Zhan Long

Chapter 478

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Chapter 478 The Visit of an Old Friend

On the fifth floor of the Sword Saint Abyss, the magma rocks were even hotter. Waves of heat rushed at my face, and I felt like I was cooking in a pot. On top of that, smoke filled the air, and made it hard to breathe.

“Cough cough…” Wan Er even began choking a little from the smoke. The two mounds under her leather armor shook a few times, making Li Mu and Wang Jian blush.

I grunted and walked forward. Around 30 yards away from me, were two Cavalrymen who were clothed in armor and sat upon black war horses. This was the fifth floors monsters. On top of that, I looked further away, and saw that the map was covered with them. I cautiously walked a few meters closer to look at their stats, and shared it in the team chat ——

[Garrison Cavalry) (Thunder Tier)

Level: 95

Attack: 3800-4550

Defense: 4200

Health: 2300000

Skills: [Halberd Pierce] [Rage Cut] [Impact Roar]

Introduction: Garrison Cavalry, these elite warriors usd to be Cho Yuan City’s most honorable knights. As a member of Bai Meng Army, they followed the Sword Saint Chi Yu Han all the way to Ba Huang City. However, because of past events, they were willing to fight for Ba Huang City instead. Afterwards, the suspicious Luo Lei didn’t trust these soldiers from the outside, and so in the night, the Ba Huang Army army ambushed the Bai Meng Army and killed them all, and sealed the Sword Saint Chi Yu Han. These Garrison Cavalry have been deep asleep in Hell, and were summoned to the Abyss by the Chi Yu Han. Their sole goal is to massacre Ba Huang City.


“Huh?” It’s another Garrison type monster?” Li Mu smiled and said, “No…. it can’t be, is this another monster that drops outfits? Then we’ll be earning big time…. I think we got around 21 outfits last time right?”

I nodded, “Yup, let’s start. It’d be best if these Garrison Cavalry drop Garrison Armor Sets. If it was like that, then we really do have hope for a hundred man Garrison Set Team. At this stage in the game, that team will be undefeatable!”

Wang Jian Excitedly said, “Alright! Just thinking about it is impressive. A team of Garrison Set ten thousand + health warriors…. If they were to all activate [Impact Roar], that scene would just be too amazing!”

“Ha ha, slaughter them all!”

I waved my left arm and let my Cold Iron Sword fly out, and it pierced right through the chest of a Garrison Cavalryman, dealing out 4127 damage. At that moment, I attracted two Cavalrymen over. They were extremely quick, as if they were charging. Before they even got close, they raised their halberds. The blades radiated energy as they sliced down right towards my Magic Spite Armor. F*ck, these bastards have really high attack. Even my [Wall of Dou Qi] couldn’t completely block it all!”



I retreated several steps, and gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I then let out a [Combo] + [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Once my Cold Iron Sword completed all 9 of its attacks, I grabbed the handle, and spun around. I swept past the two Garrison Cavalrymen like a whirlwind. One after another, the attacks sliced through their armor plates, quickly decreasing the 23,000 health that they had down to 15,000. Behind me, Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest had already begun their attack. Wang Jian roared and threw a slice. The attack carried the light of [Halberd Whirlwind]. At that moment, the two Cavalrymen both trembled, and began losing health. Soon, they activated [Impact Roar], and a red shockwave passed through our team. Wang Jian lost 7000 health in that one attack. Li Mu was no better, as he had lost around the same amount. After all, they were 10 levels below the monster’s level. On top of that, a Thunder Tier monster’s skills were pretty terrifying, so the two couldn’t exactly handle it.

“You guys, be careful of when the [Impact Roar] comes. Make sure you guys don’t receive a critical attack, or else it’ll be even more painful.” I smiled.

“Ok, understood….” Li Mu waved his Tian Chen Sword and charged right at the monster.

Wang Jian followed his [Halberd Whirlwind] with an [Impact Roar], dealing enormous damage to the two Cavalrymen.



Not bad, Wang Jian and Li Mu’s attack are now top tier. They were just a little weaker than Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai, or my attack.


Very soon, the two Cavalrymen all fell to the ground. When the second Cavalryman fell to his knees, a fiery armor plate dropped. I wasn’t disappointed. It really was the Garrison Set. The monsters of the fifth floor dropped the Garrison Set too!

I slapped my thigh and put the Garrison Chest plate into my bag. Excited, I said “Brothers, you guys have to work hard! Looks like within these two days, we’re destined to achieve some greatness!”

Wang Jian grinned, “This Garrison Outfit really is great, it’s OP! Brother Xiao Yao, later when we go back to the guild, we’ll list out all of the heavy armor players in the guild. We’ll rank them by the time they’ve been in the guild, the number of guild points that they have, their level, and the strength of their skills. We can’t just give these outfits to just anyone. Otherwise, if everyone who gets an outfit suddenly leaves the guild, then we’ll be losing too much!”

I nodded, “Ok. Let’s give 10 of them to Wan Er’s [Zhan Long: Defense Army], and prioritize the rest for players in the main guild. This seems to be the most reasonable. All of the players in the main guild have been with us for at least a month, and they have enough strength as a team.”



