. That ten thousand health wasn’t for nothing!

He swept out his Tian Chen Sword, and cleaved apart two people. Li Mu was like a Death God, and used his own imposing aura to pressure his enemies.

Wang Jian picked up his blade and cut into Fierce Tiger. Suddenly, he used a [Halberd Whirlwind]. “Hong!” a wind picked up, and Fierce Tiger flew into the air. Once his body left the ground, he fell straight into the abyss!

“Damn, he fell off the side…” Wang Jian lamented, “Where’s my head!”

I shook my hand in the air and smiled, “That head is mine!”


I activated [Great Realm of Desolation] and targeted the falling Fierce Tiger. Even though I couldn’t get his equipment, the +1 for [Kill for Blood] was enough.

On the other side, Mu Tian began his attack, and they were all targeting Wan Er. It was as though they thought that killing Cang Tong would deal some kind of great loss to our team. I didn’t even need to go and help her deal with them. For the beautiful little miss and her battle power, I wasn’t worried about her at all!

With one hand holding her Dragon’s Kiss Dagger and the other holding her Iron Umbrella, Wan Er charged right at the team of Berserkers and Swordsmen without any fear. “Keng Keng Keng”, she parried all of the attacks thrown at her. With a slide, she spun around and dodged another few [Blade Rush]es. With a sweep of her dagger, “ka ka” she let out three stabs. Then, with a dip of her iron umbrella, she rammed a Swordsman right into the ground.

Mu Tian threw out 7 attacks at once, but never managed to deal an effective attack on Wan Er. Either the Dragon’s Kiss dagger parried it, or she used her Iron Umbrella to block the attack. Either way, the damage dealt to her never surpassed 1000. No matter what angle of attack that he tried, the little miss could read it, and parry. She then used a [Ice Pick Whirlpool], and all of the heavy armor players of [Flying Dragon] with less than half their health left fell to the ground, and died!


Seeing this scene, Wolf was stunned. His jaw dropped and exclaimed, “I…. this is the first time I’ve seen an Assassin kill heavy armor players like that. The little miss…. really is stronger than Qing Qian and I by a lot….”

Dancing Forest smiled, “Nope, she’s stronger than you by a lot, and she’s stronger than melon by a little…”

“Are you going to die if you don’t tease me!”



In the blink of an eye, we killed all of the [Flying Dragon] players that were there. Without the chain from before, they had no way of coming down. If they were to try and jump down, then they would definitely fall into the abyss and be burned to death.

We needed to hurry up, it was getting close to another hour and we needed to kill all of the monsters on the fifth floor. Soon, another 11 outfits were going to appear in everyone’s bag. If we were going to continue like this, we would have 63 outfits in total. This was already an extremely terrifying number. If…. if the remaining two floors had this kind of equipment, then [Zhan Long]’s battle power on the front lines will dominate the Chinese Server!

Stepping onto the burning hot magma rock, I walked at the head of the team. With every step, we were getting close to the end of the floor. The BOSS should appear soon. At that moment, I glanced around the floor, and found the secret. In reality, the position that the teleportation crystals took us to, were the same for the past two floors. On top of that the following positions were all shorter than the floor above it. We couldn’t force our way through to the next floor; this also meant that the players from [Flying Dragon] had only one way of getting to the next floor and that was through the teleportation circle. Yep this way we could safely kill the boss and not worry about getting ambushed.

Intense heat and smoke covered the sky, and I couldn’t see much because my view was greatly blocked by the smoke. I glanced around and saw that at the end of the floor there was a man in crimson armor and in his hand was a longsword as he rode on top of a magma battle horse waiting for us.

“Gu dong…”

Li Mu gulped down a large ball of spit and said, “The BOSS has appeared!”

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