I continued walking forward. It was the middle of the night, and our team was excitedly killing all Garrison Cavalrymen in sight. I dealt the last attack on most of them, making the most out of my high drop rate. On top of that, the amount of experience we got was shocking. After two hours, my experience bar was already 87% filled to Lv 91. After this floor, I should be able to level up!

Time slowly ticked away. Finally, when we had killed around 75% of the monsters on the fifth floor, Wan Er. Dong Cheng, Wolf and I had 31 Garrison Outfits in total. Every time a Garrison Set piece dropped, everyone would cheer. Even though the Cavalrymen’s attack was terrifying, and a few times Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wolf and Qing Qian were almost instantly killed, this kind of excitement never faded.

“Sha sha…”

My Cloud Stepping boots stepped onto a magma rock as I walked forward. Behind me, Qing Qian looked up at the top of the abyss. “Pa Ta”, a small pebble fell onto her nose. Qing Qian blinked a few times, but she didn’t see anything. However, she kept staring and mumbled, “Brother Xiao Yao, come over here….”

“Eh, Qing Qian?”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked over. Qing Qian made a fist and continued walking forward. She then lengthened her neck and straightened her back, sticking out her C cup mounds. After a few seconds, she softly said, “I feel like someone has discovered our whereabouts. There must be someone trying to come down here….”

Li Mu raised his Tian Chen Sword and said, “It can’t be… This Sword Saint Abyss isn’t something normal people can get into. You saw it too, the vine rope that we used to get down here burned away in minutes. Besides that, Wind Elf players can’t fly in this map. Is it possible that its Jian Feng Han using pads*?”
TL Note: Chinese pun

Dancing Forest grimaced, “It’s [Wings of Freedom], not pads!”

Li Mu laughed, “Don’t nitpick, gosh….”

Wan Er’s elegant eyebrows knit together. She suddenly raised her iron umbrella with her left hand and softly whispered, “I feel it. Someone really did come down. They’re right above me!”

“What do we do?” Wolf asked.

Wang Jina made a fist and said, “Hmph, what else can we do? Kill whoever came down here! This Sword Saint Abyss is our SSS Tier Main Quest. How can we let someone else get a share of the action?!”

Li Mu gripped his Tian Chen Sword with both hands and summoned his pet. He was already making preparations for battle.

I raised my hand and said, “Don’t get too excited right now. We don’t know who’s come down right now yet. How can we attack before deciding if they’re friend or foe? Besides, [Zhan Long] is at least one of the top ten guilds, we must uphold the guild image. Diplomacy before violence.
If we’ve done everything we can, and the opponent still doesn’t retreat, then fighting them afterwards wouldn’t be in the wrong!”

As I said that, I looked towards everyone else and said, “Wan Er, Qing Qian, and Wolf, use [Stealth] and stay on guard here. The rest of you, retreat with me. We’ll hide in the smoke and watch. We’ll decide on what to do after that. Wan Er, I’ll leave everything here to you!”

Wan Er smiled, “Ok, don’t worry!”


I immediately brought Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Dong Cheng to retreat and entered into the smoke. Wan Er, Wolf and Qing Qian all went into stealth mode, and stood in a triangle.

I suddenly heard a “hua la” sound in the air. It was the sound of steel hitting against steel. A heavy mace fell from the fourth floor. Right afterwards, a man carrying a battle mace descended. On his shoulder was a symbol, he was one of [Flying Dragon]’s players!

Slowly, I began to see the other side. It was none other than [Flying Dragon]’s Elder—— Mu Tian. I think that the Guild Creation Tablet that we used to create [Zhan Long] came from him too!

“Si si….”

The iron chain in his hand began to smoke. Mu Tian withstood the pain and gritted his teeth, “F*ck, it really hurts. Boss, why is it that the first person to come down is always me? There isn’t a single monster here! What are we even here for? I can’t see the bottom from here. What if I get instantly killed by a monster? Don’t forget my compensation!”

Above, I could hear Soaring Dragon’s laughter, “Ha ha, if you die, then I’ll take care of your wife, don’t worry about that!”

Mu Tian’s face turned green, “My girlfriend is only 19 years old, don’t be like that boss…”

And so, I watched Mu Tian shimmy down the iron chain. He shook his butt and slowly came down.


In the team chat, Wan Er softly asked, “Pig, it’s [Flying Dragon]. Should I kill him?”

I thought about it for a second and said, “Why don’t we talk to Mu Tian first. Flying Dragon doesn’t pose too much of a threat to us. Ambushing them doesn’t seem to be very just either. Why don’t we just talk to them. If they are determined to battle, then we’ll kill them all!”


Wan Er raised her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and walked forward. With her left hand, she rammed her iron umbrella into the iron chain!


The iron chain swung a bit, and Mu Tian couldn’t hold on. He ended up falling to the ground. Wan Er squinted her beautiful eyes and elegantly bent over. She then raised a long leg and “Pa!” kicked Mu Tian’s stomach. Mu Tian yelled out as he tumbled along the magma rock. He immediately jumped up and pulled out his battle axe. Astonished, he stared through the smoke at Wan Er and said, “Who’s there? Who dares to ambush me? Eh…. so beautiful… you’re…. F*ck, [Zhan Long]’s Vice Guild Master—— Cang Tong!?”

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